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OCTOBER 2020 PM42940023 Innovation at the pumps

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BUILDING THE FOUNDATION FUELING THE FUTURE A scalable flexible high power charging HPC system for commercial operators 175kW DC High Power Charger Patented Liquid cooling technology Minimal maintenance for maximum uptime 10 screen IP65 user unit protected electronics Customizable branding options Best in class user experience Simple Reliable Fleet Charging L2 EV Charger Amps2Go Series 6 Aluminum construction and NEMA 3R certified Rugged for operation in harsh environments Dual and single port options along with Flexible pedestal wall and pole mount configurations Integration Along with the EKOS software Seamless platform manage EV charging alongside fueling for traditionally powered vehicles The Easy Way into EV 50kW EV Charger Veefil RT Smallest footprint and most lightweight reliability patented liquid cooling and IP65 Supreme protected electronics for low wear longer life accessibility the Veefil RT speaks a Maximum language everyone can understand exterior for powerful brand Customizable communication and seamless integration

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IN THIS ISSUE CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR An official publication of the CPCA advertisers PETROLEUM CANADIAN CONTRACTOR B Dean Associates Inc 9 Canadian Petroleum Contractors Association 5 7 An official publication of the CPCA Clarkway Construction Ltd 15 Convenience U CARWACS Show 16 Leak Technologies Solutions Limited 12 4 Regional News 6 Covid and Workplace Safety 10 Innovation at the pumps 14 POST Safety Bulletin National Energy Equipment Inc 2 Petroleum Oriented Safety Training 3 Pumps Pressure Inc 15 Steelcraft Inc 9 Western Oil Services Ltd 13 Advertising Sales and Editorial Offices Ensemble IQ 20 Eglinton Avenue West Suite 1800 Toronto ON M4R 1K8 Telephone 416 256 9908 Toll free 1 877 687 7321 Fax 888 889 9522 Contact Elijah Hoffman Ext 1009 ehoffman ensembleiq com PM42940023 OCTOBER 2020 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 3

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REGIONAL NEWS BOARD OF DIRECTORS CPCA MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS Alberta Petroleum Storage Systems Contractors Association Association des Entrepreneurs P troliers du Qu bec Inc British Columbia Petroleum Contractors Association Manitoba Petroleum Contractors Association Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association Saskatchewan Retail Petroleum Construction Association ALBERTA Marcus Cormier Cantest Solutions Tel 403 912 9129 Ext 12 mcormier cantest net Kim Hansen MI Petro Tel 866 563 7868 khansen mipetro com MANITOBA Chad Kenwood Century Ptetroleum Construction Tel 204 694 2230 centpet mts net ONTARIO Gord Thompson Comco Canada Inc Tel 705 728 0905 gord thompson comcocanada com Ken Jamieson Kenstruct Ltd Tel 855 912 8453 ken kenstruct ca QUEBEC Guy Rochon Service Construction Mobile Lt e Tel 418 688 5751 grochon groupemobile com Louis Rizzetto quipement National nergie Tel 514 489 8281 lrizzetto nee ca SASKATCHEWAN Arlene Wright Capital Petroleum Services Ltd Tel 306 757 3533 arlene_cps sasktel net Mike Seibel National Energy Equipment Inc Tel 306 665 0223 mseibel nee ca BRITISH COLUMBIA Margo Middleton Middleton Petroleum Tel 250 372 7742 midpet shaw ca CPCA OFFICE Michelle Rae Administrator Mailing Address 387 Mapleview Dr W Barrie ON L4N 9G4 Toll Free 1 866 360 6722 Tel 705 735 9437 Fax 705 735 9418 info cpcaonline com Web www cpcaonline com OFFICERS Marcus Cormier President Louis Rizzetto Vice President Kim Hansen Secretary Chad Kenwood Treasurer 4 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR OCTOBER 2020 NEWS FROM OPCA By Ken Jamieson President On behalf of the OPCA Board of Directors and their members we extend our heartfelt condolences to Raymar Equipment Service and the Bauman family on the passing of their founder Ray Bauman Sr The following is the tribute from Raymar Equipment Service It is with profound sadness that Raymar Equipment Service announces the loss of Ray Bauman Sr Ray was father to Scott Bauman and the founder of Raymar Equipment Service Anyone who met Ray could testify to his love of life his passion for his work and his never ending desire to bring joy and a smile to everyone s face and heart The passion and dedication that Ray put into Raymar his employees and his customers is something he passed on to his son It is this passion that we will continue to bring to our field in order to continuously honour Ray as we move forward All members should have received an email with a link to their information If you have not received one please contact us at info apssca com so that we can make the necessary updates to your records and designated representative

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NEWS FROM APSSCA By Marcus Cormier President Safety Codes Council of Alberta Assumes Responsibility for Storage Tank Systems On June 8 2020 the Safety Codes Council of Alberta assumed responsibility for services previously administered by the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta PTMAA The Council now oversees a variety of services related to flammable and combustible liquid storage tank systems including search requests contractor approval permitting and inspections in unaccredited areas of the province and inventory control through the Storage Tank System Operating Permit The Government of Alberta issued STANDATA 19 FCI 015 to end the Tank Registration system administered by PTMAA The Storage Tank System Operating Permit replaces the tank registration system for inventory control in areas of the province that are unaccredited in Part 4 of the National Fire Code of Canada 2019 Alberta Edition You can contact the Storage Tank Management department under the Alberta Safety Codes Authority at 1 888 413 0099 OCTOBER 2020 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 5

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COVID AND WORKPLACE SAFETY By Michelle Rae CPCA Recently I spoke to several industry representatives from the POST committee as well as other Petroleum Contractors to discuss the ongoing challenges of keeping employees safe on the job during the pandemic Like all employers these days they are dealing with an additional focus on employee health and safety At the beginning of the pandemic there was the initial scramble as restrictions and protocols were announced Some contractors were initially concerned with the safety of their workers and trying to establish the necessary protocols to mitigate their risk As Ken Jamieson owner of Kenstruct Ltd tells us We had workers all over Ontario at various sites many working out of town and staying in hotels 6 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR OCTOBER 2020

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Initially we just shut everything down because we could not guarantee their safety until we had proper procedures in place and were sure those working out of town were safe Now that we have had these procedures in place for several months our workers are better equipped to feel safe going home to their families Martin Deblois Program Director at BGIS agrees Worker s safety remains a priority we cannot take shortcuts adding We have been impressed at how our workers have stayed engaged with COVID protocols Martin also explained communication within their organization has been adapted to minimize exposure For example we have implemented a system where there is less handling of paperwork and where we can we conduct virtual site visits Adding We put many of these protocols in place at the start of the pandemic and still have the same expectations for the long term And while companies may have adapted new protocols it is just as important to continue to practice some of their established protocols such as their emergency response plans Contractors need to refresh their thinking when it comes to their emergency response plans says Mike Papulkas Global Contractor Safety Advisor for Shell Contractors should frequently test their procedures and equipment with their personnel as well verifying nearby hospitals are not overrun dealing with COVID patients A quick call would be a prudent part of their checklist so they can have a backup plan if needed and not only rely on 911 The supply and demand of PPE was also initially an issue The Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association even went so far as to purchase a wholesale quantity of hand sanitizer from a company that retooled their production and offer to industry at cost to assist with their supply And now everyone agrees things have calmed down and supply no longer seems to be an issue However as Carly Escudero Quality Health and Safety Specialist at CBRE noted it is important to be aware of the quality of PPE as well such as hand sanitizer for instance One example is companies using technical grade ethanol in their hand sanitizer when they are not authorized to do so Ensure your workers know what is approved and safe to use Construction sites have had to adapt to protocols and procedures and additional PPE Howard Heal Operations Manager for Bar W Petroleum Equipment says everyone wears a mask on work sites and ensures the washroom facilities and handwashing stations on site are frequently cleaned and sanitized Everyone on site is doing their part to keep things sanitary and safe more so than before for obvious reasons he said adding these were small things we took for granted before but take very seriously now Mike Lamont National Energy Equipment s HSE Manager says that since the nature of their business is service they are in constant contact with the pubic We also have hundreds of technicians going from site to site every day They approach every site as a hazard and work accordingly such as sanitizing any equipment before working on it He also added complacency towards these protocols is not negotiable Workers must remain vigilant when working in these conditions and it s management s responsibly to remind them Mike also notes that if an employee is not feeling well they are sent home and tested It s not worth the risk to others At our Mississauga headquarters we take everyone s temperature before they enter the building OCTOBER 2020 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 7

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Because of this need to ensure the health of their employees and minimizing the risk to others some companies are also utilizing mobile apps to assess their workers virtually Carly Escudero says CBRE utilizes an app where their technicians can take their own temperature and complete a health survey before starting work Martin Deblois says BGIS also employs a similar app Craig Bennett a Health Safety Advisor for Suncor Energy informed us that Suncor employees must log into an app each day to answer a series of questions related to whether they have symptoms or have been in contact with a confirmed COVID case prior to accessing the office To help maintain physical distancing they have reduced meeting room and lunchroom capacities within their offices They have developed contact tracing processes for employees and their network of Petro Canada Associates as well as a contractor case reporting tool that contractors use to log anonymous information related to any COVID positive cases that have been on any Suncor Energy sites If you need to implement these tools into your program the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has a number of industry related 8 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR OCTOBER 2020 tip sheets to help you manage COVID protocols including return to work surveys and COVID 19 screening tools to help you assess your workers before they start work are returning to work after travelling or if they have potentially been exposed to COVID In addition to workers physical health many employers are also ensuring their mental health is addressed It is important that workers have the necessary support as they can be experiencing additional stress and anxiety during these uncertain times which can impact both their work and personal lives Matthew Field Training Business Development Manager at Tanknology Division of Englobe says their company s Employee Assistance Program has an additional focus on mental health Employees can access various programs to help manage stress noting the importance of providing support for those that need to take the appropriate time off if needed To help you stay informed and for guidance on dealing with mental health issues The Government of Canada s website contains a section titled Taking Care of Your Mental and Physical Health During the COVID 19 Pandemic

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The webpage contains steps for dealing with stress during the pandemic and links to resources to get help if needed Shell s Mike Papulkas sums it up perfectly Contractors must work diligently in these unprecedented times and be prepared for the long haul All links mentioned are available through the POST website at www POSTtraining ca If you would like to share your ideas programs and innovations for dealing with the pandemic please send us an email at info posttraining ca Contractors should frequently test their procedures and equipment with their personnel as well verifying nearby hospitals are not overrun dealing with COVID patients Mike Papulkas Shell Steelcraft Partner with Excellence Check out our new website www steelcraftinc com or call us at 1 800 265 8840 Since 1923 Steelcraft has collaborated with consulting engineers end users general contractors and petroleum contractors to develop cost effective reliable and safe storage solutions for flammable fuels and liquids We offer a variety of storage solutions across two orientations horizontal and vertical four containment styles single wall double wall vacuum monitored double wall integral contained static head and a wide range of capacities from 5000 L to 150 000 L In addition to our expertise with aboveground storage solutions we offer integrated design engineering and custom metal fabrication solutions for a variety of other product categories including field erect tanks pressure vessels and more Please note that Steelcraft s ULC listed aboveground storage tanks are not currently available for sale to Western Canada For industry leading aboveground storage solutions contact us today OCTOBER 2020 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 9

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INNOVATION AT THE PUMPS Manufacturers up the ante with new tech By Kelly Gray Fuel dispensers and related equipment have come a long way since 1907 when Canada s first retail gas site opened to the public in Vancouver at Cambie and Smyth Back then it was considered a win just getting fuel safely from the storage tanks to the car Today dispensers are still an interface between customers and the retailer but they also perform a range of new tasks and have capabilities designed to enhance the forecourt experience 10 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR OCTOBER 2020

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A good case in point of leading edge dispenser technology is Wayne Fueling Systems Ovation 2 series Using a large dispenser mounted video screen with customer interface Ovation 2 drives targeted product messaging with dedicated media that translates into c store sales Wayne reports that an enhanced media at pump experience creates a 16 lift in traffic from the forecourt to c store and a 3 to 5 hike in sales Devices are flexible in capability with media messaging changing through the day parts This means morning customers are offered coffee and breakfast sandwiches while afternoon customers might like the two for one energy drink promo Specials for car wash wiper blades and wiper fluid are constant through the day Ovation 2 also has 25 more space for branding and other messages dedicated to driving secondary sales Media dispensers are a proven tool that increases c store sales For example NielsenLieberman Research found Pepsi sales increased by 20 and candy purchases were up by 69 following the installation of dispenser media displays Wayne is a division of Dover Fueling Solutions a company with a range of brands that offer unique and innovative products for the forecourt For example its Tokheim division offers its T Media dispenser a product popular in EU countries T Media features a 17 inch display monitor the largest that we have seen Like Ovation 2 media is targeted to the motorist and offers day part messaging as well as lots of interactivity and ease of programming Wayne Dover is just readying its Anthem dispenser for the US market following a year long trial at 30 sites across the country Here in Canada product simulators are just now going into the laboratory phase with product roll out expected in 2021 The new WayneDover Anthem dispenser features a 27 colour touch display biometrics option loyalty abilities iP address to talk with new cars as well as a Microsoft Azure cloud based platform Using Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Azure IoT Hub and Stream Analytics Wayne Dover s new Anthem system delivers personalized experiences in content and targeted advertising right at the pump Anthem also increases efficiency in pump and tank monitoring allowing operators to fix small issues before they become costly repair problems And it talks to new cars and takes payment for gas purchases via Apple Pay and other digital wallet tools With Anthem returning customers are recognized and can be offered products for which they have indicated a past preference purchase a wash or receive marketing and loyalty messages that drive in store business Operators can access the data remotely and they can utilize analytic tools to help increase profits and site efficiency Not to be outdone Gilbarco Veeder Root has brought Encore Experience to the market in the US This system offers a cloud based open applications platform that enables retailers to customize on screen experiences This creates excitement at the forecourt and drives customers to convenience store purchases Retailers can create unique apps use Gilbarco built platforms or go with a third party developed app to deploy content and functionality to Encore dispensers 10 4 inch display screens Like other media dispenser systems Encore drives loyalty creates repeat business and adds to in store sales Simply motorists are captive for the few minutes they fill their tanks The dispenser creates engagement that shows off content and products Here retailers can customize existing digital apps with graphics such as backgrounds icons and logos On board are existing applications that allow for games ticker information survey and coupons Customers can even order c store items at the dispenser and pay at the same time they purchase gas Bennet Pump has been making fueling devices for more than a century and many Canadian operations utilize the company s new NV line of dispensers These products offer an enhanced operating economy with the company suggesting energy costs are 60 lower than other dispensers It also offers one of the best fuel meters in the OCTOBER 2020 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 11

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business something operators like because accuracy puts money in their pockets The systems also come with a range of media displays that range from 7 inches to 10 5 inches Robotic fueling making gains Business researchers MarketsandMarkets project the robotic refueling system market is expected to grow from US 25 million in 2019 to US 2 2 billion by 2030 Driving this growth is the lowering cost of robotics at the forecourt as well as enhanced safety and security at the site Challenges include the replacement of manual gas caps with automated fuel caps Already some car manufacturers such as Ford and Chrysler have gone this route Stockholm based Fuelmatics is an industry leader in robotic fueling Since their market introduction about 10 years ago the company has seen gains in use from sectors such as mining long haul trucking urban transport and other large scale fuel users Last year they inked their first US deal for the Fuelmatics 5000 with Airport Plazas a multi service retailer that offers gas diesel CNG and E85 at nine airports in the US such as JFK La Guardia and Newark airports The Fuelmatics 5000 has smartphone payment capability compact design and an operating speed that can fill tanks in about three minutes The system can handle all liquid and gas fuels so it is ready for hydrogen stations as they are built Precision Testing And Inspection Specialists Precision leak testing company for all your underground leak testing requirements Leak testing for all your aboveground testing requirements Very little disruption to your day to day operation CPCA certified technicians Competitive rates Helium Pinpoint leak locating service 3rd party inspection of underground and aboveground storage tank system Toll Free 1 866 565 2611 www leaktechsol ca 12 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR OCTOBER 2020 Fuelmatics device works by establishing a sealed connection with the car before it opens any flow valves Vehicles approach the unit drivers activate it with their mobile device where their credit card info is stored A robotic arm opens the gas hatch on the car and makes a seal with the nozzle As an added blessing the system recovers 100 of the vapour and condenses it back to fuel Nozzle technology keeps pace with trends The nozzle is the direct interface with the customer If nozzles spray fuel leak or have an unwieldy handle grip operators can run into unhappy customers Manufacturers have been hard at work to make the nozzles and handles both ergonomic and efficient One instance of this innovation comes from Husky a 70 year old company that has recently introduced the EZ Lever nozzle Husky is represented in Canada by Red Leonard and Associates Here sales manager Jim Rodd tells CPCA that the EZ Lever is attractive to people with disabilities such as

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arthritis The nozzle operates more smoothly and customers have more control over how much fuel they dispense he says noting that the EZ Lever is a two piece design that allows the poppet to open with just five pounds of force Most nozzles on the market ask customers to use 10 pounds of force or more to get dispensers moving gas to vehicles Husky has also introduced the XS nozzle Rodd reports this device has shut off features to enhance safety For example the nozzle will not activate if the pump is not on or the car s gas tank is full or the leak detector has not fully cycled The nozzle also sports a stainless steel spout bushing that prevents sensor tip damage If the nozzle is dropped or is raised above horizontal Husky s Flo Stop device shuts the nozzle down An important introduction here is StreamShaper a technology that works to reduce turbulence in fuel flow that results in less splashback Pants and dress shoes have never been happier or site challenges make removal of existing tanks a challenge The upgrade system consists of two corrosion resistant laminates with a proprietary glass fabric between the laminates to create an interstitial space The interstice can be either dry or hydrostatically monitored The Phoenix System when applied onsite by trained installers is compatible with biofuels including ethanolblended fuels and bio diesels Gilbarco Veeder Root is another prominent manufacturer that is making it less difficult to fuel vehicles This company has come forward with Ergo a dispenser nozzle that is designed for easier one handed operation The company reports that Ergo offers a lever that is 66 easier to pull than their previous model The nozzle is also 12 lighter and uses heat treated roller pins at the drive shaft assembly to better resist the elements and hold up to heavy use The Ergo also handles the action in extreme environments with performance rated for temperatures from minus 40 C to 51 6 C Storage tank improvements OPW is a major name in fuel storage and they have been staying up front thanks to regular developments For example they recently released the High Flow Loop System This equipment is an extension of OPW s FlexWorks Loop System The company suggests the new systems are ideal for truck stops where there can be multiple lanes for transports and blended service for passenger cars and light trucks High volume sites were a challenge with the offset product inlet configurations on high speed dispensers as well as a way to incorporate our larger diameter 3 inch flex pipe says Ed Kammerer Director of Marketing and Global Product Strategy for OPW Retail Fueling Essentially the High Flow Loop System takes the components of the original and supersizes them so they can deliver higher flow rates all while maintaining the original system s streamlined installation operation monitoring maintenance repair and replacement capabilities he says For fuel providers with compromised single wall storage tanks ZCL has a solution Their Phoenix System now offers a less expensive way to deliver containment when single wall units fail 19840 57A Avenue Langley BC V3A 6G6 Tel 604 514 4787 Fax 604 514 4688 sales westernoilservices com Fuel Storage Handling and Monitoring Expertise for Nearly 70 Years 1 800 663 2097 www westernoilservices com Proudly Serving The Petroleum Industry Since 1950 OCTOBER 2020 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 13

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POST SAFETY BULLETIN PRO TIPS GLASSES FOGGING UP WITH THE USE OF A MASK HERE ARE SOME HACKS Wash the lenses with soapy water Make sure the mask fits well Seal the mask Share best practices Wash your glasses or sunglasses lenses with soapy water and shake off the excess moisture Then let your glasses air dry or gently dry the lenses with a clean microfiber cloth A loose fitting mask lets exhaled air head toward your glasses but a snugly fitting mask can shoot that air out of the bottom or sides of the mask and away from your glasses You re experiencing issues but not your peers What are they doing to prevent fog Ask around Alternatively applying over thecounter anti fogging sprays waxes and gels to your lenses before putting on your glasses can quickly disperse tiny fog droplets when you re wearing a mask Look for masks equipped with moldable pieces around the nose such as a metal strip or masks that come in various sizes A common trick employed by doctors involves sticking a piece of doublesided tape across the bridge of the nose before putting on a mask it will create a better seal Or you can put the tape on top see pic Courtesy of BGIS COUPLE OF THINGS TO AVOID Avoid Pulling glasses way from your face Avoid using non standard safety glasses in attempt to avoid the fog 14 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR OCTOBER 2020

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Pressure Washers Hot Cold Complete Air Compressor Systems Wash Bay Equipment Commercial Vehicle Wash Systems Waste Water Recycling Equipment Bulk Fluid Handling Equipment Parts Cleaning Systems CAT Pumps Replacement Parts Design Consulting We install and service everything we sell HEAD OFFICE 7018 Johnstone Drive Red Deer AB T4P 3Y6 TF 1 888 430 9395 P 403 347 9770 F 403 343 7922 Edmonton 780 430 9359 Calgary 403 263 7202 Grande Prairie 780 539 9939 Lethbridge 403 328 0504 Brandon 204 728 9303 Saskatoon 306 242 6622 www pumpsandpressure com OCTOBER 2020 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 15

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L T S E G R A Accelerate your business MAR K YOUR CAL ENDA R TORONTO AUGUST 17 18 2021 Toronto Congress Centre ConvenienceU ca CARWACS com