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Crazy About Robotics!

They can fly, gallop, play music, and even think!

Angelo Fernando

Robots come in many shapes. They could be Rovers on Mars, self-driving cars, drones, or even guitars!

Some robots could be programmed to work on their own, responding to their environment using built-in sensors.

Like the robotic vacuum cleaner.

How about a guitar?

This guitar using a sensor was designed to produce sounds using a sensor.

It was built with a NXT ‘brick’, the same brick used to build a car.

This robot is modeled on an ant! 

It has sensors that help it detect other robot ants. Many of these 'insects' could be programmed to work together.

We call these swarms.

swarm robotics is one of the new ideas engineers are exploring, trying to solve problems too complex for one robot to handle.

If you attach levers and tubes to robots they could mimic movements of living things. Elbow joints, and knees, for instance! 

Or something called ‘air muscles.’ 

One robot can even gallop and sprint, and climb!

But the biggest leap will be when we program robots with artificial intelligence.

They could be machines that play games like soccer and chess. 

They could be machines that think!