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God will make this happen,
for he who calls you is faithful.
— 1 Thessalonians 5:24
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“I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.” — Psalm 77:12
Throughout the 25 years of MedSend’s ministry, we’ve had countless occasions to extol God’s goodness. But on this
special anniversary, we’re delighted to pause and reect more deeply on what God has done through MedSend.
While we can’t pack a quarter-century into 12 pages, I think you will agree from this glimpse that MedSend’s
far-reaching impact is incredible. Also remarkable is our Lord’s faithfulness in calling such exceptional people to
serve MedSend, from our outstanding board and committed grant recipients to our faithful supporters like you.
Without your prayers and gifts, there would be no MedSend.
For a 25 years, God’s faithfulness to MedSend has prevailed—despite naysayers, terrorists and economic
downturns. That’s another reason why this retrospective is so important. When we remember the amazing things
God has done for us in the past, it lls us with the faith we need to face the new challenges God has set before us.
Those challenges are daunting. Last year, Christians were the most persecuted religious group across the globe. For
MedSend healthcare professionals, that means that the world grows more hostile and hazardous daily. Yet even as
risks increase, so does the number of qualied men and women from the U.S. and developing countries who are
eager to answer God’s call to serve as healthcare missionaries. As always, many of them need our help—and we
thank God and you for giving us the privilege of providing it!
We believe that God is calling MedSend to play a key role in extending His love
through global healthcare around the world—while we still can. Like our founders,
we pledge to meet whatever new challenges He calls us to with prayer, reliance on
God and resolute action. Will you prayerfully stand with us in this commitment?
For now, please celebrate with us some of the amazing ways God has blessed MedSend
in the past 25 years. May this record of His enduring faithfulness inspire us with faith
as we continue to serve Him in the days ahead.
Rick Allen
President & CEO
“I count it one of the great gifts
of my life that I was the first
Project MedSend recipient in
1995 and that allowed me to go
into ministry much earlier than
I could have ever anticipated.
I still tell that story over and over
to medical students who want
to be in missions as evidence of
God’s faithfulness in helping me
with finances to do what I
thought I was called to do.
— Martha Carlough, MD, MPH,
Professor of Family Medicine
and Director of the Office of
International Activities at UNC/
Chapel Hill . As MedSend’s first
grant recipient, Dr. Carlough
served in Nepal from 1995-2005.
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At home on the field: Dan Fountain.
Dr. Daniel Fountain was at his wit’s end. He had
flown to Texas on that December day in 1987 to
pitch an idea to the organization now known as the
Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA).
His question: Would CMDA establish a $10 million
fund and use the interest to pay off the education-
related debts of healthcare professionals willing to
serve in cross-cultural missions?
Dans idea was birthed in the hardscrabble reality of
the mission field, where he and his wife, Miriam, a
nurse, had already served for 25 years.
“During the ’70s and ’80s, we were desperate to get
more missionary doctors and nurses, yet none
came,” he explained. “The almost universal response
was, ‘I would like to come, but I owe too much
money from my educational loans. When I pay those
off in a few years, I may come.’ None ever did.
Like everyone else Dan had approached, the folks at
CMDA rejected his idea.
“I left the meeting feeling terrible,” he recalled. He
didn’t know the meeting’s minutes had been faxed to
CMDAs president Dr. David Topazian, a retired oral
and maxillofacial surgeon then serving as a
missionary in Venezuela, along with his wife, Deidre.
Dans idea struck a chord with Dave, who was
concerned about the same issue. He immediately
faxed a response to CMDAs CEO Hal Habecker, “Hal,
this is something CMDA has got to deal with. Don’t
drop it.
Within months, a CMDA ad hoc committee that
included Dan and Dave met to find a solution. After
much prayer, research and discussion, they came up
with the bold idea of forming an organization that
would help get long-term healthcare missionaries to
the field faster by awarding grants to pay off their
educational loans as they served. What’s more,
“Project MedSend” would partner with established
sending agencies to get the job done.
In August 1992, Project MedSend was incorporated
as a nonprofit. Early in 1993, Dave and Deidre
Topazian left Venezuela, borrowed a car, and spent
two months driving across the country to share the
MedSend concept with 30 mission boards. As a
result, 16 sending agencies accepted the invitation
to become “MedSend Associates.” They met in
Texas later that year to help develop policies and
procedures – and to contribute MedSend’s first
operating budget!
In 1994, MedSend’s board met for the first time and
named Dave Topazian as president. They approved
a business plan with the stated goal of “bringing
glory to God” by providing five new grants to
healthcare professionals each year for a projected
total of 30 by 2000.
With all the elements in place, questions remained:
Would the MedSend concept work? Would people
support the ministry? Would God bless MedSend?
As you’ll see in the next pages, all three questions
were quickly answered with a resounding “YES!”
In fact, by the year 2000, 105 grants had been
made—more than tripling the board’s original
goal—and bringing glory “to him who is able to do
immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine
(Ephesians 3:20).
On the road again: Dave and Deidre Topazian (far right
and left) representing MedSend.
All three Christian leaders invited to
form MedSend’s first Board of
Reference accepted.
founders saw
something that
many of us didn’t
earlier on:
surgeons, physicians and dentists
to go overseas is really a branch of
the ministry of the Church,
extending its arm of love and
concern for our neighbors, our
fellow individuals of the world.
MedSend is a very significant new
approach that needs the support
of people across the nation. It is
making a difference and I trust that
in the days to come, it will expand
its outreach.
— Dr. Ted Engstrom, President
Emeritus of World Vision, served
on MedSend’s Board of Reference
until his death in 2006. (quoted in
“Project MedSend
is the only
organization in
the country that
provides a way
for healthcare
who have educational debt to
serve the Lord in medical missions
without the barrier of saying, ‘I can’t
do it because I owe too much
— Dr. C. Everett Koop, former
U.S. Surgeon General, served on
MedSend’s Board of Reference until
his death in 2013. (quoted in 1999)
“I appreciate
MedSend for
giving more
professionals the
opportunity to
serve on the
mission field.
— Dr. Paul Brand, missionary
surgeon renowned for his
pioneering research in leprosy,
served on MedSend’s Board of
Reference until his death in 2003.
(quoted in 1999)
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“If we can help, let us know.
In response to that offer from veteran Nepal medical
missionaries Drs. Tom and Cynthia Hale, MedSend began its
popular “information dinners” to introduce the ministry to
thousands across the U.S. From 1995-2002, MedSend held
125 dinners featuring performances by Cynthia, a concert
pianist. Following dinner, the Hales would speak about
healthcare missions and Dave Topazian would introduce
Even the best healthcare education is not enough to ensure success on the mission field. In addition
to having limited access to the latest tools and technology, healthcare missionaries can have
difficulty adjusting to grinding poverty, cultural differences and alternative world views. For this
reason, MedSend’s Board has required and subsidized intensive, multi-day courses in community
health education and whole-person care geared especially for healthcare missionaries. Dan Fountain
drew upon his vast missions experience to lead many of MedSend’s popular training workshops for
grant recipients until his death in 2013.
Left: Dan Fountain at a workshop with trainees Derek and Lauren Webber.
Over the years, MedSend has been blessed with
professionally talented and spiritually committed Board
members, as well as many volunteer specialists and
friends who provided hospitality for ministry events and
traveling staff.
“Missionaries use things up, wear things out,
make things do or do without.
This was and is part of MedSend’s financial counsel to
prospective healthcare missionaries. The son of immigrants
who stressed careful stewardship of financial resources,
Dave Topazian helped make financial counseling an
important part of MedSend’s ministry.
Symbolic of the frugality that characterizes missionaries—and MedSend—the early MedSend office operated from the
Topazians’ basement. Dave is shown working with Debbie Gaboriault Rose, JD, whom he has called “one of God’s great gifts
to MedSend.” Debbie served as MedSend’s office manager from 1995 to 2005, leaving an indelible imprint by establishing
systems and procedures—and an attitude of cheerful, loving service.
Jared Brockington, MD, MedSend pediatrician serving in Africa.
Dave Topazian with the Hales.
Founding MedSend Associates. Early MedSend Board of Directors.
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“Our newly opened maternity ward has brought
hope and healing to so many women and infants.
We have now had over 130 infants born at the
hospital and have cared for over 200 women.
We have had 10-15 infants that have required
resuscitation and would have not survived if they
had been born in their villages with the help of
traditional birth attendants.
The other day a woman came to the maternity
ward to deliver her baby and said that originally
she was going to deliver in her village, but she
changed her mind because she learned that
there are Christian doctors and nurses at our
hospital. Twice a week she would pass by the
hospital and could hear the clinic staff and
patients singing at one of the lunchtime
devotionals. Many others are now coming
because women who delivered at the hospital
are telling other people in their villages about the
great care they have received from a healthcare
team who loves God.
Since 1992, MedSend has awarded more
than $16 million in grants to release
more than 575 healthcare professionals
to serve where God has called them.
Today, MedSend healthcare
professionals bring compassionate
care and God’s love to vulnerable
people in 75 nations—including
countries that restrict access to other
Christian workers. Grant recipients
staff and run mission hospitals and
rural clinics, and are involved in training
and mentoring Christian nationals as
caregivers. Through extensive
involvement in community
health programs, many
are working to
transform entire
Jared Brockington, MD, MedSend pediatrician serving in Africa.
loans fully paid
Africa is one of the most impoverished continents in the
world. Due to lack of infrastructure, there are many countries
without medical schools and a dire lack of adequate
healthcare. HIV also remains a signicant challenge.
Despite developing economies in the larger cities of Asia,
healthcare is limited or non-existent in certain impoverished
regions where minimal evangelical investment has been made.
Many of these regions suffer from great poverty and lack of
healthcare infrastructure, but they are uniquely receptive to
the introduction of the Gospel and allow easy access for
our grantees.
There is not a more powerful way to reach the most
underserved populations of refugees, immigrants and
mentally-challenged individuals in the United States.
Because of overwhelming need, healthcare professionals
are often granted access to the world’s most restricted
countries where no other Christian witness is allowed.
I am so thankful that MedSend allows me to be sharing Jesus,
working among the poor and refugees and seeing more Muslims
come to Jesus than ever before!”
If God has given you a heart for a particular area of the world, focus your
support on helping more MedSend grantees bring desperately needed
healthcare and the love of Christ to these regions. We can even create a
customized giving plan just for you.
have heard the
message of God's love*
of decisions for Christ*
current grant
national grant
hospitals &
clinics staffed
4-year grant
in educational debt paid
grants approved
more than
Healthcare missions is the key to penetrating difficult-to-access
countries and completing the Great Commission. The greatest
barrier for those desiring to serve is educational debt. MedSend
has eliminated it — enabling hundreds of missionaries to bring
health and the Gospel around the world. They are fueling a
renaissance in medical missions!”
gift matters!
If you prefer to not designate
your gifts to a specific fund,
you can make a general
donation to MedSend and
the future of global
* Estimation based on information provided in the last 25 years
provided with
Physician, Ecuador
10 11
Dave Topazian with the Hales.
*Estimation based on information provided in the last 25 years.
70910.indd 5 5/25/17 4:21 PM
Were not exaggerating when we say that as career missionaries, MedSend
healthcare professionals are uniquely positioned to bring genuine transformative
change to the individuals and communities they serve. Here are a few examples of
ministries that have been established by MedSend grant recipients:
HAITI – Shortly after arriving in Haiti, Rachael Courter, RN, gave someone an OTC
medication. The next morning, she and her husband, James, a physical therapist
and MedSend grant recipient, awoke to find hundreds of people outside waiting for
medical care. With only their familys medications and a stethoscope, the Courters
began seeing patients on their front porch. Today, the clinic they founded has cared
for over 40,000 patients and is a permanent, self-sustaining ministry staffed by
Haitian professionals.
KENYA – What began as a mobile outreach to a Kenyan tribe with little access to
healthcare, clean water or the gospel, has grown into a permanent health center. “I
am excited about the huge opportunities to do what Christ asked by preaching the
kingdom of God and healing the sick,” says MedSend physician and clinic founder
Dr. Kyle Jones, DO. Also in Kenya, current grant recipient Michelle Kiprop, RN, MSN,
FNP, founded and directs Hope Matters International, which cares for hundreds
each month in its medical clinic, and also includes community outreach and orphan
care programs.
ROMANIA – Raegan Glugosh, RN, became a grant recipient in 2000 and founded
Touched Romania in 2005 to help abandoned infants. The ministry gives pregnant
mothers and high-risk babies emotional, material and spiritual support. It offers a
residential maternal center and works with foster families, hospitals and institutions.
HONDURAS AND HAITI – Mission Lazarus, cofounded by MedSend grant recipient
Allison Brown, APRN, BC, serves Hondurans in need through two medical clinics, a
child nutrition program, a family health program, early education centers, a
childrens home and more. Mission Lazarus also has programs in Haiti.
MALAWI – MedSend physician Dr. Perry Jansen founded Partners in Hope (PIH),
Malawi, which provides free HIV/AIDS care to more than 3,000 people each month,
plus innovative HIV prevention, testing and counseling programs. PIH was cited by
Malawi for its demonstrated impact on the HIV/AIDS epidemic there.
Dr. Katherine Welch founded
Relentless to assist organizations
that fight human trafficking and
slavery. Relentless provides
healthcare training for anti-
trafficking workers and holds
medical clinics for trafficking
Since 2000, Dr. Welch has
been serving in Asia, thanks to
her MedSend grant—paid in full
almost a decade ago!
A humongous thank you to MedSend
donors. Because of you, MedSend is
having a huge impact in the world.
— Katherine Welch, MD
Director of Relentless
MedSend grant recipients live
among those they serve, so in
addition to providing continuing
care, they are often among the
first to provide relief services
when natural disasters strike,
whether earthquakes, floods,
hurricanes, tsunamis or
epidemics. Some of the relief
efforts they have contributed to
2016 7.8 magnitude earthquake in
2015 Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal
2014-2016 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
2013 Super Typhoon Yolanda in
2012 Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island
2010 Earthquake in Haiti
2004 Earthquake and Tsunami in
MedSend physician assistant James Courter
provides medical relief after 2010 Haiti
Dr. Joe Martin cares for victim of
2016 earthquake in Ecuador.
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“More families accepted the Lord
and were baptized last month.
Many I had never even met
before, but for some time now,
they had been watching the new
believers to see what would
happen to them once they took
down their altars and became
Christians. When they saw the
peace and change in their families
and heard about Almighty God
who can save, they decided to
believe and follow Christ too.
— L.G.*, PA, community health worker in Asia
* Name withheld for security reasons.
Infants and Children
Human Trafficking
Womens Health
Community Health
Training Nationals
Orphan Care
Disaster Relief
Church Plants
Clean Water
Fistula Care
“I am finding more and more that I have the opportunity
to educate about and be a voice for people with
disabilities here. At least twice per week, I get the chance
to talk with families about how their children with hearing
loss or other disabilities have hope beyond what their
culture says. So many parents come to me without hope,
and I get the chance to pray with them and be a support
for them.
— Stephanie Cox, AudD, audiologist serving in Africa
All MedSend healthcare professionals are trained in and
encouraged to practice:
WHOLE-PERSON CARE. A scientifically and biblically-based
approach to treating the whole person—body, mind and
spirit—that combines the best of medical care, psycho-social
care, and spiritual care.
This approach identifies common health problems that come
from certain behaviors. It uses cultural dynamics and cross-
cultural communication to motivate changes in community
practices and behaviors related to health, nutrition and
agriculture. The biblical world view provides the basic
principles of health and healthy behavior and gives core
cultural values important for community development.
70910.indd 7 5/25/17 4:22 PM
August 5, 2010, lives in MedSend infamy. On that day, MedSend grant
recipient and optometrist Dr.Tom Little was slain by the Taliban
along with nine members of his medical team—doctors, nurses and
other support personnel—while returning from a mobile health clinic
in a remote area of Afghanistan. Even as we joined the world in
grieving for this brave man and his colleagues, his death drove home
a sobering fact: MedSend heallthcare professionals are called to
difficult—and increasingly dangerous—assignments.
Many MedSend healthcare professionals are eager to serve in these
areas despite the risks. They know that healthcare professionals are
often welcomed in areas that are off-limits to other Christian
workers. That’s why global healthcare missions are one of the most
strategic ways of getting desperately needed healthcare—and the
good news of Jesus’ love—to all people everywhere.
A sweet young family left Syria four years ago and comes into our clinic
nearly weekly. They had an apartment with a balcony, lovely furniture
and pictures on the wall. They saw troops coming in, and within days, the
balcony on their apartment was hit by a bomb. They knew they couldn’t
safely stay any longer with their two small children. They threw some
things together and fled—they didn’t even lock the door, as they thought
they would only be gone a couple of weeks. Sadly, their entire city was
nearly leveled and they crossed
the border for refuge. They are always laughing and have such beautiful
relationships with one another, but when I asked them about Syria they
immediately teared up and told me their story. It was just below the surface.
“Nearly every week I hear several tough stories like this. But when I have the
privilege of hearing their hearts, holding them as they cry and helping them
medically, I realize—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that my entire life has been
about this very moment. All the joys, the suffering, the growth in my faith, and the
struggle through medicine has all been to prepare me ‘for such a time as this . . .
I’ve never had such joy or sense of fulfillment as I do now. I remember when God
asked me if I would come for Him—to love the people here, to care for them, to
hold them, to offer hope to them. He told me that our family would not only
survive here, we would thrive. And we have.
— A.T.,* MD, MPH, serving in the Middle East .
* Name changed or withheld for security reasons.
Bottom Photo Credit: UK Dept. for International Development
After I finished dental school, the
loans I had accrued would have
made coming to the field without
support impossible. My wife and I
had felt led to work among
unreached people groups in
difficult-to-access areas for years.
My becoming a dentist was a way
we believed we could access these
areas and heal physical needs as we
proclaimed the gospel of Jesus.
Thanks to our Medsend grant we’ve
been able to do that.
— James Hill*, DDS, North Africa
Dr. Tom Little
More than 40% of MedSend healthcare professionals
now serve in “high security” areas
that require identity protection.
The Kims
70910.indd 8 5/25/17 4:22 PM
MedSend’s domestic grant recipients work at inner
city and rural faith-based clinics in the U.S., serving
people who are marginalized, vulnerable and
medically underserved.
Since 1992, more than $1,609,000 has been paid in
grants making it possible for 65 MedSend healthcare
professionals to serve in more 26 Christian faith-
based clinics across the U.S.
“Educational debt has a significant impact on the ability of healthcare
professionals who have a vision to serve in underserved settings in the
U.S. to do so,” says Timothy Leaman, MD, site medical director at
Esperanza Health Center in Philadelphia. “As students are leaving
medical training with increasingly large educational debt, the ability to
make student loan repayments without outside assistance—even with
a very frugal lifestyle—at the salaries health centers like Esperanza are
able to provide, is virtually impossible.” Dr. Leaman speaks from
firsthand experience.
“When Jen and I felt God’s call to ministry at Esperanza, we knew that
the salary they offered at the time was not sufficient to cover my
student loans, even with us both working at the time and living quite
modestly,” he explained. Fortunately, Dr. Leaman received a MedSend
grant that paid his monthly educational loans until they were paid off in 2010. “MedSend’s grant played an enormous role
in God’s provision for our family and for Esperanza, and helped facilitate our family being rooted and established in the
city for the long term.
Robert Reich, PA-C, MPAS, who directs care management at
Esperanza and has served on MedSend’s board, also says
MedSend made it possible for him to commit to serving there
early in his career.
“When I started working at Esperanza, the clinic was struggling
financially,” he recalls. “Our paychecks were often delayed.
Having MedSend funding for my educational debt was critical in
Immediately after Hurricane Sandy devastated New York Citys Staten Island in October
2012, Beacon Christian Community Health Center swung into action. Despite losing
electricity, clinic staff used a borrowed generator and mobile van to set up a triage
center to take the load off local emergency rooms.
“We provided care to the best of our ability as a way of showing that Christ is present,
no matter what the circumstances, in both good times and bad,” said Dr. David Kim,
Beacons CEO and cofounder.
This commitment to providing compassionate, whole-person care in their diverse,
underserved community inspired Dr. Kim and his wife, Dr. Janet Kim, to found the clinic
in 2006 when they were MedSend grant recipients. As the first faith-based and federally supported health center in New
York State, Beacon now provides convenient, affordable services to more than 4,000 local residents who consider the
health center a blessing to their community.
The Kims consider MedSend part of that blessing.
“When we were just starting the center, David and I could not take enough salary to work at Beacon and pay off
our educational loans,” recalls Janet Kim, who serves as Beacons Chief Medical Officer and on MedSend’s board of
directors. “If MedSend had not helped us, we would have had to take other jobs and might not have been able to
commit to getting Beacon off the ground. Those early days were part of the foundation that has made the health
center what it is today.
Dr. Leaman trains a medical student at Esperanza Health Center.
Dr. Tom Little
The Kims
70910.indd 9 5/25/17 4:22 PM
More than 50% of American MedSend grant recipients
who serve overseas are involved in strengthening and
empowering national believers through healthcare
professional training programs and community health
education. This cost-effective strategy lets grant recipients
multiply their efforts with the potential to reach millions.
It promotes sustainability because ministry can continue
under national leadership, even in areas that may close to
North American Christians. It also promotes spiritual and
economic health, as nationals can support themselves and
care for each other without continued dependence on
foreign healthcare professionals.
Training nationals in nursing gives
them job potential, and improves
their health and that of their
communities as they go home and
begin to work. The nursing programs
goal is to train nationals to be nurses
and share Jesus with them in the
process. It has had a huge impact so
far, and I pray that God will allow me
to impact students and patients for
His glory as well.
— James F.*, RN, Southwest Asia
As a consultant physician at Kijabe Hospital, I have the opportunity to
treat patients of varying religious backgrounds and may share the
gospel freely with them. In addition, I am in a position of teaching
nationals who, after leaving Kijabe, will treat patients throughout East
Africa. Helping these physicians and clinical officers grow in their
medical knowledge and spiritual walk, while modeling Christ-centered
care, is the primary aspect of the ministry given to us.
— Rachel Hagler, MD, serving in Kenya
Launched as a pilot in 2013, MedSend Nationals is now an official MedSend
program that sponsors the advanced medical training of Christian national
physicians in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. To do this, we partner with
International Associates—organizations with established in-country Christ-
centered medical residency programs that provide professional training,
spiritual development and leadership preparation for those who have already
graduated from medical school. The International Associates recruit, train
and oversee men and women who possess the requisite intellectual ability,
a deep and abiding faith in Jesus Christ and desire to share it, and the moral
character and spiritual commitment to serve in areas of great need in their
own countries. All MedSend International Associates are U.S.-based
organizations that provide a high degree of verification and accountability.
* Name changed or withheld for security reasons.
National grant recipient Dr. Musa Greville with a patient
in Kenya. Photo by Robert Dobler.
70910.indd 10 5/25/17 4:22 PM
MedSend is truly strategic. No other ministry focuses
exclusively on making it possible for career healthcare
missionaries to serve effectively—or brings together so
many other global healthcare missions organizations in
this pursuit.
MedSend was born out of collaboration. Today, our
founding group of 16 missions sending agencies known as
MedSend Associates has grown to more than 55 MedSend
Associates. We rely on them to provide screening, training,
assignment, oversight and accountability for MedSend grant
recipients. In addition, we now work with 7 International
Associates that provide Christian advanced medical training
programs for MedSend Nationals grant recipients.
From the start, we have sought ways to use MedSend’s
unique position to facilitate interagency connections and
improve the effectiveness of healthcare missions. In 2003,
MedSend sponsored “Health and Wholeness for the 21st
Century” in Thailand, a conference for missions leaders that
presented more than 40 successful health development
projects from around the world.
In 2014, MedSend instituted an annual Medical Missions
Summit that brings together MedSend Associate executives
and other leaders in global healthcare missions to address
important issues. These popular meetings, jointly
sponsored with CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental
Associations), are attended by more than 60 representatives
of MedSend Associates each year.
Also in 2014, MedSend sponsored the Global Healthcare
Workers Needs Assessment (GHWNA) survey. GHWNA
surveyed former and current MedSend grant recipients, as
well as representatives of MedSend Associates, to evaluate
the training and support of Christian cross-cultural
healthcare workers. The survey results are being used to
help missions leaders develop a stronger and more effective
system for equipping and supporting healthcare
GHWNA Survey Results: How are we doing?
This 2014 survey anonymously surveyed 116 currently serving and post-field MedSend grant recipients. Here are some of
their responses about the importance of MedSend grants and the effectiveness of the ministry the grants make possible:
As a cross-cultural healthcare worker, do you believe you are/were transforming the lives of individuals in the place
where you work/worked? YES - 86% (currently serving); 80% (post-field)
As a cross-cultural healthcare worker, do/did you have regular opportunities to share good news with people
where you serve/served? YES - 85% (currently serving) and 80% (post-field)
As a cross-cultural healthcare worker, do/did you believe your work has/had an impact in meeting the
spiritual needs of people where you serve/served? YES - 91% (currently serving) and 77% (post-field)
If I had not received a MedSend grant, my cross-cultural healthcare work would have:
70910.indd 11 5/25/17 4:22 PM
MedSend 999 Oronoque Lane, Stratford, CT 06614 203-891-8223
Surgeries are challenging, as the hospital frequently runs
out of supplies like sterile linens, scalpels, sutures and
antibiotics. The adult wards are also particularly difficult,
as there are many patients with advanced cases of HIV,
tuberculosis and cancer. With limited lab tests and
medications, there are few options for diagnosis and
treatment. Despite these challenges, I love the ministry
I have to patients and hospital staff and have many ideas
for process improvement and education I hope to
implement in the years ahead.
— Marc Carrigan, MD, a MedSend physician
who serves at a district hospital in Uganda
“I serve at a clinic in one of the
communities surrounding one
of the largest garbage dumps
in Central America. Many
patients carry heavy burdens
when they enter our clinic.
There is no medicine that will
help them, except for the
healing love of Jesus. And
while I feel like there is so little
that I can do, it’s a privilege to
be there, offer a listening ear,
pray with patients and share
Christ’s love with them, and
just treat them with respect
and offer them my time.
— Amie Bockstahler, RN, MedSend
nurse serving in Guatemala
We thank God for YOU!
After 25 years of global healthcare ministry, the physical
and spiritual needs of the people our healthcare
professionals minister to on the field are still great . . .
even staggering.
But our God is greater! Even as He has called MedSend
to new and greater challenges, He has provided passionate
supporters like you. Your prayers and financial gifts have
made it possible for MedSend healthcare professionals to
bring healthcare—and the Good News of Jesus’ love—to
people living with poverty and oppression in the U.S. and
throughout the world. Inspired by the courage and
compassion of MedSend’s founders, we pledge to
persevere in extending the love of Christ through global
healthcare missions around the world. We trust that He
will continue to call faithful Christ-followers who are willing
to go and to give.
Thank you for your partnership. We hope you share
our excitement over what God has planned for the next
25 years!
TOTAL GRANTS PAID IN 2016: $1,471,269 ($154,900 for MedSend Nationals grant
recipients). In 2016, 228 MedSend healthcare professionals were receiving funds and
served in more than 75 countries, where they:
Cared for more than 243,550 people.
Personally shared about Christ with more than 27,600 people.
Served on teams that shared about Christ with more than 175,508 people.
Personally led more than 1,583 people to faith in Christ.
Served on teams that led more than 2,024 people to faith in Christ.
Personally discipled more than 1,198 people.
Served on teams that discipled more than 3,919 people.
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