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Civilization Conservation Corps

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 Out of the economic chaos emerged the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).  The goal was two-fold:  conservation of our natural resources and the salvage of our young men."

"We can take it!"

  Civilization Conservation Corps

The CCC was a public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942 in the United States for unemployed, unmarried men from relief families as part of the New Deal.

By Randy Paradis

  Civilization Conservation Corps

  Civilization Conservation Corps



The CCC was passed by legislation on March 31, 1933.


The typical CCC enrollee was a U.S. citizen, unmarried, unemployed male, 18–25 years of age. Normally their families were in other relief programs as well. 

Enrollees, numbering 505,782 people, occupied these camps. These were camps in all 50 states, Peurto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.



The bombing of Pearl Harbor had shaken the country to its very core. It soon became obvious that, in a nation dedicated to war, any federal project not directly associated with the war effort was not a priority.  

It was not a surprise that Congress recommended the Civilian Conservation Corps be abolished by July 1, 1942.


  Civilization Conservation Corps

FDR Facts

  • Only Child of rich parents.
  • 5th cousin of Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Married to Eleanor Roosevelt, Teddy's brother's daughter. (They were related.)
  • Homeschooled up to the age of 14.
  • FDR, as a college student, was average academically, but was very, very social.
  • After studying in law, FDR became the first liberal Roosevelt.
  • Vice Presidential candidate to James Cox in 1920.
  • Contracted Polio in 21 while on vacation in Canada.

  Civilization Conservation Corps