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Christmas Spirit Puppies

written and illustrated by: Sara Ignacio & Ana Cabral

Core 1/2

In a land far away, deep in the forest,

 there was a village of dogs. It was

 December, and the snowflakes fell from the skies like fallen comets from space.

Every small house was lit with the

WHOOSH! if their fireplaces being set, and the JINGLE! of bells, hanging from wreaths. Instead, one particular house was dying with boredom, so the little puppies decided to make plans for Christmas Eve.

Paul, Polly, Patrick, and Priscilla all pushed their pink sleds up the hill. The hill seemed a billion feet high! It was white, cold, and high above the ground.

All the puppies were scared, but Patrick the brave puppy, gallantly stepped up first. He mounted onto his sled, and courageously looked back at his siblings. Little did he know, he forgot the slop was super bumpy!

Patrick's sled zoomed down the bumpy hill faster than Usain Bolt in the Olympics. He realized he was too fast, but he had no idea how to stop his sled! CRASH! went the sked, and suddenly, Patrick's ankle really, really hurt. He was sure he had sprained it.

Paul and Polly albeit rushed home with Patrick limping behind them, leaning on Priscilla. As the door was opened by their parents, Patrick was immediately smothered with attention and worry. Paul rolled his eyes as he boredly retold the story of how Patrick fell down the hill. Their parents were satisfied with his story, and stopped fussing about Patrick sprained ankle. Their parents then handed each pup some paper and a pencil, telling them to write their lists to Santa Claus for Christmas.

Paul wanted a Christmas ffilled with priceless plush puppets and pecan pie, while Polly wanted pink, pretty princess houses and puzzles. But in the warm heart of Priscilla, a wish for her brother being healed was made. Patrick’s heart was ffilled with wishes of a loving Christmas for his family, full of fun and laughter. Patrick and Priscilla’s greedy siblings were only thinking about themselves.

Morning broke the next day, and there was a certain buzz in the air- one only attained during Christmas. Paul and Polly soon awoke and sprang out of bed, as fast as flowers in May.

Patrick was still sound asleep, and Priscilla ran to wake him. As Patrick woke up, he realized that his ankle had been healed! He stretched a grin on his face and hugged his sister tight, rushing down to join their siblings.

The four puppies checked in their stockings, and under the tree. Patrick and Priscilla had been given piles or presents, ranging from dolls, to drums. But all Paul and Polly received was a few pieces of coal, looking as dark as the night.

Paul and Polly were ashamed and felt like they had lost the Christmas spirit. They assumed that the coal they’d received was Santa’s punishment for being selfish. They began to cry rivers and streams, flooding their cheeks.

Patrick and Priscilla were overflowed with toys, but they wanted the whole family to be joyful on Christmas, too. The two puppies took one look at Paul and Polly and knew just what to do.

Patrick and Priscilla called their other siblings to sit with them by the warm, crackling ffire, which was inviting and friendly. With the Christmas spirit in their hearts, they surprised Paul and Polly with their own gifts from Santa!

The four puppies smiled and enjoyed their new toys and each other's’ company. ‘Twas a good Christmas, and an excellent new year to come.