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Project for Ms.Masters WW1H on the CCC by Lois Andrews.

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Giving America its Jobs Back!


"We can take it!" 












Lois Andrews








Rebuild the Jobs and

America along

with it!


From: 1933


Until: 1942

The CCC gave people jobs, giving them a sort of 'relief' on their debt


This image shows how the people thought Roosevelt was playing his cards right by creating all of the new jobs throughout America

It was a company owned by the government to aid in the recovery of America hiring unmarried men from 17-28 to come and work for $30 a month $25 sent back to their family.The main point in creating the CCC was to give struggling Americans jobs to pay off their debt. Within that process, it will also help the economy recover although very slowly. If Roosevelt had done this process any differently America would have meant its possibly untimely ending. 

The CCC`s main group has since split but that main has branched off into many smaller ones, one for each state

1. As a child, Roosevelt witnessed the Abraham Lincoln funeral procession.

2. Theodore Roosevelt had a really, really good memory.


3. He married his fifth cousin

4. The Republican leaders really didn’t want Roosevelt as President.

5. Roosevelt was the first President to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

6. Roosevelt was a prolific writer.


7. He was also the father of the modern U.S. Navy.

8. Roosevelt was a grad college dropout.


9. Roosevelt was blind in one eye after a boxing injury in the White House.

10.) He was the inspiration for stuffed bears


Civilian Conservation Corporation

Unemployment Rate: Up

Government Spending: Up


Confidence Building: Up

Role Of Government: Up