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In Cuba, school is mandatory until the age of 15. The literacy rate in Cuba is 99.7%. 


By Anvit Divekar

Cuba is the birthplace of classic dance styles like the Bolero, Mambo and Cha Cha.

Cuba in relation to Central America

Cuba has the highest doctor to patient ratio in the world.

Capital City: Havana

Overall population: 11.39 million inhabitants.

Size in area: 42,426 mi²

Absolute location: 21.5218° N, 77.7812° W 

Style of government: Dictatorship - Elections in Cuba involve nomination of municipal candidates by voters in nomination assemblies

Basic Information

The flag of Cuba

  1. Sierra Maestra is a mountain range (The highest system in Cuba)

  2. Sierra Cristal is a mountain range (Cuba's oldest national park)

  3. Pico Turquino (Highest POINT in cuba at 6,476 ft.)

Sierra Cristal 



Pico Turquino

Sierra Maestra

Cuba is a pretty warm place. The average temperature in summer is 70°F and in winter it is 64°F. The climate overall is tropical savanna. 




SS Morro Castle was an ocean liner of the 1930s. The fortress guards the entrance to Havana Bay, being an important attraction of the city. It is also named “Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro"

SS Morro Castle

SS Morro Castle

Great Theatre of Havana

Francisco Covarrubias was the actor and playwright dubbed the founder of the national Cuban theater

Human Features

The Callejón is essentially a small alleyway in central Havana where a number of artists are based. There is a lot of brightness and color here. The alley is decorated with some remarkable murals.

Callejón de Hamel

One of the largest producers of nickel


Natural Resources

The main copper mine in Cuba is The Cobre


90 percent of Cuba's petroleum demand was supplied by the Soviet Union until 1990


Before 1994 Cuba was the largest sugar exporter. However, severe hurricanes devastated the sugarcane harvest.


Cuba was the first country to produce cement in Latin America, on July 7, 1895



Cuban Havana Cigar, named after the capital city, is world famous


Most coffee is grown in the mountainous hills of eastern Cuba

The citrus is turned into a juice and exported to Chile and Israel

Coffee beans



Just like other agricultural products, the cattle population dropped by more than 50%


The main food that Cubans prefer is beans with rice.


Language and religion

The official language in Cuba is Spanish. 55% of the population is non religious while 39% are catholic


The most celebrated holiday in Cuba is Santiago de Cuba. This festival is celebrated before Lent and at the end of July