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A selection of digital images produced as limited editions prints. They are graphic ideas that have evolved out of one reality into another.




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My second book of images does not have a theme as such. The title "Images from my dreams" is about the manner in which I  arrive at the final print.

All are from ( the real world) and are experiences in seeing and experiencing the physical location.I then form the images of that event from the information I see in my mind. Rather like dreaming, but more physical.

The prints are made on hand made paper, usually archers or similar. The editions are in sets of 5 as this is the most practical way I have found to present computer generated/printed images. The size of paper is either A3 or A4 this being again the most practical way to send by post.

Large and giant prints can be made from some images, but this would need to be negotiated.

I hope that you enjoy the little book of Dreams.

The Queen Of Summer Past

  edition  1/2/2017  image size 33cm X 21cm paper size A3. $200.00 AU plus postage.

image size 34cm X 22cm paper size A3 price $200.00 AU

Mistress of Kalebs Swamp

image size 20cm X 14cm  paper size A4 Price $150.00 AUS


image size 21cm X 12cm  paper size 29cm X 17cm  price $100.00 AU

Tyranids series

 Corvus the raven 

image size 21cm X 12cm  paper size 29cm X 17cm  price $100.00 AU

Tyranids series


image size 23cm X 13cm  paper size 29cm X 17cm  price $100.00 AU

Tyranids series


image size cm X cm  paper size cm X cm  price AU

Tyranids series

The hive feeding