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It tells how the animator got to were he is today

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  1. Craig Mccracken

  2. American Animator 
  3. By:Zayln.C
  1. Craig Mccracken got into aniamating after high school he attended the California instiute of the arts were he honed his skills he met Genndy a person who he whould callab with later in his career as a freshman he created a short seris featuring character no neck joe This cartoon was picked by Spike and Mike's Sick and twisted festival of anamation seen by adianuces all arccros the world created a short film entiled Whoop-ass girl featuring three little girls with sueprpowers witch when he signed with cartoon networths they made him change the name to powerpuff girls in 1998 episodes are still in developement but the show has not bee offically canelled

In Agust 2004,Craig's lastist project foster house of imaginenary friends began on cartoon network craig draws on diverce insperation for his work from beatles to japeneces filmsHe is married to Lauren Faust she helped him with foaster home of imaginary friends and also powerpuff girls craig is not part or involved in the anime powerpuff girls Demashiita powerpuff girls 

I choose Craig Mccraken becouse he made  most of my childhoood shows such as powerpuff girls and Foaster home of Imaginary friends Wander over yonder after looking at his back ground and collge he wem't to was the same as the one my sister wen't o i was sold after see her work when she came home imporved greatly