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GILT 521 Artifacts




By Emily Clawson

Chapter 1         Postcard                                  Page 3


Chapter 2         Best Awardee                         Page 5


Chapter 3         My School                               Page 7


Chapter 4         Celebration Banner                Page 9


Chapter 5         Midterm Project                      Page 11


Chapter 6         Screencasting                         Page 13


Chapter 7         Interactive Video Lesson       Page 14


Chapter 8         Infographic                              Page 15


Chapter 9         Animation                                Page 16


Chapter 10       Reflection                                Page 17

Table of Contents

I chose to create a “Save the Date” postcard for my upcoming wedding. It will be sent to all potential wedding guests. I’m sharing the news of our engagement, wedding date, and location of our wedding to all recipients. The anticipated outcome of sending this postcard is that family and friends will know to reserve the date on their calendar to attend our wedding.

The image resolution is 300 ppi, which I believe will create a clear image when printed as a postcard sized 4.25” by 6”. The color mode of the image is RBG as it best depicts the image. I tried changing the image to grayscale but I believe RBG is the best choice.

On the background, I applied a hue/saturation layer to strengthen the colors. I added a photo of our dog after using the quick selection tool and applying a vector mask to cover the background of the original photo. Additionally, I added a layer of text stating the purpose of the postcard, our names, date, and location. I warped some of the text and added a plane to create the image of text flying on a banner behind the plane.

Chapter 1 Postcard

Description: This assignment required the use of at least four layers, including a layer mask. The use of a selection tool and the transformation, distortion, or warping tool was also required. The file was then to be uploaded as a psd file. Lastly, the text below the image was required to identify and describe specific components and choices within the project.



Reflection: This project enabled me to learn some basics of photoshop, including how to create layers using various images and add text to images. I began to feel comfortable using photoshop but unsure of all of the tools available. I could use these skills in my own classroom to create an image of a recipe that includes the title or ingredients of the recipe for students to use as directions.

Chapter 1 Postcard

I chose an image from my sister in law’s recent baby shower. The picture is for all of the ladies in the image (myself, my two sisters in law, and her sister), as well as her mother and mine. The image captured a very special day in all of our lives, celebrating the coming arrival of our first niece/grandchild! My hope is that it is an image that is displayed in each of our homes and brings happiness when recalling that day.

The image resolution is 70 ppi, which I believe will create a nice image when printed as a 10” by 14” photograph. The color mode of the image is RBG as it best depicts the image. I tried changing the image to grayscale but I believe RBG is the best choice.

I initially added a brightness layer to increase the light of the whole image background. Next, I added a curves layer to adjust the highlights and shadows to create a focus on the center of the picture, my sister in law. I then used the lasso tool to select the outline of my sister in law and added a filter mask to create a focus on her by blurring the rest of the image. Lastly, I adjusted the opacity of the blur to decrease the amount of blur of the other subjects in the image to still be able to view their facial features while allowing my sister in law to be the main focus.

Chapter 2 Best Awardee

Description: This assignment required the use of at least four layers, a cropping tool, a framing effect, and an attention focusing technique. The purpose was to highlight an object or person within an image.


Reflection: This assignment allowed me to add to my Photoshop skills. It also enabled me to become more familiar with various tools within Photoshop and the best ways to use them. I could use these skills in my classroom to create images highlighting various aspects of a home or kitchen when discussing interior design.

Chapter 2 Best Awardee

This image is to be displayed in my classroom, in which I teach food preparation and nutrition classes. All students, parents, administrators, and teachers will be able to view this image. Additionally, it will be displayed during a unit focused on the preparation of local fall foods, in which I hope it keeps the theme in the forefront of participants’ minds.


I chose RGB color as the color mode, given the color of the apples in the images. I also chose 300 ppi as the resolution to enable the alteration of the image in greater detail. I believe that it will provide a nice image when printed with a border as a 12” by 18” image.


I used the impressionist art history brush on the entire image to give it the look of an impressionist painting. I then tried to highlight the stems of the apples by using the cotton balls art history brush. Next I created the white canvas layer then created a pattern overlay layer to brighten the picture.

Chapter 3 My School

Description: This assignment required the use of a painting technique to edit an image. The purpose was to create a poster to be hung in my classroom.


Reflection: This assignment allowed me to become more skillful with a simple technique that can really change an image. I could use these skills to make other images to be displayed in my classroom to identify groups or add to the décor. 

Chapter 3 My School

This banner is to be displayed on the classroom door for each Senior Kitchen Workshop session. The Senior Kitchen Workshop is a six session event in which community members over age fifty visit my Family and Consumer Sciences classroom to prepare a themed meal with students. The audience is all participating seniors, students, and guests. The expected outcome is that all participants are able to locate the correct room for the session and feel welcomed as they enter the classroom.

I chose RBG as the color mode given the colors of the apples and text, and 300 ppi as the resolution to provide detail of the image and text as a 10” by 24” poster.

I customized the “Welcome” layer with the color burn blending option to mesh the black and gold that represent our school colors and to allow that text to really stand out. I also added a drop shadow and stroke effect to that layer to again, make that text the focal point of the banner.

I customized the “Senior Kitchen” layer with a color overlay and blended to darken the effects. I believe this did a nice job in blending the black and gold while still allowing the “welcome” text to stand out more than this layer.

Chapter 4 Celebration Banner

Description: The purpose of this assignment was to create a banner to welcome participants to an event. It required the use of two different letter layers within the banner message, one image layer, and customized blending options applied to each text and image layer.


Reflection: This assignment enabled me to develop my skills of adding text to images and become more familiar with the options to do so. The image I created was printed to use in my classroom. I can continue to create similar posters to welcome students to a new semester or guests to various events.

Chapter 4 Celebration Banner

This poster was created with my group to use in my FCS classroom as a welcome poster and placemat. 

Chapter 5 Midterm Project

Description: The purpose of this collaborative assignment was to create a poster for an event of our choice. My group chose to create a poster for an event held in my classroom. It was to be used as a menu and welcome message, as well as the placemat for each person’s place setting. The assignment was required to have a clear theme with a visible title or message, and relative graphics. The poster was to be interesting and communicate a clear message.


Reflection: This was the most enjoyable assignment to create. I really enjoyed working with and learning from my classmates. Gaining their perspective and knowledge helped to me to expand mine and pushed me to consider components from a different vantage point. I increased my Photoshop skills thanks to this assignment and created something that was used in my classroom.

Chapter 5 Midterm Project


I created a screencast showing my 9th and 10th grade students how to use Room Sketcher. Room Sketcher is a tool that is required to be used to create a restaurant floor plan for students’ final project in my course, International Foods. I believe this tutorial will help students to navigate the site and tool with more ease, as compared to being on their own or me simply demonstrating how to do so in class. Students will be able to refer to the video as needed, as it will be uploaded to their course Blackboard site. I did not use annotation or animation features as they are not available in the free version of Screencastomatic. However, I am familiar with those tools as I’ve used them in Camtasia for screencast projects in previous courses. Unfortunately, my free trial for that tool has since expired.


Description: The purpose of this assignment was to create a video lesson for students so class time can be used more productively. The assignment was required to be at least three minutes in length and inlcude the following: a title clip, annotation, animation, cursor effects, and audio narration.


Reflection: This assignment was very worthwhile as it is something I will definitely use in my classroom. I believe an instructional screencast used to show students how to initially navigate an online tool is extremely beneficial for all students. It was not a new concept to me, as I've created some in the past. It's helpful to have for students to be able to reference as needed throughout their time using the tool.

Chapter 6 Screencasting


I created an interactive video lesson using the screencast I created showing my 9th and 10th grade students how to use Room Sketcher. This interactive lesson extends and enhances the screencast by asking students questions to determine their understanding of the use of the tool and the purpose of creating their floor plan. Using EDpuzzle allows me to collect data of students' answers then determine if reinforcement or assistance is needed for the entire class or individual students.


Description: The purpose of this assignment was to update the screencast to create an interactive video lesson for students so they can be more engaged in their learning. The assignment was required to include various interactive components such as introduction texts, audio notes, additional images,  and various types of questions.


Reflection: This assignment was very worthwhile as it is something I will definitely use in my classroom. I enjoyed enhancing my previously created screencast by adding questions throughout to assess students' understanding and learning. I believe it will be very beneficial to use in my classroom.

Chapter 7 Interactive Video Lesson


I created an infographic for a lesson on water for my Sports Nutrition course containing 9th and 10th grade students. Students are expexted to be able to identify the functions of water and the causes and signs of dehydration. Students should then be able to determine ways to prevent dehydration ,specifically for athletes. I chose Venngage to create this poster infographic because I wanted to become familiar with another type of poster tool, as I'm already familiar with Piktochart and Canva.


Description: The purpose of this assignment was to create an infographic for a subject matter that is rather difficult for students to understand.Creating a simple yet meaningful infographic will result in students being able to decrease their learning time and increase retention.


Reflection: This assignment was very worthwhile as it is something I will definitely use in my classroom. I enjoyed using a new tool for creating an infographic. I also enjoyed learning about the various types of infographics and tools to create them. Per feedback and resources, I gained a greated knowledge of color contrast for easier readability.

Chapter 8 Infographic


I created an animation for my 9th and 10th grade Sports Nutrition students. It is expected that students will be able to identify the basic components of a quality meal for athletes, then students will be able to list and create examples of appropriate meals. My animation is engaging and clearly depicts the narraction and information to be learned. It helps students to visualize the make-up of an athlete's meal and suggested options. The visual components are relative while being minimal as to not overload the students with information or images.

Description: The purpose of this assignment was to create an educational animation to better support students' learning.


Reflection: This assignment was exciting to explore tools to create. It was a challenge to find some images that accurately depicted the narration and content. I believe the video will assist students in visualizing the content, especially as an introduction the the unit.

Chapter 9 Animation

Throughout the first half of the semester, I really enjoyed gaining knowledge and skills in Photoshop. Prior to this course, I had no idea how time consuming and difficult it can be to edit or alter an image. The tools within Photoshop are so vast, I believe I've only skimmed the surface of learning all that it offers. I really enjoyed learning these skills and gaining a much deeper knowledge of Photoshop. I look forward to improving my skills and utilizing them to create images for personal and professional use. 


The second half of the semester offered exposure to new ideas to create visuals to aid and enhance content. My knowledge of principles of design for each tool greatly increased as compared to the start of the semester. Additionally, my experience and knowledge of each of the tools used and discussed has grown and will certainly be used. I also enjoyed creating numerous visuals that have been or will be used in my classroom.

Chapter 10 Overall Reflection