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A book of Cubans getting taken over by some very bad people who let their pride get in the way of everything and the story ends with Cuba living happily ever after...

The Great Big Story of: Los Cubanos 

By: Isaiah Padilla, Paul Marra, Vincent Cabuhat

There was a place called Cuba. This wonderful place had some items of interest that everyone wanted. During the Spanish-American War, Cuba had become under America's power around the 1890's. America had used Cuba mostly for land. The United States wanted another place to be able to set up bases. Soon after America came, they had added Military. The U.S. also used some of the materials that Cuba had. This had such a major factor that Cuba had mostly been controlled by America. All of the mines, Oil, Farms, as well as the industrialization aspect in Cuba.

Once upon a time... 

Before Cuba was taken over by America, it had about 150,000 for the population, this wasnt a very big population. Before the U.S. came into the picture of controlling more of Cuba, Cuba was controlled by the Spanish. Unfortunately the Spanish was very strict and didn't treat the the people as fairly as they should have been. Eventually America made the lives a little bit better when they moved into the new territory. 

Before Imperialism 

After the imperialism era, the U.S. decided to keep some of the military in Cuba just for safe keeping. The U.S. made an agreement to protect Cuba from the Spanish. The majority of the U.S. military was kept in Cuba until they signed the Platt Amendment. This allowed the  U.S. to intagrate into the Cuban affairs. Now the wonderful people of Cuba are safe from any country that would try to take over them, or harm the country in anyway. The poeple of Cuba were now greatful that they are able to live with ease.

 The Aftermath

The End