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Spirituality and Excellence Loreto College Coleraine Voluntary Grammar School A Specialist School Loreto College Castlerock Road Coleraine BT51 3JZ Telephone 028 70 343611 028 70 357149 Fax 028 70 353037 E mail info loretocollege coleraine ni sch uk Website www loretocollege org uk PRINCIPAL Miss Belinda Toner CHAIRPERSON OF BOARD OF GOVERNORS Mr Gerry McCabe Admissions Number 160 Enrolment number 1050 Age Range 11 18 years 1

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Spirituality and Excellence Contents Page A Message from the Principal 3 4 A Message from our Head Boy and Head Girl 5 History of the College 6 Board of Governors Loreto Philosophy of Education Mission Statement Spirituality Dimension 6 7 8 The Loreto Prayer 9 Aims of the College 10 Homework 11 Pastoral Care 12 Summary of Academic Achievements 15 Curriculum 20 School Uniform 22 Careers 23 Library 24 Extra Curricular Activities 25 Charges 28 Lunch Arrangements 30 Transport 30 Bus Timetable 2 31

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Spirituality and Excellence A Message from the Principal Dear Parent Guardian I am delighted that you have taken the time to read our school Prospectus Apart from allowing you to access useful information I hope that this enables you to capture the essence of our warm supportive and vibrant school community In 2020 we celebrate the 90th year of Loreto College Coleraine The College has a very fine tradition and heritage built on the 5 core values of Truth Sincerity Freedom Justice and Joy Having spent my whole teaching career in Loreto I am very proud of our inheritance but believe that the Loreto identity is not something that is locked in the past but is a dynamic reality that must respond to the changing needs of our time whilst holding on to our core values Both past and present members of our school community have striven to ensure that Loreto College is a place where students are provided with the best educational experience in a nurturing and supportive climate I fully understand the pressures that you are under when trying to choose the right post primary school for your son our daughter Choosing a school where he she will flourish both academically and socially where he she will be stretched and inspired both inside and outside the classroom and where he she will feel safe and secure is by no means an easy task Believing that when you are happy you achieve more our overriding aim here in Loreto is to create an environment in which students feel happy and safe Loreto College is a Catholic Grammar School Spirituality and Excellence underpin everything we do We challenge we support and we achieve Academic Excellence is at the heart of what pupils at Loreto seek to achieve They are offered the opportunity to explore a broad curriculum offering both academic and vocational pathways By providing a structured and relevant curriculum delivered through stimulating and challenging lessons we aim to create a place of intellectual exploration and achievement one that will motivate our students instil in them high aspirations and help them develop the wider skills needed for future study and employment In year 8 we have 5 traditional Grammar classes and 2 further classes who will benefit from a programme of learning support Our overall aim being that all students reach their full potential Every year our students achieve outstanding A Level and GCSE results As a specialist Science school we regularly enter national competitions such as the BT Young Scientist and the Big Bang competition and have been successful at the very highest level The latest inspection report commends our commitment to excellence and high achievement across all areas of the curriculum and describes the leadership and management as outstanding One of our greatest assets is our staff both teaching and non teaching Our teachers are highly qualified subject specialists who work along side our pupils encouraging them and enthusing them in their subject areas dedicated to building students academic confidence and independence instilling in them high aspirations and helping them develop the wider skills needed for future study and employment As a Catholic School our students are asked to understand service and integrity and to grow together as they come to understand their own unique worth and to aim high In the Loreto tradition Gospel values permeate the entire school experience and this links in closely with our approach to Pastoral Care Every day I witness eager and ambitious pupils being challenged and excelling in their studies I see pupils achieve in the classroom on the sports field in the music hall and on stage but most satisfyingly I see happy pupils When our new first years come through our doors at the tender age of 11 they are just children and we as a school take them and nurture them and watch them mature Working in partnership with you their parents we encourage them to be the best that they can be to set goals to have high expectations and to go all out to make those goals and dreams a reality Loreto College I believe offers each student the opportunity to move on to the next stage on life s journey equipped with the qualifications which will lead to success along with the skills and attitudes to take up positions of influence in society and so change it for the better It is about learning without limits I wish you the wisdom and discernment to make the right choice for your son daughter Good luck Yours sincerely Miss Belinda Toner Principal 3

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Spirituality and Excellence Members of the Board of Governors 2017 2021 Trustee Representatives Mrs Susan Kelly Dr Gr inne McCotter Mr Gerry McCabe Chair Dr Brendan McQuillan Term expires December 2021 December 2021 December 2021 December 2021 DENI Representatives Mrs Ray Weir December 2021 Mr Donal Sayers December 2021 Mr Joe Diamond December 2021 Teacher Representative Miss Maria Flannelly December 2021 Parent Representative Mr Nicholas Lestas Vice Chair December 2021 Secretary Miss Belinda Toner December 2021 Term Expires December 2021 Loreto College Coleraine is owned by the Loreto Trustees and managed by a Board of Governors The Board of Governors has responsibility for the overall management of the School in keeping with the Loreto Educational philosophy and the requirements of the Department of Education This includes oversight of the curriculum discipline policy and admissions appointment of staff the management of school funds and the provision and maintenance of buildings Copies of the information required to be published by the EA will be given to each Year 7 pupil in the Primary School within the Board Area Copies of the school prospectus are available on request from the school office Copies of the school policy statements are available for inspection at the school office 4

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Spirituality Spirituality and and Excellence Excellence A Message from our Head Girl The transition from primary school to secondary school is definitely not easy but it s a time which is very exciting It is hard to know what to expect at the beginning as there are so many new experiences to be had new friends new subjects and a possible new bus journey that you didn t have to take before All the nerves or doubt you may be feeling will soon be gone as both students and teachers will be offering a friendly face and will be happy to help to calm any worries you may have Some of my fondest memories of Loreto are the experiences I had taking part in activities after school There are so many opportunities and I think that everyone should get involved whether it be on a sports team the school choir the orchestra or the school show By attending these clubs it allows you to make friends that you may keep for life and allows you to really become a part of the Loreto community Loreto is a school for all and allows you to have confidence and faith in yourself to become the best version of you Loreto has given me the ability to move on to the next step without restricting my options It has been an honour to represent the school as Head Girl this year a role which you can only aspire to getting when you arrive at the school as a first year I feel as though I have been able to give back to the College as everyone here has done so much for me in the past 7 years As you move from primary to secondary school I hope you choose Loreto as the school for you as I am sure the time you spend here will be enjoyed Take advantage of each opportunity and appreciate every moment as your time here at Loreto will fly by Orla McEwan A Message from our Head Boy It s hard to believe it has been almost seven years since I first stepped through Loreto s doors The first day of moving from my small primary school to big school seemed daunting from the extensive range of new subjects to the large numbers of other people in the year and even to the prospect of getting lost in what seemed to be a maze of a building However by home time that day I was already well settled in Kelan O Kane The staff in the school are always there to help and they go above and beyond to ensure you re meeting your potential And a great pastoral team of Form Teachers Year Heads and Vice Principals means that there s always someone to talk to if you need anything But of course no school would be complete without the students The friendliness of the pupils at Loreto really sets us apart From the first day I walked in the door the other students were always there to offer a hand be that to help show me to my class or to help with work in the homework club after school However Loreto isn t just about the academics The wide range of extra curricular from soccer to Gaelic games to cricket to the orchestra school shows and choir and even to the school magazine maths club and various awards and trips such as the Duke of Edinburgh and Pope John Paul II awards and excursions to Europe and the USA there really is something for everyone to get involved in The opportunities to meet people with similar interests are endless and the sense of camaraderie is unparalleled It has been a great privilege to have been chosen to serve as Head Boy of the College this year something that first year me couldn t even have imagined I have developed personally through my seven years here taking advantage of all the opportunities I could find to develop every aspect of myself So if you do choose to come to Loreto next year remember to take advantage of every moment every class and every opportunity Your seven years here will be some5 of the most memorable years of your life

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Spirituality and Excellence History of the College Loreto College Coleraine is a Catholic Co educational Voluntary Grammar School It is owned and maintained by the Loreto Trustees and its affairs are managed by a Board of Governors The first school on the site was opened by a French order of nuns called the Ursulines and catered for both boys and girls at preparatory level and for girls only at secondary level In 1930 the Ursulines were succeeded by the Loreto Sisters Their foundress was Mary Ward 1585 1645 from York England She was a visionary devoting her life to Catholic Education establishing schools in England and Europe The first branch in Ireland was established by Frances Ball at Rathfarnham in Dublin it was called Loreto Today there are Loreto schools all over the world Not only do they share a common origin but the Loreto crest and motto Maria Regina Angelorum Cruci dum spiro fido are shared by Loreto students everywhere The Loreto Sisters have developed the College and its grounds into the excellent campus that it is today In 1977 it became co educational The College continues to evolve develop and adapt to change whilst preserving its core values of spirituality and excellence From September 2013 the school no longer admits pupils using Academic Selection but has retained its status as a Voluntary Grammar In September 2017 Loreto College began a phased expansion to a school of 1080 pupils The Loreto Philosophy of Education The Loreto Philosophy of Education embraces the following five core values and strives to make Loreto educational communities centres where these values are lived out each day Freedom Refer all things in your life to God You will find inner peace and the freedom to respond creatively to the needs of others Justice Be in right relationships with all created things You will live in integrity and wholeness Sincerity Be such as you appear and appear such as you are Truth Joy Seek for truth reflect critically and seek answers to crucial questions Have an attitude of mind and disposition of heart that opens you to life Be optimistic hopeful courageous open welcoming good humoured and self accepting The College welcomes pupils and parents from other faith backgrounds Their participation and commitment to the life of the College bring enrichment tolerance and respect Spirituality and Excellence 6

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Spirituality and Excellence Mission Statement The College is committed to reflecting the an understanding that if knowledge values attitudes and moral perspective is to become wisdom it must be which are consistent with a Christian combined with moral values and conscience and with the teachings of the humility Catholic Church We seek to know and respect each pupil as an individual person The College actively encourages within a caring school community initiative and positive leadership These qualities lead pupils to grow in freedom The College acknowledges that parents and to an awareness that they are are the first and foremost educators of personally responsible for the choices their children The close partnership they make At the same time the between school and home is recognised College cultivates a sensitivity towards as an essential element of both pupil the needs of society and an awareness welfare and the success of the College of the inequality of opportunity within the human family as a whole We encourage pupils to strive for the highest standards in all aspects of their Loreto College strives to develop school life To facilitate this the College sincere free and caring citizens who are promotes a disciplined atmosphere sensitive to the needs of others We in which mutual respect is fostered encourage our pupils to approach life and within which effective teaching in a thoughtful reflective and discerning and learning can take place Although manner and to be both willing and able high academic standards are pursued to play their part in the betterment of they are not regarded as an end in society themselves Pupils are guided towards Fill your mind with everything that is true everything that is noble Phil 4 8 9 7

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Spirituality and Excellence Spirituality Dimension In the midst of the hustle and bustle of school life we provide opportunities for our pupils to reflect on their lives individually or as a member of a class or group This reflection includes cherishing the Catholic Ethos and tradition of the College and promoting the spiritual dimension of the students lives Spirituality is seen as an integral part of school life and takes the form of formal Religious Studies classes and examinations as well as a range of other spiritual elements of College life These spiritual elements include Morning assemblies organised and presented by the pupils Celebration of Mass for pupils throughout the year Prayer services in accordance with the Liturgical calendar 8 Class and group retreats St Vincent de Paul Justice League The Pope John Paul Award We are fortunate in Loreto College to have a wonderful Chapel at the heart of the school which is a place where students can quietly reflect on their lives away from the frenetic pace of school life Mass is celebrated during Advent and Lent and students often drop in for some moments of prayer and peace Our hope is that the pupils will make their own the faith that you the parents have handed on to them which has been an integral part of the history and tradition of the College over the last 85 years and which our students will cherish with love and charity

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Spirituality and Excellence The Loreto Prayer Lord Jesus we are young and the world is opening up before us There are many paths that we could take help each of us choose the one that is right Stay with us be our companion on the road We ask for your blessing on our families and friends healing for those who are sick or troubled guidance for the decision makers of the world and a change of heart for those who hurt others and cause destruction For ourselves let us know clearly the work which you are calling us to do in life This day is full of promise and opportunity help us to use it well Keep us from any word that would hurt or belittle anyone May we be courteous and helpful to others and May our thoughts and prayers be pleasing to you Amen 9

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Spirituality and Excellence Aims of the College What the College strives to achieve stems directly from the Loreto Educational Philosophy The aim of the College is to create a caring and community environment in which students can grow and mature spiritually intellectually socially emotionally and physically To facilitate this growth the College aims to provide a balanced and broadly based curriculum accessible to all students both in the classroom and in the many extra curricular activities which the College promotes More specifically the College aims to provide the environment in which students may experience and develop the Catholic faith promote understanding of and respect for the faiths traditions and cultures of others provide opportunities to pursue excellence in all areas of school life provide students with opportunities to develop initiative independence and critical thinking 10 provide opportunities for students to experience enjoyment and a sense of achievement foster a sense of self esteem prepare students for the world of work and leisure and guide them in the making of lifestyle decisions within a Christian value framework foster in students a willingness to help others and a desire for a just society educate students as citizens of the world who will aesthetically appreciate and actively protect their environment encourage students to play a full part in the life of their parish and local community encourage the development of physical and manipulative skills in both vocational and leisure contexts create a caring and disciplined environment which provides for the pastoral care of all students in an atmosphere of mutual respect encourage parents to be supportive of the College in the education of their children

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Spirituality and Excellence Homework Homework is an extension of school work which is completed after school hours It has several educational purposes It reinforces work done in class It allows pupils to test their powers of recall and learning It prepares pupils for work to be done in the future It develops a habit of independent study Guidelines Parents Pupils The amount of homework set will increase as pupils progress from Years 8 14 In Key Stage 3 pupils may expect to get approximately 10 hours of homework per week Senior pupils spend a minimum of 15 hours on homework each week The following is a guide KS3 Yr 8 10 11 2 2 hrs per night KS4 Yr 11 12 2 21 2 hrs per night KS5 Yr 13 14 3 hrs per night Pupils record all homework in homework diaries Parents are asked to check that these are maintained and that homeworks are completed Homework may take various forms such as writing learning research planning or drawing It may include coursework for assessment Study and revision should be part of a good homework schedule A pupil is never able to say I have no homework 11

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Spirituality and Excellence Pastoral Care Pastoral Care in the College is an expression of the philosophy and vision of the school to educate for wholeness and dignity In practical terms this means respect for the dignity of each person in the school commitment to the fullest development of the unique gifts and qualities of all students provision of an environment in which students may experience and develop their Catholic faith awareness of the home and local environment in which the students broader education takes place identification of the school support systems needed for the development of students in terms of wholeness and dignity and to deal with problems and difficulties effective liaison with external agencies in order to support students in any needful situation communication participation and collaboration between home and school policies and practices which promote wholeness dignity and growth All members of staff teaching and non teaching are involved in pastoral care through all their contacts with students The school itself is a pastoral institution Form Teachers have a special responsibility to know the members of their form classes as individuals Likewise Heads of Year seek to know each member of their year group and to monitor and encourage their development as they progress from Y8 to Y12 The Head of Year works closely with Form Teachers Senior Staff and parents to provide for the pastoral welfare of all students in his or her care Pastoral Care is implicit and explicit in its expression It is an integral part of the school s ethos and curriculum Formal teaching of Personal and Social Education occurs in three weekly Form Periods in Key Stage 3 including Learning for Life and Work LLW and two weekly Form Periods in Key Stage 4 including LLW Classes follow a programme of Personal Development and Life Skills Each student is interviewed once a term by his or her Form Teacher 12

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Spirituality and Excellence Liaison with parents plays a vital role in the school s Pastoral Care Policy This takes the form of an Open Night for the Parents of first years regular Parent Teacher Meetings and communication between staff and parents about the progress and development of individual pupils as required Staff Development in Pastoral Care is fundamental to the success of the school s policy In service days are regularly devoted to the acquisition of skills in Pastoral Care and teachers attend relevant courses on many aspects of the subject Citizenship and Relationship and Sexuality Education form important aspects of the Pastoral programme It is the school s policy that Pastoral Care should be monitored and evaluated Dealing with Bullying The College will do everything possible to protect pupils from becoming either perpetrators or victims of bullying as outlined in the AntiBullying Policy In the Pastoral Care Programme pupils are made aware of the various forms which bullying may take and the circumstances in which it tends to occur The Discipline Policy outlines the behaviour which is expected and all students staff and parents are encouraged to be vigilant in the recognition and reporting of bullying incidents Sanctions are administered in accordance with the Discipline Policy of the College Child Protection Policy The College will do everything possible to protect pupils from abuse or risk of abuse Because they are in regular and frequent contact with children members of school staff are particularly well placed to observe outward signs of abuse or to be aware of unexplained changes in behaviour or performance which may indicate abuse All members of staff are asked to exercise vigilance in their observations of pupils so that important signs are not overlooked The designated and deputy designated teachers for child protection are Mrs S McCarry and Mrs F Pepin respectively A full copy of our policy on Child Protection is available from the school office 13

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Spirituality and Excellence A Consistently High Performing School with a Specialism in Science 14

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Spirituality and Excellence Summary of Academic Achievements Summer 2020 GCSE 100 achieved 5 grades at A C 92 1 achieved 7 grades at A C 90 achieved 7 grades at A C including Mathematics English 44 of all GCSE grades were either A or A 72 3 of all GCSE grades were A B A Level 100 achieved 2 grades at A E 96 2 achieved 3 grades a A C 84 4 of all grades were A B 96 of Y14 students went on to higher further education including gap year pupils Y13 All Year 13 students sat AS Levels 34 of Y13 students sat AS levels in 4 subjects 100 achieved 3 grades at A E 71 achieved 2 grades at A C 87 achieved 3 grades at A C 71 of all grades were A B A Summary Booklet of examination results is enclosed at the front of the prospectus Subject choice available Aggregate public examination results School Leavers Destinations Number of Applications received and applications granted Examinations At the end of Year 12 students are entered for GCSE examinations NICCEA as well as for some Vocational and Occupational qualifications In Year 13 students are entered for AS examinations and on completion of Year 14 students are entered for A Level examinations Some students take Vocational qualifications alongside or instead of A Levels 15

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Loreto C Spirituality and Excellence hat t l o o h A Sc nce e l l e c x sE inspire The pupils attain high standards in Public Examinations these reflect the high expectations they set themselves Ins 16 p te a r o ect success fulfilment

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College Spirituality and Excellence A Nur t ur ing S ch o o l Our defining characteristic is our unique Loreto Ethos which makes us a warm friendly welcoming and inclusive school all e v o b is a o t e r o L ol o h c s y a happ are s l i p u p where o be t d e g challen hat they st t the be here w e b can d n fi l l i they w friendship and fun 17

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LORETO COLLEGE ALUMNI Excellence How Spirituality Loreto and made our dreams come true Dervla O Kane At Loreto I learned that that you need to work hard to achieve your goals and dreams and the school provided support and guidance to help me get where I needed to go Dr Martin O Kane Loreto College Coleraine has had a powerful impact in delivering the skillset required to realise my dream to study medicine and become a doctor It is an amazing school which delivers the highest level of education in a warm and encouraging atmosphere As well as a strong academic achiever Loreto also encouraged my skills as a public speaker and to take on leadership roles which I have found invaluable now as a GP of almost 20 years as a Queens University undergraduate GP tutor and GP post graduate trainer As the Portrush RNLI lifeboat medical advisor this career has also allowed me to give something back to the community which Loreto encourages throughout your time at the college Aisling O Kane Attended Loreto 2006 2013 Where I m at now 3rd Year PhD Student in Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge Loreto helped me to achieve my dreams through igniting my passion for earth science from a young age and supporting me to get to university where those dreams became a reality 18 Maeve Fisher I believe that my years at Loreto have helped to shape me as a person and my achievements The friends I made the excellent teaching and pastoral support received the focus on being the best you could be and the strong sense of communitythese things are still with me almost 20 years after leaving Loreto I now work as a Senior Associate at Mills Selig legal practice in Belfast Kate McLaughlin I left Loreto in 2017 I m currently in my final year at Newcastle University studying Modern Languages I had the opportunity to study Mandarin for two years and take up learning Italian all whilst continuing with Spanish Hopefully after graduation I can resume plans to spend time abroad I discovered my love of languages during my time at Loreto and was lucky to have teachers who encouraged and supported me Loreto was the ideal environment for my development and I will always remember my time there fondly Just like my sister Eilish said you may leave Loreto but Loreto never leaves you A line as true as it is corny Tracy Loughrey Loreto helped me to achieve my dreams in so many ways I have vivid memories of my seven years as a Loreto student the warm and welcoming atmosphere the beautiful Convent chapel and grotto and the hardworking dedicated staff who inspired me each and every day and empowered me to find a career that I loved Teaching I am now teaching English and French in my alma mater and I never thought for one moment when I sat in my Languages classroom in the 80s that I would find myself in that same room many years later on the other side of the desk This is why I chose to send my child to Loreto Coleraine I knew that he would be learning in a fabulous school he would be encouraged to work hard to give of his best and to care for others just like I was You could say that Loreto holds a very special place in my heart and I am very proud to be a past pupil a teacher and a parent of a student in this impressive school Yes Loreto On The Hill helped me to achieve my dreams in so many ways Conchur Dowds My seven years at Loreto were instrumental in shaping me and helping me to grow into the person that I am now I discovered my abilities pursued my passions and found friends for life Needless to say I wouldn t be where I am today if it weren t for my time at Loreto I now work as a journalist and newsreader at ITV Belfast Rosanna McAleese Loreto helped me achieve my dreams by giving me the confidence to be proud of and embrace who I am It provided me with a safe community where I was able to work hard to achieve my goals whilst never losing sight of the importance of my own happiness and the happiness of those around me I look back on the laughs and the friendships the school shows and the sports matches and every lesson in between with such fondness and gratitude I now work for Arthur Cox Solicitors in Dublin following a year working in Wall Street New York Joe Diamond I graduated from Loreto College Coleraine in 2008 having completed 7 memorable years I made some fantastic friends which I still have today I successfully completed my A Levels in 2008 I would not have been able to do this without the guidance and support from my excellent teachers I am now a solicitor in Macaulay Wray having graduated from Queens University Belfast in 2012 and the Institute of Professional Legal Studies in 2014 I owe Loreto a debt of gratitude for helping me realise my dreams Brona O Kane Loreto helped me achieve my dreams by Encouraging me at each stage and helping me with the choices to be made Offering a varied extracurricular programme which started me on the road to achieving a good work life balance Encouraging each of us to always look out for each other There was such a strong bond within our year group

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Spirituality and Excellence 2020 GCSE Summary of Results Entered for 7 or more Subjects Achieving Grades A C 7 or more 100 Achieving Grades Achieving A C 7 or more Grades A C inc Maths English 5 or more 92 1 92 1 Achieving Grades A G 5 or more 100 100 of all GCSE Grades were either A or A 44 2020 GCE AS Level Summary of Results Number of pupils in of Year 13 of those pupils achieving AS Level Course students sat AS levels 2 or more passes of all Grades in 4 subjects at Grades A E were A B 83 34 100 71 2020 GCE A Level Summary of Results Number of pupils in Final Year of A Level Course of those pupils achieving of all grades 3 or more 2 or more were either passes passes A B grades at Grades A C at Grades A E of those pupils who went on to Higher Education including gap year pupils 78 96 2 100 84 3 96 Leavers Destinations Year 14 OF LEAVERS GOING TO Number of Leavers from Years 12 13 Higher Gap Further 14 for 2019 2020 Education Year Education Other School Employment 124 59 7 2 4 26 6 7 3 4 0 19

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Spirituality and Excellence The Curriculum The curriculum on offer at Loreto College is broad and balanced providing our students with the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects in line with the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum Students are encouraged to develop fully their skills and talents and to become autonomous learners Key Stage 3 Pupils entering Year 8 will be assessed using the Cognitive Ability Test to allow for appropriate streaming and or setting Along with Cross Curricular skills Communication Application of Number and ICT Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities will be incorporated into subject areas Key Stage 4 GCSE Subject Choices will be made at the end of the Year 10 in consultation with Subject teachers Parents and the Careers Department All pupils study a core curriculum of English Maths Science Religious Education Non Exam Modules Pupils can choose from the following subjects Most pupils take a minimum of nine GCSE s 20 20 Child Business Single ICT Development Communication Award Systems Science Occupational studies are also offered in a range of subjects and may include Learning for Life Work General PE Careers Art Further Biology Chemistry Design Maths Digital Double Award Drama Economics Technology Science English French Geography History Literature Home Computing Irish Music Economics PE GCSE Physics Spanish Technology Child Care Using Office Technology Bench Joinery Computer Aided Design Electrical Wiring Electronic Circuit Construction Contemporary Cuisine Patisserie and Baking Sports Leadership Running a Leisure Event

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Spirituality and Excellence Students will choose three or four A Level subjects from the following Art Biology Chemistry Design Design Technology Economics English English Language Literature Further Geography Maths AS French Government History Politics Home Computing Irish Economics Mathematics Music Physics Religious Spanish Theatre Education Studies Post 16 Curriculum Offer Students entering sixth form normally take GCE AS Level in 4 subjects These will be taken at AS Level at the end of Year 13 Three of these subjects will be continued into Year 14 The most able students will study 4 A Levels at A2 A general range of enrichment courses are also on offer to our A Level Students Other Enrichment Courses Careers Education Physical Education Religious Education Work Experience Coleraine Area Learning Partnership CALP The College continually adjusts its KS4 and KS5 Curriculum in line with changing academic needs and interests of our students Additional subjects may be accessed via collaboration with our Partner Schools in the Coleraine Area Learning Partnership 21

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Spirituality and Excellence School Uniform School Uniform The College s uniform is very distinctive and when worn well is very attractive It readily identifies our students with the college and as such makes a significant contribution to the image of the school The wearing of the school uniform including blazer is therefore compulsory as is PE uniform Parents who are receiving Income Support or Income based Job Seekers Allowance are entitled to assistance towards the purchase of school and PE Uniform Application forms can be obtained from the Education Authority Headquarters Boys Uniform School Blazer V Neck Pullover Black Trousers Blue Shirt Tie Black Shoes NOT TRAINER STYLE SHOES Boys PE Uniform Blue Shorts School Football Shirt Football Socks Trainers School Sweatshirt 22 Girls Uniform School Blazer V Neck Pullover Skirt Blue Blouse Tie Flat Black Shoes Girls PE Uniform School Games Blouse School Games Skirt White Socks Trainers School Sweatshirt

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Spirituality and Excellence Careers The aim of Careers Education in the school is to help pupils acquire the skills attitudes and values which will enable them to identify their gifts and to use them to select a fulfilling and worthwhile career Through a systematic and ongoing programme of Careers education pupils develop knowledge and understanding of themselves and others as individuals knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live the career opportunities available and the routes of entry to them the skills and personal qualities needed to manage their career development including the ability to make considered choices formulate and implement career plans and cope with the transition from school to higher education and adult life More formal Careers Guidance begins in Year 10 when pupils select their subjects for GCSE The Careers teacher parents subject and form teachers are all involved in assisting the pupils to assess their ability in particular subjects and to see the implication of subject choices on subsequent Career opportunities The Careers teacher visits the class groups and also offers individual counselling In Years 11 and 12 pupils have timetabled Careers classes one period every two weeks They are given an understanding of the world of work the structure of industry and commerce labour market information and job application skills Pupils are actively involved in personal research and decision making either in context of A AS level subject choices or in selecting Further Education courses One member of the Careers department has particular responsibility for the Early School Leaver those who transfer after GCSE Extensive use is made of computer assisted learning through the Pathfinder and Odyssey Programs and University and Further Education websites They are also interviewed by a Careers Officer from the Department for Employment and Learning Year 12 pupils take part in an Interview Skills Day in the Spring term Post GCSE counselling is available in school after results are received in August In Years 13 and 14 Careers is taught in small groups in timetabled Careers classes of one period every two weeks Careers staff are also available for individual consultation Contact with employers representatives from Higher Education and from other relevant agencies is provided through a series of fortnightly lectures by visiting speakers through attendance at University Open Days and through the Work Experience programme Application to University is processed electronically through the UCAS Apply system and CAO Trial Interviews are arranged for Year 14 during which each student is interviewed by a panel of professional people The strong links we maintain with former students in the professions and in universities are of considerable benefit to our present students Post A level counselling is available in the school after the results are received in August With website access to the vacancy list for Universities and Colleges of Higher Education and information on local universities we offer our students prompt and up to date information and guidance on getting placed The College has a Careers Suite with a wellequipped up to date Careers Library and resource centre Many programmes are provided in cooperation with Young Enterprise and Sentinus to all year groups 23

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Spirituality and Excellence Library The School Library is a modern up to date establishment with over 10 000 books CDs and videos 20 periodicals and a daily newspaper The resources cover all subjects taught in the school and there is also a large fiction section Opening times are from 8 30am to 4 30pm Monday to Thursday 3 15pm on Friday All pupils have access before school at breaktime and lunchtime and also after school when a supervised homework club is provided Year 8 pupils have a weekly library class which is taken by an English teacher Sixth formers also use it for private study during the school day and teachers send pupils to use the facilities during lesson time when required All material is entered on the Library Catalogue computer with an OPAC on line public access catalogue which can be searched by pupils There is access to the Internet via seven C2K network computers which can also be used for word processing and printing 24 What extra curricular activities are offered For a review of all that has gone on in the College in 15 16 and in the current year and details of the range of extra curricular activities see the College website at www loretocollege org uk

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Spirituality and Excellence Extra Curricular Activities The College encourages all of our students to participate fully in all aspects of school life to develop their special talents and to contribute positively to the outside community The School offers a full programme of activities ranging from Sports Drama Music Public Speaking and Social Justice Groups Sport The following sports are available to pupils Athletics Badminton Basketball Cheerleading Camogie Cross Country Equestrian Gaelic Football Golf Gymnastics Hockey Hurling Netball Soccer Swimming Tennis Trampolining Educational Visits The College acknowledges the benefit of learning outside of the classroom and frequently organises educational visits for example History Trip Berlin Spanish Trip Theatre Visits Art Exhibitions Science Exhibitions Exchange Visits Geography Trip Beijing 2014 Geography Trip New York 2016 Geography Trip Los Angeles and Las Vegas 2018 25

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Spirituality and Excellence Justice League SVP Embedded in the Ethos of Loreto is the aim to encourage our Students to be Agents of Social Change The Justice League Christian Life Community CLC and SVP groups engage in various activities aimed at promoting equality These activities include fund raising visiting residential homes and discussion forums Duke of Edinburgh President s Award The Silver Award is offered to students in Year 11 and Year 12 and includes physical recreation expedition and service in the community Year 13 14 Students have an opportunity to obtain a Gold Award through collaboration with Bushmills Education Centre or the Open Award Centre Drama A very vibrant Drama Club operates in the college Students perform in school concerts drama festivals and work towards the biannual school show Recent Shows Beauty and the Beast Footloose Sound of Music Phantom of the Opera Guys Dolls Music Music has a long tradition at Loreto College after school activities include the School Orchestra Traditional Group Junior Senior Choirs Both Choirs and the Traditional Group have an impressive record of success at Music Festivals and competitions Individual Tuition is offered in all orchestral instruments as well as in guitar piano and singing 26

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Spirituality and Excellence Extra Curricular Activities We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities with several clubs of activities going on after school every day Music has always been popular in Loreto and we have Junior and Senior Choirs an orchestra and two traditional groups There are also smaller ensembles and choral groups which perform at various functions throughout the year Singing and instrumental lessons are available Sport in Loreto is full of life You can get involved in our lively gaelic games club playing football hurling camogie and or ladies football You also have the opportunity to play soccer netball or get involved in cross country running with athletics very popular in the summer term You might just prefer to keep fit using our facilities for individual training Other clubs include Duke of Edinburgh s Award scheme Justice League SVP Public Speaking Debating Mandarin lessons Computer Club Trampolining A Homework Club runs after school on four afternoons each week MONDAY Library Homework Club Gaelic Yr 13 14 Mr Murtagh Computer Club Fitness Suite PE Staff Debating Mrs Mullan Yr8 14 Basketball M Harkin Camogie Yr9 14 Mr McCloskey Miss O Neill TUESDAY Library Homework Club Orchestra Mr Gallagher Mr McCann Computer Club Netball Yr 8 Mrs McCullough Gaelic Yr 10 Mr Murtagh Yr 8 12 Maths Club Mr Collins Mr Black Library Mandarin Mrs Mullan Fitness Suite PE Staff WEDNESDAY Library Homework Club Fitness Suite PE Staff Computer Club Gaelic Yr 13 14 Mr Murtagh Netball Yr 9 10 Ms Wilson Miss O Neill Yr13 14 Justice League Mrs McCool Senior Choir Mr McCann THURSDAY Library Homework Club Trampolining Miss Reid Computer Club Yr 10 Gaelic Mr Murtagh Fitness Suite PE Staff Mandarin Mrs Mullan Netball Yr 11 14 Mrs McCullough Junior Choir Mr McCann FRIDAY Computer Club Cross Country Running Mrs McBroom Contact Mr Byrne or your Form Teacher for more information For Hurling details contact Mr Boyle 27

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Spirituality and Excellence Charges made by the College The Board of Governors is required by the Education Reform NI Order to establish its own Charges and Remissions Policy This policy will operate for the incoming Financial Year and will be subject to monitoring and review Capital Fees The Board of Governors levies a capital charge of 100 in respect of each pupil at the school for the purpose of meeting expenditure on the provision or alteration of school premises equipment provided in connection with the provision or alteration of school premises This fee is payable by 18th June for Year 8 pupils 4th September for Years 11 14 pupils 6th November for Years 9 10 pupils This charge is not remitted in any circumstances 28 Education Charges will be made in respect of residential and non residential activities which take place wholly or more than 50 outside school hours when the child s participation has been agreed in advance by the parent The charge will include the cost of travel admission fees materials books and equipment and where appropriate board and lodgings There will be no remission of charges in any circumstances Examination Entries Approved Public Examinations The Entry fee is paid by the school for a pupil to sit once any GCSE A Level subject A Level module or AS Level for which the school prepares the pupil Any other Examination Entry fees are the responsibility of the pupil

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Spirituality and Excellence Individual Tuition in Music Optional Extras Instrumental and singing lessons are provided subject to the personnel resources available to prepare students for examinations Trinity College and Guildhall respectively The fee of 410 is payable in advance in two instalments These charges will not be remitted Where parents indicate their wish to have pupils attend Open Days Art Exhibitions etc they must meet the full cost of the outing and such monies must be paid in advance There will be no remission of charges in any circumstances Transport Transport will be provided free of charge where such transport can be classified as necessary to the education provided for the pupils eg Fieldwork in Geography Biology etc School Property Parents are asked to pay for repair or replacement of damaged fabric furnishing or equipment where this damage is the result of their child s behaviour Practical Subjects A charge will be made for ingredients and materials used by a pupil where parents indicate in advance a wish to own the finished product Board and Lodging on a Residential Trip i The Board of Governors will charge for board and lodging where a non optional school activity involves pupils spending a night or nights away from home In such cases parents in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance or Family Credit may apply to the school to have such charges remitted ii Charges for board and lodging on a residential trip considered to be an optional extra will not be remitted Voluntary Contribution If the grants payable by DENI do not cover expenses incurred by the school parents will be asked to give a voluntary contribution 29

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Spirituality and Excellence Lunch Arrangements In Loreto we take great pride in producing food which is nutritious appealing and attractively presented with the emphasis on healthier choices The canteen uses a Biometric cashless system with each pupil having a personalised account and is open for a light breakfast and for midday lunch The main means by which parents can pay for lunches and other charges is ParentPay This means that money can be paid online from home completely securely Bus Arrangements Pupils receive free transport provided that their home is more than 3 miles measured by the nearest available route from the school and that transport to the school is already available Application forms may be obtained from Education Authority If there is a suitable school within 3 miles of the pupils home free transport will not be provided to another school unless the school within walking distance has refused the pupil a place Senior pupils are appointed as bus prefects on all buses They are expected to maintain high standards of behaviour and are responsible to one of our Vice Principals 30

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Spirituality and Excellence Loreto College School Bus Timetable Morning Afternoon Afternoon Departure From To Service Departure Departure Departure Times No Time Times from Times from for after School Bus Station School Activities Agivey 116 08 04 15 30 15 40 17 05 Ardreagh 116 117 08 04 15 30 15 40 17 05 Articlave 134 08 25 15 25 15 45 17 15 Ballycastle 171 07 45 15 25 15 40 17 40 Ballykelly 134 143 08 20 15 20 15 40 17 30 Ballymoney 173 08 30 15 20 15 30 17 05 Ballerena 134 07 50 15 25 15 40 17 15 Castlerock 134 08 15 15 25 15 32 15 40 17 15 Downhill 134 08 15 15 25 15 40 17 15 Dungiven Feeney 124 146 08 00 08 10 15 20 15 40 17 15 Dunloy 113 173 08 10 15 20 15 30 17 05 Eglinton 134 143 08 05 15 20 15 40 17 30 Faughanvale 134 143 08 10 15 20 15 40 17 15 Finvoy 118 173 08 10 15 20 No Service 17 05 Garvagh 116A 08 10 15 20 15 40 17 05 Greysteel 134 143 141 08 10 15 20 15 45 17 30 Kilrea 116 08 00 15 25 15 50 17 05 Limavady via Magilligan 134 07 35 15 20 15 40 17 15 Limavady 134 08 25 15 20 15 40 17 15 Loughgiel 133 173 07 55 15 20 15 30 17 05 Macosquin 117 08 25 15 20 15 40 17 05 Maghera 116 08 00 15 20 15 50 17 10 Magherafelt 176 116A 07 35 15 20 15 50 17 10 Magilligan 134 08 01 15 25 15 40 17 15 Milltown 134 08 00 15 40 15 32 No Service Portglenone 115 116 07 40 15 25 15 30 No Service Portrush 140 08 05 15 25 15 50 17 20 Portstewart 140 08 05 15 25 16 00 17 30 Rasharkin 118 173 08 00 15 20 15 30 17 05 Ringsend 117 08 00 15 20 15 30 No Service Ballymoney via Loughan 178 08 20 No Service No Service 17 30 Mountsandel 178 08 45 15 33 16 00 17 00 Loughan via Mountsandel 178 08 36 15 33 No Service No Service It is the parents guardians responsibility to ensure that pupils travel safely to and from school Please check these details 31

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Spirituality and Excellence Promoting Spirituality and Excellence In all Aspects of School Life 32

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