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People have a thirst to experience as much life as they can, even as they can't be in all places at all times.


Social media provides a window into authentic experiences without agenda for people who can't be there.


Events are inherently authentic because of their time constraints and immersive experience. To truly experience an event, you need to consume it from many perspectives.




How do we invite the rest of the world to an event in a way that provides multiple, authentic perspectives that show joy, not agenda?


Authentic, immersive, transparent.






Brands run dozens of events over the year, building good will with those lucky few who have a proverbial 'golden ticket' to experience the event in person.


We have a platform that invites the whole world to these events.


Our platform provides a window into the authentic, transparent, time-sensitive, and multi-perspective experience that is a big event.


Our platform shows the world that where there are 'good times' to be had, the brand is right there with them.


Our platform is about being there even if you can't be there. You get to be a part of the crowd.










Focused on events that are unfolding right now.


Focused on the experiences being posted by people who are there right now, as experiences unfold.


Focused on teasing out unique stories being streamed as the event unfolds.


A passive experience for non-attending people to watch, listen, and laugh while other people 'just like them' share these experiences.


A collective experience curated from the most immersive social channels: facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, vine, meerkat, periscope, facebook live video, youtube, and more...


A way to follow the brand from event to event like the pied piper.