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interior exterior architectural sign systems Proudly serving the industry for over 35 years

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Meeting the Challenge of Change Change is in the air It is inevitable The sign industry is changing along with technology and the demands of the marketplace Clarke Systems is embracing that change For starters the essential element of all of our sign products is changeability It is the primary feature buyers request when looking for signs that offer them the most flexibility and adaptability for dealing with an evolving environment and efficient use of their purchasing power Equally as important we are embracing the new technology that puts dynamic digital signage at the heart of what marketers want and consumers expect in communication advertising and customer service What isn t changing at Clarke Systems is our dedication to unparalleled customer support and superior quality products They have been our hallmark for over 35 years and are the guiding force of our future We know our future success relies on our established relationships with our customers and the satisfaction of their customers That won t change You can count on it The Simplicity of Systems SIMPLIFIED SIGN SOLUTIONS At Clarke we ve built our business on a systems approach to signage You might consider that for your business A sign system contains most if not all of the building blocks you ll need for everything from a single sign to a comprehensive identity or wayfinding program By choosing a preferred sign system and using it regularly you become even more expert at designing and manufacturing signs You ll work more efficiently lower labor costs make effective use of inventory and begin to recognize potential applications for future jobs And you don t have to re invent the wheel every time a new buyer comes looking for a directory or architectural signs That means faster turnarounds and more satisfaction for your customers It also makes you a valuable resource when they need coordinated signs to update or add to their program The systems featured in this brochure provide the flexibility and changeability required in a fast paced business environment They also are adaptable to environments ranging from sophisticated corporate parks or healthcare campuses to small retail sites or clinics Each is easy to build and install Each provides continuity and adaptability Simple Versatile Comprehensive Count on Clarke s systems for the successful sign solutions you and your customers need

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The Power of Partnerships PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES Think of Clarke Systems as more than your wholesale supplier Rather think of us as a valuable resource that can assist you with the whole sale from the initial bid through completion Join forces to sell large scale sign programs If you would like to bid larger jobs like hospitals and corporate or university campuses in your region but don t feel you have the staffing or expertise to handle them or if you have more work than you can handle with your own staff Count on Clarke to provide the support you need We will work behind the scenes alongside you as a partner or up front in the lead it s up to you From bid review and proposal writing to project management and post completion report Clarke Systems will work with you to co produce a successful sign program that will keep your customer coming back to you for more We ll build your signs while you build your sales Outsourcing your manufacturing is one way to hold down inventory trim extra production costs and free up your time to concentrate on sales and customer outreach That s where we can help It s your choice Count on Clarke Systems for Contents Sales Service 2 3 Info Panel System 4 5 Slatz Sign System 6 7 Slatz Capture System 8 9 Bid review and pricing Trim Frame 10 Design Rainbow Plus System 11 Sign schedule SpringFrame System 12 13 Project plan Custom Interiors 14 15 Pre cut sign components Clearview System 16 Colorfixed components Magneview System 17 Ready to decorate faces Paper Holders 18 19 Fully completed ready to install signs modular e EDS 20 21 Sustainability 22 Wayfinding 23 3

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Info Panel The System Features A Info Panel provides the framework for exterior communication by showcasing a brand image and guiding visitors effectively The system s versatile components allow you to maintain graphic continuity present a professional and polished appearance and create an attractive exterior environment for customers and employees alike quare round and S D shaped posts ive standard panel heights F 2 3 4 6 8 E wo decorative caps T ustom panel size to match C specific needs Identify a business and welcome visitors with a Primary I D sign A at major entry points Guide them to their destination using multi panel directional units B and enforce speed limits with flag mount single panel signs C Identify locations and services and designate employee and visitor parking areas with single panel and multi panel signs either ground mounted D or wall mounted E lag mount panels F B ight angle and side by side R configurations n ground wall mounted or I standard foot installation ariable panel spacing V butted half inch one inch While people familiar with a facility will know what path to follow you should anticipate the information new visitors will need to reach their destinations and plan the signs to answer those questions as soon as they arise By doing so you initiate the visit with a positive experience C luminum and injectionA molded system of parts D nlimited color selection U post caps 4 specialty caps crossbars custom panel Panel Insertion Standard flat post caps add a finishing touch to each post style D shape square or round and prevent unauthorized removal of panels Specialty caps create a unique character for an Info Panel system Contemporary crossbars add a framed look to an Info Panel system Constructed from extruded aluminum bracing and aluminum panels custom panels can meet most size requirements Panels and posts connect via an Info Panel stop which is mechanically fastened to the panel and then inserted into the post

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Decorative Cap 5 options Walltrack Post Pole 2 options Plain Cap Custom Panel Variable Spacing 3 options Word Panel 5 options Adjacent Slot Post Corner 3 options Opposite Slot Post Info panel Assembly Crossbar Each Info Panel has two mechanically fastened stops fixed to each end The panel stops are inserted into each pole simultaneously The stops on the bottom panel are screwed in place holding all panels at the desired height Adjustable hex head screws are provided Foot Panel Spacing installation options 3 4 30 36 Custom Panel Construction panel 1 space panel 1 2 space panel butt seam Direct embedment Base plate surface mount Based on overall sign height in accordance with local zoning 5

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Slatz Sign System The System Features C Whether they coordinate with a comprehensive wayfinding system that begins outside a building or they are the first signs that greet people for an individual department or business inside a complex the Slatz Sign System provides versatile and adaptable solutions for interior communications ix faceplate heights S ight trimplate heights E ive standard sidetrack F options Using the same basic building blocks of universal clips and end caps along with faceplates in a variety of sizes and finishes you can create a coordinated sign program that works on its own or can be interfaced with other products featured in this book ustom panel sizes to C match specific needs A amper resistant T E nterchangeable plates I B oncealed mounting C Identify destination areas and departments on a centralized wall mounted directory a available in single and multi column configurations Reinforce the directions with wall mounted b and or ceiling hung directionals c Specify departments personnel restrooms and other special use rooms with door side identification signs D and or projected room numbers E ingle panel or S multi panel construction D ariable surface mounting V esktop adaptable D uspended or projected S DA compatible A Slatz provides a total sign program in one system nlimited configurations U single panel Extrusions can be cut to any length long or short for single panel signs 6 Multiple Panels Columns Flexible components assure unlimited configurations Custom Panels Custom size panels integrate with the system and enhance design capabilities Suspended or projecting Overhead options maximize visibility in difficult areas sidetrack system Sidetrack extrusions ensure panel alignment and conceal edges

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Sign Configurations Wall Sign Desk Sign Suspended Sign Projecting Sign Single column Directory Multi column Directory Suspended Directory Single panel Construction Multi panel Construction The Slatz end cap does dual duty as a mounting bracket and finishing feature Available in sizes to fit each Slatz faceplate extrusion the caps are used to mount single panel signs They are ideal for nameplates desk signs restrooms and single message communication Projecting Directory At the heart of a multi panel Slatz sign is the multiclip Inserted into aluminum sidetracks multiclips hold multiple faceplates in limitless combinations to form everything from basic wall directional signs to complex directories and displays A Faceplate D A Trimplate B Faceplates C Sidetrack D Sidetrack Cap E Multiclip B End Cap E C Slatz Slider A A B D B E C A B Group I Group II Group III Faceplates Trimplates Framing Options Faceplates are precision engineered aluminum extrusions Available in a silver satin finish or many shades from our exclusive Colorfix system Trimplates are similar in construction to faceplates except for a return on one edge The return provides a flush wall mount and inhibits vandalism Framing options require two selections trimplate and sidetrack 1 uad Track and Q Curved Trimplates Trimplate Cap Sidetrack 2 quare Track and S Curved Trimplates 3 ngle Track and A Square Trimplates 1 4 uad Track and Q Square Trimplates Mini 5 8 13 16 Little 1 1 2 1 5 8 Middle 2 1 4 2 3 8 Big Slider 3 1 8 3 1 4 Big 3 1 8 3 1 4 King 4 3 4 4 7 8 Super 6 5 16 face 6 7 16 overall Square Curved Square Curved Mini Mini Little Little 13 16 1 3 16 1 9 16 2 3 8 Square Curved Square Square Square Middle Middle Big King Super 2 3 8 3 3 16 3 3 16 4 7 8 6 3 8 overall height 5 quare Track and S Square Trimplates 7

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Slatz Capture Modular Flat Insert Sign System Slatz Capture was designed to meet the challenge of change E In response to customer demand for a flat insert option we have combined the structural integrity of Slatz extruded aluminum and injection molded plastic components with the ease of paper insert flexibility to produce a highly desirable quick change sign system E P No cumbersome components No visible fasteners No bulky apparatus to hold a simple piece of paper or other 1 16 inch thick insert material including acrylic engraving stock photopolymer zinc and more ADA compatible Capture can be fully integrated with a program of Slatz directories and wayfinding signage for multi functional communication with staff and visitors alike Or it can stand on its own P Insert capabilities give the end user more control and satisfaction than ever enabling them to make changes at will P E P E Double Sided Projecting 8 Directory Nameplate Double Sided Suspended Paper Insert Engraved

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Take Charge of Change Features Planning signage for a new facility or retrofit requires foresight Selecting signs for what you know today is easy Selecting signs for changes you can t anticipate is the challenge CAPTURE ALUMINUM EXTRUSIONS and Mounting options Standard Slatz Multiclips and Mounting MOUNTING Capture can be mounted vertically or horizontally using matching end caps that work as a finishing feature Capture directories are mounted on multiclips with sidetrack Standard Slatz End Cap Capture faceplate extrusions give you all the flexibility of the Slatz system with an extra added benefit the capacity to hold changeable inserts And Capture is available in wall mounted single face and directory configurations as well as double sided projected and suspended signs COLOR Capture is available in silver anodized finish or standard industry colors achieved with our vinyl Colorfix System using Avery A 900 Series vinyl or it can be painted Capture lets you change menus Change offices Change direction Change schedules Change your mind Simply remove and replace the inserts while the signs stay right where they are Mistakes are correctable Moves are facilitated Change is simplified Mini Holders Capture Little 1 5 8 1 3 10 Capture Middle 2 3 8 2 1 8 Capture Big 3 1 4 2 7 8 Capture King 4 7 8 4 7 16 Capture Jumbo 8 7 8 overall 8 1 2 insert lens Capture Super 6 7 16 6 3 32 CUSTOM SIZE INSERTS framing options For inserts exceeding the size of the Jumbo extrusion use a pair of Slatz Mini Holders placed top and bottom This enables you to create space for a large flat surface allowing you to position an expanded graphic or engraving into a Slatz directory or other configuration Framing options require two selections trimplate and sidetrack PAPER INSERTS Make changes for paper inserts on in house computers ASSEMBLY INSTALLATION Capture signs and directories are simple to assemble and install A pencil level drill and screwdriver or VHB tape are all you need Trimplate Cap 1 Quad Track and Curved Trimplates 2 Square Track and Curved Trimplates 3 Angle Track and Square Trimplates 4 Quad Track and Square Trimplates 5 INSERT REMOVAL Sidetrack To change a paper insert remove the clear plastic lens with suction cup provided and lift paper out Change rigid insert by lifting the extrusion off the end cap or multiclip and sliding the insert out Square Track and Square Trimplates SINGLE SIGN DIRECTORY OPTIONS RIGID INSERTS Combine extrusion and two end caps for single sign Use sidetracks and multiclips to create a directory for paper or engraved inserts Engraved inserts up to 1 16 inch thick include acrylic zinc and photopolymer Cutaway shows multiclips 9

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Trim Frame Developed for non illuminated signs the extruded aluminum Trim Frame encloses Slatz directories and holds a variety of materials in a range of thicknesses 1 8 3 16 1 4 Trim Frame achieves architectural styling with radius or square edge treatments Features ilver anodized finish S ustom sizes available C re mitered kits P Replacing a sign face is as simple as removing the access retainer along one side sliding out the old and sliding in the new never removing the frame from the original mounting The removal side of the sign may be specified to accommodate its placement Suitable for interior and exterior use Trim Frame is available in satin anodized finish or may be painted to match the d cor The low profile 1 5 deep frame is available in a variety of sizes and is supported by hidden fasteners Size TF005 30 X 36 TF006 TF007 TF008 36 X 48 10 TF004 36 X 42 quare edge frame S 24 X 36 30 X 48 ounded edge frame R TF003 30 X 30 Style Options TF002 24 X 30 1 1 4 TF001 18 X 36 Approx 1 1 2 Code 18 x 24 TF009

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RainbowPlus System Modular Curved Insert Sign System Rainbow Plus adds a curved dimension to the world of wayfinding signage Modular and easily changeable Rainbow Plus is manufactured in clear anodized aluminum with black end caps and may be installed in landscape or portrait formats The curved components hold digital output paper and vinyl graphics all protected by a non glare lens that enhances the graphics as well as acrylic engraving sheets and metal panels The signs may be wall mounted flag mounted or suspended from a ceiling The product is ideal for printed directories identification signs information points retail display point of sale and general facilities applications Grooved aluminum edges give the sign a stylized secure and professional appearance yet the inserts are easily replaceable with the use of a suction cup to remove the lens Rainbow Plus is ADA adaptable esktop printed inserts D on glare lens N ortrait or landscape P Extrusion Height Code ull extrusions up to 78 long F 2 67 RPS001 Cut to size lengths 3 62 RPS002 5 03 RPS003 7 05 RPS004 8 5 RPS005 ive different curve heights F 11

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SpringFrame Sleek crisp clean lines define SpringFrame Available Formats Interior Wayfinding The name says it all An ingenious patented spring mechanism combined with a discreet locking function makes it easy to change inserts but impenetrable to vandalism at the same time providing a highly valuable interior signage solution for high traffic buildings Doorplate Wall Sign Directory Evacuation Plan Anti reflective acrylic faces eliminate glare enhance graphic and copy inserts and add to the modern look of the signs The acrylic cover sits flush with the top of its mitered silver anodized frame with an overall outside depth of 35 inches Pictogram Holder Counter Table Stand Menu Board Countertop Sign The SpringFrame modular system is available as wall mounted suspended or projected signs and also can be adapted as a desktop nameplate a counter stand or menu board SpringFrame is available in sizes ranging from a small doorplate to a wall directory and enables the end user to create a uniform wayfinding program throughout entire facilities Picture Frame Poster Display fter unlocking the frame the lens is A removed with a small suction cup all mount using double sided foam tape W or mechanical fasteners itered corners M Wall mounted 12 table stand suspended projecting evacuation routes

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Dimensions in Millimeters Insert Product Code Height Dimensions in Inches Exterior Insert Exterior Width Height Width Height Width Height Width Patented spring mechanism Wall Mounted Signs I 052148 W 52 148 5 57 5 152 2 05 5 83 2 24 5 98 I 105107 W 105 107 110 5 110 5 4 13 4 21 4 33 4 33 I 105148 W 105 148 5 110 5 152 4 13 5 83 4 83 5 98 I 148150 W 148 5 150 5 154 154 5 83 5 9 6 06 6 06 I 210148 W 210 148 5 215 5 152 8 27 5 83 8 46 5 98 I 210212 W 210 212 215 5 215 5 8 27 8 35 8 46 8 46 I 210297 W 210 297 215 5 300 5 8 27 11 7 8 46 11 81 I 297210 W 297 210 302 5 213 5 11 7 8 27 11 89 8 38 I 297299 W 297 299 302 5 302 5 11 7 11 77 11 89 11 89 I 297420 W 297 420 300 5 425 5 11 7 16 53 11 81 16 73 I 420297 W 420 297 425 5 300 5 16 53 11 7 16 73 11 81 I 594420 W 594 420 597 5 423 5 23 38 16 53 23 5 16 65 I 841594 W 841 594 844 5 597 5 33 11 23 38 33 23 23 5 Locking Function suspended Signs I 148297 S 148 5 297 152 302 5 5 83 11 7 5 98 11 89 I 148420 S 148 5 420 152 425 5 5 83 16 53 5 98 16 73 I 148600 S 148 5 600 152 605 5 5 83 23 62 5 98 23 81 I 148840 S 148 5 840 152 845 5 5 83 33 07 5 98 33 27 I 210297 S 210 297 213 5 302 5 8 27 11 7 8 38 11 89 I 210420 S 210 420 213 5 425 5 8 27 16 53 8 38 16 73 I 210600 S 210 600 213 5 605 5 8 27 23 62 8 38 23 81 I 210840 S 210 840 213 5 845 5 8 27 33 07 8 38 33 27 Adjustable wall mount buttons projecting Signs I 150148 P 150 5 148 5 154 154 5 9 5 83 6 06 6 06 I 212210 P 212 210 215 5 215 5 8 35 8 27 8 46 8 46 I 210297 P 210 297 213 5 302 5 8 27 11 7 8 38 11 89 I297210 P 297 210 300 5 215 5 11 7 8 27 11 81 8 46 52 148 5 57 5 152 2 05 5 83 2 24 5 98 table stand I 052148 T Sizes are rounded to U S Standard Units For maximum accuracy inserts should be sized and cut after receipt of sign s 13

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Custom Interiors Meet your customers expectations for interior signage by having them choose the look solution and grade they want Good Better Best It s up to you Using quality modified acrylics we can satisfy your requirements from basic signs to a sophisticated wayfinding system that coordinates with architecture and d cor as well as corporate identity programs Signs in this category are produced using one or more of four basic products Clearview Braille Plaque Barstock and Magnesign all appropriate for tactile graphics and Grade 2 Braille to meet the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA Work from a standard palette or specify a shade from a spectrum of custom colors achieved through reverse coloring of the substrate Communicate names department designations messages and more with surface applied vinyl graphics and copy with magnetically placed copy panels for changeability or with paper inserts that provide maximum flexibility and on site control Specify custom shapes that coordinate with the environment and maintain the continuity of design Braille Plaque Americans with Disabilities Act ADA The majority of the architectural sign products represented in this brochure are ADA compatible Please discuss your client s ADA needs and other requirements with our customer service representative 14 The basic component of attractive ADA compatible signs Affixed permanently to the surface Least flexible of all sign options Framed Braille Plaque Framing enriches the sign and allows you to change the plaque without affecting the wall surface Barstock Clearview Magnesign Aluminum trim strips enhance the appearance of a basic sign with compatible colors and design options Clear openings with paper inserts allow you to change names and messages as well as the background font and colors of the inserts while keeping the basic sign the same Fully magnetized all the individual components of the sign including the header may be changed

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Magnetic Panels Framing Details Cross cut with frames colors 1 16 Polished Yellow Gold Polished Silver Matte Black Architectural Bronze 5 16 Clearview 3 16 Magnesign 1 8 Braille Plaque 5 16 1 2 Polished Rose Gold Satin Silver Satin Yellow Gold Satin Rose Gold Masonite Filler Masonite Plastic Filler 1 8 Inlaid Magnetic Strips Bar Details 1 5 8 Base Plate Total thickness 1 4 1 1 2 1 4 1 4 Rigid plastic forms the foundation of a magnetic panel assembly Precision routing equipment assures exact placement of our magnetic channels and precise sizing of each of our text panels 1 4 2 1 4 Colors same as above Paper Inserts Accessories Ceiling Bracket Base Plate Desktop projecting Bracket Face Frame Deskstand A Deskstand B 1 8 opening Insert 3 4 1 8 opening 2 1 8 2 1 1 2 Colors same as above Each of the paper insert signs in our Clearview collection is meticulously assembled from three parts Clearview signs can be configured in a myriad of sizes insert options and styles to meet your needs Standard electronic template provided Printed inserts available upon request Additional fees applicable 1 1 2 Height based on size of inset Miscellaneous 1 height typical Clear Lens 1 2 border typical Total thickness 5 16 Dimensional Borders Overlays 1 32 thick Complements raised ADA graphics adding a simple element of style Pick up on architecural elements and enhance the overall style of the sign Magnet Cork paper holder Accommodate interoffice communications Two options available Slider Features dual message option i e In Use Vacant 15

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Clearview System Attractive professional signs that hold paper inserts are efficient cost effective and maintenance neutral assets implify personnel or department S moves with an exchange of paper edirect directional signs R by shifting arrows elcome visitors daily W with graphic replacements eorganize a facility for new R tenants or employees without removing a sign from the walls Sign Type A ADA Room Sign Sign Type B1 Non ADA Room Sign Sign Type B2 Non ADA Room Sign Sign Type C ADA General Use Sign Type D Non ADA General Use Item Code PS00A Size 5 50 W x 6 00 H Window 4 50 W x 3 00 H Item Code PS0B1 Size 5 50 W x 4 687 H Window 4 50 W x 3 00 H Item Code PS0B2 Size 5 50 W x 3 687 H Window 4 50 W x 2 00 H Item Code PS00C Size 5 50 W x 4 687 H Item Code PS00D Size 5 50 W x 4 687 H Small Medium Applied vinyl lettering is used wherever raised copy and Braille are not required Large It s that simple Standard Colors Sign Type E1 w out Header Sign Type E2 with Header Item Code PS0E1 Size 9 50 W x 7 187 H Window 8 50 W x 5 50 H Item Code PS0E2 Size 9 50 W x 8 00 H Window 8 50 W x 5 50 H Sign Type E3 w out Header Sign Type E4 with Header Item Code PS0E3 Size 9 50 W x 12 687 H Window 8 50 W x 11 00 H Item Code PS0E4 Size 9 50 W x 13 50 H Window 8 50 W x 11 00 H Sign Type E5 w out Header Item Code PS0E5 Size 12 00 W x 18 687 H Window 11 00 W x 17 00 H Regulatory Standard regulatory signs are available to coordinate with the Clearview System Additional industry and custom colors available Mounting Options Sign Type F1 Men s Restroom Sign Type F2 Women s Restroom Sign Type F3 Restroom Sign Type G1 Exit Sign Type G2 Accessibility Item Code PS0F1 Size 6 00 W x 8 00 H Item Code PS0F2 Size 6 00 W x 8 00 H Item Code PS0F3 Size 6 00 W x 8 00 H Item Code PS0G1 Size 6 00 W x 8 00 H Item Code PS0G2 Size 6 00 W x 8 00 H Signs may be mounted using Velcro Magnets Double faced tape Silicone adhesives Pins Acrylic clips 16 Included with sign Sign Type H1 Stairs Inside Building Item Code PS0H1 Sign 6 00 W x 8 00 H 2 Sided Projecting Signs Sign Type J1 Men s Restroom Sign Type J2 Women s Restroom Sign Type J3 Restroom Sign Type E6 with Header Item Code PS0J1 Size 7 50 W x 7 50 H Bracket 0 625 W x 7 50 H Item Code PS0J2 Size 7 50 W x 7 50 H Bracket 0 625 W x 7 50 H Item Code PS0J3 Size 7 50 W x 7 50 H Bracket 0 625 W x 7 50 H Item Code PS0E6 Size 12 00 W x 19 50 H Window 11 00 W x 17 00 H Header copy may vary at customer s request

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Magneview System From the parking area to the emergency exit and beyond there are countless directional decision points in a facility Helping people find their way is essential in any facility To be effective a wayfinding system must seamlessly direct staff and visitors to their destination blend into the overall architecture all while providing flexibility to handle ongoing change Room and Department ID 11 5x6 5 Room ID 8 5x9 5 Room ID 9x5 5 Patient Rm 9x5 5 Patient Rm 6 5x6 5 Patient Rm 11x6 5 Patient Rm 8 5x9 5 Patient Rm w half letter insert w half letter insert w Gripbar w 3x5 inserts w 4x6 insert w 4x6 inserts w half letter insert Introducing Magneview constructed with a Lexan face and magnetized lens it offers unlimited design options Magneview can easily be tailored to meet the needs of virtually any environment with unmatched in house maintenance flexibilty Ideal for orporate campuses C ealthcare facilities H niversities colleges U ublic buildings P eligious institutions R 11 5x6 5 Patient Rm 14x9 5 Room Area ID 17x9 5 Room Area ID 20x12 Room Area ID 11 5x15 Room Area ID 11 5x12 Room Area ID 63x22 Freestanding Events Display w half letter insert w letter size insert w legal size insert w tabloid size insert w legal size insert w letter size insert w changeable inserts Wall Directories and Wayfinding Directionals Overhead Directionals etirement complexes R 12x96 Overhead Directional w changeable inserts 32x26 Wall Mount Directory 12x36 Wall Mount Directional 14x36 Overhead Directional w changeable insert w changeable inserts w changeable insert Prescribed for Healthcare Environments Make changes with the lift of a lens Magneview is especially suited to the needs of healthcare facilities providing simple solutions to the ongoing changes that take place from patient moves and department relocations to updating state and federally mandated notices With changes accommodated by the lift of a magnetized lens the signs provide efficient functionality in a high energy environment 17

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Paper Holders The System Change is inevitable Handle it with ease using these frameless flexible display fixtures in an expansive selection of size and format options all available in a unique image enhancing matte finish AeroLinea combines graceful extruded aluminum base detail with attractive acrylic backplates Adaptable to a wide range of display and signage needs from countertop units to wall ceiling and free standing models these distinctive sign holders enable you to transform plain paper printing into high impact graphics and easy to use MagaLens technology allows you to change your message in a flash Ideally suited for interior use wherever distinctive signage is required and copy and graphic changes are inevitable Food Service Operations Retail Malls Stores otel Hospitality H Facilities Office Buildings Hospitals Clinics Museums Churches Made of durable steel or extruded aluminum with powder coated or anodized finishes Linea displays feature bold straightforward profiles from business card to poster sizes Available in countertop wall mount and freestanding formats Theaters Arenas Corporate Offices Easy to Use With the exclusive MagaLens system simply lift the durable Lexan cover and install graphic inserts in seconds Designed for the digital age these flexible fixtures use plain paper inserts that you generate from conventional laser and inkjet printers No need to laminate mount or protect graphics 18 AeroLinea Stand Ups are a standout in any architectural environment Smart and sophisticated their elegant design delivers information and directions at eyelevel Consider a variety of wood grain backplate options Concurva displays feature distinguished fluid concave profiles that set them apart from ordinary display systems Lexan lenses keep them looking fresh in any location Available in countertop wall mount and freestanding formats

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Item Identifiers CounterToppers Wall Mounts Freestanding Displays OPTIONS FOR CONCURVA LINEA Item ID Options BK Black Base SL Silver Base Fixture Lens BK Black Fixture w Black Lens SL Silver Fixture w Silver Lens Trim Finishes TB Black TS Silver TM Mahogany stained birch TW Walnut stained birch TN Natural stained birch Note Wood trim finish not available on Item Identifiers s Large Format Lenses L1V 28 h x 22 w L4V 4 vertical 11 h x 8 1 2 w L4P 2 vertical 11 h x 8 1 2 w and 2 horizontal 8 1 2 h x 11 w OPTIONS FOR AEROLINEA Item Identifiers Item ID Base ALB Bead Blast Anodized Aluminum Item ID Backplate Clear Acrylic CounterToppers Base ALB Bead Blast Anodized Aluminum Lens SL Silver Lens AeroLinea Concurva Magalens and CounterToppers are registered trademarks of Visual Graphics Systems Concurva Linea and other products utilizing MagaLens technology are subject to one or more of the following patents US6 308 446 US 6 298 591 CAN 2243256 EP 0875056 Concurva products are also subject to one or more of the following patents US 6 298 591 D 435 270 AeroLinea products are subject to the following patents D485 313 or D484 544 VGS display fixture signs are further subject to design copyrights and trademark protection Backplate ACF Frosted Acrylic Freestanding Displays Base ALB Bead Blast Anodized Aluminum Lens SL Silver Lens Backplate Finishes Matte Black Fusion Maple Teak Wood Birdseye Maple Wild Cherry Frosted 19

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modular e Digital signage is replacing the static printed sign because it allows instant display of the most current and relevant information Along with its bright presence and active graphics digital signage cuts through media clutter and effectively delivers the message nstantly display dynamic I information that cuts through media clutter asily schedule and transmit E unique content to many displays at once modular e has finally provided the missing link making it easy for anyone to implement a digital sign system and manage the content emotely manage monitor R and control each display from any web browser modular e is a web administered digital sign application that is easy to implement and use No servers no it support and no graphic designers are needed to deliver professional results Choose from industry specific templates and customize signs with modular e s active modules modular e is cost effective for one display or thousands ata is automatically D formatted to create effective and professional looking signs Local regional or national campaign control for each active module Applications Advertising Promotions Event Calendars Menu Boards Welcome And Instant Messaging Security Alerts Employee Recognition and Bulletins Software Subscription Leader Boards Company Overviews Slide Shows Training Material Meeting Room Info HD Media Player Directory Wayfinding Monitor and Mounting Hardware 20 News and Weather

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Portrait Landscape Video Wall modular e allows the flexibility of displaying content for ideal readability in either portrait or landscape mode modular e also utilizes video wall capabilities to deliver an enormous impact Markets Served Business Corporate Banking Financial Car Dealerships Convenience Stores Convention Centers Education Golf Ski Clubs Government Healthcare Hotels Houses of Worship Museums Public Spaces Resorts Parks Restaurants Retail Senior Living Modular Makes It Easier modular e ACTIVE MODULES can be easily swapped to customize your signs Each module is managed independently providing local regional or national campaign control modular e ACTIVE MODULES allow anyone to deliver quick effective and professional results A C TIV E M OD ULES Banner w Date and Time Slide Show Advanced Advertisements Memo Event Calendar Directory Leader Board Menu Board Sale Items Scrolling Messages Recognition Alert Notification Live TV Video Feed Supermarkets DYNAMIC NEWS Tourism Welcome Centers News Headline Viewer Transportation Custom Feed Viewer Weather Viewer Stock Information Viewer 21

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Sustainable Signage Clarke Systems is a national provider of sustainable solutions for interior and exterior signage and wayfinding programs We have been manufacturing and or distributing modular component signs made from fully recyclable material and materials that are either recycled or composed of a percentage of recycled content for over 30 years Recyclable Components Aluminum used to extrude our sign systems is 100 recyclable Any waste as the result of cutting extrusions to required lengths is reclaimed and recycled Modified acrylics selected for our ADA regulatory signs such as Clearview Magnesign and Braille Plaque are made by our suppliers using materials containing 20 pre consumer recycled plastic Likewise this material is fully recyclable Any waste we generate from these materials in our manufacturing process is reclaimed and recycled Meticulously Manufactured Modular Components Modular signage offers practical benefits interchangeable sign faces to facilitate department moves and expand the product s life cycle minimal wall surface disturbance to avoid costly repairs and parts that can be easily separated to simplify recycling of like materials Additionally our components are manufactured to strict tolerances and quality specifications eliminating waste from ill fitting parts Recycled Paper Insert Signs Clarke Systems manufactures acrylic signs and aluminum frame systems adapted to hold paper inserts with clear lens coverings Changeable paper inserts produced on a desk top computer for these systems offer a practical solution to real time on site message or name changes eliminating the need for expensive replacement materials It also negates the need for vehicular delivery improving the carbon footprint and gets immediate results supporting productivity Users may extend the benefit by using recycled paper 22

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Wayfinding There is an art to wayfinding It takes time and attention to detail to perfect it It also requires a commitment to careful observation intelligent questioning and a studied awareness of a facility s environment as well as the residents customers staff and or visitors who frequent it in order to deliver effective results While in truth signs represent only one aspect of the wayfinding picture they do indeed play a critical role in the success of a program The sign professionals at Clarke Systems have extensive experience in planning the interior and exterior wayfinding signs for major facilities including government corporate medical and educational campuses There is more to wayfinding than meets the eye environmental cues spatial relationships regulatory requirements the characteristics of the user population and more For that reason it is important to have your customers consider their wayfinding options at the beginning of the project when the knowledge they learn from the process actually helps them plan a more successful outcome for the facility itself For over 30 years we have collaborated with our sign trade partners and the architects graphic and interior designers facilities managers contractors planners sign shops and building owners in their markets to plan and implement effective sign programs We welcome the opportunity to work together on selling wayfinding programs in your region and we re committed to focusing our complete resources on helping you achieve a successful sale Call us at 800 331 1891 to discuss your opportunities Choose Clarke s project partnering service today Achieving successful signage solutions through project partnering 23

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interior exterior architectural sign systems 1857 Walnut Street Allentown PA 18104 Tel 800 331 1891 610 434 9889 Fax 610 434 9868 ClarkeSystems com