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All About Chuck Jones

                                   By Dominic Yankiv


I picked Chuck Jones as my animator because he contributed a lot towards animation in the 1900s. He made a lot of animated films you probably have heard of, such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966), Tom and Jerry, and so much more! In his life time, he was able to work fot both Disney and Warner Bros., making him a true animation pioneer!



Chuck Jones was born on September 21, 1912, in Spokane Wisconsin. He began working with Walt Disney's assotiate, Ub Iwerks. Then, in 1933, Jones signed on as asociate asssistant at Warner Bros. Studios. His own animation style appeared in the late 1940s. In his long and tedious career, he extended the perimeters of American art known as "personality" or "character" animation. Some of his best animations include The Lonney Tunes and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. On February 22, 2002, Chuck Jones died at the age of 89 in his Corona del Mar home in Newport Beach, California. In his 60 year career, he made more than 300 animated motion pictures. With all of his contributions to animation, Chuck Jones will never be forgotton.

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