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World Class Promotions

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"Creating a new era of outstanding event models, that elegantly combine classic beauty with marketing intelligence"



Corporate Angel Promotions was created to provide a new era of event models that not only present a positive and professional brand image, but also have genuine interest in marketing your business effectively and improving your events success.


We work mainly within the luxury sector, developing key partnerships that accelerate brand and event awareness.


With each partner we work intensively at getting to know you and your business, so your clients feel welcomed and informed in the best possible way.

About us

 "Working within the finest sectors to communicate effectively your brands vision and purpose"



                                                     Vantage Yachts- London

CA Structure


Here at CA we work differently to your average agency. We have a small team of highly skilled ladies whose business knowledge and communication skills are second to none.


We have regular training and take pride in dealing with each client individually, gaining a deep understanding of their event goals and brand. At each event we aim to;


  • Present a positive brand image, ensuring each lady is well groomed and represents your business in an excellent manner.
  • Generate leads by informing new and existing customers about your business and what you offer, in an in depth and interesting manner.
  • Covering your event on social media, instagram/facebook. We also provide photos at the event that can be used for marketing.
  • If the event is more relaxed we are excellent at creating a pleasent atmosphere whilst overseeing the guest list and the overall event organisation.
  • Our key motto is: "Your business is our business" therefore we care about achieving event goals/financial targets at every event.






"Training is key, we wish to represent each partner with class and intelligence, ensuring event attendees are engaged and informed in a detailed manner"



Melanie Grace - MD


Why partner with CA



Partnerships are our main priority and crucial to develop sustainable event success. We work with a long term outlook, developing more knowledge and more awareness of you, your team and your customers each time.


The CA process;

1. We like to develop knowledge about you and your business so we are able to asses if we would be a suitable extension of your brand, and be an effective addition to your events.


2. If we move forward we then like to understand more about what you wish to achieve, your event goals and crucial information that must be understood to achieve a successful event and customer satisfaction.


3. We will then sit down and decide which Corporate Angels you wish to work with,  and then training shall begin leading up to the event, prior event assistance is also available on request. 











Our previous partners 


Vantage Yachts, Lamborghini, Cannes and Monaco yacht show, Arps London, London Fashion week, Investors show London... 

and many more.


If you are interested in developing a future partnership with London's finest event models, please email:

Our team would be happy to discuss how we could assist your events success, and work closely with you to generate more business and event exposure.