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I am so glad you are here
and part of this classroom!
I believe it is my responsibility to help each of you become
stronger not only academically but in work habits, behavior,
and character. It is also my responsibility to guarantee all
students in our class the best learning environment possible.
Since we are all very different and need different things, I
will to be fair to what everyone needs to learn and do their
best. Please remember, fair isn’t everyone getting the same
thing. Fair is everyone getting what they need in order to be
This year, I want us all to enjoy coming to a classroom
where we feel safe, comfortable, and accepted
unconditionally. Remember, we come to school each day to
learn and grow. In order for us all to do our best learning
and growing, I have created procedures and rules to help
make our classroom community run smoothly.
Let’s all make this a great year! I look forward to making
the next 180 days fabulous ones!
Miss Carlton
aT bRoOkWoOd ElEmEnTaRy
We are Respectful. We are Responsible.
We are Ready.
Classroom Behavior Expectations
School-Wide Behavior Expectation
expectations classroom rules
We are
¢ Be kind to self and others.
We are
¢ Use materials properly.
¢ Try your best.
We are
¢ Follow teacher directions.
¢ Complete and turn in assignments
on time.
in the/
We are
We are
We are
¢ Be kind to self and
¢ Music on = voices
¢ Clean up after
¢ Follow directions
of teachers and
¢ Wait quietly in line.
¢ Keep hands, feet,
and objects to
¢ Walk directly to
¢ Have all needed
¢ Walk quietly on the
¢ Take turns.
¢ Be kind to self and
¢ Play safely.
¢ Leave no trace.
¢ Line up quickly and
¢ Remain in your
own stall/space.
¢ Clean up after
¢ Use sinks, dryers,
and fountains
¢ Remain quiet.
¢ Listen to all adults.
¢ Board and exit
¢ Walk directly to
¢ Backpack on front.
¢ Walk quietly on the
¢ Wait patiently.
What happens when you do not follow the rules and
During the first week of school, I will teach you my expectations
for behavior and work habits in our classroom community. After the
first week of school, you begin receiving consequences for...
¢ Minor Disruptions
Minor Disruptions are disruptions to classroom learning which
include talking, disrespect, not following directions, or misuse of
electronic devices.
I manage your behavior in the following steps:
Step 1: Verbal or visual warning and reteach rule
Step 2: Complete a check strip
A strip means a check on your Friday Folder
0-1 checks = E - Exceeds Expectations
2 - 3 checks = S - Satisfactory
4 - 5 checks = N - Needs Improvement
More than 6 checks = U - Unsatisfactory
Step 3: Complete a check strip and time-out in another
Step 4: Complete a check strip and notify your parents
In addition to the steps above Miss Carlton may also change
your desk location, and/or a conference with you or your
¢ Major Disruptions
Major disruptions are more severe behaviors including
frequent minor disruptions, cheating, fighting, destruction of
school property, stealing, and threatening/bullying.
Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Henning, Mrs. Taylor, or Ms. Baker manages
behavior and determines the consequence.
A major disruption will mean an automatic U in conduct.
Even though I will teach you our rules and procedures, you may
get a lot of checks at the beginning of the year as you learn exactly
what is O.K. and what is not O.K. It is very hard to get an “E” in
conduct! Be proud of yourself if you get an “S”. If you get an “N” or
a “U”, this is NOT good. The good news is, you have a chance to
start all over again the next week!
What happens when a student is caught
being good?
When you work hard and do what you are supposed
to do, you earn the treat of feeling good about yourself.
There are other treats you can earn too:
1. Earn Brookwood Bucks or BBs if you are caught going above
expectations when following the rules and expectations. BBs
can be traded for prizes at the end of the nine weeks.
2. When you earn an “E” on the Friday conduct sheet, you may pick
a treat from the treat jar and receive 5 BBs. When you earn an
“S”, you receive 1 BB.
3. When we work together as class and receive a compliment from
another teacher or an administrator, we earn a jewel for our
jewel jar. When we earn a 20 jewels, Miss Carlton will give the
class a treat.
4. If you earn 5 or fewer checks during the nine weeks, you will be
invited to the I.C.M.M. Club Celebration.
5. Earn an “E” in conduct on your nine week progress report or
semester report card and receive an invitation fir a school-wide
A bully is a person who tries to hurt others on purpose
either physically or verbally. Do not bully your classmates. Do not
bully students in other classes, in other grades, or on the bus. I do
not like it. I will not tolerate it. My number one rule is we treat each
other the way we want to be treated. Please be kind to one another!
If you see someone else being bullied, and you do nothing about
it, you are only helping the bully. Please report bullying to me or
another adult. Students who tell on bullies are not squealers or
tattletales, they are heroes.
Being respectful means that you show consideration for others’
feelings and interests and that you value them. Using good
manners, listening to when others speak, and valuing others’
opinions and property are all ways of showing respect. You need to
show respect for all students and adults in the school building. Our
classroom will be a happier place to be if we all use respectful
Have more questions about our classroom? Take a look at
the following pages...
Agenda Book
You will be given an agenda book where you will record your
homework, reminders, and important dates each day. It helps you
be READY and prepared!
At the end of each day, we will review our homework
assignments. You are required to and must write your homework
in your agenda book. Your agenda book must be kept in your
binder at all times.
Show your parents your agenda book, as well as homework and
reminders each day. To show you are RESPONSIBLE and staying
organized, get your agenda book signed on Thursday night, or you
will receive a ¡. You, not your parents, are responsible for
remembering to get your agenda book signed.
You cannot learn if you are not at school. Come to school each
day unless you are sick. Some other excused absences include a
death in your immediate family, and/or doctors’ appointments. Any
other absence is an unexcused absence. If you are absent from
school, you must bring in a note signed by a parent to explain and
excuse your absence. I will ask for your note!
I do not want you to come to school if you are sick. If you are
sick, you cannot do your best work, and you might make other
people sick, too. Do not return to school until you have been fever-
free without medicine for 24 hours. If your doctor puts you on an
antibiotic, you must take it for 24 hours before you return to
When you are absent, we will keep the work you missed for you.
If you are sick for a few days, a parent may call or email me to
gather this work for you to start completing at home.
Your binder needs to be brought to and from school each day.
You will use your binder to help you stay organized and READY to
learn. You are RESPONSIBLE for keeping your binder organized,
but I will help guide where to place papers so you can find them
when you need them. NEVER STUFF papers in your desk or binder
pockets. If you are unsure about whether you should keep a paper,
DO NOT throw it away until you check with me first!
You may not have a birthday party at school, but you may bring
a special snack so we may celebrate on or near your birthday.
Please do not bring a whole cake or cookie cake, which must be cut
into individual pieces and divided among your classmates.
Cupcakes, brownies, donuts, or cookies work best. Your birthday
snack may be brought in the morning or dropped off at the front
office. Or, if you prefer, you may bring money to buy ice cream
for the whole class.
Birthday & Party Invitations
Remember, no one may pass out invitations for birthday parties
at school! Instead, ask your friends for a phone number, email or
mailing address to invite them to a party.
Brookwood Bucks
Good things come to those who do what they should! One good
thing that can come to you when you go above and beyond what is
expected of you is the opportunity to earn BBs. BBs will not be
given when you ask for them!
At the end of the nine weeks, you will have the opportunity to
trade in your coins for prizes and privileges by ordering from the
BBs catalog. Don’t sell or buy goods or services for BBs unless
approved by me. This will result in loss of BBs and a check.
B.Y.O.D - Bring Your Own Device
We are a B.Y.O.D. classroom, where electronic devices may
be used for academic purposes. In order to use your device in the
classroom, I must have an approval form signed by you and your
parent or guardian.
Your device needs to come to school charged and READY to
help you with learning. I cannot stop a lesson to provide tech
support. Devices need to remain on silent to be RESPECTFUL to
me and your classmates.
Please use the chart on the board as your guide for whether
device use is appropriate. Students who use a device for a
purpose other than assigned academics will lose the privilege. This
also means playing games, educational or not, on your device when
you are supposed to be reading or completing other work is
inappropriate and does not show you are RESPONSIBLE. Games
played at school during designated free time should be appropriate
for school. You will receive a ¡ for inappropriate device use and
in some cases, parents will be asked to come to school to retrieve
improperly used devices.
Cell Phone
You are only allowed to be on a cell phone at school if it is for
academic purposes. You are not allowed to take phone calls, text,
take pictures, or have your phone out for other purposes
anywhere at school. Your phone should always be set on silent!
Each Monday, our classroom newsletter will be posted on our
classroom eClass page. A paper copy can be provided if
requested. The newsletter keeps you and your parents informed
of our academics, calendar dates, and major assignments. Read
the newsletter if want to know what we are learning and what is
coming up!
Please make sure you and your parents read the newsletter.
Then tell me the code word by Tuesday to receive one BB.
Occasionally I may decide to give more BBs or another special
During dismissal time, you are to remain silent and use self
control. Double check that you have everything you need to bring
home. You should clean up your desktop, underneath your desk,
inside your desk, and around your area. You should then get out
your current reading book and read it, or could be completing a
task for your classroom job. You are expected to be
RESPONSIBLE and continue making good choices and showing
self-control until you step off the bus at your stop.
When your bus load is called, please move quickly and quietly.
Once you leave the classroom, you may not return to get forgotten
Dress Code
Please do not wear clothing, jewelry or accessories that could
distract us from our job of learning. Hoods should not be worn on
the head in class. Hats may only be worn at school on hat days or
in cold weather.
Dress comfortably and READY for the day’s weather. During
the hotter months, I will keep the classroom as cool as it can get.
If you tend to get cold, you may want to bring a sweater. On cold
winter days, please wear an appropriate coat. I will insist that you
wear that coat outside, and you will end up wasting your recess
time if you try arguing about it.
Our eClass page is an extension of our classroom. Here you
will find assignments, study aids, practice games and websites. I
will put videos and resources that we use in class on our page too.
I hope you can find everything you need to help you learn, and, if
you can’t, ask mel Please also let me know if you find something
not working on our page. What works for me doesn’t always work
for you, and the internet is constantly changing!
eClass Assignments and Homework
Assignments on eClass are exactly like assignments in the
classroom. I expect you to do your best work on these
assignments just as you would on paper work. Please follow
directions, complete all parts of an assignment, and turn the
assignment in by the due date. Just like written work, if you use
poor work habits on an eClass assignment, you will be asked to
redo the assignment at study hall and/or receive a check.
Each week you will have homework assignments to be
completed on eClass. These assignments are due by Friday
morning. If you do not have access to eClass at home, there will
be times during the school day to get this work completed. The
same consequences you receive for incomplete paper homework
will be received for incomplete eClass homework.
Field Trips
We will go on at least one field trip this year. Remember that
you are a representative of Brookwood Elementary! More
information will come about field trips later.
Forgotten Items
Remember, you are expected to be RESPONSIBLE and
READY! If you forget an item at home, you may not call home for
someone to bring that item to you. If your parents drop off
forgotten items in the office such as homework, projects, or books,
you will not be called to the office to get these. They will instead be
put in my school mailbox, and you earn the check! If you forget
something at school, do not have someone bring you back to
Friday Folder
Every Friday you will bring home your conduct folder which will
include your conduct and work habit report, graded work, and
important notes from school. Please be RESPONSIBLE and have
your parents look at everything in your conduct folder and sign it
so that you can return it on Monday. You will get a ¡ if your
folder is not signed and returned. Parents do not like to see things
at the last minute, so don’t wait until Monday morning to show them
your conduct folder!
Graded Papers
In most cases, I have papers graded and returned within
a week. Graded and checked work will be sent home in the Friday
Folder. Papers that are stamped with a “Return with Parent
Signature” stamp need to be signed and returned in the folder.
If you earn a grade below 70 on a test or other summative
grade, I will attach a Re-Test Submission Ticket. This ticket will
state when the re-test will take place along with the requirements to
be ready for the new assessment. The whole Re-Test Submission
ticket needs to be returned on the date of the re-test. The new test
grade will come from the average of the two test grades. In order
to not have to take any retests, study your study cards and
In fifth grade, we are serious about our learning! We care
about the grades we make, and we always try to do our best work.
Please check the portal regularly. I enter grades weekly. Here
is what the grades mean:
what the grade
what the grade means
about my learning...
100 - 90 Excellent
¢ I understand!
89 - 80 Above Average
¢ I mostly understand.
79 - 74 Average
¢ I understand some.
¢ I need to ask more
73 - 70 Below Average
¢ I do not understand.
¢ I need to ask for help.
69 - 0 Unsatisfactory
The following grades will be used for Special Areas, Health,
Conduct, and Effort:
E = Excellent
S = Satisfactory
N = Needs Improvement
U = Unsatisfactory
Report Cards go home at the end of the semester. Halfway
through the semester at the nine week mark, I will send home a
report to update on your progress. You can also know how you
are doing by looking at your graded papers and checking My
eClass or the Parent Portal!
Homework will be assigned Monday Thursday. I do not
usually give homework on Friday. I expect you to spend at least
50 - 60 minutes on homework plus reading minutes. If you
struggle with a homework assignment to the point that you cannot
complete it, please have a parent write a note and let me know the
next morning.
Your homework will usually include daily independent reading
for 20 minutes or 20 pages and daily math practice assignment. If
you do not have written homework then you should review lessons,
practice skills, review study cards, write in a journal, or read.
A student who does not complete homework assignments will
receive a ¡and will complete the assignment at study hall during
recess. If you continuously don’t do your homework, a conference
will be scheduled with your parents to create a plan for
Ice Cream
Ice cream costs $1.00. You may purchase ice cream before
we go out to recess. This means you will need to be READY and
bring your ice cream money with you to the cafeteria. Ice cream
may only be purchased on the days we go outside for recess. No
ice cream will come back to the classroom in order to help keep the
classroom clean!
I.C.M.M. Club
Earn 5 checks or less during a nine weeks, and you will receive
an invitation to join the I.C.M.M. Club ( I Can Manage Myself Club).
Instead of going to the cafeteria to eat lunch, I will host students
for lunch in the classroom with a video, special dessert, and soda.
You will have the opportunity to earn more BBs through a job.
You will need to fill out an application for your job and may need to
go through an interview. I have a few jobs in the classroom that I
need, but I am open to suggestions for your ideas to help our
classroom run smoothly.
Students who have completed work and homework on time will
go outside for a 30 minute recess each day. Those that have not
completed their work responsibilities will go to study hall to
complete this work.
Recess is a time for you to be active and move around. Do
not bring a book, papers to draw, or a sit down activity to recess.
If you can’t find anything else to do, walking is always a good idea!
Required Reading
While I expect you to read many more books, each nine weeks,
you will be required to read 4 books and complete a response on
our classroom eClass page each nine weeks. You will receive a
classroom grade for completing this requirement. The books you
read for your reading requirement must be at least 100 pages
long. Two of your required reading books must be from specific
genres, and two books are free choices. The due date and genres
of your required reading will be given at the beginning of the nine
Snack is a privilege at Brookwood Elementary. We have snack
in the morning during our Science/Social Studies block. You may
bring only one healthy snack from home. Candy is NOT allowed as
a snack. Just as in the cafeteria, you may not share your snack.
We will work during snack, so please make sure that you can
continue to work, listen, and learn as you eat.
Please be on time to school each day! Our morning routines
are an important part of starting our day. If you are tardy, you
must go to the front office to pick up a late pass. If you bring a
note when you go to the doctor, your tardy is excused. Being
tardy means you may miss breakfast served at school.
Here are suggestions to keep you from being tardy:
Put everything you need in your book bag before you go to bed.
Plan (and even lay out) what you will wear the next day before
you go to bed.
Go to bed at a reasonable time. You might want to read in bed
before you go to sleep.
If you have trouble waking up in the morning, get an alarm clock.
Do not miss your bus.
You may bring a water bottle each day and drink from it
whenever you are thirsty. Bring water only, please! NO SPORTS
DRINKS OR JUICES! If drinking water becomes a distraction, you
will lose the privilege of bringing water.
2016 - 2017
I understand that I am member of a classroom community, so I must
make the best choices in order to let Miss Carlton help my classmates
and me learn and grow. Here are the ways I will do this:
* I will meet the classroom behavior expectations.
3. We are READY.
* I will meet the school behavior expectations.
* I will follow the .other procedures and routines of our
I understand that I am in charge of the choices I make. I understand
that there are rewards if I make good choices and consequences if I
do not. I will work each day to make this school year the best one
Student Signature: _______________________________________
Parent Signature: _______________________________________
Teacher Signature: _______________________________________
We are so excited about the possibilities this adds to
classroom instruction. Gwinnett County has provided a
secure wireless network for both staff and students. This
network has the same safeguards in place that all of our
networks have, so your child will be in a safe
environment when they use their tablet. Students will log
on using their same log on and password they currently
use on computers.
In order for this new resource to work well in the
classroom, certain guidelines are necessary. All school
rules and expectations will apply. Classrooms will have
procedures in place to keep tablets safe. However,
students will be responsible for their device. GCPS and
Brookwood ES will not be held accountable for damage,
loss, theft, or inappropriate material. Classroom teachers
will inform students of all guidelines and expectations.
Both students and parents are required to sign this form
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Cheri Carter
Brookwood Elementary’s Device Proper Use Agreement
Student’s Name
Parent Email (this is a required field)
continued on the back
If you are interested, please initial and sign on the
appropriate lines:
Student Initials Parent Initials
________ ________ I agree to only use my device when
my teacher allows it.
________ ________ I agree to keep my device safe in
my backpack even on the bus.
________ ________ I agree to follow all school rules
pertaining to computer/ device usage.
________ ________ I will be responsible and only
choose appropriate reading
________ ________ I will not share my device.
________ ________ I will only use my device for
educational purposes.
________ ________ I will not download anything to my
device during school hours.
Student Signature
Parent Signature
Consequences for improper use of devices:
* Student will receive a check.
* Student loses privileges and parent must come to the
school to pick-up the device.
1. When you are responding to an adult, answer by saying, “Yes”/“Yes,
ma’am,” or “No”/“No, sir.”
2. Make eye contact. When someone is speaking, keep your eyes on
him/her at all times. If someone makes a comment, turn and face
that person.
3. Always raise your hand when you want to speak. BUT, never raise
your hand while an adult is speaking. Wait until he/she has finished
speaking or asks for questions.
4. If someone in the class wins in a game or does a good job,
congratulate that person.
5. During discussions, respect other students’ comments, opinions, and
6. If you win or do well at something, do not brag. If you lose, do not
show anger. Being a poor sport shows weakness.
7. If you are asked a question in conversation, you should ask a
question in return. It is good manners to show a person that you are
just as interested in them as they are in you.
8. When you cough, sneeze or burp, it is appropriate to turn your head
away from others and cover your mouth. Afterward, you should say
excuse me.
9. Do not smack your lips, roll your eyes, or show disrespect with
10. Always say “thank you” when you are given something. If you do
not, don’t be surprised if you are not given something again. Always
show appreciation.
11. Surprise others by showing random acts of kindness as often as you
12. If we grade each others’ papers, do not comment on another
person’s grade to anyone. The only marks you are allowed to make
on others’ papers are an “X” and the number incorrect/grade.
13. When we read together in class, you must follow along. If I call on
you to read, you must know exactly where we are and begin to read
14. I like to give rewards and treats. If you ask for a reward or treat,
you will not receive it. It is rude to expect to be rewarded or
15. When we are in transition from one subject to another, it will be done
quickly and quietly. We do not waste our learning time. Work we
don’t get done will probably be done at recess or assigned as
16. Make every effort to be as organized as possible.
17. When I assign homework, there is to be no whining or complaining.
If there is whining or complaining, I may decide to assign more work.
18. Do not ask me if you can get water or go to the restroom while I am
teaching a lesson unless it is an emergency.
19. When we have a visitor in the class, always be polite. If an adult
comes into the room to speak to me, sit politely and wait or get out a
book and read. I will return to teaching as soon as possible.
20. Do not try to exclude anyone. We are family, and we must treat
everyone as we want to be treated.
21. If I am disciplining another student, do not look at that student. You
would not want someone staring at you if you were being redirected
or were in trouble.
22. Use good manners in the lunchroom.
23. When you get up to leave the lunchroom, leave your eating area as
clean or cleaner than you found it.
24. If someone drops something on the floor, pick it up and hand it back
to him/her. If someone drops things on the floor, help pick them up.
25. Open doors for people and let them go through first.
26. If someone bumps into you, even if it was not your fault say,
“Excuse me.”
27. When in a line, walk single file. There should be absolutely no talking.
This shows respect for other classes we pass.
28. Never cut in line. If someone does cut in line, don’t do anything
about it, but let me know.
29. When you have a dispute with a classmate, first try to solve it
yourself peacefully. If that cannot be done, come to me. That is my
job! Never yell or touch anyone else if you are upset.
30. If any child in the school is bothering you, let me know. I am your
teacher, I am here to look after you and protect you.
31. Be positive and enjoy life. Focus on the good in your life.
32. Believe in dreams. They do come true.
33. Accept that you will make mistakes. Learn from them and move on.
34. Be honest. Even if you have done something wrong, admit it to me.
I will respect your honesty, and sometimes I might be so thankful that
you are honest that I might even overlook what you have done
35. Carpe diem. Seize the day. Make every moment count.
36. Be the best person you can be.
37. Love each other unconditionally.