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The Culture of America

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The Culture of America

By: Jerred W, David C, Emmalee S, Wesley H, Alexis P

Language and Religion

English is the main language of the United States of America with Spanish as the second most common. There are many different religions practiced in the USA. The most common one is Christianity, some other common ones are: Judiasm, Islam, Hinnduism, and Buddism.

In the United States of America, children under 16 are required to go to school. If you don't go to school, your parent or guardian can go to jail. This allows for the percent of children that can read and write to be 97%. The majority of people living in the United States of America have healthcare or insurance just in case of an accident.

Education and Healthcare

Family Life

US citizens are used to a considerably high standard of living. 50% of households are married couples, 50% of marriges end in divorce, what a prediciment we've gotten ourselves into. 44% of couples have kids under 18, or just kids.

The Arts

Americans integrated art, music, and story-telling. Around the 1800s, the arts were dominated by European traditions. Later on, they changed the arts to reflect their own lives. Jazz was African-American blended with European harmonies. Writers wrote about life in his or her part of the country. Hollywood is a major place of movies and excessive drug abuse. New York is a famous place of theater and homeless people.