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Kiana Coltrain            

  Miss Armstrong   


English 2

1st Period 


The most amazing thing about China is their food. Sometimes they can cook fish by steaming or frying it. They can cook fish  with the head still on it. To spice up their food, they use different seasonings. Not only do theyt they use seasoning, but they like to use vegetables when they cook. They can grow their own crops, either fruits or vegetables, but  most of China’s food comes from Cuba. They both eat rice. China likes to cook rice by making fried rice (arroz frito). Cuba sometimes cooks their rice the way that China does by stir frying it. Sometimes China like to fuse their food with Cuba’s food They call it Cuban-Chinese Cuisine. It has been traditional to do that ever since the 1850s. They like to do that because both of them like the blend of of Caribbean and Chinese flavors. In 1959 after the Cuban Revolution, some on the food moved from China to American restaurants. Food is most important to the culture because food give gives the people of China’s energy. (Chiu).

  China's Food    

The type of government that China has is a Communist government. A Communist government is a system of government where the state controls everything. The whole government all started in 1949. How it works is the Congress have very important meetings. The reason why it is important is because the people are to figure out some ideas to fix up some problems that China has the court that China has is a Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court has a total of 340 judges. Another important person in China is the Chairman of the army. Their job is to give the soldiers advice when they are at war with another country. All of these people are important in China’s government because without them, all of the people of China would be in real trouble. (Pariona).

  China's Government   

The language that China sometimes uses is Chinese. It has been used for over 6,000 years, which is a very long time. It also comes in 3 ways to use it. For example, the 3 ways are simplified, traditional, and informal slang or phonetic. The simplified way is taught in Mandarin-Chinese classes in different schools. The Traditional way is taught in different places other than China: like Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Korea. The informal way is use to sound out the Cantonese language. Verbs, nouns, and adjectives don’t have a rule to agree with one another like the English language. Sometimes China uses something called “Pin-Yin” to translate their language. So in conclusion, people think that language is important because sometimes people have their own way to communicate with each other in China. (Lin).  

  China's Language  

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