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WELCOMETo the Clipit Product Catalogue2023BATHINGSOLUTIONSChoosing the right supplierto provide you with yourgrooming products is anincredibly importantdecision.Our Trade Markedproducts have beendeveloped from 35 yearswithin the dog and horsegrooming industries. Wewould never sell you aproduct that has not beenvigorously tried and testedto ensure we provide you agame changingexperience.Whether you are a doggroomer, a groomingstudent, pet owner orhorse groom, we have aproduct just waiting foryou to take home.Paula xIT'S EASY TO

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CLIPITSUITPRODUCT CODE: CLIP SIZES: XS - 3XL COLOURS: NAVY, BLACKCORNFLOWER BLUE, PURPLE. WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COMBUY NOW: £70 Clothing protectionLightweightBreathableDurable and easy towearProtect your clothes andstay smart while clippingand groomingPurple Black CornflowerNavy Love mine its perfect no hairs on me now and embroidery is spot on of my doggos

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DAISYJACKETPRODUCT CODE: CLIPDJ SIZES: XS - 3XL COLOUR: NAVY, WITH PINK NECKLINE.BUY NOW: £29.95 ANIMAL PRINTLEGGINGSBUY NOW: £18.50 WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COMFull length concealedzip and angled pocketLightweight, easy toclean and hairresistantStylish ladies jacket withbright magenta detailingFull lengthFlattering fit Hair resistantLeggings designed forcomfort and practicalityPRODUCT CODE: CL220SIZES: XS - XL

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VENTEDJACKETPRODUCT CODE: CLIPVJ SIZES: S - 4XL COLOUR: BLACKMade from lightweight hair resistantmaterial, this short sleeved jacketfeatures a full length intelligent CoolVent System in the back, so when theheat rises in the salon, this unisex jacketwill keep you cool and hair free.BUY NOW: £29.95 WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COMGROOMINGJACKETPRODUCT CODE: CLIPJ SIZES: XS - 3XL COLOURS: NAVY AND PURPLEBUY NOW: £31.50 Features long elasticatedsleevesFront zip, flap pockets andback pleatStylish jacket with a high neckgiving a professional andflattering lookPurple,Pink TrimNavy,Silver TrimS li h j k i h hi h k

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EMBROIDERY SERVICEWe are able to offer you embroidery on our garments. Basicpersonalisation can be just text on the right breast or go for moreoutstanding personal promotion with it on the back.STARTING AT: £9.80

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WATERPROOFAPRONPRODUCT CODE: CLIPA SIZES: ONE SIZE COLOUR: PINK, NAVY AND BLACK.BUY NOW: £29.95 WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COMCARGOTROUSERSPRODUCT CODE: CLIPT SIZES: XS - 3XL COLOURS: NAVY AND BLACKBUY NOW: £25.95Features long elasticateddetachable sleevesComplete with high velcro neckand back tiesDurable, lightweight grooming apronElasticated waist for addedcomforts Zipped legsFeatures large side pockets forholding grooming essentialsComfortable, lightweight andpractical cargo style trousersAvailablein Navy andBlack

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ALL PURPOSEGOWNPRODUCT CODE: CLIPA SIZES: ONE SIZE COLOUR: BLACK. AND GREYBUY NOW: £15.50 WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COMWRAPAROUNDAPRONPRODUCT CODE: CLIPT SIZES: S/M - L/XL COLOURS: NAVY, CORNFLOWER AND BLACKBUY NOW: £18.50Long elasticated sleevesFeatures two points of fasteningon the backA wipe down coverall, complete withtwo front pocketsV-NeckFeatures two handy pockets atthe frontStylish, flattering wraparound apronmade from lightweight waterproofpolyester

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Cool-running smart designLithium-ion battery gives 6 hoursof clipping for each 3-hourcharge8,000 SPM from a brushlessmotorQuiet, so suitable for morenervous dogsIncredibly lightweight, weighing254 gramsSupplied with blade oil, brush,charger and #10 Titanium bladeCan be used cordless or cordedClever power functionA powerful, fast durable cordlessclipper ideal for professional useCLIPIT QUATTROCORDLESS IONCLIPPERA new era of pet groomingPRODUCT CODE: CLQCBUY NOW: £195.00Replacement Top CutterOverleafFantastic clipper and blades.I now have two in the Dog Grooming Studio.

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CLIPITQUATTROTITANIUMCLIPPER BLADESStay 75% cooler than stainless steelbladesCorrosion resistantHighly durableTop cutter change, instead ofsharpeningStay sharper for longerCompatible with Wahl and Andis metalcom attachments.Super lightweightDurable, hard wearing, corrosion resistantclipper blades for the Quattro Ion CordlessClipperOffers a even, smooth coat finishWWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COM

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TITANIUM TOP CUTTERCLIPIT QUATTROReplacement top cutter for use withClipit Quattro Titanium BladesSave on sharpeningHighly quality stays sharper for longerEasy to fitWAHL METAL COMB SETEight professional steel combs, sized 3-25mm, with snag-free tipsColour-coded for at-a glanceidentificationCombs fit Clipit Quattro ClipperPRODUCT CODE: CQBRBUY NOW: £10.95PRODUCT CODE: WAHLACBUY NOW: £9.25BLADE WASH BOXA container for washingand sterilising clipper bladesPRODUCT CODE: BBOXCLIPPERBRUSHFor removing hair quicklyPRODUCT CODE: CBBBUY NOW: £4.75BUY NOW: £27.95Amazing products, and such a quick service

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SPECIALIST CLIPPER BLADEMAINTENANCEKEEP BLADES COOL, LUBRICATED AND CLEANFOR OPTIMAL CLIPPING ICE CARE SPRAYCools, cleans and sterilises. Use afterevery clip.BLADE WASHImmerse blades todeep clean and remove build-up.EASY OIL SPRAYLubrication for bladesSpray every 5-10 minsCODE: BICECODE: BW1CODE: BEASIPRICE:£9.50 PRICE: £15.50 PRICE: £8.95Clipit TipsBrush off hair periodicallyOil blades every 5-10 mins to prevent over - heatingSanitise blades after every groomDeep clean blades once a week to prevent build-up1. litreWWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COM

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BLADEMAINTENANCEKITCLIPIT500mlCLIPPER OILLubrication oil to stopblade friction, allowing blades to keep coolerfor longerPRODUCT CODE: CEASOBUY NOW: £10.25CLIPITBlade Wash 1 LitreEasy Oil Spray 400mlIce Care Spray 400mlBlade Wash BoxClipper BrushA collection of essentialproducts to help with theefficient working of clipperbladesPRODUCT CODE: CBMKBUY NOW: £39.33CLIPITBLADE STORAGECASEKeep your clipperblades dry andwaterproof with thissturdy storage casethat is equipped withan automaticpressure releasevalve. PRODUCT CODE: CLIP002TBUY NOW: £14.50

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CLIPITTOOL BAGLarge capacityMultiple compartmentsTough and hardwearingIncludes shoulder strapPRODUCT CODE: CBG01BUY NOW: £25.50CLIPITCADDIE TOOLORGANISEREasy to installAdjustable to suit any heightA wide range of tool holes8 holes for holding scissors and2 slots for clippersA handy tool storage that keepseverything that you need close tohand when you're grooming.PRODUCT CODE: CCTCBUY NOW: £26.95CLIPITPORTABLE CASEFour trays and one centrecompartmentSecure with two locksSize: 360 x 270 x 215 mmPRODUCT CODE: B086BUY NOW: £34.50CLIPITCARRY CASEWith one maincompartmentand variousinternal storagesolutions tokeep itemssecurePRODUCT CODE: A022BUY NOW: £32.50WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COM

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A Guide To ScissorsTensionFinger InsertShank LengthFinger RestEdgeLengthHandle TypeCan be longshort or standard.Can be adjustable. Oil frequently to prevent nylon washer from perishing.To provide comfort whenscissoring. Add larger or double-up to give abetter scissoring action.Scissors have multiplefinger rests, removablefinger rests or none atall.Can be symmetric or offset. Offset helps decrease wrist and arm strain.Measurement is takenfrom the tip of theblade to the end of thefinger hole. Fingerrests not included.Scissors can be bevelor convex. Bevel isideal for students,Convex for moreexperienced groomers.Shank

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Clean your scissors after each use. Remove any hair, moisture orchemical as it can lead to corrosion and damage the blade.Regularly oil your scissors. Convex edge requires a small amountof oil daily where bevel edge scissors should be oiled weekly.Have your scissors professionally sharpened, normally between3-6 months. If you accidentally drop them, stop using and sendaway to your engineer.Always place your scissors in a case, carrier or pouch to preventdamage. Never throw your scissors in a draw.Scissors come in all shapes and sizes, and with the correct care theyshould last you a long time.SCISSORCARE & MAINTENANCEMAGNETICTOOL STRIPAttaches easilyto any wall ortable for a quickway to retrievetools.A handy tool andconvenientscissor and clipperblade solutionPRODUCT CODE: C1756BUY NOW: £16.95CUBE SCISSORHOLDERA durable cylinderwith "roots" insidedesigned to holdscissors in placesecurelyPRODUCT CODE: CL020BUY NOW: £13.50SOFTIEFINGER INSERTSMade from soft silicone.Sold as singlesPRODUCT CODE: FINIBUY NOW: £2.50WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COM

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Fouressentialscissors fortrimming andblending on a large varietyof breeds.Contains:4.5" Bull Nose Scissor7" Straight Scissor6" Single Edge Thinner6' Curved4.5" BULL NOSEWith CarryCase8" STRAIGHTSCISSORCASEPractical, lightweightaluminium scissor case, forkeeping scissors safe.PRODUCT CODE: Ao01BUY NOW: £22.50ICE CARE SPRAYSee page 17CLIPIT4 PIECE SCISSORKITPRODUCT CODE: CLIPSSBUY NOW: £135.00Clean and sanitise your scissorsDurable stainless steel scissor forheavy coated breeds PRODUCT CODE: PROS8BUY NOW: £48.50For close work aroundsensitive areas, with a bull nosefor extra safety PRODUCT CODE: PROS45BUY NOW: £22.507" STRAIGHTIdeal for general purpose,trimming legs or bodiesPRODUCT CODE: PGSS7BUY NOW: £44.506" CURVEDFor creating contours andangulationPRODUCT CODE: PROC6BUY NOW: £42.50

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Colourful, slightly glittered thatgive additional padding onscissors. Various colours6" SINGLE EDGETHINNERFor removing bulk from the coatPRODUCT CODE: PROT6BUY NOW: £42.506" BULL NOSEGreat around feet, faces,legs or anywhere you wantto follow the natural curvePRODUCT CODE: PROS65BUY NOW: £24.50WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COMSILICONEFINGER INSERTPRODUCT CODE: FINSBUY NOW: £1.00Leftie7" LEFTIE STRAIGHTVersatile medium scissor forgeneral scissoring work.6" LEFTIE THINNERRemoves bulkand gives thecoat a naturallook.Clipit TipsKeep your scissors inperfect condition bycleaning and sanitising themregularly, keeping them welloiled and drying thoroughlyafter cleaning to preventrusting. Store your scissorsin pouches or racks whilenot in use to prevent thembeing damaged.EASY OIL SPRAYCan be used on scissorsas well as clipper blades.See page 17

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WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COMBRUSH-ITLONG PIN SLICKERFor using on long, thick or curlycoats for removing undercoat.PRODUCT CODE: BSB/LBUY NOW: £10.50BRUSH-ITSTANDARD PIN SLICKERIdeal for most breeds to removedead coat.PRODUCT CODE: BSB/SBUY NOW: £9.25BRUSH-ITPIN BRUSHIdeal for drop, silky or doublecoats.PRODUCT CODE: CLPBBUY NOW: £12.95CLIPITLIFETIME RAKEThis triple row rake isdesigned to removeundercoat and mats indense coated breeds.PRODUCT CODE: CLURBUY NOW: £16.50CLIPITLIFETIME COMBThis comb is ideal forpenetrating long orthick coats, to removemats quickly andhumanely.PRODUCT CODE: CLLCBUY NOW: £18.509-BLADEDEMATTERCuts through toughknots and matts inshort coats.PRODUCT CODE: C9BDBUY NOW: £14.95DESHEDDINGRAKEPerfect for removingthick fur and hair.PRODUCT CODE: CDSRBUY NOW: £16.00STRIPPINGKNIFE - COARSEFor removing top coaton bodies.PRODUCT CODE: CCSKBUY NOW: £8.75STRIPPINGKNIFE - FINEFor removing hair ofheads and ears.PRODUCT CODE: CFSKBUY NOW: £8.50THINNING KNIFE - WIDEPRODUCT CODE: CFSWBUY NOW: £14.95Clipit TipsApply Chalk Powder to coat to get a better gripYour paragraph text

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CHALKPOWDERWhite loose powderfor added grip whenhand stripping.PRODUCT CODE: CCLKBUY NOW: £5.80CLIPEXSTYPTIC POWDERFast acting anti-colagulantPRODUCT CODE: CLIPXBUY NOW: £9.00GROOM-ITNAIL CLIPPERCurved blades to helpgrip the nail while cutting. Tough design.PRODUCT CODE: BCC/SBUY NOW: £8.25HEAVY-DUTYNAIL CLIPPERTough stainless steelcurved blades for largerclaws.PRODUCT CODE: NAILLBUY NOW: £8.49CLIPITDESHEDDING GLOVESRubber finger nodulesgently grooms sensitiveareas, removing hairfast.PRODUCT CODE: CLIPDGBUY NOW: £13.95CLIPITHAND TOWELUltra-absorbent dryinggloves that are handywhen removing waterand moisture.PRODUCT CODE: CLIPHGBUY NOW: £12.95CLIPITWATERPROOFOVERSLEEVESUse during bathing andclipping to protect againstwater.PRODUCT CODE: CLIPOSBUY NOW: £10.50THUMB HOLEANTI-BITE SCRATCH SLEEVESTo minimise bites and scratches.PRODUCT CODE: PROSBUY NOW: £18.50

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WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COMMETAL COMBSFACE & FEET 11.8cmPRODUCT CODE: PGFCBUY NOW: £14.0019cmCOMBINATIONPRODUCT CODE: CLIPCCBUY NOW: £15.8025cmFINISHINGPRODUCT CODE: CLIPCFBUY NOW: £18.50CURVEDPRODUCT CODE: PGCCPRODUCT CODE: CVCSBUY NOW: £18.95Greataround faces4 PIECE COMB SETEngineered in highquality stainless steel,polished teeth to glidethrough short or longhair.BUY NOW: £17.502 in 1 HAIR DRYERCLIPITRemovable air filter for easycleaningDryer net weight: 370 gramsAutomatic overheatingprotection2 m power cableGreat for drying and combing at thesame time. Ideal for grooming thosedifficult areas that dogs and catsshow a disliking too.PRODUCT CODE: CLIPHDBUY NOW: £42.99

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Coconut , VanillaFragranceGLAVASHAMPOODERMMild, gentle and high effectiveGives added shineCan be used on dogs and catsSoothing and nourishingThis shampoo is effective in soothingsensitive skin. With 3% EPO it is best usedfor sensitive skin, including dry and flaky skin,hair loss, dull coat with excessive moulting,and conditioning and maintaining coat andskin.PRODUCT CODE: GLAV1 1 Litre £18.95 PRODUCT CODE: GLAV5 5 Litre £48.95 CLIPITDE SHED SHAMPOOpH balanced for canine skinFor routine maintenanceDilute 25:1The perfect shampoo torelease dead undercoatwhen bathing.PRODUCT CODE: CDS1 1 Litre £11.95 PRODUCT CODE: CDS5 5 Litre £38.95 25:1CLIPITCURLS SHAMPOORhubarb, RoseFragranceReplaces moistureLasting resultsDilute 25:1Great for poodle cross breeds to makethe coat stand proud for easierscissoring.25:1PRODUCT CODE: CCS1 1 Litre £11.95 PRODUCT CODE: CCS5 5 Litre £38.95 WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COM

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CLIPITEnglish Pear,Freesia RefractaFragranceEnglish Lavender &Mint Fragrance RELAX SHAMPOO25:1Enriched with Vit.C to boost thecoatAdds condition and restoresDilute 25:1Great cleaning power, but gentle onthe skin for everyday use. Leaves amanageable coat.PRODUCT CODE: CREL1 1 Litre £11.95 PRODUCT CODE: CREL5 5 Litre £38.95 CLIPITDETTOX SHAMPOOGentle on the skinBreaks down build-upCalming & nourishingDilute 25:1An ideal shampoo for oily coats, to helpcleanse thoroughly and degrease.PRODUCT CODE: CDD1 1 Litre £11.95 PRODUCT CODE: CDD5 5 Litre £38.95 25:1CLIPITSHAMPOO KITDeShed Shampoo 1 LCurls Shampoo 1 LRelax Shampoo 1 LDettox Shampoo 1 LPerfect for new businesses, provides 1off each of Clipit Shampoos to provideyou with all types of coats. Dilute 25:1.Shampoo Kit contains:PRODUCT CODE: SSS4 BUY NOW: £36.17

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KEEP COATSFRESH FOR LONGERCLIPITSENSATIONThis professional gradefragrance spray takes all ofthe work out of keepingyour dog smelling great.Enriched with English Pearand Freesia Refracta, it willrefresh the coat.CLIPITROSETASTICPRODUCT CODE: CSS500 BUY NOW: £13.95A long lasting fragrancethat is perfect for a quickspritz after and in betweengrooms to lift awayunpleasant odours andrefresh the coat.PRODUCT CODE: CSS500 BUY NOW: £13.95jellyBGROOMINGNOOSEThis 3/8" JellyB Loop from Clipit is soft, flexible, andwaterproof.Go from the bathing tub, to the drying table withoutchanging your loop.Made from strong BioThane material.Colours: Purple, Black and BluePRODUCT CODE: JBGNBUY NOW: £17.50jellyBGROOMING NOOSEEXTENDERColour coded D-ringsEasy release clipPRODUCT CODE: JBGEBUY NOW: £13.50WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COM

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SLIP LEADjellyBMade from durable BioThane material, with a O-ringand stopper for easy adjustment.Ideal for handling from salon to vehicles,Waterproof and easy to cleanColours: Royal Blue, purple and lime greenPRODUCT CODE: JBSLBUY NOW: £25.00Durable & pliablePROTECTIVEGOGGLE & VISORThe ultimate in full face protectionSuper lightweightCan be worn with prescription glassesAnti-scratchHelps protect against groomers lungPRODUCT CODE: BOBLAPSIBUY NOW: £21.50LENS CLEANINGSPRAYKeep your goggle &visor clean and smearfree.PRODUCT CODE: LENS500BUY NOW: £10.00ANTI-FOG Anti-fog solution and amicrofibre cloth to helpkeep the lens of thegoggle & visor fog free.KITPRODUCT CODE: AFOGKBUY NOW: £11.00EAR DEFENDERSProtect your hearing from damagePRODUCT CODE: BBEDBUY NOW: £7.50

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FILLETSTRAPSMade fromBiothane,Available in Pony,Cob and Full Grey with hi-vizstripe, red, blueand blackEasy to wash andcare for,Durable.CLIPITTRIM-UP KITPerfect kit that includes all the essentialtools for a professional finish.6" Thinning scissor6" Bull nose safety scissorMane comb - thinningWide blade pulling knife12 blade thinning rakeKit Contains:PRODUCT CODE:TRIMKBUY NOW: £70.00With caseSPURSTRAPSOne size 18"Colours: Black,Brown and PrettyPink (withdiamante buckles) Eco-friendly veganalternative to leatherPRODUCT CODE:JBPSBUY NOW: £18.00Pink withdiamantebucklesBlackBrownPRODUCT CODE:JBFSBUY FROM: £19.00HANDYTOWELSize: 30 x 50cmColour: BlackPerfect for a day at ashow, wiping themuzzle of your horse,or even yourself justafter clippingPRODUCT CODE:CYOWBUY FROM: £13.60

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Mild, gentle and high effectiveGives added shineSoothing and nourishingThis shampoo is effective in soothingsensitive skin. With 3% EPO it is best usedfor dry and flaky skin, hair loss and dull coat.Can be used all year round for repelling wetmuddy conditions and as a pre-wash beforeclipping. EQUASHAMPOODERMPRODUCT CODE: EQUA1 1 Litre £18.95 PRODUCT CODE: EQUA5 5 Litre £48.95 CLIPITDE SHEDDING GLOVESOne sizeThe perfect grooming gloves to removedead coat. Can be used wet and dryCLIPIT SHAMPOOSKIN SENSE BARSNatural IngredientsBlue WhiteningFrench green clay for soothing skinNeem oil and tea tree oil to repelfleas and parasites,Made and developed using a cold-process method and are Certified bythe Nature and Progress Charter.Types:Blue WhiteningParasites Clay SkinPRODUCT CODE:CSRBUY FROM: £11.95PRODUCT CODE:CLIPDGBUY FROM: £13.95WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COM

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WWW.CLIPIT-GROOMING.COMThank you for reading through ourLook Book.Why not continue your journey onlinewhere you can view all these products and more.. The Clipit TeamFollow us on:Prices in this Look Book includeVAT at 20%.