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Outdoor Sessions


  • Make shift a regular setting in Urban or Rural environments, where artist/producers will be shown making there way to a public meeting place via bus, car, train, plane, uber, taxi, bike, skateboard.
  • Producers would be holding epuipment like MPC, Keyboard, lap top etc.
  • Artist and Producer meet with greetings and perform song in public (think live session mixed with Music video.)  
  • * The screen shots to the right are from footage that myself and visual team have tried out in the past for a upcoming dj's reel. 




  • The purpose of the Live Sessions is to build visual anticipaton for fans and viewers on the release of the project. 
  • Giving your viewers an inside peak of who will be collaborating on which songs. 
  • A way to anticipate downloads/listens for sponsorship and ad purpose.



Pick locations around the country to shoot each song in a different setting. (LA,NY,Chicago,Miami,SF,Atlanta)

Parks, Street Corners, Train stations, inside trains, on buses, in taxi's, ubers, noticible monuments etc. Shots will be Guerilla style giving it that natural gritty feel.


Make this a fun interactive jam session outside of the normal studio sessions, showing the collaboration of both the artist and the producer. My idea for coming up with this concept is to make the tape an even bigger idea from where you guys have taken it thus far.  More views, more likes, more followers, in hopes to potentially pitch to your publications as well as other sponsors for a budget to bring all of these ideas to life. The people with the $$$ are just going to want to see the numbers, and how much traffic can be generated from this idea. Any feedback or added ideas would be great.


- Thanks again

Best Regards.