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College is hard But you don t have to do it alone You are holding the first version of the College in Color book As you make your way through this book whether you color the pages as they relate to you or not my hope is that you are inspired in an unmatched way My hope is that as you face the hard days where you feel as though the only option is to give up you would take every part of these pictures you color as a small personal victory My hope is that you piece all of those tiny victories together and create one beautiful picture that never existed before you came along My hope is that you see your picture and feel like you are not alone that you are strong and that you can make it College is hard stressfull and no fun in black and white Let s reimagine it with hope community and endurance Whether you color one picture or the entire book my hope is that you too can imagine College in Color Jordon P s This book is meant to be a fun method of stress management but cannot take the place of professional help If you feel you are in need of professional help please seek out your school s counseling center 910 521 6219 your local Crisis Text Line or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1 800 273 8255

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Insane in the Membrane Oh the cluttered mind of a college student Mental clarity is so very important to our overall success as students Sometimes all we need to clear some space up is amoment of meditation a good movie or even a coloring book Think about what is making you feel unhealthy mentally or physically Create a plan to drop those habits or find friends who will hold you accountable to drop them My Favorite Resources

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Something new New language Piano Coding Learning something new can be terribly stressful and upsetting especially when we compare ourselves to others Give yourself a chance to learn We all learn to walk before we can run Set 1 month 3 month and 6 month benchmark goals for whatever you are learning 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months

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Something is Missing It s so easy to miss our friends back home but we have so many ways to stay connected with them A phone call Facetime maybe even a treat in the mail Who Think of a few ways to reach out to the friends you miss Write a specific date and time to send the message or make the call When How

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Don t wake me up Nobody wants to get up for that 8 am class or the 6 o clock shift on a Saturday morning A bed is much more inviting If you need to sleep more making an effort to go to bed earlier can be a huge benefit If that s not possible sometimes all you need is just a little bit of motivation in the morning Write out a morning routine to get excited about Time Wake Up

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The Past The past can easily hold us back from the progress we can make in the future It is important to know where you ve been so you can tell where you are but don t let the past stop you from moving forward and achieving the things you want to achieve Draw out three things you want for yourself in the future Look forward to the great things that you will do

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Overwhelmed So many things can stress us out Money Grades Relationships They all take the place of our happiness and sometimes it s a lot to handle Take time to meditate or pray find your grounding and tell yourself that it will be ok Take some time to sit down and write your feelings out All of the things that are getting to you become easier to manage when you can see them instead of just thinking through them

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Time Management We never seem to have enough time Time is the most elusive yet desirable asset we have as students and it all seems to just slip away Sometimes making the most of the day means working hard but sometimes it means giving yourself time to relax If you feel like you don t have enough time to do everything you need to do take 30 seconds to breathe stretch and remember that you are in control even if you don t feel like it My Stretch Routine Type of Stretch Time

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Loneliness Loneliness is one of the most destructive feelings we have When everyone else around us seems to have someone it feels like we re stuck in a bubble we can t escape from Even when it feels like no one is there for you you are never truly alone Write down a few numbers of people you can always call on If one friend isn t available just move to the next Friend If you ever feel extremely lonely or you are considering hurting yourself try calling the suicide lifeline at 1 800 273 8255 You matter so much

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Broke We all know the stigma Broke college student working to pay rent with student loan debt lurking close behind If you find yourself in a situation where money is running tight and you don t have anyone to fall back on be honest with yourself and think actively about what you need to do to keep track of that money Fewer nights out A good budget Small changes can be a big help Try creating a basic budget for yourself Figure out what you spend money on most versus what you actually make It gives serious peace of mind If you dont feel comfortable creating one on your own we suggest talking to a member of your financial aid office or downloading an application like Mint

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Roommate Probs Roommates can be the best and worst people Sometimes we get along with them and sometimes they are the bane of our dormitory existence Try to be patient kind and respectful and everything else will fall into place Don t be afraid to say the things you need to say Communication is key Write down a few things that make you angry or upset Can you talk it out with your roommate s What upsets me Can I tell them Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N

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Procrastination Waiting until the last minute is so common for many of us For the ones who are skilled at it it bolsters creativity For those of us who aren t so great at it it s a source of serious stress It doesn t have to be Divide and conquer If it is a big assignment write down the steps or pieces you need to take to finish Do them separately with some rest in between First Step Last Step

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Can t Sleep cause Homework Remember that while school is important sleep is too Sometimes the best thing to do is take a break from that paper and rest instead You can t do your best if you can t think straight Take a minute to consider the consequences of losing sleep Is your health more important than the assignment YES Maybe no

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Comparison Comparison can be extremely uplifting or extremely dangerous It can build up and ego or tear it apart Whenever you find yourself as the victim of comparison just remember that you journey is different than everyone else s Just because you feel like you re behind doesn t mean you are Sometimes you just have to love yourself Write out some words of affirmation to repeat to yourself I AM I AM I AM I AM

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F O M O Some of us love to be alone sure but for those who really enjoy being around others it s hard to take a step back and just appreciate some time alone Don t be afraid to embrace the Friday nights spent inside reading or study days on your own in the coffee shop Those times can be some of the most important and refreshing Spend some time being creative Start a new project draw a picture or write a story Sometimes time alone can be the most inspiration driven time Use the space below to get started

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Lost College is a journey There will be times that you feel stable and times that you feel lost An uncertain future can be terrifying but the road is bright Just keep travelling Write a short story about where you feel you are in life emotionally physically or even spiritually Get creative and let your mind roam

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Breakups Relationships can be extremely rewarding but sometimes the end of a relationship can be devastating Breakups are hard but we always have friends and family to lean on instead Trust that you are stronger than you may feel on your own Dream a little bit Draw where you see yourself in the future

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Deadlines Due dates and deadlines Sure they suck they re stressful and they can loom overhead without us ever being aware that they are there but they also keep us honest accountable and organized Maybe we have to just learn to love them It s ok to miss a deadline every once in a while Take a minute to free your mind meditate and get back to it Try a helpful meditation app such as Headspace or Calm They can be extremely beneficial for your overall mental health

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The Future The future is extremely daunting but it will come nonetheless We don t necessarily fear our future we fear the unknown Set goals for yourself fearlessly dive in to your passions and the future will be bright Draw a few things you want from your future Maybe it s a nice house a family and a great workplace Maybe it s not Get creative

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I Don t Get It Don t be discouraged when you don t know something or can t seem to figure out the problem set before you Do your best to understand and never be afraid to ask for help when you need it Create a resource list of friends websites professors or mentors that can help you learn You don t always have to figure it out on your own My Resources

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Bad Days Life can get heavy sometimes School will get difficult and days will be hard but there is always some sunlight after the storm Besides we would never be able to appreciate the good days as much without the bad Draw or write down three things you are looking forward to next week next month and next year Next Week Next month Next Year

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Accounting Sheep Boring class or not enough sleep We ve all been there Enjoy the nap but make sure to get notes from someone on what you missed Find a cold drink a spot to doodle or some other method of staying awake that can help you to focus and learn more If you really need a new one here s a spot to doodle

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Adulting One of the most terrifying things about growing up is learning to Adult Setting our own doctor check ups managing our own money clothing ourselves and staying up to date with all of our obligations If you aren t sure how to do or manage something it never hurts to ask someone who has been there Write out all of the things you are afraid of while trying to adult Is there anyone you can go to for help about those things What I don t know Where I can go for help

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Focus With the millions of things running through a student s mind it s so difficult to focus on one Sometimes focus just takes a little bit of dedication and discipline Some of the best ways to gain better focus are exercising more eating better and finding your element If you feel like it s truly beyond your control don t be afraid to seek out a medical professional for therapy options Spend some time on the coloring page finding the listed items Once you find them all draw in a few of your own

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Bad Grades It s so easy to get down on ourselves because of a bad grade but that grade only shows us opportunity to improve in the future Don t try to block out your feelings let those feelings motivate you to grow and do better Make a list of the things you feel went wrong and another list of things you can do better next time in order to succeed Write it down as a reminder to yourself What went wrong What I can do to improve

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Big City Dreams Most of us go to college to learn better skills get out of our hometown and make a name for ourselves Believe in yourself and that name will most certainly be made If you don t have your goals written down write them somewhere Hang it somewhere that you ll see everyday so it s hard to forget Start here

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Join The Movement If you are inspired to contribute and would like to be featured in the next edition of College in Color draw your picture on the next page and email it along with a brief description to CollegeinColor gmail com To join a communtiy of students who are changing the face of stress on college campuses go to www CollegeInColor com Let s take back our future Let s redefine how we see stress and mental health Let s imagine College in Color College in Color2018

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