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Florida DECA Chapter Handbook

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Florida DECA Welcome back to another exciting year of events and activities for our students For most of our students this will be the first time experiencing everything that Florida DECA has to offer We hope that you are ready to Get the Edge this year We have some exciting changes for 2022 23 for all of our members starting with a newly designed website at www fldeca org The website has been updated and content will continue to be added throughout the year to make this your official source for all Florida DECA news In this handbook you will find information that you need to get started with your DECA year You will find information regarding membership conferences Florida districts and district officers dates and deadlines chapter campaigns the Annual Business Plan and more to help your students Get the Edge One thing that I have continually said over my 20 years in Florida DECA is that we provide the best opportunities for students to hone their marketing management finance and entrepreneurial skills Our students continue to impress with their knowledge character and leadership when we attend conferences and enter competitions As advisors you should be proud of the work you are doing to prepare these students for college and careers and be confident in knowing that you are helping your students Get the Edge Everything that we do this year will be preparation for the International Career Development Conference in April hosted right here in our state Please feel free to reach out during the year with questions that you have You can reach me at 352 223 1441 if you have any questions or need assistance Jamie Benedict

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DECA Staff Christopher Young Chief Program Officer christopher_young deca org Randi Bibiano Competitive Events Specialist garret_corbine deca org To meet the entire staff please visit http deca org about deca staff Who s Who Within DECA The DECA staff administers the variety of programs and services to the organization s more than 215 000 members in 5 275 high schools and colleges around the globe The DECA staff is here to assist you in any and every way possible Below are 3 of the department leaders you will probably deal with the most They are dedicated members who can make magic happen

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Forming a New Chapter To be recognized in the great state of Florida you must be a registered chapter with DECA Inc The staff at DECA Inc will work with our Florida DECA Executive Director to approve your request to establish a chapter You may start the process by visiting the following https www deca org classroom bring deca school It is preferred that your chapter serve as a co curricular student organization This means that you have a course or program of study that is related to the focus of DECA Students in your school would be a part of a DECA related course or program of study and then have the option to join DECA at your chapter Some chapters are established this way and also allow students who are not enrolled in a course to join Other chapters do not have a class and establish their chapter as an extra curricular after school activity Our focus is to educate the whole student so we value the co curricular model Visit the advisor s page of fldeca org for updates and resources Also DECA Inc has created a new page on their website called New Advisor Resource Center This page is GREAT for new or even seasoned veteran advisors https www deca org new advisor resource center Our History New Chapters Today the Florida DECA Association Foundation Inc more commonly known as Florida DECA has over 100 chapters and membership of over 10 000 students advisors alumni and professional members Florida DECA is led by Executive Director Jamie Benedict and representatives from each District making up the Board of Advisors New Chapters Our History In 1957 the Florida Association received a charter from DECA Inc We were a part of the Florida Department of Education for many years In 1993 the Flordia Department of Education transferred all CTSO Career Technical Student Organizations to independent boards

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Membership Dues Student Advisor Member Dues 14 8 DECA Inc and 6 FL DECA Alumni Professional Member Dues 10 8 DECA Inc and 2 FL DECA District Dues vary Please check with your district advisor Chapter Dues charged at the discretion of each chapter Membership Membership Data Register and renew members online at https www decaregistration com hs Login aspx You can read and watch a step by step tutorial at http www decadirect org 2017 08 21 get acquainted decas new online membership system Don t want to type this all in Visit the advisor page at fldeca org There is a link You will need to gather some data before you enter your membership into the system Please log in to determine what data will be needed prior to collecting dues from your membership You can print your invoice from the registration system and process at your school for payment You will be charged 14 International and Florida dues for each member Payment will be made to DECA Inc You can print your invoice from the registration system and process at your school for payment You will be charged 14 International and Florida dues for each member Payment will be made to DECA Inc If you run into challenges with the registration system or have a question do not hesitate to reach out DECA Staff The DECA staff administers the variety of programs and services to the organization s more than 215 000 members in 5 275 high schools and colleges around the globe The DECA staff is here to assist you in any and every way possible Below are 3 of the department leaders you will probably deal with the most They are dedicated members who can make magic happen Frank Peterson Executive Director frank_peterson deca org Christopher Young Chief Program Officer christopher_young deca org Michael Mount Randi Bibiano Director of Data Management Competitive Events michael_mount deca org Specialist garret_corbine deca org To meet the entire staff please visit http deca org about deca staff

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FL DECA Team 65 Executive President Brody Pellegrino brody fldeca org Executive Vice President Ainsley Ciavarella ainsley fldeca org District 1 2 VP Ava Kelleher Rydh ava fldeca org District 3 VP Brigitte Trabbic brigitte fldeca org District 4 5 VP Laxmi Viswanathan laxmi fldeca org District 6 VP Liam Degnan liam fldeca org

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District 8 VP Leo Bettinger leo fldeca org District 9 VP Devesh Hargobin devesh fldeca org District 10 VP Justin Sharmat justin fldeca org FL DECA Team 65 District 7 VP Joshua Laciuk joshua fldeca org

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SHOP FLORIDA DECA f o y t e Vari sizes and s e l sty s r o l o c CUSTOMIZE Get the Edge with great Florida DECA merchandise http www fldeca org shop fldeca html

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The President and Executive Vice President will be elected at the Florida DECA Career Development Conference We will have one Vice President from each of the ten districts in Florida Each district will elect appoint their own VP before States All Florida DECA members who wish to seek office will complete a candidate packet and take an officer exam To learn more about serving Florida DECA please visit our Team 66 Candidate Page on fldeca org which is listed under officers More details will be posted on the website this fall Candidate Packet due dates will be provided in the Officer Packet If you have questions please email us at team66 fldeca org SIZE OF THESE IMAGES SUBJECT TO CHANGE Leaders Needed For Team 66 Team 66

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Communicate With Florida DECA Team 65 Communication We would all agree that communication is KEY Team 65 leads this challenge to open lines of communication with our chapters We achieve this with our Leadership Council chapter visits blogs workshops at our ELS and participation with activities of the DECA Inc Executive Officers The DLC meets monthly via web meetings Team 65 Vice Presidents have been assigned chapters to work with Please reach out to your assigned Vice President if they have not already done so To participate in the DLC you must have a strong internet connection a quiet space and a headset with microphone Visit the website for meeting dates and links http www fldeca org florida deca leadership council html

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Helping Hands Community Service Project Helping Hands was started to create an awesome impact for a selected charity We have two collections one in the fall and one in the spring Chapters nominate charities or organizations in their communities that need a helping hand The officer team selects two of the nominations for the fall and spring collections We encourage all chapters to participate with our collection drives Together we can lend an awesome Helping Hand Details are posted at www fldeca org helping hands collections

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Five Chapter Campaigns Engage your members in DECA activities throughout the year using DECA s Chapter Campaigns as a guide These campaigns are perfect for developing your chapter s program of work annual business plan DECA offers five unique campaigns that will help you grow your chapter and build lasting partnerships within your school and community There are great awards for DECA chapters that attain recognition through DECA s Chapter Campaigns including the opportunity to earn allocations to attend the THRIVE Academy at DECA s International Career Development Conference Membership Campaign Designed to make your chapter grow by retaining and engaging your membership Earn Achievement Level or THRIVE Level by meeting the goals of 20 students increase from last year alumni and or professional members This will automatically be recognized by DECA Inc You only need to submit your roster and pay your dues No additional information is required for submission Promotional Campaign This campaign provides chapter members an opportunity to share with their school and community what DECA is all about and how their chapter is making a positive impact on its members and community Conduct three school outreach activities three community outreach activities and share three alumni success stories to complete this campaign Advocacy Campaign This campaign takes place in February during Career and Technical Education Month Completing three school outreach activities three public policymaker outreach activities and three community outreach activities will get your chapter recognized for this campaign Your community will definitely know you are advocates of DECA and Career and Technical Education Community Service Ethical Leadership DECA members are always finding unique ways to serve their community Get recognized for your efforts through this campaign It s easy Simply document one or more community service activities be sure to have at least 75 of your members involved and create at least one form of publicity or promotion Finally be sure to submit your information online Educate your local school and community about the importance of ethics To earn recognition submit three Ethical Leadership Challenge entries conduct three school outreach activities and three community outreach activities

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1 Go to deca org 2 Click on High School Campaigns 3 Click on Chapter Campaigns 4 Follow the link to the Campaign Guidebook PDF Awesome Planning Resource The new DECA Chapter Campaign Guidebook

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4 Types of Members Role of Members Student Members Alumni Members Professional Members Advisors Student Members Alumni Members Description Students who are currently enrolled in a DECA class or who join the chapter These individuals Become an academically prepared community oriented professionally responsible and experienced leader Advocate for the program Increase opportunities for competition slots Participate in fundraising efforts Epand knowledge in and out of the classroom Network with peers and industry professionals Opportunities Become and grow as a student leader Participate in DECA activities Access to competitions and field trips Apply for DECA scholarships Receive industry certifications Description Individuals who have graduated and wish to remain involved with the program These individuals Advocate for the program Increase opportunities for student competition slots Share the benefits of their DECA experience such as How it has allowed them to grow as individuals How it has given them a competitive edge in college and beyond How it has enhanced their educational path towards professional success Provide same opportunities as professional members Professional Members Advisors Description Any adult who wishes to be involved with the program These individuals Advocate for the program Increase opportunities for student competition slots Help students prepare for competition Share knowledge time and talent by becoming a guest speaker Share path to success Expand and relate on curriculum topics Share trends in the workplace Provide internships and shadowing experiences through their professional status and owned businesses Embed their business within our curriculum to allow students the opportunity to experience real life business activities and to develop strategies solutions Description Teachers of DECA related courses These individuals Advocate for the program and students Expand student knowledge base Bring real life into the classroom Prepare students for DECA competition Organize all DECA related activities Chaperone all DECA field trips Enhance employability and leadership skills Prepare students for industry certifications Register students for competitions field trips

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Comprehensive Learning Program

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CHALLENGES DECA s Challenges provide DECA members opportunities to demonstrate the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom through innovative challenges in partnership with several corporate partners Each challenge has a unique focus and a specific set of required tasks Knowledge Matters Digital Presentation Skills Challenge Demonstrate your digital presentation skills utilizing a Virtual Business simulation in a one to two minute digital presentation The topic is up to you You can talk solely about the strategies you use in the simulation You could discuss real world business stories and illustrate the stories with sim exercises Or you could talk about your own life your knowledge of business and financial literacy and utilize a Virtual Business simulation to relate to and illustrate your topic The top finalists will deliver a live digital presentation MDA Disability is Diversity Challenge Create a focused Disability Is Diversity presentation that highlights the obstacles and experiences of navigating an educational environment with differing abilities Learn firsthand about the barriers encountered by a student with a disability and determine how you can advocate for needed change Ethical Leadership Challenge In teams of up to four DECA members develop a 60 second or less public service announcement PSA video describing the nature of ethics The PSA should be designed to educate your local community and those afar through social media about the importance of ethics FIDM Entrepreneur of Tomorrow Challenge Demonstrate your entrepreneurial spirit by proposing a new product idea for a specific market segment Pitch your new clothing beauty home health food or entertainment concept in a four minute video presentation that describes your target market product offering and benefits market potential and marketing and distribution strategy

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Intuit Social Innovation Challenge Intuit and DECA are proud to team up and share an exciting opportunity to compete with other high school groups across the U S and Canada to make entrepreneurship and business ownership accessible for all We want students to join us and Lead with a Cause through the Lead with a Cause Intuit Social Innovation Challenge The challenge engages teams of one to eight students to design an innovative solution to increase access to entrepreneurship for underrepresented groups LEAD4CHANGE Challenge The Lead4Change DECA Challenge is a component of the Lead4Change Student Leader Program Demonstrate your leadership skills by being involved with your community and submitting a community service project once you finish the six lesson or 12 lesson track that aligns with 21st Century Skills Work in teams three or more students with an adult sponsor and do a project as you go through the lessons If 10 entries are submitted from DECA chapters by the February 10 2023 deadline DECA chapters will be eligible for a special award track from Lead4Change If it meets the guidelines of each this means that your project could earn recognition in the campaign or competitive event Lead4Change Challenge and DECA Lead4Change Challenge three opportunities for the project all while doing good in your community Social Impact Leader of Tomorrow Challenge Demonstrate your creativity by producing the next big cause marketing idea for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation NPCF DECA chapters can participate with up to four member teams to develop a creative and unique fundraising campaign with NPCF branding The fundraiser campaign must have an uplifting and hopeful theme with a social media component and video Social Media Marketing Challenge Do you have what it takes to be a successful social media marketing professional The Stukent Social Media Marketing Challenge is your chance to compete using the social media marketing simulation Mimic Social You will be tasked with managing a fictitious company s 5 000 weekly social media ad budget including marketing on Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn YouTube and Pinterest You will schedule and promote content to post on each platform target specific audiences and analyze your success through multiple rounds of the simulation Only one account is allowed per participant

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The Advisor s Role

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Advisor Resources

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DECA Professionial Learning DECA Professional Learning DECA s PROFESSIONAL LEARNING SERIES offers high quality professional development workshops seminars and resources to improve performance and fulfill continuing professional development certification requirements Face To Face Learning Advisor Professional Learning at ICDC A highlight of the International Career Development Conference the Advisor Professional Learning Series is designed to help DECA advisors understand their various roles as well as how DECA s Comprehensive Learning Program integrates into classroom instruction applies learning connects to business and promotes competition DECA Educational Conferences Professional development activities are provided at educational conferences focusing on building curriculum and instructional content useful to local chapter advisors Certified trainers are equipped to facilitate workshops within their associations using best practices teacher and student learning activities resource materials and evaluation tools Train the Trainer Certification Course The Train the Trainer Certification Course is designed to prepare key leaders of chartered associations to effectively deliver presentations and new content useful to local chapter advisors Certified trainers are equipped to facilitate workshops within their associations using best practices teacher and student learning activities resource materials and evaluation tools E Learning DECA Inc s E Learning component of the Professional Learning Series contains free on demand webinars modules from selected face to face learning opportunities and other educational materials DECA Direct Weekly Delivered directly to your inbox each Tuesday DECA Direct Weekly informs chapter advisors of the latest DECA happenings and shares articles on classroom and chapter strategies Insight Chapter Packets DECA Insight provides professional development articles to help advisors use components of the DECA Comprehensive Learning Program in the classroom DECA Insight is delivered two times a year in chapter packets that include tools such as DECA s business partner poster series and classroom resources

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128 Pages of DECA Stuff Learn more about DECA s Comprehensive Learning Plan Competition Guidelines ShopDECA and MUCH more from your DECA GUIDE The DECA Guide A hardcopy should have been sent to your school You can get an electronic copy by visiting the following page https www decadirect org articles download the 20222023 deca guide

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Professional Awards Leadership Recognition The Florida DECA Honorary Life Membership is the highest award that can be bestowed upon an individual The Florida DECA Honorary Life Membership may be awarded to an advisor who has contributed a minimum of ten years of service and who has aided significantly to the development and or progress of Florida DECA The Eagle Dare to Achieve Award is presented by the Florida DECA Board of Advisors to a current or past board member who has over the years accepted the challenges and dared to inspire the very best in the people they have served The Outstanding Service Award may be awarded to DECA advisors and teachers who have rendered outstanding work for the chartered association for more than five years An Award of Merit may be awarded to government officials business people school administrators and other individuals who have contributed significantly to the success of DECA at the state level or to organizations or companies whose assistance has been notable with Florida DECA Given to an officer for successfully meeting and exceeding the duties of a Florida DECA Chartered Association Officer We pay tribute to the individuals who go above and beyond to leave our organization better than they found it The Florida DECA Hall of Fame Award may be awarded to past or present DECA advisors and teachers or Department of Education personnel who have contributed significantly to the success of Florida DECA at the local and chartered association level This award is a closed nomination process Have a nomination Submit to the Board of Advisors The BOA will review nominations and select awardees

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Chapters are recognized for each series of 100 CDC winners Where is your chapter in the standings Visit www fldeca org 100 club chapter html 100 Club and Beyond The Florida DECA 100 Club was established to honor those chapters who have excelled over the years in competition When a chapter reaches a total of 100 Florida DECA Conference winners first through sixth place they are honored with an award signifying that they have met this criteria

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Mastering DECA Competitions We all know that data is paramount When you think of competitions do you ever ask how do we stand when compared to others Well we have lots of data for you to review and use to better prepare your members Visit the Review the Data section on the advisors page of our website fldeca org

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Scholarships awarded by Florida DECA are under the umbrella of Dollars for Diamonds We then award scholarships in three divisions Ed Fleming Memorial Corporate Scholar ships and FL DECA Leaders We pay tribute to FL DECA Chartered Association Advisors and Chairperson of the FL DECA Board Arlen Mizell Jim King and Lynore Levenhagen In addition we pay tribute to the 4 DECA members who lost their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Annually the members of Florida DECA support the Dollars for Diamonds fund by simply being a member of Florida DECA One dollar of your chartered association dues is added to the fund each year to fund scholarships In addition chapters from across the state also donate to the scholarship fund Corporate sponsors also support our efforts annually The majority of scholarships are awarded in memory of a dedicated leader of Florida DECA Edgar Fleming All Florida DECA members may apply Get more information http www fldeca org dollars for diamondsscholarship html Applications are due no later than January 28 2023 FL DECA Scholarships Scholarships

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Emerging Leader Series

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DECA Branding Notice DECA Logo Our logo is the intellectual property of the entire DECA community Its use is controlled by the DECA Inc Board of Directors for the benefit of the entire organization Only officially recognized members chapters and associations should be able to identify themselves as DECA by using our logo Private companies should not be able to profit from the sale of items with DECA s logo Individuals and or groups should not be permitted to use the DECA logo to promote unauthorized programs projects and products Acceptable Use Policy Chartered associations and DECA chapters are permitted to use the trademarked official DECA logo and the DECA name on printed materials and websites provided they follow the guidelines for reproducing the logo In order to use the DECA logos and the DECA name on promotional materials such as accessories or clothing prior permission must be obtained from DECA Inc Please contact shopdeca deca org For clarification of the guidelines for reproducing the DECA logo contact communications deca org Personalized Chapter Logos If your chapter needs a personalized logo for use on printed materials and your website contact communications deca org DECA Inc will create art that can be used both for print and on the web Incorrect Use of the DECA Logo Do not alter approved colors Do not redraw or change the logo typeface Do not stretch or distort the logo Do not combine the logo with other graphics or logos Do not alter add or remove logo elements Do not place other elements on the logo Do not rotate the logo Do not use the Diamond as a number or letter

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SAVE THE DATE 2022 2023 August Welcome Back Monthly New Advisor Orientation September 9 10 Board of Advisors Meeting Orlando September 20 Florida DECA Emerging Leaders Summit Registration and Housing Due October 21 23 Florida DECA Emerging Leaders Summit Hilton Bayfront St Petersburg October 23 Helping Hands Event November 11 13 Power Trip Washington D C November 18 Initial Roster Due to DECA Inc January 10 Written Events Due Uploads must be completed by 11 59 p m Instructions to follow January 12 Written Event Judging January 28 Florida DECA State CDC Registration and Housing Due February 9 16 Online testing window open for State CDC Events February 13 Submissions for 10 page papers for State CDC NEW March 2 5 Florida DECA State CDC Hilton Lake Buena Vista March 18 ICDC Registration and Housing Due April 22 25 DECA Inc International Career Orlando FL

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The term delegate shall mean any DECA member including advisors attending any conference of Florida DECA A DECA conference is an extension of your local high school therefore you are under the same rules and regulations existing in your county as well as the conference rules and regulations All chapter advisors are responsible for the safety and security of their student delegates and any other students who happen to be rooming on that floor The Board of Advisors requests that all chapter advisors aid in controlling student delegates actions Districts must schedule chaperone coverage of all events during the conference Your attention to this duty will be greatly appreciated as well as go a long way in supervising the students at the dance when scheduled sessions and around the hotel Code of Conduct Delegates violating or ignoring any of the conduct rules will subject their entire delegation to disqualification and may be sent home immediately at their own expense Curfew will be enforced Curfew means delegates will be in their own rooms The Florida DECA Leadership Team and or Florida DECA Security will not hesitate to send minor and major conduct violators and or the entire chapter delegation home with no refunds on registration and housing The Chartered Association Advisor has the final judgment in all matters There shall be no defacing of public property Any damages to any property or furnishings in the hotel rooms or building must be paid by the individual or chapter responsible Student delegates shall keep their adult advisors informed of their activities and whereabouts at all times No student delegate shall leave the hotel except for authorized events unless engaged in some specific assignment taking place at the same time No alcoholic beverages narcotics and or tobacco in any form shall be possessed by delegates at any time under any circumstances For mixed groups of males and females visiting in one room the door to that room must be wide open with all the lights on Visiting is prohibited after curfew Be prompt and prepare for all activities Must stay in assigned hotel and in assigned rooms No food delivery after curfew Be financially prepared for all possibilities No non registered guests permitted in the hotel or at the conference Delegates must follow the dress code Please remember non conference attendees will judge our organization by your actions Please remember to act as business professionals during the entire conference A DECA activity attracts a great deal of attention when a large group of young people spend a couple of days in a community It is understandable that every delegate attending the conference may not own a DECA blazer however we urge chapter advisors to encourage delegates who have blazers to wear them during the conference Professional dress code for all sessions and competitive event activities includes Women Men Blazer or business suit with dress blouse Business suit collared dress shirt tie Skirt or dress slacks with dress blouse or dress sweater DECA blazer Sport coat with dress slacks collared shirt and tie with dress sweater shirt and dress slacks DECA blazer Dress shoes pumps heels flats Belt dress shoes and socks NOT ALLOWED Athletic sports shoes or sandals Anything denim or denim like Casual and baggy sweaters tops or pants Flannel shirts or T shirts

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Dress to Impress Dress code when appearing before judges and onstage Dress Code This is the dress code for ICDC and it is SUGGESTED you follow this for FL DECA States A DECA blazer and neckwear for ladies is not required at States but practice makes perfect Please refer to the FL DECA Dress Code on the preceding page

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