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Comet the Reindeer solves his problems by being a good friend to those in need.

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The Untold Story of Comet the Reindeer

By Tiffany Lam, Joey Jones, and Rachel Keels



Once Upon a Time in the cold, crisp, casual days of the North Pole there was a reindeer, but not Rudolph… Comet.

Comet was one of the reindeer that used to make fun of Rudolph. Comet had fur as brown as hot chocolate and white spots that looked like the snow.

Comet had one of the biggest antlers of all the deers that could reach from the ground to the stars. However, even with all of these wonderful traits, Comet still felt he would never be as special as Rudolph.

That all changed one spectacular day when Comet went to go talk to Santa about his feelings. Screech - creak - Comet opened the door and there he saw Santa Claus sitting on his chair, taking a nap.


“Mr. Claus, I have something to ask you…” Comet said softly.


“Oh! Comet, what a surprise! What must be the matter with one of my most wonderful reindeer?” asked Santa.

“Sir, I’m starting to become jealous of Rudolph because of his red nose that is as bright as a light bulb,” said Comet.


“Well then, If you wish to be as good as Rudolph then you should be nice and become his friend” said Santa.


“Thank you sir! I will do” Comet said excitingly.

The next morning, when the snow was dancing in the breeze, Comet decided to approach Rudolph and talk to him.


“Hello Rudolph! I just wanted to let you know that I admire your coal black eyes, your cherry red nose, and river stone hooves” said Comet nervously.


“Why thank you Comet! I’ve always been jealous of your big antlers and brown fur” Rudolph said.


“Thank you Rudolph. I want to be friends with you, you seem like a really chill reindeer” said Comet.


“That would be amazing, we should get some carrots together sometime!” Rudolph said with joy.

Christmas day was coming quite soon, everyone could feel the joy, happiness, and excitement in the air. Brrrrrr, the soft snow’s icy grip made everyone shiver, shake, and stumble. As the reindeer are ready to attach themselves to the sleigh, a problem appears and just before they are ready to go.

Rudolph and Comet look at the scene, the sleigh has no reins to hold the reindeer to the sleigh! This was the worst thing that could ever happen in the history of time!

“Keep your eye on the sleigh” Comet said worryingly.


“You got it! No problem. We must fix the sleigh” exclaimed Rudolph.

Comet searched and searched to find the culprit of this tragedy. After looking hard, he found them just in time.

 A poor little elf who was salty as can be had tried to sabotage Christmas because Santa wouldn’t give him a treat.




“You’re going to have to talk to Santa about this once we get back from saving Christmas!” yelled Comet.

While Comet had been gone, Rudolph had managed to fix the sleigh with the help of Santa himself. Now they were ready to deliver presents to all the little boys and girls in the world. Comet had saved Christmas with the help of his new friend Rudolph.

“Thank you very much you two. Without your help, millions of children would be left with a horrible Christmas. I am glad to have both of you as my reindeer” said Santa.

“It was no problem sir, anything to help save Christmas!” Comet said with a smile.



Rudolph and Comet then rode away into the sky together with all the other reindeers, following the North Star and setting their eyes upon the Aurora Borealis.