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      AUGHH! its been forever since I have taken a break from this project - I do not even recall the last time I slept! Information Technology (IT) can be hard sometimes. There is a lot of work involved with being an IT specialist. It is my job to apply technical expertise to the monitering, input, and maintnence of IT systems. Sure, the job can be hard sometimes, but it is enjoyable too. My favotite part is that the company relies on me to do my job correctly, so it is always a challenge. If you want to become an IT specialist like me then you have come to the right person. It will be hard, but with my guidance, you can do it.

The World Of Information Technology


     IT revolves around computers. In fact, without them, IT wouldnt even be a thing. When you think IT, you might not think small little laptops, but the tiny little devices that talk  by using numbers are an essential for an IT specialist. so If  you want to be an IT specialist, then you are going to have to have a fast computer that has a good amount of storage.


   What Is Information Technology?

    If you want to be an IT specialist, then you are going to have to know your job. IT Is the practice of using technology and information to gain a competetive advantage. It may sound easy, but it actually couldn't be much harder. As an IT Specialist, you have to have good communication, computer knowledge, & you allways have to keep refining your work - it is almost like a game where you just keep trying to get the upper hand.

 Lets say you mastered all that I have taught you and are ready to go out and do it by your self. Next, you need to take what I call "Your last steps".  I call it your last steps because once you finish these tasks then you have almost mastered IT. First, you need to get either a bachelors or a masters degree (A masters is more prefered). Next you need to get a part time job just to get some experience before you enter the big leagues. After that you can start scheduling interviews.

Your Last Steps