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school project on Belize

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Belize on a map

Grapefruit is one of the common fruits grown in Belize along with bananas and oranges.


by: Austin Parker

The Belize flag

Xunantunich Temple

Belize flag

Basic Info

  1. Their flag looks like this,
  2. The capital city of Belize is Belmopan.
  3. As of 2016, the population is 366,954.
  4. The area of Belize is 8,867 mi².
  5. The absolute location of Belize is 17 N, 88 W.
  6. They are a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy run by Queen Elizabeth II with elections at least every 5 years.

The Maya mountain range is one landform in Belize. The mountains are partially made out of granite.


Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest barrier reef in the world.

The Vaca Plateau is another landform in Belize. It is about 1,340 feet tall. 

In southern Belize near the mountains, there is a lot of precipitation during the summer and fall months, and all year round the temperature gets from mid 60's to mid 70's. 


Northern Belize also has a lot of precipitation during the summer and fall months, but the temperature can get from low 70's to mid-80's.

Xunantunich is the most well known in the Maya Ruins. Xunantunich is Mayan for stone woman.

The Lamanai Temple is one of the oldest temples that was continuously used.

Human Features

This swing bridge is the only functional swing bridge that is controlled manually.

Limestone is a natural resource that is found in Belize. Limestone is what some of the Maya mountains are made of. 

Timber is another important resource found in Belize. There are three major forests that cut down trees for lumber which are Columbia River Forest Reserve, the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, and the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. 

Natural Resources

Gold can be found in Belize also. Illegal Guatamalen gold miners stole gold from Belize and ruined almost half of their drinking water. 

Agriculture is the biggest industry in Belize accounting for 20% of the GDP (economy). They mostly grow citrus (grapefruits and oranges) and bananas.

Manufacturing is another industry in Belize. One thing that they make are t-shirts.


Tourism is the second most popular industry in Belize, accounting for 17% of the GDP. One of the most popular things to do there is scuba dive.

Sugar is grown in Belize, and it counts for more than half of the agriculture in Belize.

Bananas are another popularly grown crop in Belize that accounts for 18% of the agriculture in Belize.


Citrus like grapefruits and oranges are also grown in Belize. They account for 17 percent of agriculture there.

St. George's Caye Day celebrations

Some popular Belizean food that you might find could be: 

  1. Belize rice and beans
  2. Belize fruit cake
  3. Ceviche
  4. Cochinita Pibil
  5. Chicken Escabeche

A lot of holidays that are celebrated in Belize are similar to American holidays like, New Year's Day, Easter, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Christmas, and they have Independence Day, but it's obviously on a different date which is September 21st. Independence Day isn't the only different holiday though, there is: 

  1. Baron Bliss Day - March 9
  2. Commonwealth Day - May 24
  3. St. George's Caye Day - September 10
  4. Garifuna Settlement Day - November 19
  5. Boxing Day - December 26                         

Belize rice and beans


Some religions commonly found in Belize are Roman Catholic, Mennonite, and Protestant.

Belizean ceviche

Languages that are commonly spoken in Belize might be English, Spanish, Yucatec, Mopán, and Kekchí.

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