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All about MADD and why you should be MADD too.

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It's time to get MADD                                      

By Coltan Green

Mothers against drunk driving was formed in california during the 1980s. Their mission statement is a simple one, yet very important. "To aid the victims of crimes performed by individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to aid the families of such victims and to increase public awareness of the problem of drinking and drugged driving". To further clarify their point, their focus heading is located directly at the top of their website, in big bold and red letters to clearly outline the intent of MADD. MADD has been extremely successful in creating legislature to help cut down on drunk driving as they have been involved in numerous laws in several states such as Emma's Law in South Carolina. They have even created laws requring interlocking ignition switches for repeat offenders in 24 states. 


MADD is an organization made of parents, professionals, and concerned citizens. MADD serves to help combat the serious issue of driving under the influence, and helps its unfortunate victims. Over the years MADD has grown to have a nation wide presence. As a result, they have helped drastically lower the amount of deaths related to DUI's every year by enacting legislation that helps curb this trend. MADD is a nonprofit charity that offers help not only to victims of DUI, but to alcoholics, youths with drug problems, and more. 

At its core, MADD is a movement to better the roads of America, and improve the safety of everyone who uses them. It was founded by mothers who lost their children to drunk driving accidents and instead of falling apart, these strong women made a change in their community and eventually all over the nation. 

What is MADD?

Drunk driving, is far too common today, MADD states that 2 out of 3 people will be impacted by it in their lifetime. It is a violent, stupid, and one hundred percent preventable crime that can and destroy the lives of all those involved. Whether they are drivers or just innocent bystanders. What started as a small movement has grown large over the 35 years that MADD has been around. It has expanded to also provide relief to those impacted by this horrible crime. They offer education, monetary support and legislative action to make America and your roadways a better place. If you support a better America, than you should be MADD.

Why you should care.

What has MADD achieved?

MADD has come from humble beginnings from Sacramento, California to a nation wide movement that boasts of 1.25 million members. Over their 35 years of activism, MADD has launched several campaigns such as the campaign to eliminate drunk driving. They have caused the creation of many laws in all 50 states to help prevent drunk driving and limit its impacts. MADD has offered support to millions of people by educating them on the dangers of drunk driving, providing legal solutions to curb these problems, supporting families damaged by these incidents, and making a difference in the world for the better. MADD has helped to educate 200 thousand offenders, and has prevented 1.77 million drunk driving incidents since the creating of interlocking ignition devices. MADD has and will continue to be a serious asset to America, improving safety everywhere.