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Crane Watch Guide - Kearney Nebraska

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Viewing Etiquette FOR YOUR SAFETY SAFETY OF THE BIRDS Do not stop on paved roadways Use designated roadside pull offs see map When day viewing on gravel roads use caution when pulling off and stay in your vehicle to view using it as a blind Most land on the Platte River is private property Please respect the landowners and do not trespass Do not approach the birds It is illegal to harass cranes in any matter Sandhill Cranes are hunted in much of the US Kearney Nebraska Located on I 80 just minutes from the Platte River Cultural attractions amazing restaurants welcoming hospitality Cranes love Kearney so will you Crane WATCH GUIDE 1 800 HOTEL ROOMS 125 EATERIES BARS 9 CULTURAL MUSEUMS 20 MILES OF HIKE BIKE TRAIL KEARNEY NEBRASKA Join us to experience the great migration For eight weeks from late February to early April the fascinating Sandhill Crane Spring Migration happens in the heart of Nebraska More than 80 of the world s Sandhill Crane population converges on Nebraska s Platte River It is an EVENTS ATTRACTIONS RESTAURANTS HOTELS enchanting experience that can only be truly VISITKEARNEY ORG appreciated in person The Sandhill Cranes migrate from southern wintering grounds to northern breeding grounds Be prepared for cold temperatures Wear dark clothes and lots of layers Warm hats boots and gloves are recommended in Canada Alaska and Siberia They stop along the Platte to rest and gain body fat as they Do not use flash when photographing prepare for their journey north Sunrise and sunset are prime viewing Other wildlife such as Whooping Cranes times on the river During the day eagles ducks geese and shorebirds also migrate the cranes are in the fields eating through Central Nebraska during this time Take Flight Photo Don Brockmeier Offering daily nonstop jet service from Kearney to Denver DIA Chicago ORD Book today at united com Flights operated by SkyWest Airlines KEARNEYCRANEWATCH COM Welcome to the SANDHILL CRANE CAPITAL of the World

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RIVER VIEWING IAIN NICOLSON AUDUBON CENTER AT ROWE SANCTUARY 5 30 80 inside Archway 44 U Road U Road 4 3 V Road Rowe Sanctuary 5 6 Recreation Area 2 Fort Kearny State 3 Elm Island Rd 5 Audubon Rowe Sanctuary Visitors Center 6 CPNRD Plautz Viewing Site Watch for Wildlife Viewing Signage 285 Platte River North Channel 80 2 Miles to Plautz 1 Crane Viewing Updates State Kearny Fort Crane Watching Etiquette 2 Fort Kearny Self Guided Tours Center Historical Park Visitors Located 15 miles from Kearney Rowe Sanctuary lies in the heart State Recreation Area Hike Bike Trail Map Audubon s Rowe Sanctuary Rowe Sanctuary 5 3 Audubon s Roadside Viewing Site Guided Tours Visitor Center Gift Shop Nature Trails Guided tours available with reservation 6 6 CPNRD PLAUTZ RIVER VIEWING PLATFORM 2 miles south of 1 80 Exit 285 Gibbon Elm Island Road Elm Island Road DAY VIEWING 3 Gravel Surface Walking Trails Watch at rowe audubon org CPNRD ROADSIDE VIEWING SITE Roadside site for day viewing 2 Miles W of Rowe Sanctuary 7 WINDMILL STATE RECREATION AREA 2625 Lowell Rd Exit 285 Hike Bike Trail Watch Rowe Sanctuary s Crane Cam to see live views from the Platte River and get a glimpse of the magic of the migration AUDUBON S ROADSIDE VIEWING SITE Roadside site for day viewing 2 5 Miles W of Rowe Sanctuary STATE PARK PERMIT REQUIRED VISITOR INFORMATION FORT KEARNY STATE HISTORICAL PARK VISITOR CENTER 1020 V Road Hwy 50A STATE PARK PERMIT REQUIRED Crane Cam Gravel Surface 2196 30 Road Kearney NE Elm Island Rd Public Viewing Sites of a critical spring staging area for migrating Sandhill Cranes 80 from the parking area STATE PARK PERMIT REQUIRED 1 KEARNEYCRANEWATCH COM FORT KEARNY STATE RECREATION AREA HIKE BIKE BRIDGE 1 4 mile East of Fort Kearny Historical Park 300 yard walk Public Viewing Sites V3 Road Audubon s Roadside Viewing Site 4 CPNRD Roadside Viewing Site EXIT 4 1 Fort Kearny State Historical Park Visitors Center TO MINDEN S 1 1 HWY 50A 4 State Rec Area 30 Road E W HWY 50A Park State Historical Road Kilgore Visitor Center Fort Kearny State Rec Area Platte River South Channel S State Historical Park Visitor Center 29 Road 4 Miles to Ft Kearny E W 10 2 Fort Kearny Fort Kearny 4 Miles to Ft Kearny Fort Kearny 2 Platte River South Channel 10 2 44 N Fort Kearny Hike Bike Trail Bridge Miles to Plautz Platte River North Channel Windmill 7 State Rec Area Kilgore Road 285 Kearny Fort Hike Bike Trail Bridge2 Platte River 275 rowe audubon org 308 468 5282 EXIT 275 279 Platte River N 272 EXIT 272 EXIT Lowell Road EXIT 8 EXIT EXIT 8 inside Archway TO MINDEN Nebraska Visitors Center Guided Crane Tours available with reservation Windmill 7 State EXIT Rec Area 279 Nebraska Visitors Center 30 Road 9 9 29 Road Kearney Visitors Bureau Kearney Visitors Bureau 44450 Elm Island Road Gibbon NE GIBBON 30 10 10 80 GIBBON KEARNEY Lowell Road KEARNEY outdoornebraska gov fortkearny 308 865 5305 9 KEARNEY VISITORS BUREAU 8 NEBRASKA VISITOR CENTER 1007 2nd Ave 308 237 3178 3060 E 1st Street Inside Archway

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