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Illustrations prepared by the group of girls while reading the book "Tinkers Island"

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Jenny and her father Sam live in London. It's November 1798. They work very hard in covent garden market. they sell fruit and vegetables everyday. One day, a man running down the street, gives sam a watch. He is a thief, but the policemen think it is sam who is a thief. they take them away. 



The ship takes the criminals to australia. jenny wants to save her fater. she wears boy's clothes and starts a job on the ship. later, she finds her father on the ship and they escape on the small boat.

After eight days they see an island. they start a new life on the island - their island. they are very happy for the first year. it's quiet and beautiful. they have their own house, they catch fish, find coconuts and make fires.

 One day, they see a big ship and two men on the boat. they are cominf to the island. the tinkers are afraid of their lives. but the men want to take them to america.

jenny and sam decide to go to america. they are happy and sad at the same time.