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IT CAN WAIT Campaign

By: Courtney English 

The It Can Wait Campaign does not have an official location because it was introduced online by AT&T. They introduced the campaign in March 2010. 

Established When & Where

The campaign's mission is to get people to pledge they the will not be distracted driver. On their website there is a special place to make a pledge ( There are almost 18 million people who have pledged to become never distracted while driving.

Mission Statement

AT&T focused on making new ways to drive safe and sound. They created a Drive Mode App and The 21 day challenge. The Drive Mode App is used to minimize distractions while driving and help keep your eyes on the road. The 21 day challenge is for drivers who struggle with the urge to drive distracted.

Main Focus

Because of the It Can Wait Campaign, texting and driving has been outlawed in 47 out if 50 states.