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Media A Levels

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Questions 4 And 5

My audience for my media product would be someone who is between the ages of 12 and over, probably stopping at around 35, this is because my magazine focuses on pop-stars that are more appealing towards a range of different ages. I feature popular common pop-stars which people seem to enjoy reading about at many different ages. I feel as if more females would be interested in my media product as women are into music magazines than men. If I had to make a percentage I would say at least 70% of the readers would be female, this does not mean that I would focus on topics that would interest women more than men because I want to keep my music magazine unisex so I have more topics to cover rather than just topics for one sex. This means I get a larger range of content and therefore have more issues to publish whether that will be weekly or monthly. My magazine doesn’t appeal to anyone with a certain ethnicity as my magazine doesn’t feature one type of artist, for example, all the artists I will feature in my magazine are artists that are big in the music industry, independent artists and upcoming stars, no matter what ethnicity. My music magazine doesn’t focus on one singular genre, however it will not include genres such as rock, classical and country as these types of music contrast the music genres such as pop and rap which i have decided in going to focus on the most. vie chosen to focus on rap and pop more than these other genres because they are the most popular music genres at this point in time.

The way that I attracted my audience is by using an attractive bright primary color yellow on the front cover, this would make the magazine stand out a lot more than the other magazines on the shelf. The red accents on the front of the page along with the different types of fonts also make the front cover stand out more. The main image I used also attracts attention to my audience as I added a slight shadow behind my main image making it stand out from the background. I tried to make my font as bold an as attractive as possible by including red text boxes around all important slogans and large writings, this brings attention to my page as there is a lot going on in the page. The decided to make the layout of my page as interesting as possible so I put a lot of focus into this and tried to male everything tessellate well and still look interesting. For the images, on the day I took them I waited until the lighting was how I wanted it, I wanted an orange light so I waiting till sunset at around 4 or 5 o’clock. I wanted a pale orange light because I thought that it would go well with the theme of my magazine, this made the images look like they really belonged in my magazine which made it much more aesthetically pleasing. The poses and costume I chose for the images was also important because it had to fit in the magazine to make it look good but I didn’t want to overdo it with the bright primary colours, I tried wearing a red shirt in some images but found it looked to colourful so I went back to my original costume which was simply a white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves. The colour was therefore very subtle but worked as the white stood out on the bright background making it look very pleasing. 

4/5 Who would be the audience for your product? How did you attract/address your audience?