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Culture lag... in music??

Yes, this is a very real thing that happens to a wide span of generations.

The good ol' thing we call "family traditions" is actually called "Culture Lag", and it's a big part of our society.

This "Culture Lag" is affecting every part of your life, as well as your family's lives as well:

           - Movies

           - Dancing

           - Music

And this news article is going to explain exactly how Culture Lag affects the way people listen to music!


    This organizer starts with your grandpa, who, in the good ol' 1960's, only had vinyl records, an acoustic technology

not known by many in today's society. Back then, they didn't have MP3s or Spotify, so they had to work with what they

had. Of course, this would affect how these future parents would interact with their children.

     When your parents were born in the early 80's, your grandparents probably had a great idea about how they should share their music with their children: bringing the technology of the past into fluition, carrying that aspect over to a new generation. Of course, as your parents grew up, new technology was being introduced, including the ground-breaking cassette tape, which could hold way more songs than a vinyl record, last longer, and become cheaper to produce, making things much easier for your parents to get their hands on the brand-new albums coming out. Although, some musicians were still producing vinyl records for those who liked that format better, but for that time it was very-well underrated. Speaking of moving things along...

     Now, we'll be moving on to you. Yes, you. I know what you're thinking: "What could this possibly have to do with me???" Well, buckle right in, because we're going for a wild ride. When you were born, CDs had come out, another product of the 90's generation. However, some people still loved the idea of cassettes, even if they knew that it wasn't the grandest format anymore. Those who did, brought this over to their generation yet again, carrying the family tradition of music onto you. If you don't believe me, then explain the concept of "Mixtapes"? That's right, the thing everybody has to prove their rapping skills came from the generations past.

     One day, even you might be able to carry on your music technology onto your kids!!!