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Crayons C

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Crayons C

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Introduction The purpose of this Workbook is to begin the students in English knowledge and development of four skills as listening writing speaking and reading although different and interesting themes and activities in each unit of the book which the students practice basic expressions and vocabulary about daily children life In view of the challenge that the students have It is important offers children the opportunity to learn a second language for that reason CRAYONS was born by boys and girls who want to develop skills for expressing ideas and viewing the world For supporting the themes of workbook we suggest the parents use the vocabulary at home General Objective This workbook presents basic vocabulary related to greetings family numbers classroom objects colors geometric figures the house the body the clothes fruits animals days of the week and some expressions that children use in class Crayons introduces activities that take into account their age and needs for developing their skills in English Crayons C

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CONTENTS Units Achievements Achievements Indicators 1 GREETINGS Greet and recognize the different greetings Recognize the commands 2 MY FAMILY Identify the family members Name and identify the family members Describe their family members 3 NUMBERS 1 5 Identify and name the numbers from 1 to 5 Recognize the numbers from 1 to 5 Count in English from 1 to 5 Name the classroom objects Pronounce and point the classroom objects Identify and name the class objects with their partners Practice daily vocabulary Identify name and count the numbers from 1 to 20 Count the objects and identify the numbers Match the pictures with the numbers Identify the geometric figures and recognize the colors Identify the different geometric figures with drawings Recognize and associate the colors and their names in English Identify the parts of the house Name and identify the parts of the house using drawings and pictures 4 MY CLASSROOM 5 NUMBERS 1 20 6 COLORS AND SHAPES 7 THIS IS MY HOUSE Practice in their daily life the greetings Introduce themselves and greet people using Hello Identify the basic commands

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Units 8 I AM A BOY I AM A GIRL MY BODY 9 THE VERBS 10 LET S GO TO 11 I LIKE FRUITS 12 ANIMALS 13 DAYS OF THE WEEK 14 THE OPPOSITES THE CLOTHES 15 VOCABULARY GAMES Achievements Name and identify as a boy or girl Name and identify the body parts Identify and name the clothes Identify and recognize the actions Achievements Indicators Make difference between a girl and boy Name and identify their body parts Name and point the clothes Identify the daily actions with verbs in English Recognize the vocabulary about verbs Identify and name the fruits Recognize and name the fruits Ask and answer about the names of the fruits Recognize some animals Name some animals in English Draw their favorite animal and describe it Identify the days of the week Recognize the different days of the week and name correctly Identify some adjectives Make the difference between the adjectives Interact with their partners describing their feelings or emotions

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INDEX Themes Page Our father 6 Greetings 7 Commands 9 My Family 10 Numbers 1 5 17 My Classroom 20 Numbers 1 20 23 Colors and shapes 29 This is my house 34 Themes Page I am a boy I am a girl 38 The Clothes 56 The verbs Let s go to 67 I like fruits 72 Animals 84 Days of the week 91 The opposites 93 Vocabulary Games 100 Cutouts 109

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Our Father Our fader Our Father Our Fader who art in Heaven ju art in jeven hallowed by Thy name jalout bay day neim Thy kingdom come dai kindom com Thy will be done dai wil bi dan on earth as it is in heaven on erz as it is in jeven Give us this day our daily bread Giv as dis dei our deili bred and forgive us our trespasses and forgivas our traspasses as we forgive those who trespass against us as wi forgiv dous ju trasspass agueinstas and lead us not into temptation and lid as not into tempteishon but deliver us from evil bat deliveas from ivol Amen eimen Padre nuestro que est s en el cielo Santificado sea tu Nombre Venga a nosotros tu reino h gase tu voluntad en la tierra como en el cielo Danos hoy nuestro pan de cada d a p0erdona nuestras ofensas como tambi n nosotros perdonamos a los que nos ofenden no nos dejes caer en la tentaci n y libranos del mal Am n Activity Practice the our father every day with your family and teacher 6

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The Greetings KEY WORDS Greetings Good morning How are you I am fine thank you Activity Point and say the different greetings Listen and circle the correct greeting Listen and say with a friend 7

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Good morning Good Night Gud mornin Gud nait Good Morning Activity Cut and paste the SUN and the MOON in each square following the instructions Practice GOOD MORNING GOOD NIGTH Good Night 8

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Hi Hello Jelou Jay Hi How are you Remind is important to greet Practice with your friends Activity Hello I m fine thanks Color the Boy and Girl Practice the Greetings with your partners in the classroom 9

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KEY WORDS My happy familiy This is my familiy Activity Look at the picture say the names of your family My sister is My brother is The baby My mom my dad 10

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My Maifamily famili This is one of my favorite unit Family is the most important for me Activity Draw your family Practice This is my Family I love my family 11

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My Maimother My mom mader Mai mam My mom is Activity Glue a photo of your mom and join the dots Practice My mother is my super hero My mom is beautiful 12

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My Maifather My Dad fader Mai dad My dad is Activity Glue a photo of your dad and join the dots Practice My Father is my super hero My dad is handsome 13

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My Grandmother Mai granmader Activity Draw Your Grandparents say My grandmother is My grandfather is My Grandfather Mai granfader 14

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Grandmother Grandmother Grandfather Grandfather Mother Brother Activity Father Me Sister Complete the family tree with pictures magazine clippings or photographs 15

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My MaiFamily famili Activity Color your family and write their names 16

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KEY WORDS Number one two three four five Activity Count the numbers 1 to 5 The Numbers 17

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Numbers Nambers one Activity two three Write and orther the numbers then repeat Color and practice one two three four five four five 18

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Activity Find five yellow blocks Circle these with blue crayon Point and say the numbers 19

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My Classroom KEY WORDS My teacher is This is a table this is a board the students this is a chair computer Activity Complete the picture Draw the teacher and the students of your course 20

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Class Objects Clas Obyets School bag Book Activity Pen Notebook Pencil Eraser Bring magazine clippings of the class objects Paste ithe class objects according to the names en each square Ruler Sharpener 21

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Lunch Box Lanch box Lunch Box Activity Cut and paste your favorite food and join the dots Don t forget practice the Word My lunch box This is my Lunch box 22

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Nine Nain Activity Draw objects in the corresponding box Practice the numbers six seven eight nine and ten Ten Ten 23

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Let s count the Numbers Activity Connect the objects to the correct number 24

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Eleven ileven Twelve Activity Twelve tuelf Thirteen tirtin Fourteen Match the numbers with its name Fourteen fortin Eleven Fifteen fiftin Fifteen 25

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Thirteen Thertin Activity Circle the numbers 13 with different colors 26

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Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen seventin sixtin eitin nainteen Activity Count and match Twenty tueni 27

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one Activity Cut the numbers and glue them in order and write in the line Go to page 108 to find de cutouts 28

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The Colors and Shapes rectangle oval square circle triangle 29 Activity Color each shape like the ones below

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Colors and Shapes Colors and cheips Black Purple Orange Square Black Brown Circle Brown Rectangle Orange Triangle Purple Activity Color the shapes according to indication Practice It is a black square 30

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The Shapes Di cheips Activity Complete with color the shapes Practice in english square triangle circle rectangle 31

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Colors Colors Activity Color according to the clues 32

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Activity Cut and paste the numbers Go to page 110 to find the cutouts I see triangle I see squares I see circles I see rectangles 33

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This is my House KEY WORDS My house this is my house Activity Circle the house draw three flowers and two boys 34

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My MaiHouse jaus Hello friends I hope you are happy Now in the unit 7 we will learn the parts of the house Activity Color and join the dots Say This is my house Cut and paste the names of the parts of the house bedroom bathroom living room attic kitchen Go to page 110 to find the cutouts This is my house 35

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The DiKitchen kitchen Activity Circle and color the kitchen objects 36

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attic computer boxes study room shower toys bathroom window bedroom bed sink lamp pillows bath microwave sink fridge duvet toilet desk kitchen cooker door clock mirror stairs cupboards carpet living room chair TV floor table telephone Activity Practice key words My bedroom The bathroom this is the living room 37

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I am a Boy I am a girl Hi I m Joe I am a boy KEY WORDS Boy Girl Activity Point and say I am I am a boy girl Hi I m Anne I am a girl 38

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I Aiam a Boy I am a Girl am a boi Ai am a guirl My name is I am a Activity Draw yourself and write your name 39

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I am a Boy Ai am a boi He is a boy Activity Color and join the dots Say He is a boy or I am a Boy 40

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I Ai am a Girl am a guirl She is a girl Activity Color and jopin the dots Say She is a girl or I am a Girl 41

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The Di badi Body Girl Activity Boy This is my body and I am Color the body and complete Say This is my body and I am a 42

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My Head Mai jed My head Activity Color the head decorate the hair 43

Page 44

I have two eyes Ai jav tu ais Activity Cut and paste the eyes on the face Go to page 110 to find th cutouts 44

Page 45

Nose Nous Activity This face does not have nose draw the nose 45

Page 46

My lips are red Mai lips ar red Activity Color the lips with red and practice My lips are red 46

Page 47

My Mai face is cute feis is kiut Activity Paint the face and practice My face Is cute 47

Page 48

My MaiHair The Hair The jer jer Activity Paste wool in the hair and complete the face Practice My hair is long My hair is short 48

Page 49

My MaiHands jands Activity Put yellow handprints in this page 49

Page 50

My feet Mai fit My feet Activity Draw your feet in this page Practice My feet 50

Page 51

Fingers finguers one two three four My five fingers five Activity The family fingers Count the fingers and decorate 51

Page 52

The Arm Di arm arm Activity Color the arm Say the key word Arm 52

Page 53

My Legs Mai Legs Activity Paste paper to the legs 53

Page 54

eyebrow face nose cheek lip chin Girl forehead eye head ear tooth mouth tongue neck arm chest shoulder back waist hand elbow stomach leg toe Activity hair finger knee foot bottom ankle heel 54

Page 55

Boy eyebrow nose face cheek lip chin eye ear tooth mouth tongue head neck arm chest shoulder back waist hand elbow stomach leg toe Activity hair forehead finger knee foot bottom ankle heel 55

Page 56

Shirt Chert Activity Decorate the shirt with blue spitballs 56

Page 57

The Tie Di tai My father s tie is yellow Activity Color the tie with yellow Practice My father s tie is yellow 57

Page 58

The DiClothing cloding Activity Paste magazine clippings of different clothes 58

Page 59

The DiDress dress Pink dress Activity Paste pink paper scraps to the dress 59

Page 60

Pants Pants My pants Activity Color the pants with your favorite crayon and join the dots 60

Page 61

The Clothes Matching Activity Match the clothes with the right images and write the correct number into the circle 1 bathrobe 2 pajamas 3 boots 4 slipers 5 dress 7 pants 6 swimsuit 9 hat 11 scarf 12 socks 61 10 skirt 6 sweater

Page 62

The DiShoes chus white Activity Paste papers to Shoes Practice the vocabulary black 62

Page 63

My Socks Mai saks Activity Paste cotton to the socks Practice the word 63

Page 64

My Jacket Mai yaquet Green jacket Activity Paste magazine clippings to jacket practice the word 64

Page 65

This Disisis aacap Cap Activity Use green and white crayons for decorating the cap Practice This is a green and white cap 65

Page 66

Activity Circle the yellow pants and circle the blue dress KEY WORDS Pants t shirt dress 66

Page 67

The Verbs let s go to Activity Practice the verbs perform the action of each verb 67

Page 68

The Verbs Di verbs Play with a ball Activity Slide Draw the action Write in English this verb with help from your family Wash 68

Page 69

The Verbs Di verbs Write Rait Study Stadi Activity Color and practice the verbs 69

Page 70

Eat It apple Activity Color and practice I like eating apple cereal 70

Page 71

Run Ran Activity Cut and paste the verbs Drink Drink 71

Page 72

I like fruits Activity Fill in the missing vowels for each of the following words 72

Page 73

I like Fruits Fruits In the unit 11 learn some fruits for example my favorite fruit is Apple Activity Cut and paste your favorite fruits 73

Page 74

The Apple Di Apol Activity Color the apple And write apple 74

Page 75

The DiStrawberry estrouberry Activity Paste modeling clin Practice The strawberry is red 75

Page 76

The Grapes Di greips Activity Decorate the grapes with purple or green color 76

Page 77

The Di Pear per Activity Paste green papers to the pear Practice and write The pear is green and delicious 77

Page 78

The Di banana Banana Activity Decorate the banana with yellow Practice I like eating bananas 78

Page 79

The DiOrange oranch Activity Draw an orange and practice Orange 79

Page 80

Fruit salad Activity Color and cut out the fruits and paste them into the salad bowl Go to page 110 to find the cutouts 80

Page 81

I Play with my toys Ai plei uit mai tois Activity Color and practice this verb I play with my toys 81

Page 82

I like to Draw Ai laik to dro Activity Decorate the picture say l draw the sun mountains 82

Page 83

WORDS Activity Practice the verbs Find the words eat open talk write jump sleep drink walk verbs close run read play listen 83

Page 84

The Animals Activity Look at the picture Circle the lion and draw other snake monkey gorilla tiger bear elephant snake lion rhinoceros 84

Page 85

The DiAnimals animals Let s go to learn some animals Activity Cut and paste some animals 85

Page 86

The DiMonkey manki Activity Paint the monkey 86

Page 87

The Pig Di pig Activity Decorate the pig 87

Page 88

The Butterfly is Cute Di baterflai is kiut Activity The Butterfly is cute color using different colors 88

Page 89

Horse Cow Hen Activity Match the animal with the product or object that corresponds 89

Page 90

Sheep Duck Rabbit Dog Cow Donkey Activity Match the animal and its name Mouse Pig Cat Parrot Turtle Horse 90

Page 91

Days of the week Activity Point and say the days of the week 91

Page 92

y esuta d y ia d r yf d Sunday m on da yst aru a unsayd h t s r u y d a Unscramble the words and write ad eny ws de Activity 92

Page 93

The Opposites Activity Practice the vocabulary Young Old Hungry Full Poor Rich Slow Fast Run Work Play Walk 93

Page 94

The Di Opposites apesits Hot Jat Cold Cold Activity Color and practice The opposites The ice cream is cold The coffee is hot 94

Page 95

Fat Fat Activity Cut and paste the images about the opposites Fat thin Thin Tin 95

Page 96

Small Esmal Activity Color and practice the worm is small the elephant is big Big Big 96

Page 97

Happy Japi Activity Color and practice the opposites with your friends he is happy she is sad Sad Sad 97

Page 98

Cold Small Fast Big Slow Activity Look at the pictures of opposites Draw a line to match the picture with its opposite Hot 98

Page 99

Activity Draw Hot Cold Fast Slow Few Many Wet Dry Closed Open Full Empty 99

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Short Poems Chort poems 1 A Clean Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom A beautiful bedroom This is a blanket That is a quilt Bedroom Bedroom A clean bedroom 2 A fat Cat Kitty Kitty It s a cat He is really very fat He is sleeping on a hat Activity Read the short poems with your teacher 101

Page 102

Short Poems Chort poems 1 A Clean Bedroom Activity Draw about the poems 2 A fat Cat 102

Page 103

Short Poems Chort poems 4 3 Jobs The wolf is at the door One two three four A wolf is at the door My mother is a teacher Four five four five My father is a driver The wolf sees me My sister is a doctor Six seven six seven My brother is a soldier What can I do They are my family Eight nine eight nine I run run run Activity Read the short poems with your teacher 103

Page 104

Short Poems Chort poems 3 Jobs Activity Cut and paste magazine clippings about the poems 4 The wolf is at the door 104

Page 105

1 Down three f o s n t Activity 3 4 1 6 9 2 2 t h 3 Across e f s t 4 r e 8 4 7 10 Complete the words and then write them in the crossword 5 6 e 7 105

Page 106

book calculator pen binder notebook pencil case pencil sharpener map glue backpack schoolbag pencil paperclips crayons eraser scissors ruler Activity How do we say these objects in English Match the words with the correct pictures 106

Page 107

What fruit do you like Cherry Apple Lemon Grapes Activity Banana Pear Melon Peach Strawberry Watermelon Orange Pineaple Point and say I like mel n pineapple I like 107

Page 108

Activity J_ans Ja_ket Co_t Sk_rt S_orts Soc_s Ca_digan _ shirt S_irt K_mono Fill the missing letters in Practice the vocabulary about chlothes 108

Page 109

cutouts EXTRA ACTIVITY Cut and assemble the parts of the body of the girl 109

Page 110

cutouts page 31 Bathroom Bedroom Attic Living room Kitchen cutouts page 35 cutouts page 26 cutouts page 81 cutouts page 44 110

Page 111

See you later