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Poems For English

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Cat to dog poem


A n ant bites

B irds sing a song

C at love to puur

D ogs want to be your best friend

E lephants are loud

F ish love to blow bubbles



Dark, funny

Sad, angry

Good for the nights

Disney movies

Look down at the kids

See them play in the sunshine

They seem really interested 


Cute, good singer, country,

He is a great country singer,

He loves his wife Lauren Gregory.

Song of his songs are happy,

Some are also sad,

He wants to feel free.

His fear is not having his wife and kids with them.

He wanted to be famous.

He wanted to be happy

Having fun.

He grew up around music and that is what he’s doing is making music.



                                    My world

                                  Shines bright

                             In the world in light

                       Really pretty on everything

                           Hard to find real ones

                                Small, valuable

                                   Little rock


Minni pieces of heaven            .

Individually wrapped goodness

Loaded with sugar                  .

Kick up the days                    .

Yummy                                   .

With carmel                           .

Always good                          .

Yummy                                  .

Smooth                                  .



My friends

Always having fun,


Having each other back

We have become sisters,


Now it’s time to go

We shall meet again.

Where i can go think

Beside the lake by the tree

About the good times

Now we go our separate ways

Never to see each other ever again.

On my way to the house

There was a bee, saw Ms. Dee

Went through a tree and seen the number three.

Around the corner and seen a quarter.

So on the way home we seen

A bee, Ms. dee, went through a tree and seen the number three

Around the corner and .seen a quarter.

These are all the things we seen…


Soft, cuddly

Quiet, lazy, colorful,

Man’s best friend, likes people’s attention

Loud, fast, protective

Loyal, big