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Coach Jeer is a surfing coach who helps young surfers get past their fear in the water.

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No Fear with Coach Jeer

Written and Illustrated by Madeline Downey

Title: No Fear with Coach Jeer

Author: Madeline Downey

Illustrator: Madeline Downey

City of Publication: Tontogany, Ohio

Copyright Date: 04/28/17

"Hi! I'm Coach Jeer. I'm here to help young surfers face their fears of the water. As they say, No Fears with Coach Jeer."

I've been coaching for about 13 years now and I'll tell ya, It's not very easy my friend. Today on my schedule, it looks like we've got a frog named PePe

"Wasaw dudes, the names PePe, but call me Pep for short. I'm here today because I heard Coach Jeer is the best in the land at helping dudes get over their fears."

Ya see, all my ancestors were surfing Gods so it's important I learn how to surf and be just as good as they were

"Wonderful story Pep, what do you say we do some sick tricks in the water now?"

I'm a little nervous but let's do it!

PePe paddled out with Coach Jeer. Just before he rode the wave, PePe cried out, "This is too scary man, I wanna get off!"

"Hey Pep, don't get down on yourself. This sport isn't easy. It's going to take at least a couple months for you to get the hang of it. Most sharks are actually afraid of humans so you'll be alright pal." Convinced Coach. 

"Okay" Pep weeped.

All within 7 months, PePe went to the Olympics for surfing and became a God, just like his ancestors. With the help of Coach Jeer, PePe faced his fears.