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This booklet will contain information about each of the individual nation-states that make up Esia

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  • Amaretatem: The nation-state of Amaretatem has always been on its own. It started as a settlement in the mountains and then expanded to the nearby river, giving reason for travel to other areas of the continent and resources. Although Amaretatem has never converged cultures with another nation, it interacts with others through trade and peaceful travel.

  • Robbie on the Roof: ROTR started out as a settlement isolated on one end of Esia from the other regions. As time progressed and nations became nation-states, ROTR expanded territory and interacted with other nation-states, particularly Amaretatem due to the closer proximity between the two.

  • Whalecity: Whalecity began on the southern coast of Esia, close to the United States of Ahlman. Because of the closeness to another nation, the two have interacted from the very start of their history. 

The Continent of Esia

Culture Groups and Interactions:

At first, all of the settlements were isolated in their particular regions. Then, our settlements began to move around and some came closer while others spread further apart. When the nation-states began to develop, there were borders put into place and treaties discussed. The trade arrangements and infrastructure connecting nation-states were decided, causing further interaction between regions. The Republic of The Republic 0 F then became involved with the rest of the continent of Esia because the island that it was on built ports for travel and trade.

  • Whalecity has strong core values of peace, faith, and freedom, and those have never been shaken by the cultures of nearby nation-states.

  • TROTR0F: TROTR0F has always been on the island off of the southern coast of Esia. It has remained isolated up until the development of its ports and communication systems. TROTR0F trades with Amaretatem

and Whalecity, exporting matches and receiving petroleum products from Amaretatem. TROTR0F has core values of kindness and generosity, and because of its isolation has not been negatively influenced by other nation-states in any way.

  • TUS of Ahlman: The US Ahlman started at the southern coast of Esia, near Whalecity and right next to the southern lake. It started as a small settlement called Adamsville and further expanded over time to become the reasonably-sized nation-state of the United States of Ahlman. The US of Ahlman exports mica and titanium primarily to Whalecity, and is looking into trade opportunities with other nation-states. TUS of Ahlman is a nation-state geared towards expansion and growth of capital. The decision of legislation is based off of the desire to gain more power and wealth.

  • -Esia Archives


Chronicle of Interactions:

  • Social: Several of the nations of Esia started out isolated from one another, but Whalecity and US of Ahlman were always in close proximity of one another. As time went on, the separated nations came closer and mingled. Eventually TROTR0F joined the rest of the continent due to the development of ports and communication methods.

  • Linguistic: All of the various languages of Esia started with a central origin language in the upper-river region. Because of this place of origin, settlers traveled down the river to the southern coast, to the mountainous areas, and even farther North to the northern tip of the continent. During their travels and development into nation-states, the original language grew and became several different languages unique to the region.

  • Economic: Once the original settlements became nation-states, trade agreements were established, causing economic interactions between them for the first time. Border treaties and trade have remained peaceful, and capital flow between nation-states remains constant.

         -Esia Archives


  • Supra-nationalism: The United Republic of Amarecity on the Roof is a supranational organization dedicated to preserving peaceful borders and trade agreements, and building strength and trust as one unit, as well as providing a constant supply of potatoes to each of the involved nation-states for delicious french fries. TURAR consists of TROTR0F, TPR of Amaretatem, TFL of Robbie On the Roof, Whalecity, and TUS of Ahlman.

  • Centripetal Forces: The common goal of peace shared between all nation-states on the continent of Esia keeps the people of the land as one. They are all working constantly to ensure tranquility and justice. The trade between regions is another centripetal force due to the common desire to expand one’s economy and build more capital. Shared origin also brings nation-states together in that they all originated from the same place. The common sense of a shared past and ancestry strikes the emotions of Esia’s residents and causes a feeling of togetherness.

         -Esia Archives




[Adam] Someone to help trade with you, Someone to help you get dough, Someone who’ll always come through. Who'll always be there. As frightened as you. I'm being Ahlman. Being Ahlman. Being Ahlman. Being A—


[Olivia] —AAAAAmeratatem where the wind comes whis’lin’ through the mountains—


[Sarah] Hello from the other side. I must've asked a thousand times, To have a partner, To trade with over here, But when I called you never seemed to be—


[Drew] Whalecity, Mr. Whalecity, Shoulda been my state, Mr. Whalecity, Cuz you can trade right by me, Sail right by me, And—


[Preston] Who does Robbie teach, To hunt and gather and fish?Preparing me to make, A very good sammich? The Robbie, the Robbie, In Esia, The Robbie, the Robbie


[All] In Esia, Esia!

[Adam] To the United States of Ahlman

[All] Esia, Esia!

[Olivia] The People's Republic of Ameratatem

[All] Esia, Esia!

[Sarah] The Republic of the Republic 0f

[All] Esia, Esia!

[Drew] The Democratic States of Whale City

[All] Esia, Esia!

[Preston] And to the Free Land of Robbie on the Roof

[All] Back to the place where we settled down first

Esia, Esia!

The countries of Esia came together to make this crest baseed soely on peace, perseverence, generosity and faith. The phrase that is above the crest, "Till death do us part," is simply stating that the countrieson this continent are bound together and will never tear apart until they are dead despite all differences.