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The Counselor's office

By: Anna Ho 9

When you feel the need to discuss your problems to someone so they can help you solve it in a responsible matter; they can vary from small problems like concerns with foods served in the canteen to bigger problems like peer pressure, bullying, grades, or family issues. Then, you should visit the counselor's office in room 115-B5 on the first floor to talk to your considerate counselor!


The counselor's office is quite cozy with an air of peacefulness that can aid in releasing your stress


Most importantly, it’s guaranteed that your opinions and concerns are in priority and your secrets are safe and sound within the closed door. 




You can be at the office, talking to the counselor at anytime you feel most comfortable. 

So when you’re wrestling with your problems, where do you go? The counselor's office in room 115-B5!