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by: Catherine Joseph

the California alphabet

C is for California

Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts to eat, because they give a great source of vitamin E. They are also very healthy because they help fight against Cardiovascular Disease. Cardiovascular disease is when a type of plaque builds on the walls of your arteries which decreases the amount of blood flow and Makes blood clots.

Almonds are nuts that even athletes eat all the time because they reduce your hunger level. So, if you were to eat 5-6 almonds you don't need to eat for a long period of time. How? Well the almonds have many fibers per serving which help you stay full for A longer amount of time. Almonds also control your blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure and lower Cholesterol levels.



A is for Almonds
Almonds are small and brown
A truly delicious treat
A few are great if slivered
That athletes love to eat

Their the biggest the animals in the world.The largest one ever recorded was 300,000 pounds!These big animals are unbelievably so big that in a day they eat about 40 million krill. That much krill Is 8000 pounds! But when baby blue whales are born They drink milk from the mother. They can drink up to 150 gallons a day for at least 6-18 months. Do you wonder why blue whales are 
Classified as mammals? Its because they have Fur or hair like us but their hair is very scarce on their body. Also they give birth to children and feed their young's with milk like us also (females). And the biggest facts is that they have lungs and breathe in air only. To be a Mammal you need to have lungs an be able to give Birth and have hair or fur.



B is for blue whales

Their size is giant

They leave a pink trail

They hail from the sea

With their big big tails

California is famous for its show business Because it has something we all know.Hollywood! It's one of the biggest show business.Most of the movies you see are being produced in Hollywood like titanic, avatar, and Jurassic park.Some of the actors in these movies are in walk Of fame on Hollywood blvd,California.
 California is also known for Disneyland. Disneyland was made in October 13 1923. It had made California so famous that lots of People started to live there. And because of Disney Movie productions like Disney princess movies California became even more famous.



C is for California

Big as can be

There bridges are tall

The state is never ending

But you will never say its small

Disneyland was made in 1923 by Walt Disney.“He had made a home for his friends”. When waltz opened Disneyland most of the rides were not even finished But people still enjoyed it. Some people said it is not safe to be in a construction especially when there are kids playing but that didn't affect Mr. Disney. He only closed the park for at least 2 months to finish and had a grand opening.
Do you wonder why mickey is the most Famous character in Disneyland? Well it's because he was one of the first characters made by Walt Disney. He was made into many cartoons like the 3 musketeers and Fantasia. Mickey had made it so far and still stands as one of the best cartoon characters that all ages like watching. He has won many awards for his cartoons and movies



D is for Disneyland
Disneyland is great
Its band is grand
It was made by Walt Disney
When you visit it looks like a dreamland

It's the 2nd to first to being one of the most populated place in California. In 2016 There were about 151,613 people. There are more women than men. Most of the Homes are featured in shows and movies Like some of the big hits we watch now.
Escondido is known for many things Like its attractions and parks. Such as the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It is one of Escondido’s most attractive parks. What Attracts people the most is the name. The name means hidden which is weird. Some people who live there says it Means hidden treasure and some people say it means hidden water



E is for Escondido
This place is a hidden treasure
But no one dares to go
There is plenty for all
But it can vanish in one big blow
           People think fortune cookies are from china, because fortune cookies are given for free in Chinese restaurants. We people are actually wrong, they come from San Francisco, California. They were manufactured and made first in California by David Jung in his own Bakery. And he started selling them and sooner they got really popular and got different names from different places.
          fortune cookies can be life changers because, some of the lottery winner numbers are based off of the fortune cookies lucky numbers. Some people win about 1 million and more, but sometimes they don't reach that much. Some people make their computer generate the numbers and randomly just enter their numbers and win. Some people don't just go to Chinese restaurants for food but fortune cookies.



F is for Fortune cookie

It's a tasteless snack

But we still eat them up

We wait for our fortune

But it never drops

 Even though the bridge is red its called golden gate bridge. Its because a explorer and U.S. Army officer John C. Fremont said to call it golden gate bridge because of the golden gate strait near the entrance of San Francisco bay and pacific ocean. Still people think it should be painted golden because of its name, saying it doesn't make sense to a lot of people.
It is one of the longest bridges in America. It goes up to 1 mile. People have to stay in their car going straight for at least 15 minutes because of traffic. You can walk on the golden gate bridge and also ride your bike. They had a strict no dog policy that was made because of the density of traffic will increase.



G is for the Golden Gate Bridge
 It may go around the world
Its big, huge, and vast
It takes ten minutes to go over
But it's not so fast

Hollywood is famous because it's the place where some of our favorite movies are made like the Jurassic park, and so much more. Hollywood began in 1919 in a old studio. From there Hollywood became popular with more movies from the 1920 s till today. But some of the movies are based on old movies that are boring. But some are good for kids to watch and are funny.
The Hollywood sign is what makes Hollywood well Hollywood. The sign was built in 1923 and it still stands tall. Its height is 352 ft for each letter and together it takes up 56 acres which is really big. It is 30.81 miles long. The name itself is 44 ft which is really long but not compared to its size when it was its name was “HOLLY-WOODLAND”. 



H is for Hollywood
Its glamorous but simple
It was made way back
It can dazzle you away
But you still come back

It's one of California's prettiest plants because of its beautiful colors. It comes in the colors pink and white. It grows better in the coastal areas like Los Angeles, California.Its used occasionally for medicine and home treatments for blackheads and and other things. These plants are very rare to find in California.
To make the mixture it is very simple first you need to have a fistful amount of the petals. Then you need to grind it. Next you need to add ½ tsp of rose water. Then you have to add pva glue, at least the same amount of your petals. Then you grind all these together and apply where needed. After 5-8 minutes wait and you can peel it off. This home remedy is completely safe to use.



I is for island alum root
Its color is pink
It blooms so rare
It gives a great smell
It flows like hair

It's the largest mountains in the Santa Lucia mountains of California. It elevation is 5857 ft. Its prominence is 4446’. Its original name was Santa Lucia Peak but then there was a club there who wanted to change it back to Junipero Serra peak and finally the name was changed.
There are plenty of activities to do on Junipero Serra peak hike trail walks, rock climbing, trail running, hiking, and much more. But it's mostly known for its beautiful views and sceneries. It's a breathtaking place for most visitors. The trail is 6.2 miles from the memorial park which is a very small place but it is where most visitors stop before starting the trail.



J is for Junipero Serra peak
Its rocky and snowy
It sounds like Jupiter
If you try to climb
It will make you a quitter
It's the most important north american river in the U.S.A . it measures up to 263 miles. It opens up into the pacific river. It's the 2nd largest river in California after the Sacramento river.its important because it creates water and minerals for agriculture nearby and when the minerals wash out on the sand it makes a healthy and good place for plants to be grown in.
The Klamath river is very beautiful river it looks like a long piece of blue silk.the river is particularly very narrow but long. Back then the river was a source for native Americans for food and water. Till today only salmon and some other fishes live in these waters.



K is for Klamath river
It's the biggest of them all
Its narrow and dark
It has great blue waters
And no animal lurks

It's the crookedest street in the world. It's a very fascinating street that anyone can witness. It has 8 sharp turns. It was named by jasper O'Farrell. This amazing street is in San Francisco. It's a one way street that only goes one direction. Its fascinating because the the road itself looks so classic with red-brick paved street and the beautiful pink, yellow, and white flowers on the side.
This street was even more famous because it was featured in the show “full house”its show about a family, and their house is on Lombard street. There show was viewed so much because of this street. To buy a house on Lombard street is very costly it can cost up to 1-2 million dollars.



L is for Lombard street
It looks like a snake
You can go 5 miles per hour
And have a great time
 It also has very pretty flowers
Most people are scared to enter open waters because they are scared a creature will bite them. This lake there is not a single animal that living thing in this lake because the water is that salty. Even the animals that live in salty waters don't even want to go near it. So anyone can enter the lake but return smelling really bad. Usually you will end up smelling like rotten eggs.
It's one of the oldest lakes in California. It formed around 760,000 years ago. Some people wonder was it there when the dinosaurs were alive. Its 159 deep long which is really long. The climate of mono lake is unusual its hot all year but it's in the in america not in Asia or Africa or other places in the eastern hemisphere.



M is for Mono lake
It mirrors its own image
Its beautiful as can be
When it rains it looks like heaven
When you reach there you are free.
Newts are very interesting because they can regrow a missing body part which is really disgusting. Especially when they walk around with missing part but the missing part can regrow in minutes. The only part that cannot regrow is the head because all the veins and nerves will shut down because the cut is too close to the head 
Newts are very poisonous. Because there venom is already poisonous and when a animal attacks them that is poisonous is not actually really killing it but giving the newt more poison. So then what happens is that the attacking animal will eventually lose because of the newest poisonous



N is for newts 
There gooey and slimy
They can climb your walls
They come small and large
And wait for you in the hall
According to geographers Owens lake is the driest lake in California. A very long time ago but not to long ago the lake was actually filled with water but it was not like any other lake seen it was red in color and maybe pink on occasions. The lake is an extraordinary lake that anyone's seen.
The depth is only 3 feet which is very weird also. A usual lake is 10-20 ft deep only. But because of it height its the number one place in the world for birds to feed at tiny krill. The lake is like a mystery lake says the visitors in California. Which many people agree with.



O is for Owens lake
It looked like a cherry
But now it looks like the sky
It's between a big big valley
Birds don't visit as it is dry
           Palm springs owns the biggest tramway in the world. In length its goes 12,780 ft straight ahead. visitors have to stay in the tram for at least 10-15 minutes. It is worth being in their for a long time because it has beautiful sceneries that make it feel like 1 minute. the tram i so big that it can fit up yo 80 people at once that is about 450-500 people in a hour.
           This tramway was not originally meant for scenic traveling.  It was meant for people who need to go up the mountain and work. People had to hike at least 4 hours or more just to get up there and including their luggage and stuff. Francis F. Crocker was the man who made this aerial tramway with his crew.



P is for palm springs

Its rocky and bumpy

But it's worth it

It will make a great memory

But you will have to sit

Quail eggs are the healthiest eggs to eat than chicken eggs because it has 140% of vitamin e in them. If you have allergies they help you relieve them even faster and easier. The egg white is even better because it gives a lot of the protein that you need for the day. Eating 2 a day is the best because eating 1 won't be enough and the Vitamins won't be enough.
Quails are birds that can fly but not that much because they have a really good excuse it is because they are lazy. Quail birds can fly but they do not fly like a chicken. They will only fly usually for protection and migration other than that they are ground feeders. It is because they eat so much that they gain so much weight and cant fly very well. In a day they eat up to 14 g and 18 g of food per day. That is alot for a bird



Q is for quails
They rather sleep
Their round like a ball
Flying is not their thing
And when they try they fall

Rocky road was not a ice cream originally. It was chocolate bar that was famous in the early 1980s. It was so good that one man had decided to make a ice cream out of this delicious Candy bar and decided to call it rocky road as it is with its name with traditions it became very famous and became a actual flavor that people use in international ice cream shops.
Rocky road back then was a very famous ice cream. There were not many ice cream places to get the good flavors like we get now like butter pecan and almond fudge. If you wanted ice cream all you had was either chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. sometimes not even strawberry. The choices were very limited. Sometimes if you had enough money you were able to buy a fancy ice cream like cookie dough and butter pecan. but no person had the money, but even if they did they did not want to waste it.



R is for rocky road ice cream
It's tastier than its name
It's not made with rocks
But its made with walnuts and pecan 
One bite puts you in great shock

It's the largest river in California. Because of it humongous size it was depended on for 12,000 years by humans. It had provided trade routes and travel routes for people today and people like the native Americans. Since the Sacramento river was so  abundant of fish and resources the native Americans were many there. Then one day some people found the gold mines and so the Sacramento river would always lead to the gold plains(the gold mines). Through years people started trading and the value increased and the amount was unimaginable it was around 1-8 thousand dollars for couple of carrots.
The Sacramento is so long that it took weeks for people to calculate the length of this river. The length of it is 400 miles. The elevation of this river is 30’ over sea level. The river was named by Gabriel Moraga. The name was given because because it was the most holy sacrament in the catholic faith and as she was catholic she wanted to name it because she is a Spanish cavalry soldier and was chosen to give a name.



S is for Sacramento River
Its as sacred as its name
It's the biggest of them all
Does not supply anymore
At the end there is a great big fall

They are the lowest lakes in the in the mammoths lake basin. It is a very long lake, in total it leads up to 2610 meters. On one side of this lake are the lava mountains and the other side is for visitors and tourist be at the campground. The upper and lower twin lakes cover up to 600 acres of land. They are known for there hiking, and especially their camping grounds. 

The beauty of this particular lake is not like any other river you see. The lake has a beautiful campgrounds everywhere with planted flowers around. The place is an amazing place because it also has wild life. But some of them you want to stay away from. The animals that live there are like black bears, bunnies, dear, birds and albino Mountain lions.



T is for twin lakes
There were no fights of who is older
They were the same age
They are connected forever
 When you reach there it smells like sage
It's one of California's most attractive place to visit. Its a theme park with rides based off of the movies created in Hollywood like kung fu panda and so much more. The rides are very exciting and very hallucinating because, some of the rides there are very scary or funny but some of them need 3D glasses. The rides are costly but they worth every penny.
There are many rides in universal studios. But the best one rated so far is Shrek 4-D. Because there is water, wind, moving seats and very cool ogre-glasses. The ride is about saving a princess named princess Fiona from the mean ghost of lord Farquaad. The ride itself increased the amount of money that universal studios Hollywood is making.



U is for Universal studios

It's great as its name

When you reach there minions greet you

It's just like wonderland

When you leave you leave with a big big crew

Ventura is a beautiful place that is known for its beaches and resorts. Its name was chosen as ventura because its plentiful with beaches because its name means fortune. In total it has at least 20 beaches. The most popular beach in ventura is mondo's park beach. In one summer vacation at least 45 % visit the beaches in ventura and California. 
Ventura has a fascinating volcano. It's the Anacapa Island. This volcano was active only during the ice age which was about 10,000 years ago. Most of the artifacts about humans back then are found on this very island. Like a digging tool that was used almost 16,000 years ago. this volcano attracts more than 100-200 people a day



V is for Ventura
Its as old as can be
All it has is dust
There's cacti everywhere
And wind in a big big gust

Wasp venom is a powerful and a useful medicine. Their venom believe it or not is used for medicine against cancer. What happens is once the venom reaches the cancer cell it makes a opening and lets the bad stuff move out and makes it vanish. But no matter what this will not affect the other cells that are not part of cancer. This method is still not proven right, because some of the times they are tested on mice they often fail at the test.
Wasp are not only helpful for cancer but also the world. Female wasps are the only ones who can sting. They are meant for reproduction of new offspring. But when they sting a insect with their venom the insect dies. Which is helpful to us because less insects come near our crops or plant. Only yellow jackets and wasps are able to give off this much venom to kill an insect.



W is for Wasp
They sting a lot
They are colored yellow & black
Its sting is like a stab
They don't make honey for our snacks
Xyloid means “having the qualities of nature or wood”. The redwood trees are xyloid because they have trees and nature. Just like this there are many forests like these. But the amount of trees in a forest are declining because we are cutting them down. It's also because of something that affects people also air pollution and water pollution when these trees absorb these chemicals it is making them weaker. 
Yosemite park is one of the places with the most trees (xyloid) in California. They have festivities on June 30 because, it is a worldwide holiday called tree day. On this day you are usually supposed to plant a tree or what some people do is plant a flower. Either way helps because you helped the environment.



X is for Xyloid
All you see is brown and green
Its woody as can be
It barks when you come
When you are there you are free
Yosemite park has over 400 species of animals, including, fish, bird, and mammals. Many of the those animals are very interesting to look at and listen too. 2 of the 400 animals are said not to be found anywhere else in the world. 90 of the animals are mammals. Mammals are animals that are able to breathe with a pair of lungs and are able nurse and give birth to their offspring( females only). 17 of the 400 animals found in the forest are bats.
Yosemite includes the one and only black bears. Black bears are the state animals to California. They were the state that had many bears because of resources and many places to live like the forests. Black bears are starting to become endangered. They are being hunted for there skin for clothing and and their meat for food.



Y is for Yosemite Park
It's as big as the universe
It’s a thin ribbon that falls
It looks like a heart
And it’s very very tall
            We all live in a good neighborhood with good facilities. But in this town there are only homes,trading place, grocery, transportation, and protection. We have all of these but we have more things than that like malls shoe stores,movie theaters, and much more. At this moment with the help of the government the place has a local jail, blacksmiths, and a school. In a school there was only 2 rooms. One room was meant for grades 1-4 and the other room for grades 5-8
            Zamora is a city that was not that supported by the government. Because of this there population had decreased by 41% in one year because the facilities rating were around 1-2 of the most common reasons for families was the lack of schools and. The houses were not in good shape.since the government is starting to help repair this place it is coming back together.



Z is for Zamora
It's in the middle of nowhere
Population is very low
There’s only sand and cactus
That only the crow will go
  1. 2 cups 2% low-fat milk.
  2. 2 cups heavy whipping cream.
  3. 1 cup sugar.
  4. 12 teaspoon salt.
  5. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
  6. 12 cups miniature marshmallows (or if you REALLY like them you can use half a bag like I do!)
  7. 23 cup sliced almonds.
  8. 12 cup unsweetened cocoa.

How to make rocky road ice cream


 1.   melt your chocolate

 2.  roast your almonds till crispy
 3.  next mix all wet ingredients in bowl
 4.  then take your mix-in's and add them into the bowl
5.   next is to put your well mixed mixture into a cylinder bowl
6.   top your ice cream before freezing( choice;not needed)
7.   next freeze your ice cream for 1 hour and 30 minutes
8.   if wanted add extra marshmallows
9.  serve and enjoy 
**serves up to 10-12 people
2. What is the population at Escondido, CA?(pg 6)
          a. 151,613
          b. 167,756
          c. 123,456
          d. 198,248
1. what year was Disneyland made?
     a. 1951
       b. 1923
       c. 1947
       d. 1978
3. what was the original name of Hollywood?
           a. HOLLY-WOODLAND
           b. HOLLY WORLD
           c. HOLLY
           d. HOLLYLAND



5. what is California's state animal?
       a. black bear
       b. deer
       c. fox
       d. bald eagle
6. what does Ventura mean?
          a. luck
          b. fortune
          c. cursed
          d. all of the above
4. Was rocky road always a ice cream?


1. b, 2. a, 3.a,, 5.a, 6.b