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February 9th, 2015

Life of an educator: 10 questions every educator should always be thinking about

1) What percent of your students are going beyond just compliance and are actually cognitively engaged in deep self-driven and relevant learning?

2) How often are students in your class offered the opportunity to move around and get 'the blood' flowing with some type of physical activity?

3) How often are kids in your class able to work in teams and work collaboratively on some type of group learning activity?


4) When was the last time you read a professional book or article and you tried something new as a result of what you read in the book/article?


5) If you had to describe the perfect and ideal classroom, what would be your top three most important characteristics?

6) How confident are you that your students could tell someone who doesn't teach what you teach specifically where they are struggling and where they are succeeding in regard to their learning?

7) Let's assume audio was recorded for an entire week in your classroom. Of all the voices that are heard during that time, whose voice do you believe would be heard the most?

8) If you eliminated all the grades in your classroom, do you think students would still actively participate and continue learning?

9) If a group of teachers from another school district who taught a similar content/grade came and observed your classroom, what do you think they would say in their post-conversation?

10) If you were the principal for the week and you got to observe every classroom in your building, what would you want to see in all the classrooms?


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¿Do you want to be part of our special show in April's party?


We are looking for a cheerful group that wants to perform the special show in April's school party. 
If you want to participate, please let us know, sending the following information to our e-mail 
- Show's content (idea)
- Participant list
- Estimated time of the performance

¿Quieres ser parte del show especial en nuestra fiesta de Abril?


Estamos en la búsqueda de un animado grupo que quiera presentar el show especial para la fiesta del mes de Abril. 



Si tienes una idea y estás interesado en participar, puedes hacerlo enviando la siguiente información al mail comunicació

- Contenido del show (idea) 
- Lista de participantes 
- Tiempo estimado para el show 

¡Our life at the school!

¡Our best wishes to our birthday peers of the week!

¡Los mejores deseos para los cumpleañeros de la semana!

Andrew Aguiniga                            Feb. 9 


Ximena Carreño                              Feb. 9


Holli Shepard                                  Feb. 9


Ma. Elena Vela                                Feb. 9


Mónica Ricaurte                             Feb. 15