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All about the food that you deserve, what you can expect from natural food possibly you can make for your own at home.

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    "The Future of Our Food

Will be Coming from the Past"

                   Timothy Tan


The Future of Our Food Will be Coming from the Past

( Timothy Tan )

10 + 5 Promo s/d 02 Sept. 2016

Bakpao Sehat Tanpa Pemutih Tanpa Bahan Abal-Abal

Resep Less-Gluten Memanfaatkan 3 Macam Kearifan Tepung Lokal, Disamping Terigu.


3 Varian Pilihan Isi:

Kacang Ijo, Coklat & Kacang

Isi Sesuai Keinginan Anda Dapat Dipesan.



No Regret atau Uang Kembali.

Dapatkan Bakpao Fresh from the Steamer dengan Cara 

Memesan 1 Hari Dimuka.



Hub: 085693914252


At Clean&Taste we strickly use only  quality ingredients, avoid chemically engineered food and coloring, includes sweetener, softener etc.





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