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Mrs.Halper(my teacher)

Ms.Mondegarian(student teacher)

And everyone that helped me with this story




Special thanks to Kelly, who helped draw some of my book.

Lucy listened to the cracking of the frozen ice as she walked to her house. She thought about what she learned at her lifeguard class. Today they had learned how to wrap a sprained ankle. She had practiced on her friend, Alice, but, still didn’t feel like she knew exactly how to treat it. First aid was more difficult than she thought, but Lucy really wanted to get a part-time lifeguard job this summer because she wanted to help other people. “At least the teacher let us take our first aid kit to practice at home”, Lucy thought.


Someone screeched as Lucy suddenly darted around the corner.

Lucy saw a young girl on the street, holding her ankle. “Are you okay?”, Lucy asked.

The girl answered, “Does it look like I’m okay?”.

A car drove near her and the car barely missed the wailing girl.

“What’s your name?”Lucy asked.

“My name is Sophie,” the girl whispered.

“What happened?,” Lucy asked.

“I was crossing the street when I tripped over the sidewalk, and I sprained my ankle,” Sophia moaned.

Oh no! I just learned how to wrap a sprained ankle and I’m still bad at it, Lucy thought.

“I’ll try to help you,” Lucy offered as Sophie begged, ”Can you help me?”.

“Whoops”, Lucy muttered, just as they finished.

“Can’t you help me?”, Sophie whined, squinting her eyes.

“No! I don’t know how to!”, Lucy replied.

“But you have the first aid kit!”, Sophie angrily hissed.

With tears on her face, Sophie unwrapped herself with a piece of the tensor still bunched on her leg, then sat in a sad silence with Lucy sadly watching on the side.

“I’ll never help you”, Lucy wailed.

“Yes you can”, Sophie calmly replied.

“You don’t understand!”, Lucy cried, “I’ve been practicing, but I still can’t do it!”.

“Believe in yourself”, Sophie suddenly hissed.

“No!”, Lucy cried, “I told you that you will never understand!”.


“Hey, I have a book, maybe there’s something good inside”, Sophie thought, “I have a book that I can read to you called, The Big Book of Legends.”

“Sure”, Lucy sighed

Sophie flipped to the first page and read:




“How Mouse Got Its Long, pink Tail


Many, many years ago, when animals could talk, Mouse lived in a lush, green forest. He waved his short, brown tail in the air while watching Fox hunting other animals. While knowing that Fox would soon scent him, Mouse hid between two boulders as a hiding place. Fox scented Mouse and searched for him under bushes, tall grass and behind trees. Mouse reminded himself what to do so Fox would not catch him quickly. Remaining very still and managing not to squeak, Mouse managed to calm himself down and not attract attention. Soon, he heard Fox’s footsteps on a boulder on the hill behind him.


Fox pushed the boulder down the hill. He knew that if he pushed the boulder down the hill, Mouse would get scared and squeak, and give away his hiding place. The boulder fell on top of Mouse’s tail. While gritting his teeth in pain and not squeaking, Mouse was so intent on calming himself down but he didn’t notice that Fox was muttering, “Hmm, I scented that pesky Mouse near here somewhere”.


Soon Fox got bored and went away to his home into the tight cave to his pups to give them Fox’s catch. His pups squeaked happily as Fox went in.


Mouse soon realised in pain that he was stuck. “Help!”, Mouse wailed in pain to Bear as he passed by.


“Ok”, Bear answered as he pushed the boulder out of the way as Mouse pulled his tail out.





Mouse turned around and looked at his tail and begged Bear to help Mouse make his tail shorter but bear shrugged because he also once lived with a long tail, so Mouse prayed to Creator. “Oh the great Creator, tell me what to do with my long tail!”, Mouse prayed

Creator floated down to the ground and told Mouse, “you could warm yourself up on cold nights by tucking it over your nose.

“Thank you Creator!”, Mouse squeaked and ran to a river with pink water. He dipped his tail in the water and lay it out to dry because he liked pink. That is how Mouse got his long, pink tail and taught us the value of bravery.

Lucy thought about how they were alike, having to be brave to not squeak or help a stranger. Except Mouse’s problem was more important because she didn’t have to risk her life to help Sophie. She just had to try. “What if it get worse?” the negative thought crept into her mind. “How can I do this?”, Lucy asked.

 Sophie replied, “Just believe in yourself”

 Lucy took a deep breath and helped Sophie wrap the tensor around Sophie’s ankle. Then she expertly tied a knot to the stretchy tensor wrap. 

“Try standing up”, Lucy suggested. She helped Sophie get up and held her to balance her.

 “Thanks!”, Sophie sighed.

Lucy let go and watched Sophie balance by herself.

 Sophie couldn’t stop herself from yelling, “Thank you so much! It means a lot to me!!!! And just in time before dark!”.

Lucy smiled as she saw the golden sun starting to set, but she first asked to help Sophie home but she refused. So Lucy continued home as she thought how worried and proud her parents would be. She couldn't help, but hope that a big group of people trip or something and need her help.