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Crayons A

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Crayons A

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Introdution Introduction The purpose of this Workbook is to begin the students in English knowledge and development of four skills as listening writing speaking and reading although different and interesting themes and activities in each unit of the book which the students practice basic expressions and vocabulary about daily children life In view of the challenge that the students have It is important offers children the opportunity to learn a second language for that reason CYAYONS CRAYONS was born by boys and girls who want to develop skills for expressing ideas and viewing the world For supporting the themes of workbook we suggest the parents use the vocabulary at home General Objective This workbook presents basic vocabulary related to greetings family numbers classroom objects colors geometric figures the house the body the clothes fruits animals days of the week and some expressions that children use in class Crayons introduces activities that take into account their age and needs for developing their skills in English Crayons A

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CONTENTS Units Achievements Achievements Indicators 1 My school Recognize their school and its different rooms Recognize the different rooms of the school and color with different materials 2 My body Identify the parts of the body in English Recognize the parts of the body and name them Make drawings to complete the body 3 I love my clothes Recognize the clothes Identify and point the different clothes 4 My toys Identify the toys and objects of diary use Pronounce and recognize the name of the different toys and objects 5 My family Identify the members of the family Recognize and name the members of the family

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Units 6 My pets 7 My favorite food 8 9 My town Its my birthday Achievements Achievements Indicators Identify some domestic animals Identify and name the domestic animals in English Identify and name of some food Introduce their likes about the food Identify the basic vocabulary Recognize the name of their city and some places Recognize the different places of the city Recognize the date of their birthday Recognize the different rooms of the school and color with different materials

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INDEX Subject Page My school 6 My body 10 I love my clothes 14 My toys 18 My Family 23 Subject Page My Pets 27 My favorite food 33 My Town 39 It s my birthday 43 Cutouts 49

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First day of school Activity Color this picture Circle the teacher

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Activity Circle the students Point and say This is my School 7

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board This is my classroom Dis is mai clasrum brushes books toys desck paper chair Activity Look at the classroom and the school objects Point and say I play with my toys I Paint with brushes 8

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School Suplies Escul suplais Activity Color the school supplies Point and say This is a glue this is a crayon this is a scissors 9

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ear eye hair Activity Point and say the parts of your body nose arm knee hand

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Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes Jed an choulders nis an tous Head and shoulders knees and toes knees and toes Head and shoulders knees and toes knees and toes And eyes and ears and mouth and nose Head and shoulders knees and toes knees and toes Activity Practice this song with your teacher 11

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Girl Guirl Activity Color and say the parts of the body Boy Boi 12

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Activity Draw a line from a picture on the left to the matching pinture on the right 13

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I love my clothes Activity Point and say the Scarf Gloves Hat Coat Skirt Shorts Shirt Flip flops Dress Swimsuit Raincoat Pants Swimsuit clothes

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Activity Circle your favorite clothes 15

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Let s go to play Lets gou tu plei Activity Cut and paste the clothes Please dress the Girl practice the vocabulary 16

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Activity Cut and paste the clothes Please dress the Boy practice the vocabulary 17

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My toys Activity Point and say the airplane blocks truck car ball drum doll boat train teddy bear vocabulary this is a teddy bear this a ball

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In my toy box In mai toi box Activity Paint the toy box Count and Circle the dolls 19

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Activity Point and say the cubes Circle the ball 20

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Activity Color and draw your favorite toy Say My favorite toy is 21

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I play with my toys I play with my toys Activity Color the teddy bear Paint the ball Decorate the robot Point and say the others toys 22

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Family Words Mom Dad Brother Sister Activity Point and say your family My Dad is My mom is My sister brother is

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Activity Color and say This is my family 24

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My Maifamily famili Activity Draw your family use different colors 25

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Grandmother Grandmother Grandfather Grandfather Father Mother Brother Activity Me Sister Make your own family tree Point and say with a friend Who s he He s my daddy 26

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My pets Activity Paste your favorite animal in the picture Point and say the animal

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All about my pet al abaut mai pet This is my dog Its name is My dog loves to Its favorite food is Activity Complete the text with your family 28

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The Pets Di pets Fish Dog Kitty Puppy Activity Point and say the vocabulary Circle the fish Mouse Cat 29

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Activity Draw a line the animal with your food 30

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3 4 2 1 5 6 Activity Connect the dots Color the animal and say It s a fish 31

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Activity Draw fish inside the aquarium 32

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My favorite food Activity Point and say the food Color the food the correct color

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yes I do Activity no I don t Color the food Draw a line to the food you like and don t like 34

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Activity Draw you favorite food Say My favorite food is 35

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Activity Point and say this vocabulary Practice with your teacher 36

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Activity Decorate de salad items with crayons or markers Cut out each vegetable and the bowl Glue your favorite vegetables to the bowl on another piece of paper to make a collage salad 37

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Activity Cut and paste the name of the fruits where it belongs cut outs on page 49 38

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My town Activity This is the Town Point and say the places in this

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Activity Color the town use different crayons 40

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Activity Find the hidden picture Library bakery bank church hospital train station drugstore 41

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Activity Match the place of the town 42

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It s my birthday Activity Look at the pictu re Circle the cake

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Activity Who is your birthday cake for Use markers to draw candles and decorations on the cake You could drow the right number of candles for your age or the age of someone clebrating a birthday soon You could even draw another layer of cake and decorate it 44

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Activity Count and decorate the cupcakes 45

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Photo Activity Paste a photo of your Birthday 46

Page 47

Activity Decorate the presents Say with a friend How old are you I m four 47

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2 4 1 3 Activity Count the candles on each cake and match with the correct number 48

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grapes pear orange banana apple cherries strawberry pineapple watermelon cutouts oage 38 49

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