Board of Directors
The Club’s distinction as one of the finest in Canada inspires us to endlessly create an experience beyond
all expectations. Now consider, how do you enjoy your Membership? On the course, on the courts, dining,
entertaining? With family, celebrating holidays, making lifelong friends, learning something new?
There are so many ways to enjoy Membership at the London Hunt and Country Club. If you would like to share
the joy of Membership with co-workers, friends or family by introducing them to the Club as potential Members
please contact Brandie Cooper, Membership and Communications Manager, for information.
Brandie Cooper
Membership and Communications Manager
519-471-2523 extension 213
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On the cover - Our beautiful property during the
winter photographed by Richard Bain.
Board of Directors
Lynne Leitch
John Sliskovic
First Vice President
Peter Hall
Second Vice President
Peter Channer
Past President
David Moore
Beth Nelligan
Frank Longo
Britta Jones
Jeff Petrie
Doug MacKenzie
Nancy Gee
Jon Nusink, CCM CCE
Chief Operating Officer
Tim McKeiver, PGA of Canada
Golf Professional
Jayson Griffiths
Golf Course Superintendent
Adam Baranowski
Director of Tennis
Tracey Machesney
Fitness Manager
Ben Eng
House Department Supervisor
Mitch Bukata
Facilities Maintenance Lead
Michael Stark
Executive Chef
Chris Carnegie
Director of Food and Beverage
Monica Mick, CPA, CA
Director of Finance and Administration
Brandie Cooper
Membership and Communications Manager
WINTER 2020/2021
2 WINTER 2020/2021
As this year draws to a close, we have an opportunity to
reflect on how successfully we faced the many challenges
presented in 2020.
Recently, I heard the chief investment strategist of a major
chartered bank describe this year as having 3 Cs – chaos,
co-existence and cure. In relation to our Club, I would say
this year has been a year of 3 As – absorbing, adapting
and adjusting.
Initially, we had to absorb the impact of the global
pandemic on our operations and the evolving public health
Next we were forced to adapt, multiple times, how we
offered our facilities and activities to our members to
secure the safety and well-being of our members and our
And finally, and most fortunately, everyone at the Club
adjusted. Our staff adjusted to a different workplace in
which they were exposed to new risks and were required
to ensure compliance with new practices. Our members
adjusted and cooperated with new expectations, rules and
Credit for the fact that we have been successful in
absorbing, adapting and adjusting throughout the past year
must be given to Jon Nusink, our General Manager and
chief operating officer. With the support of his dedicated
management team, he has ensured we safely maximized
members’ enjoyment and maintained a workplace where
our staff felt safe performing their duties.
3 WINTER 2020/2021
Our Executive Chef, Michael Stark, has been
an exceptional leader of his team and has been
responsible for introducing many innovative initiatives.
Over the last year our Head Pro, Tim McKeiver, faced
the challenge of unprecedented demand for access to
the tee. We are very grateful for how well he managed
to keep (almost) everyone satisfied (almost) all the
time. It was my pleasure to make remarks honouring
Tim’s quarter century with the Club at a celebratory
lunch with the Men’s and Women’s Golf Captains he
has worked with. The Junior programs he established,
the excellent staff he has hired, his mentorship of
eight young professionals who became Head Pros
or Directors of golf and the enthusiastic participation
in golf at our Club are impressive legacies of Tim’s
dedicated professionalism. We are very grateful for all
he has done for us and look forward to him joining us
on the course in the years ahead.
As I have noted before, our Golf Course Superintendent,
Jayson Griffiths, continued to pull the rabbit out of
the hat with his devotion to providing us with the
best possible course conditions. Jayson’s passion
for his work, his talent and expertise were evident
to all who attended, or listened to, the information
sessions we held in relation to our 2022 Golf Course
Infrastructure Refurbishment and Enhancement Project.
Financial management has required extra attention
this year and we have appreciated the attentive focus
of our very capable Controller, Monica Mick. As one
Board of Directors
Lynne Leitch
financial position, with the oversight of the Finance and
Audit Committee and Board.
As a result, the Board has approved a three per cent
increase in dues for 2021 for the Resident Shareholder
category. This three per cent increase was the result of
budgeting continued cost containment as it is expected
the Club’s operations, particularly the food and beverage
operations, will continue to be significantly impacted for
part, if not all, of 2021.
The capital expenditures approved for spending in
2021 (distinct from the 2022 Golf Course Infrastructure
Refurbishment and Enhancement Project) are budgeted
to be similar to normal allowing us consistent and
deliberate reinvestment in our Club. With the receipt of
entrance fee payments, the resulting cash position is
forecasted to increase slightly by the end of 2021.
Without doubt, it is a privilege to enjoy membership at
this wonderful Club and this privilege has been never
more apparent than this year. Our members and our
staff have adjusted well to the challenges of 2020 but
we hope, and look forward to, a less challenging 2021.
Wishing you all peace, joy and happiness, and most
importantly good health, in these trying times.
Lynne Leitch
Club President
would expect, the Club’s food and beverage operation
was the most significantly impacted by the pandemic,
with many banquet events cancelled or reduced in guest
count. Many weddings were still held at the Club, but
the celebrations were very different this year, being a
fraction of their normal size, and requiring significantly
more labour due to service restrictions. And while we
would normally be in the middle of the busy holiday
party season, the Club and many companies are just not
celebrating in the usual way, leaving the banquet rooms
largely empty this year.
Although member dining continued at levels consistent
to budget once we were able to re-open the restaurants,
(and the Club’s beverage revenue indicated that our
members were thirstier than prior years), the pandemic
restrictions resulted in a significant operating loss for
this department.
Other areas of the Club were also impacted by operational
shutdowns delaying the golf and tennis season and
cutting the spring trap and skeet season short but
management sought to make all services available as
quickly as possible when safe and permitted to do so.
With these measures, along with focused efforts on cost
containment and loss mitigation by the management
team, the Club is expected to complete the year with a
reasonably good financial position.
The Finance and Audit Committee recently held their
annual meeting to review the 2021 budget prepared
by management which was presented to the Board in
November by the Chair of the Committee. This budgeting
process was one of the most challenging the Club has
faced, with much uncertainty imposed by the various
possible impacts of the ongoing pandemic. However,
considering the 2020 experience, we are confident
management can again successfully manage the Club’s
4 WINTER 2020/2021
In Memoriam
James Morris
April 20, 1945 - November 4, 2020
William Steciuk
May 4, 1947 - November 23, 2020
Shirley Gunn
December 21, 1928 - November 13, 2020
5 WINTER 2020/2021
Looking back at the year 2020, I think we can all agree that it was one of a kind. It was full
of ups and downs, challenges, and balancing the delivery of high service standards with
new restrictions and guidelines that seemed to change weekly. Considering we didn’t have
any experience or play book going into it, we seemed to audible the plays well and for the
most part, made the right calls.
There were uncertain times when we didn’t really know what was around the corner, and
there were times we had reason to celebrate, and come together as family, and a community.
As we turn this next corner, and the page on the calendar, we can pause to look back, and
to also look forward.
As we wind down this year, we celebrate Tim McKeiver as he retires as the Club’s Head Golf Pro for 25 years. He
has mentored many, taught even more, and engrained himself into the fabric of the club. An integral part in making
the Club what it is today.
I remember Tim’s first season as the new “young” Head Pro in 1995. He had more hair back then, and through the
years, I always felt that he brought a calm demeanor, a view of the bigger picture, and was always a true gentleman.
I will miss our problem solving chats in his office, but I know we can still lean on him for wisdom when we need him.
We wish him the best of luck in the new chapter of his life.
I would also like to congratulate Maria Torres from our Clubhouse Maintenance Department who is retiring at the
end of the year. Maria originally moved to London from Honduras 2001 to be closer to her son who relocated prior.
She served the Club faithfully for 17 years taking care of laundry, house keeping, and the women’s locker room.
Now, she has earned the right to put her feet up and relax. Congratulations!
Each year, at the Staff Christmas Party, we recognize our quinquennial award winners. This year I am happy
to congratulate our 5 year employees who are Breanne Mackenzie, Bailey Sherrah, Zach Rudell, and Anthony
Varricchio from Food and Beverage. Stephen Green from the Greens Department, our Fitness Manager Tracey
Machesney, and Nicole Nicholas in Culinary.
Matt McKenzie has been helping to maintain our tennis courts for 15 years now, and last but not least, Mark
McCallum, our legendary Greens Equipment Manager has rounded the 35 year milestone. Please see Jayson’s
wonderful acknowledgement of Mark later in this issue.
Congratulations to all of our quinquennial award winners, I regret not celebrating in person this year.
Recently, I was humbled to receive many messages from staff thanking me and the Members for providing them
with a meaningful job this year and explaining what an honour and experience it was to them. The fact is, it was
an exceptional year, under challenging circumstances, and I am proud to work with such a dedicated and hard
working crew. I have said it before, but this year confirmed that I am so very honoured and humbled to be granted
leadership of a group of 160 dedicated professionals that take pride in their work, and the Club every single day.
Jon Nusink, GM/COO -
6 WINTER 2020/2021
A special thank you to all the Members who generously contributed to the voluntary grat fund in the fall. We had
a 51% increase in the amount given with 111 member families participating, totalling $28,800. This resulted in an
extra 73 cents per hour, for hours worked between April and September for 70 front line, and behind the scenes
employees. The Staff were very thankful for this kind gesture.
2020 was an exceptional year for use of the Club’s facilities. Now that the golf and tennis seasons have concluded,
I am happy to share the extent of use. Golf saw an overall increase in rounds over last year of 35%, even with
a late start to the season. It was interesting to see that while only 14% of golfers played fewer rounds in 2020
compared to 2019, 50% played 50% more golf, and 30% played over 100% more golf! Due to the extra demand
on the tee, the Golf Committee, along with Management and the Board are considering ways to manage tee time
availabilities for 2021.
Annual Golf Rounds
Month 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Di YoY %
1030 1061 235 579 0
4078 5035 4696 4220 3095 -27%
4864 4386 4931 5180 7167 38%
4807 5112 5124 5558 6985 26%
4399 4638 4816 5007 6992 40%
3497 3975 4041 4133 5995 45%
1986 2130 1572 1964 4001 104%
439 98 66 34 1816 5241%
Total Rounds
25100 26435 25481 26675 36051 35%
Annual Tennis Games
Month 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Di YoY %
1091 1271 173 599 0
4216 3602 3002 3361 1320 -61%
3625 3820 4155 4067 5273 30%
4818 5418 4935 5559 5232 -6%
4544 4240 4575 4359 4724 8%
2589 3196 2917 3231 5078 57%
1421 1743 855 1124 3336 197%
0 0 0 0 1359
Total Games
22304 23290 20612 22300 26322 18%
And now looking forward, we are excited to be continuing our work with the Golf Course Infrastructure Refurbishment
and Enhancement Project. At this time, we are beginning the tender process for select contractors. Our friends at
Hurdzan Golf will be fine tuning the specifications and drawings, and we look forward to reporting our progress to
everyone in the new year.
We were very happy to welcome some great new members to our Club family the last 4 months:
Mr. Michael Ayres and Mrs. Taunya Dufour are new Resident Shareholders. Michael is Vice President and
Investment Counsellor with CIBC Private Wealth Management and Taunya is a Clinical Counsellor by profession
who is currently staying at home with their two young daughters. They were proposed by Bradley Smith and
7 WINTER 2020/2021
and seconded by Jordan Crampton.
Mr. Matt Parr and Dr. Jenny Parr are new Resident Shareholder Members. Matt is an Accredited Mortgage
Professional following two decades with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, most recently as a Senior Director, Strategic
Initiative Deployment. Jenny is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine with Schulich School of Medicine, and
Hospitalist and Emergency Room Doctor at Strathroy General Hospital. They are joining with their eight year old
son and were proposed by Marcia and Kelly Roberts and seconded by Jay and Diane Nash.
Stephen and Yvette Stapleton are new Resident Shareholders joining with their sixteen year old son. Stephen is
Vice President and Partner at Auburn Developments Inc. and Yvette is a retired Early Childhood Educator. They
were Proposed by David Cousins and Seconded by Jamie Crich.
Brian and Melissa Pszeniczny are new Intermediate Members. Brian is a Founding Partner at Affiniti Wealth and
Melissa is the Lead Physician at Elmdale Family Heath. They join with their infant daughter and were proposed by
Cam Law and seconded by Richard Cane.
Andrew and Emily Fard are new Resident Shareholders joining with their five year old daughter and two year old son.
Andrew is a founding partner at Affiniti Wealth. Emily has a bachelor’s degree in Media Information Technoculture
and divides her time at home with their two young children and at the Affiniti office. They were proposed by Cam
Law and seconded by Richard Cane.
Jamie Pszeniczny and Lauren Martin are new Intermediate Members. Lauren works at Canada Life in Sales Support
and Marketing Operations and Jamie is a founding partner at Affiniti Wealth. They were proposed by Cam Law and
Seconded by Richard Cane.
Ryan Hodge and Sandra Tavares are new Resident Shareholder Members who own and operate The Realty Firm
Inc. which focuses on residential and commercial sales. They join with their three sons ranging in age from 8-14.
They were proposed by Jamie Campbell and seconded by Colin Nash.
Craig and Dana Gilchrist are new Non-Resident Members. Craig is a Senior Vice President, Managing Director and
Head of ScotiaMcLeod and Dana is an artist. They join with their thirteen and ten year old daughters. They were
proposed by Jeff Petrie and seconded by John Makins.
Kathy Parker is a new Resident Shareholder and past Tennis Associate. She is retired from a career as Director of
Sales and Service for Southwestern Ontario with Bell Canada and has held executive positions at London Health
Sciences Foundation and CultureWorks ESL. She was proposed by Britta Jones and seconded by Janet Stewart.
Paul Dickie and Cathy Couture are new Resident Shareholders. Paul is a retired family physician who made the
move from Tennis Associate Membership and Cathy is a clinical lead nurse at Thames Valley Family Health. They
were proposed by Rod Dale and seconded by Frank Longo.
Heinz and Janet Mayr are new Resident Shareholders. Heinz is a retired physician born in Austria who now works
part-time in the field of addiction medicine and Janet is a retired registered nurse. They were proposed by Rod Dale
and seconded by Maurice Pellerin.
Jim Sheffield and Mary Forbes are new Resident Shareholders. Jim is the president and a principal with the firm
Nicholson and Sheffield Architects Inc. and Mary is a teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board. They
were proposed by Britta Jones and seconded by Marcia Roberts.
David and Andrea McLay have been Tennis Associates for 15 years who have made the move to Resident
Shareholder Membership with their twenty-two year old daughter. David is the President of Keyline Industrial Ltd.,
a distributer of occupational health and safety where Andrea assists. They were proposed by Craig Richardson and
seconded by Peter Hall.
8 WINTER 2020/2021
Dean Code and Anne McKillop-Code are new Resident Shareholders with their twenty-three year old son. Anne is
a retired high school teacher and Dean is golf professional and retired business manager for Joseph A. Scott. They
were proposed by Marcia Roberts and seconded by Jordan Crampton.
Paul and Jacqueline King join as new Resident Shareholders. Paul is a Chartered Professional Accountant and
Partner at Ford Keast and Jacqueline is a retired nurse. They were proposed by Glenn MacKinnon and Seconded
by Michael Davies.
Brian and Catrine MacDonald join as Resident Shareholders with their twenty-three year old son Erik. Brian is Chief
Operation Officer at Siskinds LLP and Catrine is with the Thames Valley District School Board. They were Proposed
by Craig Clarke and Seconded by Mike Peerless.
Michael and Celia Rigato are also making the switch from Tennis Associate Membership to Resident Shareholder
Membership. Michael is Vice President Advanced Advisory Practices at Canada Life and Celia is a retired teacher.
They were proposed by John Sliskovic and Seconded by Craig Richardson.
Patrick and Sherry Hogan are new Resident Shareholder Members who have been running their own business,
Nameta North America Corp. since 2000. They were proposed by Brad MacDougall and Seconded by Stan Fisher.
Michael and Kelly O’Reilly are new Resident Shareholders joining with their son Curtis and daughter in-law Sam.
They run their own business KMO Consulting Inc. and were proposed by Brad MacDougall and Seconded by Ted
Jason Pritchard and Holly Beckley are new Resident Shareholders joining with their ten year old son. Jason is a
Corporate Sales Director and Holly is a Chiropractor. They were proposed by Ted Vasahelyi and Seconded by Nitin
Tom and Michelle Miller are new Resident Shareholders joining with their Intermediate son. Tom is an Associate
Professor at the Schulich School of Medicine and was proposed by Keith Sequeira and seconded by David Nash.
Amit and Anita Shah are new Resident Shareholders joining with their sixteen year old son. Amit is an Emergency
Physician at LHSC and St. Thomas, Associate Professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine, and regional
Emergency Medicine Lead for Ontario Health in the South West region. They were proposed by Keith Sequeira and
seconded by Mike McDonald.
Please help me in giving all our new members a warm Hunt Club welcome!
Currently, our membership roster is at capacity, and the Board has initiated both the Veranda Policy and a waitlist.
Even though membership at the Club is in high demand, it is still important for all members to keep it in mind, that
the Club community is only enriched by introducing special friends and colleagues into membership. If you have
someone in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be proud to show them the Club and tell them about
everything we have to offer.
In the near future, you will receive a link to participate in our annual Member Satisfaction Survey. This year will
be a shorter version which will focus on the most important hot topics at the Club, and help us bench mark against
previous years, and other similar clubs. I hope you choose to partake, your feedback is very important and help us
focus our attentions strategically as we strive to provide a second to none membership experience.
The holiday season will be different for all of us this year as we celebrate together…apart. If looking back over the
past year has taught us anything, it is the importance of looking ahead to a time when we are together again. Until
then, on behalf of the Staff and Management of the Club, we wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.
9 WINTER 2020/2021
Bruschetta and Bay Scallop Fettucine
Photo credit: Saleme Fayad Photography
As Covid-19 persists, the Club’s Food and Beverage
department continues to innovate. When restrictions for dining
change so do we - our primary goal is to offer safe dining and
experiences for the membership. In the last several months
we have offered very successful golf events that allowed
tournaments to be played in a modified way that incorporated
food and beverage including live cooking stations on course to
ensure social distancing between groups. In the dining rooms
we offer socially distanced tables creating a night out in a
familiar setting for many. As for club events like Halloween we
produced a haunted house and take out package that proved
to be very popular for our Junior members. The Zoom Cooking
Classes have also commenced and continue to be a popular
choice for members.
We continue to engage our staff by inviting them to come
up with new events and ways to modify existing ones. The
membership has shown great support with events and it is
truly appreciated, our goal is to ensure the highest level of
engagement. The Food and Beverage staff of the London Hunt
and Country Club have continued to create and release these
events regularly so be sure to check the weekly eNews for
announcements regarding upcoming events and offerings.
As I mentioned, keeping the members and staff safe is our
number one priority. To ensure this, we are doing regular
sanitizing (as normal) with enhanced measures such as ULV
fogging of the kitchens and deeper sanitizing of all equipment
daily. The dining room servers are sanitizing all touch points
between tables and Chris Carnegie and his staff do an
excellent job ensuring the highest protocols are followed. We
receive constant communication from local and federal health
agencies and follow their suggestions as required. We continue
to try our absolute best to keep everyone healthy and engaged
during this terrible time.
We hope you and your loved ones are doing well and encourage
you to join us at the Club to dine, pick up take out, and/or enjoy
one of our carefully planned events. Rest assured, you are in
good (sanitized) hands.
10 WINTER 2020/2021
Michael Stark, Executive Chef,
11 WINTER 2020/2021
12 WINTER 2020/2021
Christmas and cocktails are an amazing pair and are the cornerstone of our gatherings with friends and family.
I am pleased to announce that we will be rolling out cocktail kits that are perfect for consuming with friends
and family or package as a gift! These kits will include mixing tools, 200ml to 375ml spirits, mixing liquids and
instructions on creating the beverage. We will be rolling out 5 kits to start and will add more as they become
available. The following will be our initial offerings:
Bombay Gin with Mediterranean Fever Tree Tonic
Bombay Gin with Cucumber Fever Tree Tonic
Grey Goose Cosmopolitan
Grey Goose Dirty Martini
Carolans Irish Cream (which comes with coffee mug)
Keep an eye out for availability and pricing as they become available. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday
season and we look forward to creating many more memories for you and yours in 2021!
Take a little piece of the Club home! The Food and Beverage team is happy to offer the following take-out options
for members beginning December 29, 30 and 31. The department will be closed January 1 to 7 commencing
January 8. Then we will be reopening a week early this January to serve you with take-away food and beverages.
Here are a few features we are offering to keep culinary satisfied this winter.
Sunday Family Feast
Every Sunday, our Culinary Team will put together a special family oriented dinner. The menu will be posted
online, and in the weekly eNews every Thursday. Deadline for ordering is Saturday by 5:00 p.m., for pick up on
Sunday between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
A la Carte Take-Away, Wednesday to Saturday
Our a la carte take-out menu will be available Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 8:00 p.m. Advance
ordering is much appreciated. 24 hour advance ordering is required for New Years Eve.
Market Menu
A selection of ready to cook, delicious, house-made food which are also great for the freezer. In addition, a
weekly grocery bag and butcher selection will be available. Order at least 48 hours in advance, pick up times
Thursday to Saturday 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. See the weekly eNews for the menu.
Drink Packages
Beer, wine, and beverage kits available anytime pick up is available.
Virtual Cooking Classes
Thursday evenings, all skill levels at 5:00 p.m.
Saturday gourmet classes at 5:00 p.m.
Pre-registration required See weekly eNews for upcoming menu.
Chris Carnegie, Director of Food and Beverage,
13 WINTER 2020/2021
By the middle of 1994 my ambitions were starting to change. Having a young family I needed to increase my
earnings and I needed a bigger challenge. Being the Golf Professional at The Oshawa Golf and Curling Club
was lots of fun and a great learning experience. I was grateful for the opportunity and the support I received
from the club and members but it limited me from personal and professional growth. I had been spoiled by my
experiences at The National where the focus was entirely on member experience and not strictly on the clubs
My first interview for the position of Head Golf Professional at The London Hunt Club was held at The Cutten
Club in Guelph where I met John Adams, London Hunt General Manager, and David Chalmers, a board member
at that time. I frankly don’t remember too much about that first meeting but it must have gone fairly well because
I got the call for a second interview. It was at this time that I realized that becoming the Head Golf Professional
at LHCC was a real possibility. It was time to seek some help. Ben Kern had been a boss and mentor of mine
from my time at the National Golf Club. Ben had great insight and instincts when it came to golf professionals
and golf clubs. Ben’s advice was critical to my presentation during the second interview. The second interview
took place at the Hunt Club with John Adams and a committee of 8 or 9 members. Ben had prepared me well
and the rest as they say is history.
Being offered the job and accepting was the easy part. Moving my family to London and setting up the business
was a little more of a challenge. The challenges were mostly financial, we needed to purchase a new home
and organize a business line of credit to pay for my first year’s inventory. The club could not have been more
supportive, a short term loan was established which allowed me to focus on a successful transition. By the end
of February 1995 we had moved to London and I was starting to familiarize myself with London Hunt operations
and my new colleagues.
The first few years went well. There was lots to learn and many new members to meet. Ken Girard my
predecessor was a good sounding board. Ken had been the Head Golf Professional for over 20 years and was
a great help to me in those early days. I was also fortunate to inherit an experienced Professional Staff. Bob
Dulong became the Head Professional at The Oaks, Jake Norris became the Head Professional at Firerock and
Katy Atkinson, now Katy McKeiver, pursued her passion for teaching. Each one of them were a great support
during those first few seasons. We worked long hours but it was fun. The best part of the experience for me
personally was that the club always looked forward, improving the member experience while making a great
working environment for the staff a priority.
The first major project that I was involved with was the golf course renovation in 1999. Rees Jones was hired
to reestablish his father’s vision and design from when the course had first been built in 1959. Overall the
project was well received, it certainly put the teeth back into the course and enabled the club to host some
top class amateur and professional events. All bunkers were rebuilt and some of the original tees both longer
and shorter were reestablished. We reopened the course with a number of member celebrations including a
Pro Am. A number of pros from the Senior PGA Tour attended including Kermit Zarley the winner of the 1970
Canadian Open which had been played at the London Hunt Club. The course updates allowed the London Hunt
to reestablish itself as a major player in Canadian golf. Over the next 15 years we hosted the 2006 CN Women’s
Open, the 2010 Men’s Canadian Amateur and the 2014 CP Women’s Open. These events showcased the club to
an international audience with resounding success due to the fact that we all pulled together. The membership,
staff and volunteers from the community worked together to make these events not just memorable for the
participants but for the local golfing community as a whole. Playing a small part in the success of LPGA and
major Canadian amateur events was an exhausting but very fulfilling experience. Few golf professionals in
Canada have had that kind of opportunity.
Our next major undertaking was to build the new practice areas. The club had toyed with the idea of building
a third nine holes. Robert Trent Jones had originally designed 27 holes in the late 50’s and Rees Jones was
Tim McKeiver, Head Golf Professional -,
14 WINTER 2020/2021
retained to develop a plan for the third nine. It was clear from the start that there were problems with the plan.
Some of the original land had been sold off for homes around the course and it was going to be a tight fit. This
along with the projected cost of the project made it a struggle to get the support needed by the membership.
Out of this plan came the desire to improve the practice facilities. Our old driving range had become too short
so a 40 foot net had been erected at the far end to protect the 17th hole and the tee area was far too small.
An area to the right of the 14th hole was chosen and the membership bought into the plan. We were able to
double the size of the driving range. The following year the short course and short game areas were developed.
Without question the London Hunt has some of the best practice facilities in the country.
Once these projects had been completed the board and committees turned their attention towards the clubhouse.
I believe the clubhouse renovation and expansion took around seven years from planning to completion. The
total project was by far the largest the club had taken on since moving to the current site from the University
back in 1959. During construction we moved the golf shop operations to the back room in the Tennis Chalet.
Play was from the 16th tee and finished on the 15th green. It was far from ideal but with the members help we
made it work. The stunning results of these improvements to the clubhouse, Pro Shop, gym, locker-room and
banquet areas will be enjoyed by generations of members to come.
Member events and programs have always been a strong part of the experience at the London Hunt. I am
proud of the way the Pro Shop team along with the golf committees have enhanced these events over my 25
years. It’s been a true team effort from staff and members in making these events some of the highlights of
each golf season. Both the Men’s and the Women’s Member-Member and Member-Guests are full fields and
eagerly anticipated each season. The Men’s, Senior Men’s and Women’s leagues have been and continue to be
an outstanding success. Overall these events and leagues touch hundreds of members in a positive way and
hopefully enhance their membership experience.
Over the years I have had the great pleasure to travel with members on many golf trips. Florida, Arizona, South
Carolina, California , England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, South Africa and Argentina to name a few. These trips
have allowed me not only to travel the world playing the game I love but also has enabled me to develop many
wonderful relationships. I have been very fortunate to cultivate some real personal friendships on these trips
while playing with members from the Club. As we all know London is a small place and being part of the golfing
community has and continues to be a real pleasure.
The year 2020 has been like none other. All our lives have been changed living through this global pandemic.
Earlier this year during the shutdown we wondered if golf would be available to us this season, there were so
many unknowns. It turned out we are for the most part the lucky ones. Golf has been a life line to many people,
a chance to experience some enjoyment with friends while social distancing. We have seen record numbers of
golfers get out and play in a safe environment and we should be thankful for the opportunity to have been able
to play golf as many parts of the world continue to suffer.
When you hold a position as Head Professional at a golf club for more than 25 years it will have its ups and
downs, highs and lows. I have always focused on the positive work and successes we have achieved together.
I hope in some small way I have made your experiences at the London Hunt better. The London Hunt and
Country Club has been extremely good to me and my family. It has and continues to afford us a comfortable
lifestyle. I am truly grateful to the club for all their support over the years. It is impossible to thank all the
people who have helped me during my time here but to all my colleagues, fellow golf professionals here at the
Club and throughout the golf world, members past and present, guests and visitors a heartfelt thank you. My
best wishes to Chris Lawson and family, Chris has been a truly valued assistant and friend and I wish him the
greatest success as the new Golf Professional. Of course none of this works without family. To my wife Katy
for her unrelenting support and unconditional love and to my children Kerry, Katie, Daniel and Liam you are the
reason I do what I do.
My future takes me back to my roots in the UK. I have agreed to sign on with IBT Travel ( )
who are based in Prestwick Scotland and specialize in high end golf travel from the links courses of Scotland,
Ireland and England to Palm Springs and anywhere golf is played. I will be responsible to sell these trips to my
fellow golf professionals across Canada and the U.S. I also intend to bring my golf game back into some kind
of reasonable shape. My game may not be what it was years ago but I would love to play at a standard again
that would see me playing in some senior events next summer in different parts of Ontario.
15 WINTER 2020/2021
Centuries ago, golf courses formed naturally along coastal “links land” and were
managed simply by the natural forces of wind, rain and the grazing habit of sheep
and rabbits. These early natural settings, much like today, appealed to man’s desire
for open space and recreation. Individual Green Keepers often doubled as resident
Golf Professionals, much like “Old Tom Morris” of St. Andrews, however, the need
for a trusted companion or “barn man” always existed. This individual would be
responsible for sharpening the tools, spades, repairing barrows, shoeing the horse,
and assisting in the preparation of lawn tonics of which seaweed and sand were
Much has transpired since the late 1700’s and into the 21st century…the rst
mower was the rabbit, soon followed by the scythe expertly clipping the greens
at a discernable height of 1 half inch to the reel mower of the early 19th century.
Industries desire for greater efciencies and continual improvements led to the
steam and gasoline powered engines and the demise of the horse drawn mower/
tractor. These advancements required golf clubs to soon retain highly skilled
individuals dedicated to the service, manufacture, and repair of equipment. With no
UPS or FEDEX delivery, many machinists became great mechanics as home-made
replacement parts were in demand. Fast forward to the modern advancement in
metal technologies, bed knives and the triplex mower became the standard for the
ner club’s. Mower reel technology, precision GPS, robotics and electrical engine
control systems brought added pressure to golf operations…the contour mowing of
the past was quickly replaced with staggered cuts of varying heights and patterns.
The above brings me to Mark McCallum, your Head Equipment Manager. Mark
is the “wizard” behind the curtain; a seless giant of a man who has worked at
the London Hunt and Country Club for over 3 decades. He is the glue that keeps
the seamless stage production uninterrupted, the grass constantly trimmed except
for a brief seasonal pause to inspect, diagnose, repair, and rebuild a eet of well
over 60 cutting reels. Each season these units need to be sharpened, ground, and
adjusted daily in addition to the complimentary tractors, utility vehicles, specialty
cultural tools, sprayers and modern technology that keeps a golf course running.
It is with great pride, and saudade that our greatest “hidden” asset will be retiring
sometime next season. Mark was hired in August of 1985 by the late Superintendent,
Mr. John Bennett. He came to London Hunt and Country Club as a licensed, successful
automotive mechanic seeking a change in a fresh direction…he sure has seen many
projects and changes these past 35 years as the Hunt Club has undergone subtle
evolutions both large and small. Mark told me a story about his rst day on the job
and of Mr. Bennett taking him into the “Gun Room” now “Grill Room” for a Clubhouse
tour. He asked Mark if he liked what he saw and then promptly told him to take a
good look because, it is the last time you will be allowed back into this room until you
become a Member. Tradition and Club governance has changed over the years, but
the message Mr. Bennett was trying to convey was his overall pride in the history
of the London Hunt and Country Club and the honour of service, the same continues
Jayson Griffiths, Golf Course Superintendent -,
16 WINTER 2020/2021
As many of you know, Mark manages an equipment eet valued well over $2 million
dollars and is responsible for the annual service, safety, and reliability of all these
components under nite constraints. Like a barber, the “hair” keeps growing, the
1st tee is always “on” and the demands never retract. Mark is not only a gifted
mechanic but is also an exceptional human being. He has worked for 4 Golf Course
Superintendents, 2 of which have endured heart attacks; he has seen the pressures
and stress of the job and has managed to carry the ship across his broad shoulders.
His eyes extend beyond the shop oor, often we meet and drive the golf course
each morning discussing mower set-up, clip rate, plant health, disease, cultural
strategies, and next steps days ahead. He is also a condant and a person I call a
friend and a lifelong Hunt Club supporter.
We asked Mark if he would take the 60 Second Challenge; on behalf of the entire
Grounds Team, we thank you for your support during a difcult and challenging
season for many.
First thing I do every morning:
Spend 10 minutes in our outdoor hot tub, out of bed and straight to the tub (even at
3:00 a.m. for our 4:00 a.m. starts). Helps get rid of those wake up aches and pains.
One thing everyone should do in their lifetime:
Ride a Harley from Los Angeles to San Francisco on US-1, stopping for lunch at
Mission Ranch Hotel. Absolutely beautiful.
Favourite and least favourite piece of equipment owned by the London Hunt
Favourite…Toro Tri-plex greens mower, very dependable, great quality of cut.
Least…our sprayers, very complicated interacting systems of hydraulics, and
computers all working together, powered by a computer-controlled engine.
Favourite tool in shop:
Those that have met me know I always carry a 5/8th wrench as that is what is
needed to setup most turf cutting heads. But absolutely, most favourite would be
our automated reel grinder, 17 years old now, they were state of the art when new.
Best day at Club:
Likely while hosting our 3 LPGA’s (I have been here for all of them) although a lot
of work and long hours away from family, the excitement, and ability to show off our
club to the world made it worth it.
Favourite way to spend an afternoon away from work:
Having our children and grandchildren out for a swim and BBQ, getting everyone
together is difcult (even prior to Covid-19) but always memorable.
My thoughts on future of turf equipment and my future:
Retirement is looming large after 35 years it is time, sometime in 2021 I will step
aside and someone younger can take the reins. With automated steering and spray
control now here on sprayers, completely automated mowing equipment is insight.
It will make for some exciting times and challenges ahead. The next equipment
manager will require strong computer and electrical skills.
In advance of leaving, I want to thank all members for enabling myself and my
family, a secure and fullling career here at London Hunt.
Adam Baranowski, Director of Tennis,
It’s that time of the year when the temperature has gone down to single digits. Some leaves are still hanging on
as if to say they are not ready to come down yet. With a blink of an eye the season has come to an end. And
even though we started late, we definitely have gone the distance.
With that being said I am not surprised 2020 was the busiest season in the Club’s history when it comes to
court occupancy. It has broken a record which was set back in 2012. Mainly due to the fact that people wanted
to get out and be active after being stuck indoors for months. I should mention the fact that mother nature has
been kind to us right from the start. Consistent temperatures this season as well as people staying put and
not travelling also helped drive the numbers. From early morning to late nights courts were well utilized. Days
were stretched and maximized.
All of the Women’s and Men’s Doubles Leagues, as well as some of the Singles Ladders which ran from the
beginning of June up until mid-October maintained momentum throughout. Warm and consistent temperatures
impacted our numbers. I am sure that there is no denying that we had more people playing than any other year
recorded. Even kids, who are so attached to their technology, have shown a consistent attendance in our Junior
It definitely helps when Tennis is at the top of the list of all sports when it comes to social distancing and safety.
When you have a rectangular space of 78 feet by 36 feet and net which separates the middle of rectangle,
plus, in our case, it’s played outside, no wonder as a sport we are ranked the safest. With a few slight
adjustments tennis can further diminish interactions among the players. It wasn’t until the beginning of June that
17 WINTER 2020/2021
18 WINTER 2020/2021
As we have recently welcomed another start
to the Trap & Skeet shooting season, we had
a successful New Shooter’s Day on Saturday,
November 21. Although this year will certainly
be different than in other years, the Trap
and Skeet Committee along with staff have
worked hard to be able to provide a safe and
enjoyable season while continuing the long-
standing tradition of shooting activities at the
Club. Please refer to the member website
and revised Trap and Skeet Fixtures for the
updated protocols.
The annual Sue Thompson Centennial Shoot
was held on Saturday, November 28th with
the Opening Cocktail Party held at the Main
Clubhouse after the day’s event. This event is
largely considered to be the official opening
of the season and marks the commencement
of formal competition. This event was named
after Sue Thompson who was a fixture with
the Trap and Skeet section for many years.
Sue’s daughter, Louise Belton, and her family
have sponsored this successful event since
the Hunt Club’s Centennial.
I would also like to take this opportunity to
thank Andy Grainger and Paul Inwood for all
their time and effort on the Trap and Skeet
Committee and welcome Chris Hawlik and
Brock Nicolucci who have now joined.
We look forward to seeing new faces this
season! Our regular shooting times are
Wednesdays from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and
on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
through to the end of March 2021.
Andrew Johnson, Trap & Skeet Chair -
we allowed doubles play and even then when four
players were on the court they were hardly within 6 feet
of each other unless of course like Vince Calzonetti
who hugs the net and poaches at any opportunity he
has, would leap across the court like a leopard.
It was an interesting year to say the least, but at the
same time very successful. No one had any idea how
it’s going to turn out, myself included. It reminded me
of a typical tennis match.
Going into it prepared, with a plan but in the back of
your mind not knowing how it is going to turn out. By
giving all you have, leaving nothing to chance only then
you know you did everything you could and the rest is
out of your control. Once you have that kind of mentality
and mindset you can attain almost anything.
As we take on this pandemic one day at a time, we
must remind ourselves that physical activity is more
important now than it has ever been, for two key
reasons. First, research shows that exercise supports
our immune system and second, exercise is proven
to support mental health.
Being physically active can not only keep us strong
and healthy, but it can also help us fight off infection.
Exercising promotes our antibodies and white blood
cells to move around more rapidly in our bodies which
then may detect infection more quickly. Exercise also
decreases cortisol (stress hormone) in our bodies
which can cause increased blood pressure and heart
rate. If lowered it can reduce your chances of getting
sick. Research also suggests that if you exercise 30-
60 minutes most days of the week it can reduce your
chances of getting a cold/flu compared to someone
who is sedentary. However, exercising in moderation
is key, as too much exercise or too intense of exercise
can negatively put stress on your body and weaken
your immune system.
Exercise is also valuable in that it can boost our
mental health. In times like the current, some may
feel anxious, lonely, depressed, angry or we could
even see ourselves increase addictive behaviours,
decrease our coping skills, have decreased energy
levels, so on and so forth. Endorphins, serotonin,
dopamine and norepinephrine are released when
you exercise which helps improve our mood. These
hormones are often referred to as the ‘happy
hormones’. Exercise increases blood flow to the
brain which can help improve memory, clarity and
helps you think more clearly. Exercise can help
improve your sleeping habits which we all know is
very important in many health-related ways. In an
even simpler view, exercise can increase self-esteem
and self-confidence. It can get you out of the house
socializing (at a distance of course) with family and
friends - these in themselves are huge mental health
These are just two key reasons why exercise and
physical activity are very important in times like the
The Hunt Club Fitness Centre is operating well in its
‘new normal’ and even though we are unable to offer
all of the pre-Covid services back to our Members,
there are still many options for Members to stay
active and healthy. To name a few: Self-led registered
workouts are available for up to a maximum of 4
Members every hour, Personal Training services both
in-person and virtually, virtual fitness classes are
offered daily with some days offering both morning
and evening classes, bi-weekly lunch time Virtual
Stretch sessions on Monday’s and Friday’s, a weekly
Walk & Talk walking group on Wednesday mornings.
Additionally, the winter marked trails will be back for
Members to enjoy the course and stay active, please
be aware that use of the trails/course is unavailable
during Trap/Skeet times. Please check the eNews for
these times. Other services available in the Fitness
Centre are both Registered Massage Therapy and
Fascial Stretch Therapy via Stretch Health Canada.
Wishing you all a happy, safe and healthy holiday
season with best wishes for an uplifting year ahead -
we are ready for you 2021!
19 WINTER 2020/2021
Tracey Machesney, Fitness Manager,
20 WINTER 2020/2021
Please remember, for the health of the course, it
is vitally important to remain on the marked trails
in the rough, and do not walk on greens, tees, or
fairways. This includes fido!
Please do not walk on the course if there is no snow
cover, and frost is present. You must pick up after
your dog.
Dogs must remain on leash everywhere on property
except for in the horse fields. There are 3 reasons
for this: (1) Some members do not appreciate the
friendliness of stranger dogs, (2) Dogs do not
understand that they cannot run over tees and
greens, (3) There have been coyotes spotted on the
property, and although they will not bother humans,
they have been known to attack off-leash dogs.
Warning: the entire property except the Clubhouse
is off limits any time shooting is in session as
ordered by the RCMP and Government of Ontario.
This will typically be Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 4:00
p.m. and Wednesdays after 3:00 p.m.
We are constantly challenged with the issue of
trespassers using the Club’s property during the
winter for outdoor recreation. We have no way to
communicate rules and regulations with them, and
frankly, they don’t know where they can and cannot
roam, thereby risking damage to greens and other
sensitive areas.
Therefore, we have introduced a Member’s Pass Card.
This card is available at the front desk upon request.
When hiking or skiing on the trails, please place this
card on your car’s dash board. It will allow us to monitor
which cars belong to members, and also provides a
layer of safety to our members. If we see a car in the
lot with this card when closing for the day, we will know
that you did not make it back to your car, and we can
begin looking for you.
Secondly, as an extra layer of personal safety, if you
wish to report to the front desk before you head out, and
report back when you return, we will assist in monitoring
your safe return.
Lastly, when you see our staff around the property,
please make sure to initiate an exchange, and give
them a friendly wave. This will help us monitor who
is on the golf course and prevents us from needing to
approach anyone. Hint: Trespassers tend not to be so
friendly! So, if someone is in plain sight and does not
wave, that will prompt our staff to approach them.
Also, remember to tell someone where you are and
carry your cell phone.
21 WINTER 2020/2021
PRIX FIXE MENU I January 15, 16, 21, 22, 23,
28, 29, 30
Enjoy a meal of an appetizer, main dish, and
dessert, at a set fixed price with options to choose
from for each course.
FIRESIDE SNACKS I January 15, 16, 22, 23, 29,
Contact the Club to reserve your fireside spot and
enjoy available food packages with up to six
people beside your own fire.
Enjoy a specially designed menu featuring some of
the Club’s favourite menu items through the ages.
This event will challenge your creativity and draw
on your inner engineer - home made toboggans
only for this race.
Celebrate Robbie Burns Day with a special table
d'hote menu.
January 28
Pork loin braised with cabbage, potatoes, carrots,
and apples. Finished with savoury thyme.
Vanilla takes center stage on this tasting menu.
From appetizer through dessert vanilla will be
incorporated into each dish.
22 WINTER 2020/2021
February 4
Learn how to make this classic dish complete with
puff pastry vessels for serving.
It’s chocolate’s turn to take center stage on the
menu. From appetizer through dessert chocolate
will be incorporated into each dish.
Looking for a way to feed your Super Bowl party?
Consider the Club's Super Bowl In A Box.
Learn how to make blackened catfish, creole
sauce and dirty rice.
Usher in a year of abundance with family and
friends by celebrating with all your Chinese New
Year favourites.
VALENTINE’S MENU I February 13, 14
Treat your Valentine to a delicious meal with our
special Valentine's Feature menu.
February 18
A cooking class especially for our Junior chefs.
Learn about vodka and the various labels. A
vodka will be paired with each course of your
February 25
A vegan class for people who are curious about
vegan foods. Prepare a delicious plant based stew
and crisp grain cracker to accompany it.
Say Aloha to summer fun with a Hawaiian themed
menu complimented by cocktails and decor.
10, 17, 24
Dining through the ages continues with a new
menu featuring some of the Club’s favourite menu
items through the ages.
PRIX FIXE MENU I February 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13,
18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27
Enjoy a meal of an appetizer, main dish, and
dessert, at a set fixed price with options to choose
from for each course.
FAMILY MEAL TAKE OUT I February 5, 12, 19,
Perfect for when you need a hand with dinner or
could use a little treat!
FIRESIDE SNACKS I February 5, 6, 12, 13, 19,
20, 26, 27
Contact the Club to reserve your fireside spot and
enjoy available food packages with up to six
people beside your own fire.
Some mountains form when the
big slabs of rock—called tectonic
plates—that make up the Earth’s
crust crash into each other. Over
millions of years, the sheets of
rock push up and over one
another, creating the mountain.
Others form when vents in the
Earth’s surface erupt and spew
lava out onto the ground. The lava
piles up and cools. Over millions
of years, the many layers of hard
lava become a mountain.
To climb mountains you
need lots of cool gear!
How many of these tools
can you name?
Cool fact
The 5 tallest mountains in the
world are in this region!
1. Mount Everest, Himalayas,
Nepal/Tibet Autonomous Region,
China – 8848m
2, Karakoram, Pakistan/China –
3. Kangchenjunga, Himalayas,
Nepal/India – 8586m
In Himalayan folklore, the Yeti is a
monstrous creature also known as the
Abominable Snowman.
The name Yeti is commonly used by the
Himalayan region, and is part of their
folk beliefs. Stories of the Yeti rst
emerged in Western culture in the 19th
century. Some think the Yeti as the result
of a complex of intricate folk beliefs
rather than a large, ape-like creature.
Some think he existed. Some believe it is
a bear. What do you think?
Alleged Yeti footprint found by Michael Ward and
photographed by Eric Shipton at Menlung Glacier
on a1951 Everest Expedition in Nepal.
Dr. Biswamoy Biswas examining the Pangboche
Yeti scalp during the Daily Mail Snowman
Expedition of 1954.
Hair samples said to be from Yetis were compared
with the other animals. Results show it is most
similar to a polar bear that lived 40,000 years ago.
Three teenagers must help a Yeti
return to his family while avoiding a
wealthy man and a zoologist who
want him for their own needs.
Available on Amazon Prime
Q. What do
you get if you
cross the
with Dracula?
A. Frostbite.