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This booklet showcases the projects your students have been working on during this semester in Clothing I

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Here are three examples of students work on their pillow cases. They learned how to sew a straight line, use a serger to finish off raw edges, and the difference between the right and wrong side of a piece of fabric. I was impressed by the hard work and wonderful quality all of these students produced.

Pillow Cases

We just finished up our apron projects and they turned out great! The students are learning how to choose a pattern size depending on the measurements they take, lay out pattern pieces and cut out. We also learned how to attatch a pocket. Some students learned how to add embelishments such as ribbons and buttons.


We just finished up our service project. Our students gathered donated items, (such as thread, fabric, and yarn) and put together three quilts. These quilts will be donated to the womens shelter and given to families in need. It was a neat experience to watch your students be so involved and willing to work for a good cause.

Service Learning