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My description of why this book like too much.

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The book of my life.

"Margo liked mysteries so much that it ended up becoming one. Quentin is a teenager who has been in love with Margo Roth Spiegelman all his life, his unattainable and enigmatic neighbor, with whom he had not spoken since childhood. Suddenly one day she enters her house through the window dressed as a ninja in order to recruit him for his revenge plan. When the big night of revenge ends, it disappears leaving clues that will make Quentin travel the country with his friends in order to find it and understand the reasons for the disappearance of Margo."

The synopsis of the book is:

I loved this book because of the story that it tells, I read it almost when it came out, and I was hardly entering adolescence, the book impacted me a lot, when I read it I felt in a completely different atmosphere and from there, I want to do many things in my life like learning to drive and travel with friends to other places, etc. It's a book that I recommend, I like it too much. Suitable for reading in dead times.