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Chris Sanders

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Chris Sanders- Corrine Norwood.


Brief Summary

I chose Chris Sanders because he has made many movies i have watched and want to see. He is considered a animation pioneer because of the movies he's helped made and movies he will soon make. I like him because the movies he made are old and i loved them when i was very little. He is known for voice acting and helping with wrighting "Lilo and Stitch".


Chris Sanders was born March 12,1962 and is 54 old. He has made many movies like "The Croods,Lilo and Stitch, How to train your dragon,Mulan,The Lion King, Stitch the movie, Beauty and the beast,Leroy and Stitch, Aladdin, and soon in 2017 The Croods 2". He also wrote a book called "The Strong Little Bird." He was born and raised in Colorado where he fell in love with animation at the age of 10 after watching the animated short "The Wonderful World of Disney. He soon took and animation program at school.



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