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CONTRACTOR An official publication of the CPCA DECEMBER 2014 41009509 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR An official publication of the CPCA THE OF S A LESSON IN DIESEL EXHAUST FLUID CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 1 2014 12 04 11 30 AM

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Technology professional services and Maintenance for transportation fuels and power generation Diesel Bio Diesel Diesel Exhaust Fluid Gasoline Propane Ethanol Natural Gas Lube Oil Fleet and operations systems exible to meet your current and future energy needs Storage Pumping Refueling Fuel Fleet Management Environmental Compliance Tank Gauging Vehicle Conversions ED LED Lighting Toll Free National Directory 1 866 574 5100 CALGARY SASKATOON REGINA 403 735 1103 306 665 0223 306 721 1030 www nee ca 2 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR DECEMBER 2014 VANCOUVER NANAIMO EDMONTON 778 588 7635 250 753 4188 780 466 2171 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 2 WINNIPEG MISSISSAUGA 204 633 8569 905 670 8863 MONTR AL 514 355 2366 ST JOHN S DARTSMOUTH MONCTON 709 747 0015 902 468 7342 506 861 1013 2014 12 04 11 30 AM

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CPCA CPCA CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR in this issue 4 6 10 14 Regional news DEF 101 Practice safety POST safety bulletin advertisers An official publication of the CPCA CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR Clarkway Construction Ltd Capital Petroleum Service Ltd 12 8 An official publication of the CPCA Century Petroleum Construction 13 Containment Solutions Inc 15 DTE Industries 2010 Ltd 9 National Energy Equipment Inc 2 Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association 3 Steelcraft Inc 5 Western Oil Services Ltd 5 ZCL Composites Inc 16 Advertising Sales and Editorial Offices Fulcrum Media Inc 508 Lawrence Avenue West Suite 201 Toronto Ontario M6A 1A1 Telephone 416 504 0504 Toll free 1 866 688 0504 Fax 416 256 3002 Email info fulcrum ca Website www fulcrum ca DECEMBER 2014 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 3 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 3 2014 12 04 11 30 AM

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regional news OPCA 1st annual golf tournament a hole in one By Michelle Rae The OPCA held its first annual golf tournament on October 2 Approximately 65 golfers joined in for a fun day at the magnificent Nottawasaga Resort in Alliston ON Mother Nature tried to cooperate for most of the day but unfortunately the skies eventually opened up Many braved the downpour to finish in soggy style Thanks to everyone who came out to the event OPCA Director Terry Ablett of Wagg s Petroleum noted that The customers contractors and suppliers I spoke with all enjoyed the day It was as usual well planned and executed The autumn get together was welcomed by everyone I spoke with The proceeds from the tournament go to Threads of Life a very special organization that promotes safety in the workplace and supports families who have suffered a workplace fatality traumatic lifealtering injury or occupational disease through many of their programs across Canada Threads of Life volunteer Johanna Leroux attended the dinner that followed the tournament Johanna who tragically lost her son Michael in an industrial fall relayed her experience and support she has received from Threads of Life and has since become a speaker and advocate for the organization We also look forward to supporting their annual Steps for Life event in May Please visit their website at stepsforlife ca for more information and consider getting involved Some OPCA members also support Steps of Life through corporate sponsorship Finally we d like to issue a massive thanks to our sponsors Without their support such a successful event is not possible Support was received through hole sponsorship and prize donations Our event raised a grand total of 7 350 for Threads of Life In a note to OPCA Heather Lyle Threads of Life s regional development coordinator wrote We are so appreciative of your efforts and your support not only the team here but the families we support We could not provide the programs that we do without partners such as OPCA so THANK YOU We hope to make this an annual event so stay tuned for information and dates for next fall s tournament OPCA s 1st annual golf tournament sponsors Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada Canada BrokerLink Clarkway Construction Comco Canada CPCA ECS Engineering Construction En Safe Training Franklin Fueling Kardtech Inc Kenstruct Ltd Linde National Energy Equipment Newalta PD McLaren Phoenix Petroleum S F De Melis Tervita TS Technical College Waleco 4 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR DECEMBER 2014 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 4 2014 12 04 11 31 AM

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Looking for new SRPCA members By Mike Seibel WesternOil_CPCAOct14_final pdf 1 2014 12 03 2 34 PM As 2014 another busy year starts to wind down the SRPCA is looking for new members Although the major petroleum contractors in the province all belong to our association there are plenty of smaller petroleum contractors and general contractors who have petroleum elements in their projects along with electrical contractors and other sub contractors who can benefit from membership in the association In addition to SRPCA membership you will also become a member of the Canadian Petroleum Contractors Association Please check out the SRPCA website at www srpca com and the CPCA website at www cpcaonline com for more information You can contact Mike Seibel at mseibel nee ca or any of our members for membership details Steelcraft_1011_Waterloo Layout 1 10 25 11 6 15 AM Page 1 Best Wishes this HolidaySeason Storage Containment Solutions Since 1923 Looking for a superior storage containment solution STEELCRAFT Inc offers a full line of standard and custom liquid containment tanks and systems as well as pressure vessels including single and double walled tanks underground storage process vessels and field erected tanks Field proven after thousands of installations our products meet stringent code specifications and are the choice of engineers contractors and architects With our leading edge engineering custom manufacturing facilities and in house finishing capability you can trust us to deliver a quality product on time every time For lasting trouble free storage containment STEELCRAFT Inc Visit our website or contact us Waterloo ON 1 800 265 8840 Moncton NB 1 888 258 8166 Edmonton AB 1 888 661 8265 Innisfail AB 1 800 661 2851 www steelcraftinc com from all of us at Western Oil Services Ltd WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU IN 2015 FROM BOTH OUR WESTERN AND EASTERN LOCATIONS 19840 57A Avenue Langley BC V3A 6G6 Tel 604 514 4787 Fax 604 514 4688 sales westernoilservices com WESTERN OIL SERVICES EASTERN LTD P O Box 64541 Unionville Markham Ontario L3R 0M9 Tel 647 468 8700 ontario westernoilservices com Proudly Serving The Petroleum Industry Since 1950 DECEMBER 2014 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 5 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 5 2014 12 04 11 31 AM

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DEF 101 The basics of diesel exhaust fluid By John Allen vice president of sales and marketing Eastern Canada P D McLaren Limited Over the past couple of years we have been hearing more about diesel exhaust fluid or DEF especially in cardlocks So what is DEF John Allen vice president of sales and marketing Eastern Canada P D McLaren Limited It is a mixture of 32 5 urea formaldehyde free and 67 5 de ionized water This product is not new it has been in use in Europe and Australia for more than 10 years and is proving to be the most effective way to reduce emissions in diesel engines This is accomplished by injecting DEF into the exhaust system where it vapourizes and decomposes in ammonia In conjunction with the selective catalytic reduction SCR the DEF reacts with the NOx nitrogen oxide to form water vapour and nitrogen This process is the same system used by Mercedes in their Bleutec Series vehicles and Volkswagen and Audi in their clean diesel vehicles The advent of the goal of emissions reduction is not limited to the road transport vehicles be it the cars pick ups light and heavy duty trucks and highway transport trucks but also extends to agriculture mining power generation rail and marine transportation That being said DEF is not going away soon and will be ever more present in service stations cardlock and or any fueling facility The DEF process starts in the gas fields and from there goes to the ammonia and urea plant for blending It is then stored at a bulk distributor and distributed either in a heated and insulated dry box truck in totes or insulated heated tanker truck to the dispensing facility Again the dispensing facility will have a different set up depending on whether it is for resale or own use and the appropriate installation and dispensing equipment will vary accordingly Since DEF is made with 67 5 water it will freeze at 10 C Although the freezing and thawing cycle does not affect DEF s concentration or purity product exposed to long term temperatures of 30 C will degrade in quality These factors are to be considered when its storage 6 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR DECEMBER 2014 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 6 2014 12 04 11 31 AM

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DEF is not going away soon and will be ever more present in service stations cardlock and or any fueling facility methods and location are decided Since DEF is corrosive to copper brass and other materials special care is needed when choosing the construction of the storage container tank fittings pipe hose and any accessory that will be used for DEF Examples of acceptable types of material are stainless steel titanium and additive free polyethylene or polypropylene On the other hand steel copper brass zinc lead PVC CPVC aluminum magnesium plastics and nickelplated metals are not to be used for DEF either The use of any these for DEF storage will contaminate the purity thus affecting the SCR system of the vehicle to the point where it can become damaged Cost of SCR replacement can be up to 15 000 The ISO International Organization for Standardization standards to which DEF is set are ISO22241 3 ISO22241 4 and ISO22241 5 Special care is not only required for the storage and delivery of the product but also for its testing Testing of the system for purging flow and calibration tests must be done using approved containers A clean container void of any other product or product residue must be used A clean funnel approved for DEF must also be used Most plastic funnels are okay just be sure to use only plastic funnels made of either additive free polyethylene or polypropylene DEF approved test measures are only to be used note not all stainless provers are compatible and used for this product only For those that are registered with Measurement Canada DEF product falls under refined fuels In our climate DEF systems for the most part have some sort of heating system and or heat trace from the piping system tank and dispenser Caution should be taken when servicing any part of these systems where the heat system can generate enough heat to burn and heat trace cables can have exposed wiring resulting in potential electrical shocks Even though DEF is non flammable the systems might be installed in close proximity to products that are so this DECEMBER 2014 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 7 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 7 2014 12 04 11 31 AM

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CapitalPetroleum_CPCAMar14_final pdf needs to be taken into account It is important that these systems be checked regularly to maintain proper functionality When assembling and installing the use of proper seals and sealing compounds is very important In our industry it is known how much diesel fluid permeates if not properly sealed DEF is worse To help reduce this BSPP fittings are often used as they offer a positive seal when not over tightened the over tightening will distort its sealing ring The addition of thread sealant especially a product like LOCTITE 567 will ensure a proper seal and also act as a lubricant for the stainless steel threads In some cases hydraulic fittings JIC type are used These offer a positive seal and offer a quick connection and reconnection point without the hassle of the ever leaking union type fittings BSPP is also used in most cases for the dispensing nozzle as a way to differentiate the standard fuel nozzle from the DEF approved nozzle DEF nozzles come in different compositions including stainless steel composite and aluminum The aluminum nozzles are triple treated so as not to contaminate the DEF As it is known not all rubber hoses and o rings are considered equal For DEF only certain compounds are compatible and are approved for hoses and hose assemblies Such approved hoses are to be used only again so the DEF is not contaminated If o rings are used and need to be replaced the peroxide cured EPDM type is highly recommended as is VITON or the non registered trade name FKM along with a small amount of LOCTITE 567 sealant DEF dispensers will resemble a regular fuel dispenser for the most part for metered PD volumetric type or MASS flow electronic register computer DEF filter and solenoid valve The additional components are internal hose retracting reel heating system with thermostat and a means of low temperature sensing device and some sort of insulation of the component area The exterior of the dispenser is different in lieu of the nozzle on the outside it is set inside a door These additional items and systems will require some attention on 1 2014 12 03 10 47 AM Happy Holidays from everyone at Capital Petroleum 5 CAPITAL PETROLEUM SERVICE LTD Petroleum Construction Maintenance Fuel Tanks Pumps Equipment Hoists Surface In Ground Decommissioning 500 4th Ave East Regina SK S4N 4Z5 Tel 306 757 3533 825B 46th St East Saskatoon SK S7K 0X2 Toll Free 800 757 1982 8 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR DECEMBER 2014 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 8 2014 12 04 11 31 AM

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This product is not new it has been in use in Europe and Australia for more than 10 years and is proving to be the most effective way to reduce emissions in diesel engines functionality and some periodic maintenance most importantly during the winter months As with any product in our industry DEF needs to be handled with the same care even though it can be perceived as mostly water shortcuts on installation and service can have disastrous results on the equipment involved with the product and on the environment Your Partner in Total Containment Solutions Protecting the environment for future generations Aboveground Tanks Underground Tanks Tank Accessories Fire Rated Tanks Double Bottom Tanks Fuel Oil Tanks Double Wall Oval Tanks Custom Fabrication Vertical Tanks Horizontal Tanks Bench Tanks Dike Tanks Utility Tanks Sub Base Tanks Static Head Tanks Utility Pumps Atmospheric steel storage tank fabrication UL ULC AWWA API Up to 250 000LT 69 Comstock Road Toronto ON M1L 2G9 Phone 416 757 6278 Fax 416 757 5579 Toll Free 1 800 387 1400 dteindustries com sales dteindustries com DECEMBER 2014 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 9 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 9 2014 12 04 11 31 AM

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Practice Safety POST helps achieve an injury free workplace By Ron Ballantyne No one wants to see a worker injured on our job sites The impact of an injury can go well beyond the physical trauma experienced by the injured party The emotional impact is felt by co workers management and most importantly by the members of the injured party s family The impact may be short lived if the injury is minor but can be life altering for the worker or their family if more serious or in the worst case scenario fatal Most of you reading this article are able to recount a situation in your own experience or one you ve been made aware of where that injury has had serious consequences well beyond the injury itself We need to work toward achieving an injury free workplace The Petroleum Oriented Safety Training program POST was rolled out across Canada in 2007 to the petroleum retail construction and maintenance contractors and retail petroleum owners Since that initial roll 10 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR DECEMBER 2014 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 10 2014 12 04 11 31 AM

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Comments from POST members It is a major benefit to us to know that our contractors who also work for other oil companies and who are part of POST have essentially one safety program for their workers This means that workers don t have to consider multiple safety standards and can focus on a single program making them more efficient and effective and ultimately safer Our contractors have also been quick to point out that having the same standards for safety across the board has been a welcome change out membership in POST has grown every year and now encompasses more than 17 000 members representing more than 3 000 companies The need for a consolidated safety program to enhance workplace safety in our industry was identified by representatives from Imperial Oil Shell Canada Petro Canada Suncor and contractor representatives from the OPCA Too many workers were being injured on our job sites The foundation of the POST program is behaviour based safety BBS which supports consistent safe work practices and procedures for contractor employees and subcontractors regardless of the client A worker s behaviour cannot be expected to change solely because the retail petroleum owner has a different safety program Working safely needs to be a core belief for workers and management alike and engrained in their behaviour The POST program provides that consistency for contractors and their employees My personal observation on both retail petroleum construction and maintenance sites since the introduction of the POST program has shown a dramatic increase in worker awareness of the principles of BBS and a desire to work with the same safety processes and procedures regardless of client The POST safety program begins with a clearance certificate with identification of site risks by the site owner and liability transfer for management of those risks to the general contractor as the prime contractor POST establishes clear expectations for minimum PPE barricading confined space entry LOTO work at height hot work sump entry critical lifts and others The program includes safety processes and measurement of those processes The processes include last minute risk assessment job safety analysis critical procedures and critical procedure checklists It is well understood that what gets measured gets done The measurement of these processes includes Siep Nyholt Imperial Oil Limited asset management SHE advisor By raising the bar and increasing our commitment to safety we can continue to develop a strong safety mindset and culture Commitment and solid focus on safety processes procedures and behaviours is a must POST a behaviour based safety program provides the tools to build on our safety culture These tools and procedures are in place to eliminate hazards and reduce workplace risk Craig Mills Suncor Shell Retail in Canada has been a long time supporter of the POST program The POST program provides us a sustainable and verifiable training program that gives us the confidence that our petroleum contractors consistently understand the basic HSSE behaviour work permit requirements and critical task procedures to perform their jobs safely Michael Cooper Shell HSSE manager Retail Canada DECEMBER 2014 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 11 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 11 2014 12 04 11 31 AM

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last minute risk assessment testing loss prevention observations in the field and desktop reviews of those LPOs to identify improvement opportunities Effective use of these tools will not only help to reduce workplace injury it will also support increased productivity through proper job planning in advance of task execution The retail construction and maintenance groups of Imperial Oil Suncor and Shell have all experienced significant sustained reductions in recordable incident rates to levels well below the industry average since implementing POST and BBS Processes and process measurement tools are not enough on their own For any program to be successful management of both owner and contractor need to be fully committed and actively engaged in the program to achieve full benefit A physical presence in the field is necessary to demonstrate that commitment if you expect your workers to make BBS part of their core belief system and behaviour Without that visible commitment the program will not achieve its full potential Implementing a sound safety management system will also provide you with valuable data for analysis to assist in continuous improvement initiatives As you know the construction and maintenance workforce in our industry is dynamic There are always new entrants to the petroleum contractor community whether it be new workers new contractors or new retailers A consistent managing system for safety must be in place to assist in achieving our objective of Nobody Gets Hurt on our job sites The safety of our workers is something that we can all agree on If your contracting company is currently not a member of the POST community I encourage you to consider membership and take advantage of the many benefits the POST program can provide to your organization For those of you who are already utilizing POST as your core safety program regardless of your client thank you You have taken a key step in our ongoing efforts to achieve an injuryfree workplace If you have any questions concerning this article please feel free to contact me directly at ron opcaonline org 12 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR DECEMBER 2014 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 12 2014 12 04 11 31 AM

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Comments from contractors POST is the best mental tool available to protect The POST program covers all areas of the behaviour ourselves and our surroundings POST is a seed based safety system that we use in our firm It is a which was planted some years back and has great help in reinforcing what we teach employees CenturyPetroleum_final pdf 1 2014 12 03 10 47 AM grown into a safety culture which surpassed all new to the field as well as keeping BBS at the front expectations for our petroleum industry edge of the minds of experienced workers The use Jason Chediac president of the program by sub trade workers ensures that ECS Engineering and Construction Limited everyone on the worksite is aligned as to what we are trying to accomplish that being No One Gets Hurt It is one of the major tools in our safety toolbox Peter Demik Demik Construction POST helps unify a petroleum safety program making difficult tasks easier POST raises the level of safety with regular attendance attention and action With the help of POST Phoenix is not learning safety by accident Kevin Nicklin president Phoenix Petroleum Adopting POST training and safe work practices into our health safety program has benefitted all of our employees and vendors in achieving consistency with our safety expectations for all Petrocom projects and has significantly contributed to our goal and achievement of nobody getting hurt Gerrit Dehaan president Petrocom Construction BUILDING AND MAINTAINING A SAFER ENVIRONMENT Wishing everyone a Happy Safe Holiday Season from the Century Petroleum team LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR FUTURE BUSINESS AND WORKING TOGETHER IN THE NEW YEAR DECEMBER 2014 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR 13 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 13 2014 12 04 11 31 AM

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safety bulletin Stay safe this winter Updated guideline available By Michelle Rae administrator Petroleum Oriented Safety Training Winter is here and it s time to remember some important tips for staying warm when working outdoors During the winter season a temperature of 28 is not uncommon in many areas across Canada when you factor in the wind chill and exposed skin can freeze in under 30 minutes Drop down to 40 and frostbite can occur in less than 10 minutes In extreme temperatures your body works harder to protect your core and internal organs putting your extremities such as your toes fingers cheeks and ears at risk for frostbite Visit the POST website to view our Guideline for Working in Winter Weather The guide can also be downloaded and posted in your office and construction site trailers The guideline has been updated this year with even more tips and guidelines to help you navigate through the cold Tread carefully on icy ground Winter walking is a safety hazard too We may not think about it but slippery conditions caused by ice and snow are as much of a hazard as slippery conditions caused by other elements you may be used to mitigating in your everyday working environment e g oil grease water etc Ice grips or ice cleats are useful in mitigating the risk of a nasty slip and or fall due to icy conditions Ice grips should be part of a worker s PPE during the winter months if they are exposed to the risk Ice grips on footwear can help you walk on hard packed snow and ice But be careful as they become dangerously slippery and must be removed before walking on smooth surfaces such as stone tile and ceramic Before buying the grippers make sure you are able to attach and remove them from your boots Another option is to look for ice grippers that can be worn indoors as well This is more convenient for maintenance and delivery personnel as it is not very practical to remove them at the door before entering a building Be sure to read our tips on winter walking that are included in the guideline POST campaign for proper glove use Gloves are an important part of basic personal protective equipment It is even more important that workers make sure they use the right glove for the task i e wearing cut resistant gloves when handling a piece of sheet metal or wearing nitriledipped gloves to protect hands from fuel or oil Our job sites continue to see hand injuries as the most frequent injury to our workers This is not surprising as most tasks are completed with our hands Simply wearing gloves does not ensure a worker s hands will not get injured Proper glove selection for the task at hand is critical to mitigate the potential for injury Visit the POST website to download a chart to assist in proper glove selection for the task To help reduce the number of hand injuries the POST committee is reviewing the pros and cons of mandating that gloves be worn at all times on our job sites and is aiming to have a recommendation in time for our spring safety forums Please stay tuned to the POST website for news on this in the coming months 14 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR DECEMBER 2014 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 14 2014 12 04 11 31 AM

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF Storage Tanks ZCL Composites Inc North America s leading supplier of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic FRP storage solutions has created an underground tank suitable for the safe storage of Diesel Exhaust Fluid Each tank is specifically designed and manufactured to be corrosion resistant and is backed by a 30year limited warranty Why Store DEF Underground Temperature Control no annual costs associated with aboveground storage Facility Design greater flexibility with underground storage Compatibility extensive materials testing eliminates need for special tank liners Flexible Use tank can be designed to meet UL and ULC listing requirements for future use Peace of Mind 30 year limited warranty CONTACT US TODAY 1 800 661 8265 www zcl com FUEL TANKS CAR WASH INTERCEPTORS OIL WATER SEPARATORS POTABLE WATER TANKS SEWAGE TANKS DEF TANKS 16 CANADIAN PETROLEUM CONTRACTOR DECEMBER 2014 CPCA_Dec14_FINAL indd 16 2014 12 04 11 31 AM