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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE CONTENTS CONNECTING BUSINESSES IN TRAFFORD 04 EDITOR S LETTER Learn why we created Connecting Trafford and meet the team behind the story 08 TRAFFORD NEWS From new start ups to what s been in happening in your area 29 TRAFFORD EVENTS 24 For maintaining energy to repairing muscles runner and chef Isaac Mills shared some healthy diet plans on how to get that extra mile TRAFFORD WOMEN IN BUSINESS WE LOVE 30 HOW TO GET INVOLVED Find out how to get your business featured in the next issue ALTRINCHAM BID STRENGTHENS 11 ITS BOARD WITH NEW APPOINTMENTS WILLS POWER OF 26 10 CHARITY FOCUS GIN WINNERS This month we look at Urmston based charity The Toy House and Johnny Spangle s recent fundraising for this worthy cause New Trafford start up Lucky Bee Gin distillery is a winner at Gin Awards 2021 after only 6 months HELLO CONNECTINGTRAFFORD ONLINE 06 ATTORNEY In this article Matthew Leech from Leech Co Solicitors explains why Wills and Powers of Attorney are important to everyone HR DEPT TRAFFORD 16 WARRINGTON CELEBRATES 15 YEARS We learn more about the business what have been the biggest challenges especially over the last year and what they re doing right for their clients 22 CYBER SECURITY In this article Paul Brooks from Antar Information Technology Ltd Sale raises our awareness of Cyber Security WWW CONNECTINGTRAFFORD ONLINE 23 Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 ASK THE EXPERTS This month s Ask the Experts is all about networking How do we make the most of networking as we start to go back to face to face events page 3

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE EDITOR S LETTER First of all a big thank you for joining us in this new adventure If you had asked me if I would be writing an editor s letter for a digital magazine that I d co created 12 months ago I would have questioned your and my sanity But we re here and it feels good Janine Suzi and I have all had this idea in our head for a long time We wanted to create a magazine that was appealing to a wide range of businesses but we were passionate about it being Trafford based too We feel that Trafford has such a lot to offer business owners It s a great location with easy access to the motorway network and the airport More than that there is a thriving business community which is both supportive and friendly But if you re a business in Trafford then you already know this Each quarter we ll be rounding up news updating you on new businesses and featuring some businesses that are very much part of the fabric of Trafford In this first issue we have thrown the spotlight onto some great local companies with articles about the importance of Wills and Cyber security alongside showcasing new businesses who started up during the pandemic And of course we have featured some of our favourite Trafford women in business who have been growing their successful businesses for over a decade If you re interested in an advertorial advertising space writing a regular column for us or just want to get in touch then please feel free to contact us on hello connectingtrafford online Sarah EDITOR THE SMART BEAR About the Connecting Trafford team We started Connecting Trafford as we didn t feel that there was anything out there that brought the business community of Trafford together We hope to make it a balanced and exciting source of news featuring everyone from the little guys to the big guys and everyone in between So who are the team behind Connecting Trafford Janine Friston Promoting Trafford Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 Sarah Steinh fel The Smart Bear Content Suzi Brown The Smart Bear Websites page 4

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE LEGAL WILLS AND POWERS OF ATTORNEY Who are Leech Co and what do we do We are a small firm of Solicitors and we specialise in Wills Powers of Attorney and Probate We ve been based in Urmston for a few years now and we ve recently moved into the Old Police House at the junction of Church Road and Stretford Road We help clients throughout Manchester and Lancashire but we mainly focus on the Trafford area We hold all appointments with our clients at their home so there is no need to come to our office We do this for the convenience of our clients and to make sure they are relaxed and comfortable during the meetings We ve found this really helps our clients start the process of putting in place a Will or Power of Attorney and also to discuss sensitive and sometimes upsetting matters openly and freely We also love a good chat a brew and a biscuit so everyone wins Our aim is to make the whole process of planning for the future for our clients convenient quick and affordable We offer fixed fees whenever possible and we agree the fee before we start work so there are no surprises down the line We also like to give something back to the people who look after us especially during these worrying times so we have a standing offer of 20 off our fees for all NHS staff carers teachers Police members of the emergency services members of the armed forces etc We think we do a good job and provide an efficient friendly service for all of our clients but we would say that wouldn t we Have a look at our website to find out all about Leech Co what we do and what our clients say about us www leechandco co uk Why are Wills and Powers of Attorney important I think everyone knows having a Will is important Almost every appointment with a client for a Will starts with them telling me I ve been meaning to do this for ages Anyway it s very true that having a Will is important It s probably one of the most important documents you will ever have A Will allows you to make sure that whatever you own at the time of your death goes to who you want it to go to and doesn t go to who you don t want it to go to This is the only way to guarantee this happens If you are a couple a Will can help you plan for the future as a couple and ensure your children inherit your assets Perhaps most importantly if you have children under 18 a Will can state who you want to look after them in the event of your death If you don t have a Will your assets will be divided according to the Laws of Intestacy These laws dictate who inherits your assets so a person you don t want to inherit might inherit some or all of your assets and a person you do want to inherit may receive nothing This can be particularly relevant for step families or second families but it will affect all families in some way As we all know Wills are very important and it is vital that you put one in place as early as possible It s a fact of life that you just don t know what s around the corner so it s vital that you plan for the future as early as possible You don t want to work all your life paying the mortgage saving However not as many people realise how important Powers of Attorney are In many ways having Powers of Attorney in place is as important as having a Will and possibly even more so Wills and Powers of Attorney are separate documents Wills become active when you have died Powers of Attorney become active while you are alive Powers of Attorney are used in situations where you are no longer able to make your own decisions for example due to dementia Alzheimers a stroke a long term illness etc They are used to appoint someone or more than one person called Attorneys to make decisions and take actions as if they were you The decisions and actions can range from speaking to a bank on your behalf all the way through to decisions relating to life sustaining treatment Attorneys can be family members or close friends Your Attorneys can only act in your best interests and in accordance with the directions you provide in the Power of Attorney documents It might help to see Powers of Attorney like an insurance policy You hope you never need to use them but it s always better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them Putting Powers of Attorney in place is the only way to ensure that should you become ill later in life your loved ones are fully able to care for you look after you speak on your behalf and make decisions for you Most people are surprised by how little someone even a spouse or next of kin can do for a person if that person cannot consent to what s happening It is important to know that it must be you who appoints the Attorneys Nobody can appoint themselves as your Attorney Therefore you need to be fully able to appoint your Attorneys so don t leave it until you need the Powers of Attorney Put them in place as soon as possible and you and your family will be fully protected should the worst happen down the line looking after your children and grandchildren only to fall down at the final step Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 6

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE LEGAL WILLS AND POWERS OF ATTORNEY Unfortunately it s a fact of life that you just don t know what s around the corner so it s vital that you plan for the future as early as possible Part of that plan should always be putting in place a Will and Power of Attorney This is only a very brief outline of why Wills and Powers of Attorney are important and should be put in place as early as possible If you would like to know more for you or a loved one just call us for a chat 0161 749 9000 How can we help when a loved one dies When a loved one dies it s obviously a traumatic emotional and upsetting time for everyone involved The last thing anyone wants to be doing at that time is dealing with banks utility providers insurance companies etc dealing with practical issues such as opening bank accounts paying Bills selling the property etc or dealing with legal issues such as assessing the Will researching how to administer an Estate and applying for the Grant of Probate etc However all of these things need to be dealt with and can t be ignored or put off A Solicitor can take care of the whole process for you from identifying and gathering in the assets to dealing with all asset and debt holders to applying for the Grant of Probate to distributing the Estate to the Beneficiaries in accordance with the Will or the law What is the plan for the future for Leech Co If you have been appointed the Executor of a Will or a loved one has died without leaving a Will we can guide you through the process take as much of the work from you as possible and deal with all of the paperwork and transfer of money You can then concentrate on what s important at that time i e helping your loved ones and grieving Again this is only a very brief outline of how we can help you at a very difficult so if you would like to know more call us for a chat on 0161 749 9000 How have we managed during Lockdown Obviously this has been a frightening and difficult time for everyone and there are many people who have wanted to plan for the future and protect themselves and their loved ones In particular we have been contacted by many NHS staff particularly last year who are genuinely worried for their safety and wish to put in place as much protection as they can My wife is a Our plan is simply to keep providing a valuable and necessary service to the lovely people of Trafford to help our clients as much as we can in whatever way we can and to be a valued part of the local community We passionately believe in what we do and how valuable it is to our clients and their families I know that what we do can be seen as a bit morbid and depressing and obviously nobody likes to think of end of life matters However I like to think that by meeting our clients at their homes spending time with them helping them to relax and talk providing sound legal and practical advice to allow them to consider their options and form a plan which works for them and working with a smile on our faces we make the process and experience of planning for and protecting their future and the future of their loved ones a lot easier I hope that we can continue to do this for all of our clients long into the future nurse at Trafford General and so I know all too well the experience from the front line We are obviously more than happy to try to help in whatever way we can However in terms of the way we work and help our clients to be honest little has changed for us We ve always had the policy of seeing our clients at their home and we have carried on with this of course all within safety guidelines Having said that we have had to be a little creative at times to meet with our clients and observe social distancing and safety rules we ve held appointments in gardens in porches and through windows We ve also had to hold more appointments on the phone and on video calls than we would like but this has worked well We ve been busy during Lockdown and we hope this continues as the rules are gradually lifted and life hopefully starts getting back to some kind of www leechandco co uk 0161 749 9000 normal Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 7

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE HIGH STREET NEWS High Street s Welcome Back Non Essential Stores Over the last few weeks Trafford s local high street s have been welcoming back their non essential stores outside eating and drinking Whilst safety has been key for shops businesses and shopping centre s signs are encouraging that more of us want to support Trafford s high streets local businesses and start to have a sense of normality again Kate Gerbich from Altrincham Unlimited has advised It s been great to see the town s incredible atmosphere return from Monday 12th April as the town started to reopen The footfall figures for Monday 12th were up by 127 compared to the Monday of the previous week The busiest day of the week commencing 12th April was Saturday with 36 404 visitors Trafford New Businesses And there have been some new businesses opening during the pandemic Here are just a few in Trafford Sale Draft Neighbourhood Craft Adore Brow Bar Brow Beauty by Kalpana Beer Bar Altrincham Heritage Healthcare Homefair Blinds Into the Wild Pizzas KB Fitness Mustard Diner Bar One Central Project You Souvlaki Xpress Terzo The Drawing Room The Strength Collective Victorious Beauty Zizo Barber Shop Stretford Stitched Up Wardrobe Sixty Five Josh Nelly Hops Boogie B For Butterfly Books Rudy s Neapolitan Pizza Stalder Academy of Dance and Performing Arts Urmston Dirty Bird BBQ Goodness Zero Waste The Gallery Angela s Cafe and Cakes Flour and Soul Bakery English Rose Bakery Manchester Brownie Box Riverbank Coffee The Retreat Mental Health Cafe and Gift Shop Indian Social Club Bakehouse 32 The Hive Up Top Stretford Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 8

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE LOCAL NEWS NEW bar in Sale excited to be re opening Dutch Courage re opens in Sale after six months of being closed to guests due to Greater Manchester and national lockdowns and only after six weeks of opening 2020 saw the opening of an exciting adult only contemporary cocktail bar in Sale town centre Dutch Courage opened its doors in September and quickly became part of the up and coming night time economy in the town As Manager Aidan Royle explains We re a contemporary cocktail bar in the heart of Sale and from the moment you take note of the cool exterior and interior design you can see what he means To stay afloat during lockdown the bar has been delivering craft cocktails enabling customers to continue to be part of the Dutch Courage story As Aidan formerly Manager at Gusto in Alderley Edge advised the honeymoon period for a new bar is one year So he and his specially selected team are excited to be welcoming back guests from the start of May Aidan advised that the response from Sale and their new customers has been absolutely cracking and it s exciting to be part of the regeneration of the town The number of new places opening is really promising and more people seem to be staying local and supporting local businesses People now have more options and many local businesses hospitality and retail are competing with Manchester in terms of the level of service you can expect Dutch Courage have been able to extend the outside seating area now having 40 seats outside and also partnered with Freedom Brewery to supply umbrellas to make guests feel more comfortable in the Manchester weather Guests will be able to book their tables online and there will be additional software and processes for the team to get to grips with It s like starting out again Aidan says You can find out more about opening times booking your table and their cocktail menu via Facebook and Instagram Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 9

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE LOCAL NEWS Trafford Startup Gin Distillery Obtains Winner Status New startup Lucky Bee Gin has recently been a winner at the Gin Awards 2021 Hench Winner High ABV Strength Gin Gin Awards 2021 Best New High ABV Gin 2020 edition Geographic Highest Scorer for Britain Lucky Been Gin launched towards the end of 2020 and is already shipping worldwide as well as being stocked in local bottle shops and bars and restaurants across Trafford Founder Katy Moore advised We were and still are completely overwhelmed at receiving winner status after only launching 6 months ago during a global pandemic amongst a nationwide lockdown It really has boosted our confidence Lucky Bee Gin started in December 2019 with courses planning paperwork and research Once the decision was made to go for it it was non stop from that moment 7 days a week The idea came about after a lengthy discussion one night regarding gin and it s reputation for being a drink only widows or divorcees drink The saying mothers ruin would always stick in Katy s mind when it came to anybody offering her a gin However a gin tour was arranged with a chance to make their own at gin school After that night they knew that they would just have to give it a go thinking to themselves how hard can it be Katy explains that the journey was a long and at times tedious road with curve balls coming in at all angles and courses postponed 19 times due to covid and we wondered if we were up to it whether we had what it takes to produce a stunning artisan gin with a brand to do it justice Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 10

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE LOCAL NEWS Altrincham BID strengthens its Board with New Appointments Altrincham BID is pleased to announce the appointment of three key figures from Altrincham s business community to its board The BID is an independent organisation which was successful in its renewal ballot in November 2020 winning a second five year mandate to represent businesses from a range of sectors in the town including retail professional services and hospitality and to continue to support the economic growth and create a vibrant and resilient town Images Andrea George Christopher Taylor Ewen Miller Matthew Agass Andrea George Director of Town Centres Consumer Brands for Bruntwood Works joins the board alongside Matt Agass owner of Fixx Salons and founder of Yogberries and Christopher Taylor owner of Gran T s Coffee Shop BID businesses in the town include an increasing number of international head offices as well as property developers professional services retail and leisure businesses Members include the award winning Altrincham Market Bruntwood Works Informed Solutions Capify Matillion Vine Hotels Altrincham Interchange The Everyman Cinema Total Fitness and many other high street names and independent shops and businesses The BID delivers business support alongside a programme of footfall driving public events greening and cleaning initiatives and the generation of positive PR for Altrincham which was voted Best Place to Live in the UK in 2020 and Best Place to Live in the North West 2021 by the Sunday Times The organisation led on the submission for the Great British High Street win in 2018 and has achieved record breaking footfall in the town on major events days as well as other accolades including being asked by Sir John Timpson CBE Chair of the Expert Advisory Panel on High Streets and Chairman of retail services company Timpson to be the pilot town for National High Street Perfect Day Andrea George Director of Town Centres Consumer Brands for Bruntwood Works said Altrincham BID is a fantastic organisation doing a really important job in promoting the town their support has been one of the reasons Bruntwood Works chose to increase their investment in the town adding the Stamford Quarter in a joint venture with Trafford Council to our existing portfolio I m proud to be joining the board and look forward to working with the other directors who I know are passionate about the town Christopher Taylor Gran T s Coffee House said I have worked with Altrincham BID since opening Gran T s in 2017 and have witnessed first hand the amazing contributions they have made and continue to make to Altrincham I truly feel that the town s businesses are stronger when they work together and the BID is the perfect vehicle to make this happen I m a firm believer in getting involved in all of the opportunities they present and would encourage other businesses to the do the same Matthew Agass Fixx Salons explained I am delighted to become more involved with Altrincham BID and to represent a sector which is growing exponentially in the town I m looking forward to getting involved in making the decisions that shape the BID s activity Ewen Miller Calderpeel Architects and Chair of Altrincham BID Board said The BID Board is delighted to welcome the three new members to the existing voluntary board each of whom bring considerable experience energy and enthusiasm to Altrincham Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 11

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE LOCAL NEWS Award for money raising singer in Urmston Mr Wayne Devlin Urmston has been awarded a Points of Light award from Kate Green MP Stretford for exceptional service to fundraising Recently Wayne raised 8 000 for the Alzheimer s Society with a 24 hour singathon at Mulino Restaurant Urmston Over the last decade Mr Devlin has raised over 500 000 for charitable causes and recognition of this is well deserved with this award Points of Light awards are given to individual volunteers who are making a change within their community for the better Mr Devlin has been awarded the 1624th Points of Light award New recycling options in Stretford Victoria Park in Stretford now offers several Terracycle collection points in the lobby of the Community Building Things like BabyBel nets and wax electric toothbrush heads plastic phone cases etc can be taken to be recycled whilst out on a delightful walk around the park or a trip to the onsite cafe To find out more visit http fovps org uk sustainability Aldi in Stretford also has a new recycle point in the entrance Here you can recycle clean and empty soft plastics like crisp packets bread bags sweet wrappers pet food pouches biscuit wrappers and bread bags Seen the signage in store for more info Sale now has it s very own independent bookshop B For Butterfly Books was established as an online bookshop in lockdown last year and has now moved to Emporium M33 in Sale town centre Owner Michelle a former Waterstones bookseller always wondered what it would be like to go it alone but felt she couldn t commit to long retail hours seven days a week Sharing a space with other independent businesses at Emporium M33 is the perfect option for me Having a centralised till means I can operate as a real bricks and mortar business but with the flexibility to work around my family B For Butterfly Books specialises in children s books but can order in books to suit all needs and currently offers free delivery in the Sale and Altrincham areas Michelle says If it s in print and available in the UK I can get it for you Alphabet Pharmacy offers empty medicine blister packet recycling at their chemist on on Derbyshire Lane West The blister packets can be from any medication and it doesn t have to have been bought from their store Michelle is available to provide recommendations via the Facebook page seven days a week but you can catch her in person at Emporium M33 most Fridays and Saturdays Facebook B For Butterfly Books Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 12

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE MCGOFF GROUP RE DESIGNS MARKET 41 FOR A POST COVID WORLD The McGoff Group has re designed its eagerly awaited Market 41 food hall concept to ensure it is fit for purpose for both business and leisure in a post Covid world With rays of light emerging for the UK s hospitality industry the award winning developer has reworked its plans for the contemporary food hall on Railway Road in Urmston to ensure the scheme can function viably and with minimal operational risk as the world moves towards a new normal way of meeting and socialising when restrictions are lifted Months of planning evaluation and assessment work have gone into the re design and it is hoped that the new scheme can be submitted for planning in the next couple of weeks In keeping with the original theme the new concept still retains a food hall at its heart but has been re worked with modular units to ensure a clearer distinction between the individual operators and more outdoor space to enable social distancing rules to be easily observed The ground floor will feature an exciting mix of food and beverage units with the addition of beauty and lifestyle market stalls dedicated space for regular pop ups and all season cover for artisan markets and events Further restaurants and caf bar operators will be located on the first floor along with private dining rooms boutique event spaces and a selection of offices studios and workshops offering flexible options for local start ups looking for a dedicated workspace away from the home environment Director at the McGoff Group Chris McGoff said The way in which we conduct our day to day working lives and spend our leisure time has been re set for the foreseeable future forcing us not only to re think how Market 41 will function in a postpandemic world but also how best to future proof the concept against unforeseeable operational risk should further restrictions or lockdowns present themselves A new addition to the previous concept is the proposal to include 30 hands free hotel style bedrooms on the top floor along with several With an end date for the lockdown in sight it was time to re focus further stunning open air event spaces our efforts on how best to deliver this exciting new urban food and drink led destination to ensure it is financially viable income Demand for this type of contactless overnight accommodation with generative and can function at some level whatever the future holds keyless self check in operated via smart phone apps has surged during the pandemic and it is anticipated that this is set to continue as certain We have explored different ways to enable the project to be sectors within the economy re open for business once again delivered in phases so that as the economy gradually recovers and the project builds momentum we can flex by adding additional Accommodation of this kind would also enhance and further complement elements of the proposed offer Conversely if lockdowns reoccur the offer at Market 41 attracting a discerning client base of weekend and the economy contracts elements of the project can effectively breakers who would appreciate the opportunity to explore the wider local be area while staying at an exciting food and beverage led destination consequences Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 put into hibernation without having major long page 15 term

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE MCGOFF GROUP RE DESIGNS MARKET 41 FOR A POST COVID WORLD With so much excitement built up for the project in Urmston the McGoff Group has given careful thought to how the development can best serve the local community In addition to job creation and an exciting food and drink offer that will attract footfall to Urmston from the wider local area Market 41 will benefit the community by offering a modern sociallydistanced space for work and meetings indoor and outdoor spaces for special occasions and events and unique self contained pods for those looking to work outside of home without returning to the city centre Working practices have changed and city centre commutes are set to be less frequent said McGoff But people will still want a stimulating space with a great F B offer for meetings after work drinks and catching up with friends We will actively encourage the local professional services and creative sectors to use this environment for relaxed meetings in the food hall or more formal ones in the designated boardrooms while at the same time availing of the market s super food offering Market 41 will be a key area of focus for the McGoff Group in 2021 and one that company remains excited about despite having had to significantly re work the original concept to ensure it can be viably delivered in potentially uncertain post Covid times Refocussing our efforts on reassessing the project to ensure it is future proof has taken some time but we are now confident that we have a business model that is fit for purpose and deliverable and look forward for re submitting it for planning in the not too distant future concluded McGoff Located on Railway Road in the centre of Urmston Market 41 will also boast exemplary environmental and sustainability credentials including vertical farming installation food composting and nutrient re cycling and in house local food delivery by bicycle For further information on Market 41 please contact Paul Danks on paul danks mcgoffgroup com or visit www market41 com Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 16

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE 15TH BUSINESS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS FOR HR DEPT TRAFFORD WARRINGTON Jill Bottomley speaks to Janine from Connecting Trafford about her 15th business birthday what s changed over the years and how both her and the team support local SME s in the ever changing world of HR and employment especially since the Covid 19 pandemic You re celebrating your 15th business birthday with HR Dept Trafford Warrington Tell us a little bit about what you do We have just celebrated our 15th business birthday in April I own one of the HR Dept franchises of which there are approximately 65 offices across the UK We provide outsourced HR to small and medium businesses Anything from one off pieces of work such as a contract of employment to a fully retained and unlimited HR support service with our advice insured against legal costs and awards in the event of an employment tribunal claim giving business owners peace of mind when managing their employees and protecting their bottom line against risk of expensive tribunal claims How have you will you be celebrating your 15th birthday We are based in the beautiful Denzell House in Bowdon Plans initially had been to hold a celebration with clients and business associates at Denzell House as we did for our 10th anniversary I hope to be able to do this later this year In the meantime I sent my team members champagne and chocolates for them to celebrate at home This is a franchise Why did you choose this route instead of setting up your own consultancy Initially it was never my intention to set up in business I saw an advert in the professional HR magazine asking do you want to run your own business but in a network of support This appealed to me and it went from there What benefits are there for you and your clients Huge benefits Being part of a franchise enables me to focus on providing our clients with professional HR services delivering what they want and is where our expertise lies All the supporting business infrastructure in running the business such as brand marketing collateral website legal documents policies letter templates etc are made available to use as needed and are constantly refreshed and updated through the franchise Plus we have such a fabulous network of other HR professionals to provide support to each other and a Central team What have been the biggest changes in HR over the last 15 years I have over 30 years HR experience split equally now between corporate HR life and supporting SMEs In all that time whilst there has been change people are still people and many of the employment challenges generally remain the same In the last 15 years there have been changes in employment law with one key change being the introduction of The Equality Act 2010 especially with more focus on disability discrimination especially mental health and what employers have to know and put into practice such as reasonable adjustments This is only going to grow in importance together with other potential areas of discrimination in the workplace Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 17

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE 15TH BUSINESS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS FOR HR DEPT TRAFFORD WARRINGTON What have you found the biggest challenges for local businesses over the last year during the Covid 19 pandemic The last 14 months were challenging for so many businesses Given the nature of how we work with our clients and the personal relationships we have we were there to support and guide them step by step especially through the early days of furlough with the team going above and beyond and for many clients being a virtual shoulder to cry on where livelihoods and businesses had just come crashing down I think resilience and tenacity has been something that local businesses have demonstrated in so many cases As was popular to say at the time many were able to pivot and moved into e commerce far sooner than they would have considered Whilst not comparable to how they had been operating it did provide new and developing revenue streams for many companies The biggest challenges remaining are for those who are still impacted by the pandemic with employees remaining on furlough and where redundancies are likely to need to be implemented to have a chance of survival The difficulties will be the costs to make redundancies especially where longer serving and older employees may be at risk of redundancy How have you been supporting them Whilst we have supported our clients with our operational HR services as outlined above I have also spent time campaigning and lobbying on behalf of our clients and smaller businesses leading this nationally on behalf of The HR Dept network For example right at the start when furlough was introduced it was a lifeline for businesses but after the first week I was raising concerns that it didn t provide the flexibility that smaller businesses needed where the all or nothing furlough scheme was limiting businesses from being able to carry out some work that was so urgently required I campaigned from the start for a more flexible furlough gaining backing from the CIPD Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and supported by Sir Graham Brady MP in escalating my emails to advisors of The Chancellor and in Treasury I was pleased that we had influence in changing Government policy as flexible furlough was subsequently introduced which has helped businesses enormously I continue to lobby and campaign to provide SMEs with an HR voice and at the moment am calling for the Government to change the furlough rule to allow companies to use the furlough grant to be used towards notice pay again as businesses were able to last year The reality is that smaller employers are not taking employees off furlough to commence lengthy redundancy notice periods as they would have to pay full pay so there is likely to be a shock for many employers at the end of furlough when they realise the costs of notice pay and redundancy pay Much of the notice pay could be absorbed now through the furlough grant as it is being paid anyway the grant could be used to better effect that would save businesses money that could be used for survival or growth Also if an employer has an employee on furlough who resigns e g giving one month s notice they can t use the furlough grant to cover the employee s notice and would need to pay them full pay This is going to cause lots of problems for businesses in the next couple of months What do you like about having a business in Trafford Is it a good location for businesses to start and grow Trafford has developed to be a thriving place to have a business and to live There has been so much change in recent years and I think the local business networks community groups BIDs the local Chamber and Business Growth funding have offered so much support especially during the pandemic With the regeneration and development of Sale Urmston and Stretford as well as Altrincham continuing to grow with more independent businesses it will be exciting to see the changing landscape over the coming years What are your plans for your next 15 years in business Our plans are to continue to grow providing outsourced HR support board level People Strategy consultancy and HR training courses to businesses across the breadth of Trafford increasing our presence into Warrington too which is part of my franchise territory I will also continue to provide a voice on HR issues affecting SMEs One thing s for sure with the changes in technology to come the impact of the pandemic on employees the importance of employee wellbeing and flexibility in the workplace there s going to be lots to do Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 18

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE TRAFFORD S LIFESTYLE BY HOMECARE RECRUITING AFTER COVID A CARE business is looking to recruit 52 staff in the South and West Trafford areas after securing contracts to help people live safely in their own homes Lancashire based Lifestyle by Homecare Services was founded in 1991 by Ryan and Ann Godwin Throughout the pandemic the business assisted hospitals to discharge patients swiftly many of whom had recovered from COVID to be able to return home by providing a bespoke care package to meet their needs and allow them to live independently The initial five year contracts for South and West Trafford sees Homecare provide three key services in the Altrincham Hale Broadheath Urmston Flixton Partington and Davyhulme areas Rapid response speeds up patient discharge from the hospital setting to their own home and care staff will also be involved in preventing admission by responding immediately to emergency situations Reablement helps individuals to regain skills that may have been lost through lack of confidence an injury or from a stay in hospital thus enabling them to continue to live independently Long term home care provides a support to enable individuals to remain at home Care staff will support individuals to participate in their local communities reducing social isolation and increasing self worth and support with all aspects of health and wellbeing to increase quality of life Already an office has been set up on Harcourt Road in Altrincham and Manager Jennifer Gerrard and Care coordinator Casey Fearnley have been appointed Business Continuity and Quality Manager Jodie Nolan said Jennifer has a wealth of experience in care as a registered manager and she is known for quality and driving up standards Casey has worked with us for approximately 12 months and has progressed from community supervisor to coordinator due to her commitment and skills We were lucky to win the contracts for both of the zones and we are recruiting now for community care workers rapid and reablement officers and care co ordinators to work in the office We won the contracts because of our reputation for providing quality services in Lancashire and the Bury areas and that is thanks to the good job that our care workers do caring for individuals A lot of our team members are from the community that their clients live in and so they have a greater local knowledge and investment in local communities which allows us to understand the particular needs of our clients Every person is involved in the creation of their individual care package which is designed around them and offers the opportunity to build a support plan which will enhance their quality of life The company was rated good in all areas by the Care Quality Commission following a two day inspection of the service in January 2019 Lifestyle by Homecare Services is working on a franchise model which will build on the knowledge and experience gained over 30 years in the care industry Franchisees will be able to set up their own care business in their own areas For more information contact 0300 124 5004 or visit www lifestyle homecare co uk Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 19

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE TRAFFORD NETWORK SUPPORTS SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT DURING COVID 19 PANDEMIC The Growth of a New Trade Association During Lockdown In the news we saw dodgy PPE coming over from other countries but The Domestic Cleaning Business Network DCBN started in October 2019 with 5 directors from prominent domestic cleaning businesses around the on the ground we were struggling to get hold of any PPE FFP3 masks or respirators were impossible to source and gloves were up to 5 times the usual price if you could source them During this crisis we had a team daily contacting suppliers to find who had supplies so UK Louise Trehearn Director of Helpful Home Ltd based in Sale is one of the founding members and outlines the timeline of how the DCBN has grown into one of the prominent organisations within the cleaning industry and the benefits and support it brought to those working within it The plan for the DCBN was to professionalise the industry We started consulting with partner companies to provide training and establish industry best practices had delivered a couple of training events and had created a library of template documents Then at the start of 2020 things started to happen February 2020 suppliers started telling us that cleaning chemicals wouldn t be available for 6 months and gloves were out of stock We stocked up on PPE and booked onto Biohazard training and fogging courses March 2020 and the world went into lockdown with many domestic cleaners being left without pay April 2020 and the DCBN was fully activated We had infection control experts create best practices for the domestic cleaning industry This had never been done before The DCBN distributed this document and created online training for the whole industry to allow business owners to change processes and safely clean The DCBN were one of the first adopters of online training and networking in the industry and proved that this new way of learning was not just possible for a practical skill but efficient too that our members could purchase September 2020 and the DCBN began supporting the business side of cleaning companies with calls to experts becoming available and discussions around software and automating systems We secured discounts from suppliers which meant that those domestic cleaners which had previously been considered too small to supply to could now access professional chemicals in smaller quantities Suppliers had never previously had an easy way to access this market and domestic cleaning companies had been ignored by the suppliers as insignificant Suppliers were now waking up to the purchasing power of this sector and the estimated billion pound turnover it generates Our Members are now saving more money being part of the DCBN than the access to this knowledge costs them and the whole industry has shifted their belief that they should now be using professional chemicals These chemicals are both more specialist and often unscented so safer for the users a major danger for cleaners is respiratory damage from exposed chemical usage This was a turning point for the industry because they were being provided with guidance for the first time ever and business owners that had never had access to training were desperate to learn and adapt Many infection control procedures were not new but the application to the domestic environment by previously untrained cleaners was new Scottish Government Uses the DCBN Document This best practice document was a basis for the policy used by The Association of Scottish Self Caterers which allowed that industry to open It was also passed to the Scottish government and helped influence their guidelines to households and businesses June 2020 and cleaners in England were able to work confident to enter properties safely following the training Fogging became a way to print money for unscrupulous new businesses and a PR campaign was launched advising that fogging does not work unless you deep clean first Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 21

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE TRAFFORD NETWORK SUPPORTS SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT DURING COVID 19 PANDEMIC December 2020 saw another lockdown but this time domestic cleaners could continue in England or claim financial support while Scottish cleaners were demanded to stop but no financial aid was supplied The DCBN hired a PR company and began lobbying the Scottish MPs and Government to provide support for this sector Numerous articles letters TV appearances and meetings with MPs had little effect and Scottish cleaners had to wait until the end of April 2021 with zero financial support to be allowed to work again The impact of this on business owners has been devastating as they went into debt lost staff to other industries and struggled with their mental health May 2021 and the domestic cleaning industry is booming People that have been working from home for the last year are sick of doing their own cleaning and having saved money being locked in they are more than prepared to treat themselves to a break from cleaning The impact of this sudden massive increase in demand is a lack of cleaners within the industry so the DCBN is once again adapting and providing both recruitment and specialist training skills to find and train an entire workforce to meet this demand The last year has been interesting for the industry and trying to support thousands through it has pushed our resilience and learning The DCBN has rocketed from a standing start over the last 18 months and was in the right place at the right time to launch a new trade association Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 22

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS The Human Touch In almost all successful cyber breaches there is one common factor human error This can come in many forms from a failure to install security updates in a timely manner to having weak passwords and unwittingly providing confidential information to phishing emails Cyber criminals rely on this weak link to obtain the credentials that can give them access to your company s IT systems both on premise and in the cloud Once they have that information they use various techniques to get you or your employees to make payments into their bank accounts by impersonating suppliers and even other employees Because human error is one of the main causes of cyber breaches addressing it is key to reducing the chances of your business being successfully targeted This applies to businesses of all sizes How to Improve End User Decision Making There are four factors involved here Addressing the weak link A couple of factors must be present for this weak link to be triggered opportunity and decision Opportunity arises where an inexperienced user is allowed to make a mistake for example leaving them to do their own updates rather than forcing them through some form of managed process e g patch management The decision or lack of action to not install security updates provides the opportunity for a cyber breach A comprehensive mitigation effort includes both reducing the opportunity for error as well as improving the decisions made on the part of the end users Action in both areas is crucial in ensuring that human error is addressed In the case of patching for example a technical measure such as introducing patch management may reduce the opportunity for human error to a minimum in most cases However this can be complicated when allowing employees to use their own devices In other cases such as phishing emails technical measures such as anti virus software spam filters and breach detection software offer little in reducing the opportunity for error This comes down to pure human error and the only way to address this is to teach end users how to make better judgements 1 Recognition The user must be aware that they are in a situation where security is at risk Without recognising the situation as such the user may not even realise that they are making a decision at all through their inaction 2 Course of Action This does not necessarily require the user to completely understand the threat but often is as simple as reporting the incident to someone who would such as their IT support or a Manager 3 Knowing Why Security Matters The users should understand the importance of not ignoring security procedures and should be aware of the potential implications of ignoring a breach 4 Pain Avoidance This is probably the most important of all the factors and where most businesses falter Although a lot of users understand that they should have for example a strong and unique password for each application or service they use many ignore it Despite knowing how important it is the pain of creating and remembering a safe password is often strong enough for them to go against their better judgement In addition this can be compounded when busy or urgent work situations make the normally correct decision they would make more painful and again their better judgement goes out of the window About the author Paul Brooks is Managing Director of Antar Information Technology Ltd Formed in 1984 and based in Sale Cheshire Antar specialise in Managed IT Services Cyber Security Protection and Training Cloud Services and VoIP Telephone Systems Web site www antar co uk Tel 0161 973 3079 Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 14

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE ASK THE EXPERTS Each issue we ll be asking YOUR questions to some local Trafford businesses sharing tips and helping you GROW your business knowledge and confidence Do you have a burning question that you d like more clarity and advice on Maybe a legal finance marketing or business premises query Email us on hello connectingtrafford online and we ll do our best to try and answer some of the biggest and or recurring ones Networking Question How can I attend networking events for my business when the thought of it is just so out of my comfort zone As business owners we have to get out there and make new connections create and build relationships and network to help raise awareness of our business products and services It s also a way to support other local businesses too However it can be daunting for some to try new networking groups meet others face to face worrying about that dreaded elevator pitch and how you might mix up your words go completely red in the face and make a complete mess of it We asked some local networking group leaders for their thoughts and tips Janine Friston Promoting Trafford and Local Women in Business networking leader If you re new to networking why not try a small group first These are often less formal and you ll get the chance to work on your pitch as well as meet others Once you re more confident and comfortable you can then start to attend new groups to widen your network Don t see networking as a chore See it as a fun way to make new friendships build relationships and increase awareness of your business You never know who may be in the room learning about you your products services and where this might lead David Bellin SUBS Business Events Listen and engage with everyone that you meet It s important to show genuine interest without needing to force your product or service into every conversation It s better to be patient rather than going in like a bull in a china shop When you make a new contact follow up with them Whether that s a phone call email or a connection on LinkedIn Try and remember them when you next meet Recall a detail from your conversation It makes the other person feel more comfortable and starts their journey to know like and trust you Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 Bill Dove M62 Connections Listen to the people you re talking to Get to know them before selling your product or services Sell yourself NOT your product or service People buy from people Do you have a business related question to ask an expert in our next issue coming out in August Email us on hello connectingtrafford online page 24

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE TRAFFORD WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WE LOVE Every month we wanted to feature a female lead business that we love in Trafford This month we re featuring COS Bookkeeping owned by Karen Garrattley COS is celebrating being in business for 30 years this year Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 25

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE TRAFFORD WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WE LOVE Sarah So Karen please can you tell us a little bit about what COS Sarah I love stories like this it s all about the coincidences of life isn t bookkeeping does it Our next question for you is why did you pick Trafford as your business home Karen COS bookkeeping is all about bookkeeping everything from helping a sole trader to get started to providing support for people Karen I love Trafford I ve always lived in Trafford Although when I first doing their own bookkeeping through to doing all the bookkeeping for started out I worked at home or on a customer site Eventually I was asked people by a client if we wanted to use the ground floor of their office as it was empty I was starting to train more and more people and we needed the We also support multi million pound turnover businesses where we space That was on Salford Quays We stayed there for about 10 years sit on the board and help them to interpret all their figures and bring We ve now been in Urmston for five years now their processes together Our strap line is putting you in control so whatever end of the business spectrum you re at it s all about Sarah Oh wow so you were working on the Quays when I was there knowing your numbers so that you can make informed decisions then We probably walked past each other in the street Sarah Wow that s pretty varied How many employees do you Karen Yes When the client s lease came to an end I really liked the idea have now of being somewhere close to home I think Trafford is very well located We ve got three motorway junctions the Metrolink a train station It s Karen We have 12 employees and 18 contractors We ve just really handy for the transport networks but you re really not that far away technically lost two because we ve actually placed them at the clients from the countryside either We are just so lucky they have been working with long term Sarah We are So next up is what is the hardest thing you ve ever had to Sarah The next question I have for you is what made you become a do as a business owner business owner Karen I think the hardest business decision has been having to ask people Karen I didn t I started COS Bookkeeping by accident to leave the business It s not something that any business owner really wants to do But you need to think about how not making a decision will Sarah I love it when this happens I am a by accident business impact the business It was definitely the hardest business decision I ve too had to make Karen I d just come out of the hospital with my daughter work Sarah Going in the completely opposite direction what is the best thing phoned and asked me all the usual questions Have you had a boy or about being a small business owner girl what did she weigh Then they said they d got some bad news and that the business was closing that night and I was unlikely to get Karen Definitely being close to your staff Being friends with them and my wages that month being able to share their achievements Things like when staff achieve their level 3 AAT or staff getting married or even grandchildren coming After a short time I ended up working at a computer company on along It s the fact that everyone cares about everyone Also knowing what Salford Quays I became a bit of an expert in WordPerfect The F1 key makes people tick I really enjoy seeing how the whole team fits together for help was my best friend and works so well together and being able to influence the team in a positive way Soon after I started working with Sage I wanted to help Chris my husband computerise his accounts So after seeing it being Sarah So my last question is what advice would you give your younger demonstrated I knew we needed to have it It cost us a lot of money start up self to lease a computer and the software but we did it Karen Hmmm that is a good question I d definitely say believe in Before I knew it I was being sent out to train people on how to use yourself more I seem to be going from day to day People talk about Sage The work started flowing in and I ve not looked back since planning businesses but I really think you have to be adaptable I d also say watch out for the people who you know are taking advantage or Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 cause you stress I d deal with them sooner Deal with it there and then go and think about it but if it needs to be dealt with do it as soon as you can

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE CHARITY FOCUS This issue our featured charity is The Toy House Based in Flixton Urmston they provide various activities for early years 0 4 years old and also activities for older people with either physical or learning disabilities The sessions offered are Inspiring play Stay and play Provide high quality resources to support learning and development Parent and baby sensory and discovery Provide an opportunity for our visitors to relax in our sensory room Grandparents group Carers social group Supporting families Cream teas Provide an all inclusive non judgmental welcoming environment Volunteering for success a program for disabled adults which meets the needs of our visitors Reduce the feelings of isolation in families The Toy House was established in 1981 by the parents of disabled Offer a listening ear children At that time they found there were few resources suitable to meet the specific needs of their children They worked hard raising funds to purchase items and set up what was known for many years as Delamere Toy and Tape Library It has had many changes over the years but has been supporting the local community since 1981 In September 2016 we became known as The Toy House We plan to continue to support our community to ensure children and adults develop their true potential The Toy House is an independent charity working in partnership with families schools grandparents childminders groups working with disabled adults plus other charities and groups from our diverse community We are accessible for people using wheelchairs and have a lift Contact The Toy House 91 Irlam Rd Flixton M41 6AP 0161 746 8581 Email thetoyhouse org Facebook thetoyhouse org Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 Creating opportunities Offer volunteering opportunities Offer volunteering opportunities to disabled adults Offer work experience opportunities to students who may need a little extra support Johnny Spangles Update I m so happy to inform everyone who has donated to our funds since last March that we have now made a donation of 2240 from our funds to the Toy House in Flixton to help support two projects that will run for 26 weeks each 1 Weekly Social Support sessions for Dementia 2 Funding Parent Carer Baby Discovery Sensory sessions for Families on low income no income Once again everyone your support to make changes to peoples lives is so much appreciated page 23

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE SPOTLIGHT ON PIVOTING How many of you have pivoted your business in the last 15 months We re guessing there are a fair few of you There have been so many different stories of change we thought it would be only right to talk about this in our first issues We asked Carol who runs Blend in Sale how she pivoted her business This is what she had to say Oh my 2020 was the year of pivoting and I joined in the fun I m a psychotherapist trainer and a coach and 8 years ago I opened blend a wellbeing centre in Sale mainly because I needed somewhere to work Other therapy centres I had been in felt either too clinical or a bit like a jumbled living room and I wanted to create a space that combined a warm safe and comfortable environment with a practical space to work It took a while but over time other practitioners and therapists found out about the centre and chose it as a space to work with their clients and we all ticked along well When lockdown hit in march 2020 some of the therapists left and we needed to close for a while I needed to think about what was the best way to move forward to ensure the future of the centre and because I m all about wellbeing to be a centre that other people feel good to work from The positive from this was it gave me the opportunity to think about the space and how it could be better utilised The centre has three self contained rooms which are ideal for use as a private space either for talking therapy coaching meetings etc and in addition there is a large open plan room which I previously used as a training room Over the years the training room was used occasionally but it wasn t utilised enough which was such a shame as it is a lovely big bright open plan space I had had it in mind for some time that this would be the ideal space for people who are entrepreneurs freelance and self employed Working from home as we now know can be lonely and isolating and connecting in a caf can be noisy and lack privacy Having a place to go that is calm cosy and inviting as well as private and a change of scenery is what anyone who is self employed knows is needed from time to time So I used the shut down time in 2020 to put the idea into a plan and the plan into action Through the local Trafford Women in Business networking group I had met Amy from Amy Newton Interior Designs she came up with a stunning design for the training room which had zones for working and a zone for chatting and chilling With the help of my daughter which included bribery and its cost I got my paint brushes out and overalls on and we put the design into place turning the Training room into the Hub In May 2021 the Hub will open to book a desk to work There is no tie into a regular contract just the ability to pop online pay for the day and go in and work With unlimited supplies of coffee teas and soft drinks and the addition of a few cakes and biscuits the Hub will be an ideal addition to the self employed working week I m so excited to welcome and meet new people and support local business owners by creating a space to connect Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 27

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE GUIDES FOR BUSINESS MARKETING 5 marketing tips for small businesses that will help you right now from Sarah Steinhoefel at The Smart Bear Content We know that times have been really tough for small businesses in the 3 Social Media is all about being social last 12 months or so It s been increasingly hard to stay motivated when it comes to your marketing but there are some things that you can do to There is always room for improvement when it comes to social media make sure you keep your business moving in the right direction partly because the platforms are changing constantly 1 Know your audience Are you actually talking to people If you re putting lots of effort into creating content but doing very little engaging with others on a Understanding your ideal client is the cornerstone of any good particular platform then is it really right for you marketing so if you take only one tip away make sure it s this one OK so this is really obvious but given the year we ve just had it s always Never assume that what worked for you 12 months ago will still work for good to check out your target market again you today Now is a really good time to audit your social media and look at what is working for you If a specific platform isn t working so well for By this we mean looking at who your ideal client is and make sure that you is there something else you can concentrate your efforts on you re still talking directly to them Some of you may have more than instead one ideal client that s fine Just make sure that you re thinking about what they want to hear from you rather than what you THINK they want 4 Does your website take your customer on a journey and you ll not go too far wrong We expect so much from websites these days that they can feel like a 2 It s all about branding chore to maintain For businesses who do not have premises these can be your shop window to the world so they need to work for you Again we re possibly preaching to the converted here but being consistent with your branded assets is really important This is not just Think about your customer journey Is it easy for your customer to get your digital media either this can be anything which you put out into the what they need from your website If you re selling a product is the big wide world checkout process really easy If you re selling a service is what you do really clear So for example are you using the same tone of voice across your social media channels Are you using the same font and colours across all Perhaps the best place to start with this is by looking at your analytics your branding These can tell you so much about what your website visitors do be honest when did you last check yours Does your brand image really say what you need to say these days Is your brand really showcasing who you are as a business 5 Meet greet and be happy Finally but by no means the least our last tip is networking For the last If you ve liked this article and you have 5 tips that you d like to share with businesses in Trafford why not get in touch with us about your idea Email us on hello connectingtrafford online to tell us more 12 months or more we ve been pretty much welded to Zoom Many people are reporting having Zoom fatigue but keeping connected to other business owners is a relatively cheap and easy thing do to By building relationships with other small businesses you re building a network of people who are hopefully going to recommend you and shout about your business Word of mouth is still very much a way that people get to find out about all manner of different businesses Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 page 28

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CONNECTING TRAFFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE TRAFFORD EVENTS Want to meet other local business owners to grow your network learn and inspire each other Below are some of the Trafford and Greater Manchester networking events for your diary that may be of interest If you know of any for the next 6 months please email hello promotingtrafford co uk and we can add this to the next issue Local Women in Business Trafford GM Chamber of Commerce Tickets 5 00 pp Open to all Trafford based female entrepreneurs Email hello promotingtrafford co uk for ticket link 21st May 21 10 00am online general networking GMCC Virtual Networking 1st June 21 10 00am Email events gmchamber co uk Local Women in Business Trafford GMCC Virtual Networking 26th June 21 10 00am Email events gmchamber co uk Tickets 5 00 pp Open to all Trafford based female entrepreneurs Email hello promotingtrafford co uk for ticket link 16th June 21 10 00am online SEO tips for your website SUBS Stretford 10th May 21 12 00pm 14th June 21 12 00pm 12th July 21 12 00pm More info https subsbusinessevents co uk SUBS Altrincham 14th May 21 09 00am 11th June 21 09 00 More info https subsbusinessevents co uk Parentpreneur Networking 12th May 21 16th June 21 14th July 21 Find out more on FB ParentPreneurNetworking Connect Trafford Issue 1 Spring 2021 GMCC Virtual Networking 13th July 21 10 00am Email events gmchamber co uk GMCC Virtual Networking 27th July 21 10 00am Email events gmchamber co uk M62 Connections 2nd June 21 10 00am Check out FB M62 Connections page 29

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