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Digital Citizenship

By Antanesha Akery 




Define these words:

Blog:add new materiaos to or regualarly udate a blog

flaming: usecd for emphasis to express annoyance 

P2P:peer tp peer lending is a method of dept fiancing enables indiviuals to borrow and lend money

Phishing:the activity dfrauding an online account holder of finacial by posing as a legimate company

Podcast: make a digital audio file available as a podcast

Aggregator:A website or program that collects relatedd items of content and displays them or links for them.






  • Say only what your suppose to say to a person face
  • DONT use rusde words
  • Dont others people feelings 



  • Never give your password to anyone 
  • DONT just use one password 
  • Create passwords that are easy to remember 



  • Make sure your passwords are strong
  • Shop only on safe sites
  • Protect your phone with passwords
  • Pay attention
  • Use different password on different accounts


Protect yourself online

Digital Piracy- Investment and finances definition. The illegal trade in sofeware in videos digital video devices and music.

Digital Piracy

Social Media


What to do , how to protect yourself from cyberbullying ?