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One of Peru's beaches

Peru on a map

One species of wild life in Peru


Some of Peru's mountains

Peru's flag

Peru's latatude and longatude on a map would be 9 South and 75 West

Peru is a big country that has a population of 31.77 million

The capital city of Peru is lima

Peru is a  Democracy country So the people choose its leader by voting

Peru is as big as 496,200 miĀ²

Peru has many landforms such as mountains. This mountain has a name the name is Ausangate. Ausangate has an elavation of 19152 feet

Peru also has part of the Amazon rain forest. They call it Peruvian Amazon.  Peruvian Amazon is home to Pumas, Jaguar, spectacled bears, and many more

This is one of Peru's many beaches such as Paracas. Many animals live there such as sea lions,pelicans, and Humboldt penguins 

Peru has many different temperature so i am comparing two

First is the north coast the north coast temp can get up to 104 degrees fahrenheit that's hot very hot 

Next is the Andean Highlands. Andean Highlands gets so cold it can be 32 degrees fahrenheit.

Plaza de Armas, Lima is a manmade plaza located in the middle of the city and is very beautiful. It was the start of Lima and its nickname is Plaza Mayor.

This is the Lord of Sipan tomb. He was one of the richest scientific discoveries ever.

Kuelap is an ancient walled city built by the Chachapoyas aka cloud people

One of the ingredients in coal is sulfur. That is why when it gets lit it burns. Coal has made a huge impact on Peru by giving them there first type of fuel.

Iron is one of the most common resources in the world but it is a much needed resource. Peru and many other states need this because it a very sturdy type of metal

Potash is a type of raw salt. Potash is used to make types of soap by mixing ashes of the sea and potash

The T-shirt maker was made in Peru.

hydrochloric acid is a type of acid that when mix with water makes salt

dicalcium phosphate is a type of salt that is sold in makets

White corn is one of the many vegetable grown in Peru.

White corn is one of the many foods grown in Peru. Its one of the sweet corn varieties. 

the Custard Apple is a very sweet type of apple. It has two nickname Sweetspot and Sugar-Apple

A Lucuma is a type of lime that grows in Peru. It is also known as the last gold of the Incas.

Peruvian culture is a mix of Hispanic and native traditions.

The Aymara are indigenous people of the Andean region

quechua culture is South American Indians living in the Andean highlands